Paws at the .18 mark, bags at 1:10 mark

A Caturday night rockin’ retrospective of Toshiro the kitteh — don’t miss the paws at the .18 mark and grocery paper bags at the 1:10…

Emily, Astrid and Erik S., exxxxcellent editing and musak.



  1. oh my god the CUTENESS. i think the paper bag around 1:14 is the best.

    mad editing skills, too!

  2. My cat also loves those little foam balls and the feather toy! So cute!

  3. I don’t even know where to begin! That was a spectacular video! Excellent Caturday action.

  4. JohnnyJohnny says:


  5. I love the kitten clips. I have a little cow cat of my own similar to this cat’s markings and crazy energy level. Yay for moo-moos!

  6. Hot Saturday Night Kitteh Bag Action!!

    Seriously, the self-guided missle kitteh-bag is the best.

  7. vegas vickie says:

    kitty needs bag-hab so cute i want a kitty!

  8. the mobile paper bag made me laugh out loud 🙂

  9. Also amusing was the Thing in the Bed.

  10. Cats are such amazing creatures. It’s wonderful how such a little thing can bring so much happiness. I really needed this…thanks CO!

  11. I love the montage of modem sitting at the end. That crazypants alll over the interwebs!

  12. Juniper Jupiter says:


    LUV tha viddy!!

    LUV tha paper sack shark!!!

    But…am I the only one that wants to luv my munkeh?

    I don’t even HAVE a munkeh!

  13. The paw at :20 was cute, but it was the levitating mobile grocery bag that made me LOL! (not a figure of speech, I did LOL)

    What an adorable cow-kitteh. May he have squooshy foam balls forever.

  14. If I made vids of my 6 babies, maybe these people edit? That was frakkin’ fantastic.

  15. Oh yeah, the ghost bag in the kitchen was definitely the best part. Great vid!

  16. HRHQueenCat says:

    high voltage kitteh !!!

    wonder if it ever sleeps ???

    funny to watch but I prefer my 2 mellow old furr-blobs

  17. HRHQueenCat says:

    high voltage kitteh !!!

    wonder if it ever sleeps ???

    funny to watch but I prefer my 2 mellow old furr-blobs

  18. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    Wonderful Editing.

  19. gatita bonita says:

    What an agile kitty! I loved the video but was waiting to be “rickrolled” a la Nancy Pelosi “Capital cat cam” on Youtube.

  20. Who is the song by? I love it and want to use it for something else. If anyone can guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!

  21. OMG! Swat swat swat paw action FTW!! I <3 Toshiro.

  22. Having recently lost my baby of 17 years, I sat here and laughed until I cried at the cuteness. The big black baby with with the white chest… that’s my baby reincarnated. Attitude and all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    I love the bag in the kitchen around 1:00. It made me think of PacMan!

    Jancy, so sorry for your loss. It’s so tough to lose them.

    Jacque, the video gives credits at the end. Apparently it’s Bad Dream Mama by Eagles of Death Metal.

  24. Didn’t anyone notice at :24, they ‘shot’ it with their finger and it fell down ‘ded’!! That was cute too!

  25. victoreia says:

    See, this is why plastic bags are evil! They deprive us of that vital kitteh toy: the paper bag!

  26. I love how cats can find the weirdest thing amusing. Last week at the shelter I was trying to interest one of the cats in a mouse, but he couldn’t have cared less. A pipe cleaner. Oh, please! But then he saw my shoelaces and it was as if the heavens had opened and Michelangelo’s god pointed them out just for the kitty….who then spent the next 15 minutes chewing on them, batting them, pulling them, and generally treating them like the most interesting things in the world. Go kitties! We love you, tiny brains and all!

  27. Ack! So cute! Made even better with the Eagles of Death Metal soundtrack!!!!

  28. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww….Jancy! 😦

    As my little sister used to say…

    {{ten thousand huggy wuggies}}

    No matter my mood, that always made me feel better. I hope it does for you, too.

    (Lost my Lucy at age 19 the month before said Sis died, so I hear ya)

  29. I’m sorry Jancy. It’s indescribably tough losing those adorable sweet little souls.

    That haunted grocery bag was the highlight for me. That and when he was in “the endless circle of bags.”

    Funny, I never noticed those calls in the song for “Carlos” aka JHo.

  30. Really well done clip! The bag moving was hilarious. Done with a lot of love for clearly a joyful kitty!

  31. The slo mo jump? Brilliant.

  32. Wow! Really excellent video! If this site had a rating system this one would get all my stars.

    I have one kind of like that but she’s 10 years old. Sometimes they don’t ever really stop.

  33. snorglepup says:

    Yay Ninja jumping moo kitty!

  34. berthaservant says:

    Excellent video…someone really loves that cat!!!!

    I liked the Tremors/Caddyshack gopher under the sheets action.

    Keep visiting here, Jancy, it’ll help get you through the tough part. 🙂

  35. Hahahaha! This made me laugh and laugh and laugh 🙂

  36. My beagle is sick of Caturdays and wants to know if TGI Fido Day will ever be acknowledged.

  37. Bestest ever video. Glad that kitty is so loved!

  38. HAHA great vid – BAG-HAB!
    Hugs to you Jancy x

  39. How fun-it made me thinnk of William Curtis Gulliver Solstad, my childhood kitteh. Big, brash outdoor kitteh who brought us gifts to the doorstep and in the Winter was an indoor fun-kitteh-about-the-house. Thanks for the memories!

    Jancy- your memories will soon take on a new burnish of well-loved lost ones and the memories will be a blessing-it takes some time, but it does happen. As Berthaservant already said- stick around- all of us can relate and do! Best wishes.

  40. Awwwww. whut a sweet happeh kitteh!

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    I LOVED this video—- kitten, music and editing!!!! Think I’m going to break out a grocery bag and see who wants to play!!

  42. Mice! Birds! Fleeeeeeee!!! Toshiro is in da House…

  43. girlnextdoortn says:

    *I* saw the “bang you’re dead” trick! That was awesome!

  44. OMG it is a Ball kitty…. AKA if it is a ball I will play with it,
    The video is awesome pawsome

  45. Kitteh eats out of Corning Ware….Wow. Kitteh has it good!

  46. Eagles of Death Metal and Kittens. FOR THE WIN.
    [pogo pogo pogo]

  47. PS — mmmm, nice warm router…

  48. I need a kitteh.

    To haunt my paper bags and wriggle under sheets and guard my router.

  49. metsakins says:

    Jancy – ((hugs)).

    Kittehs are great and each one so different from all the rest. My beloved Handsome had a plastic drinking straw addiction. He tried to kill them all, but there was always more.

  50. This is great!! The bags in a circle were too much, LOL!

  51. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Hmmm… I love kittehs (though they make me sneeze, I have lived with them). This little guy is fantastic – awesome pawsome, as someone said.

    However, I second the puppy’s suggestion of a TGI Fido day. We have Caturday and Bunday, why not?

    Condolences to Jancy – I miss my cats (sneezes and all), and my birds, very much. I just hope once they cross the Bridge the cats don’t chase the birds.

  52. It is all so clear. The best seat in the house in the router.

  53. Kittehs rule.

  54. What a brilliant video!!!! Love the paperbag! LOL

  55. Oh my…looks like my beloved Josh. He loved those foam ball (and the sparkely ones too) and being under the sheets like that. R.I.P. my beloved baby! This video was so perfect and sweet, but it made me sad.

  56. ERIK!!! YOU DID IT! You and Toshi made Cute Overload!

    And for the record, yeah, he’s a pro editor 🙂 But he still loves his cat!!!

  57. Brandi7920 says:

    I loved the kitteh in bag around 1:14 – reminded me of scooby doo sneaking around. haha

  58. kibblenibble says:

    I LMAO at the paper bag ghost. My cats were looking at me in consternation, like, “Mom, what the?!?” This vid truly captures the joys of having a kitteh in your house. Jancy, I’m so sorry for your loss. You are among caring friends.

  59. Finally! A cat video without crappy, weird music!

    CAT OWNERS: Plz tu mayk a vidyo wifowt stoopid muzick?

  60. cowdoctor says:


  61. Pandechion says:

    And to think I knew him when! My heart is happy.

  62. audacious says:

    BEST. VIDEO. EVER. omg!

  63. OMG 1:08 to 1:14!! This is EXACTLY why I want a new kitten/cat!

  64. Ahahaha! The walking grocery bag KILLED me.

  65. Jewelz_4_U says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Sooo good!! No one can watch this and not smile and giggle!!

  66. Metaskins, I once woke up with five drinking straws strewn over my bed. Dante thought I needed them for some reason.

  67. My tux cat Henry acts a lot like this cat. He flops on his side all the time, and catches things in mid-air, and runs around with a box on top of him, and sits on the electronics.. Must be a breed thing.

  68. Awesome!!!! Such a mood uplifter. Ok I’m goin in for seconds here…..

    Thank you Erik for loving your kitteh so much and for being such a great editor with such cool music!!

  69. kibblenibble says:

    Great editing, yes. Great music, too. But I can’t believe no one has commented on the camera work, which is also brilliant. I’m still trying to figure out how they got the face close-ups as the kitteh runs around. Rolling backwards on your belleh with a skateboard?!? Great happy-making stuff!

  70. This just doesn’t get old. This video is just as good as when I watched it the first time! This has got to be one of the best on the interwebs…

  71. Shirley-I hear you (read you) crying from the wilderness-and yes, yes, there should be TGI Fido days-such a good idea!

  72. Anybody know which song that is? It’s pretty cool.
    But I guess it’s not gonna be as awesome without the ninja cat in a paperbag X-D

  73. @oho the song is in the titles at the end of the video

  74. Theresa-Dante thought you looked thirsty, and instead of your having to get up at night, he brought you straws. Logical, thoughtful, clairvoyant cat.

  75. I am new here (hi everyone!) – but I had to comment on this video. The travelling paper bag is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. (Jancy – I know you don’t know me, but I know how hard it is to lose a beloved furkid – just think of the wonderful 17 years you gave your baby though.)

  76. Alexis & Jac in Florida says:

    tell your cat we said, “BOO! BOO BOO BOO BOO! Who’s a good kitty? Who is it? Who’s a stinkweasel?”and then kiss its belly. Thanks.

  77. I threw back my head and lol’d for real at the possessed paper bag, and it felt GOOD. One of the best ‘funny cat’ videos I’ve ever seen. I just want to know how Decibel’s mouse got in there (around 1:50ish) and what it is with cats stomping their ball with the hind foot?

  78. Kitteh has mad eyes.

  79. Raemie L. says:

    The paperbag antics crack me up! The whole video’s very cute, teh cat’s pajamas!

  80. what a cute kitty. looks like a lucky kitty too with a very attentive and loving owner.

    i love the slo-mo action when he jumps for the toy. cats are such amazing athletes.

  81. Zoetrope- welcome!

    Stick around- we Peeps are a merry bunch of fun-loving, fur-, scale-, fin-loving, oh, I guess, what, dorks-nerds (?)each with his/her own specialty and twist on life!

  82. Kristabelle says:

    This was excellent!

  83. Thats one crazy kitty alright

  84. 1:44 is a phenomenon known as the Sheet Shark. My house is infested with them.

  85. kibblenibble says:

    Dang…I can’t believe how many times I’ve watched this vid…I lurve it!


  87. Queen Zola says:

    What is it about cats and sheets?! It’s not just kittens either, mine are 7 and 5 and we still have to play the sheet game on laundry day!

  88. Thanks for making me smile:) The bags were da’ best.

  89. Ah yes…the kitteh under the sheets play time. It’s priceless!!

  90. Oh, I loved the video, and I will admit that the editing to the music was right spot on, but I wish the music hadn’t been so loud — there were a couple of mews in there, that were drowned out. )-: Love mews!!

    And the high speed montage at the end almost made me sick. But the strolling bag, and the bouncing ball and all the other stuff was SOOO cute.

  91. @Meg:
    Thank you, THANK YOU, so much for a big laugh on a day when I needed it so much. I was laughing so hard the tears were rolling down my cheeks! Ya gotta love the independently mobile paper bag!


  93. grandmaszoo says:

    Thisis my first time logging in. God bless you all. It’s the best I have ever seen. I will be back again and again.
    All of you have done a great job. The paper bag awesome!

  94. grandmaszoo says:

    It’s about time I get to see other pet lovers, as myself, getting what they love and are dedicated to loving and living with gods beautiful creations. I see so much negative output from so many sites. This brings me so much joy and such a positive outlook,; there are people who do still care. Keep it up. Thank-you

  95. grandmaszoo, welcome! Yes, the postings on this website can be quite uplifting as well as qte (“cute”)… and for the most part we commentors are also positive. I feel I need to warn you (and any other newcomers) that on occasion the comments tend to be a little… um… how should I put this… not-so-positive. Especially when it’s not clear in a particular post whether there might be some humility and/or uncomfortable-ness of said qte subject and/or hidden danger. We animal-luvers can be a little emotional and somewhat opinionated. As Theo (AKA modirator/”Ed.”) once pointed out, the comment section is not for the faint-of-heart.

  96. I third/fourth the motion to add a TGI Fido theme, lest the canines feel left out. Cute idea, actually.

    And might I also corroborate the statement… awsome pawsome vid!!

  97. pandasocks says:

    Wow that was so well-edited!

    I, too, enjoyed the moving paper bag. I think my favorite part was when the cameraman looked like he was moving the kitty on his level — after the paper bag at about 1:27.

    What a cute kitteh!

  98. Awesome commando sequence under the bed linen!

  99. I’ve been away from CO for a while but I saw this clip yesterday and I was like DUUUUUUUDE! This is totally CuteOverload!

    Also, thanks to the exceedingly awesome soundtrack, I googled Eagles of Death Metal and I’m going to a concert tomorrow!