And Now It’s Time To Play Name That Bunny!

Attention, peeps!  We have an urgent situation that demands your immediate attention!  So stop whatever you’re doing and listen up!  (That open-heart surgery can wait, trust me.)  Sender-inner Elizabeth T. (no, not Taylor, but that would be awesome) sent us these two pictures, and a note:

I got another bunny last week and thought i’d share the cuteness… the one on the left is Gimli, the girl on the right is still to be named. Some suggestions would be great!

But no matter what name you choose, we promise you this:

People, do you understand what this means?  There is a bunny somewhere, in this great wide world, that doesn’t … have … a name!  While other bunnies bask in the glory of monikers like Flopsy, Puffy-Puff, Foo-Foo, Torquemada, and Wiggles, this poor creature is completely nameless!

We completely disapprove of it.  So there.

Please, dear gentle readers, I beg of you:  Don’t let this innocent, adorable creature suffer even a minute longer!  Suggest your names quickly, before this frail, sensitive, precious animal impales herself on a carrot to escape the soul-crushing humiliation!



  1. Margaret

  2. I think she is a Leona.

  3. Well, I don’t know if I want to bother, considering she’ll disapprove of whatever I suggest…

  4. gotta name her galadriel. since ARE NO dwarf women! no dwarf women names, at least.

    yes, LOTR dork here.

  5. Well, Arwen, naturally.

  6. SixFootJen says:

    Here are some very disapproving names:
    – Mildred
    – Hortense
    – Gertrude
    – Pauline
    – Grump

  7. Sophie!

  8. ML Wilser says:

    Legolas was Gimli’s elven friend.

  9. If you have a Gimli, you must keep with the LotR names and name the second Aragon… or as I’ll dub this bunny, ‘Ear-a-gorn’.

  10. Well, I think Kayia or Mims (Ufgood) would be nice.

  11. Christabel says:


  12. Aww, just re-read the post and noticed the second bun is a girl. There goes my pun name.

  13. biscuithead says:

    She’s a Hazel.

  14. She looks like a Francine to me.

  15. Truckasaurus.

  16. Ariadne.

  17. Elisha B. says:

    LOTR Rocks!! But this beauty of a bunny should definitely be named Belle (from Beauty and the Beast of course).

    Sweet babies!!:)

  18. Gidget. Gimli and Gidget.

  19. Fuzzles.

  20. Leaf, from Green Leak also known as Legolas! 😛

  21. um…Torquemada?

  22. Well- since we’re just going to get disapprov’d anyway – let’s go for it! Noodles! Or if we want to go all erudite – how about, “Disapprophiel, the Angel of Disapproval”?

  23. Butternut Squash!

  24. Suzy's Mom says:

    I agree with jw. Gimli was in love with Galadriel. It fits to make them a pair. Although it is a long name for a bunny.

  25. darlingcreature says:

    How about Malia? My niece just happens to have the same name and be the same age as the future first daughter….

  26. “Mithril” would be on theme and it’s pretty…

  27. Graciela. Absolutely.

  28. holligans says:

    To complement her obvious gift of disapproval, give her an historic name dripping with power – like “Regent Dowager Grand Princess Agrippina Vasilyevna Babicheva of Ryazan.”
    Or “Boom-boom.”

  29. hareiet (harriet)

    btw, the hover-text is lols.

  30. Ursula.

  31. O.k. so maybe I did see Space Jam a dozen or so times too many but what about LOLA?
    Come on now don’t nuff Space Jam the announcer mice were a crack up !!!

  32. I always wanted to get a bunny just so I could name it Mussolini.

  33. There was one Dwarf lady named in LOTR:

    Dis – Daughter of Thrain II, mother of Fili and Kili.
    (bigger LOTR geek and supreme internet researcher)

  34. I go with Arwen!!

  35. WAIT! Which “right”? My right when looking at the screen? The bun’s right? ARGH!!!!

  36. A few suggestions:

    Those buns are seriously cute!

  37. She looks like a Zoë to me! 🙂

  38. Irene. Or Bathsheba.

  39. I second the Mims name. Adorable for a girl bunny!

  40. Irene. Or Bathsheba.

  41. Silly rabbits, Legolas is a man; the un-named bun is a woman. Gimli took one look at Galadriel and fell in love, so I too think Galadriel is appropriate.

  42. I love Galadriel since I’m a LOTR dork too — but I’m leaning towards something simple, like “Mocha” because of her coloring. You can do a funky take on the spelling like “Moka” or “Mocca”.

  43. Since she looks to be about to take flight, I suggest Amelia.

  44. Glider

    There was a famous airplane landing here in Canada, at Gimli, and the plane was nicknamed the Gimli Glider as it glided in to land with no fuel! She also has ears like a glider!

  45. Hellz yes… Truckasaurus.

  46. Cinnabun Sugarlipz

  47. Mona Lisa–she kind of looks like she’s smiling, no?

  48. “Truckasarus” sounds like something you’d take the kids to see on … BUNDAY! BUNDAY! BUNDAY!

  49. I would name her Lars
    or Real Girl
    or Lady
    or Lola
    or Reggie

  50. Mona Lisa–she kind of looks like she’s smiling, no?

  51. Cocoa. Muffin. Cinnamon. Sassy.

  52. marguerite 212 says:

    She’s gorgeous, luscious, those markings, the highlighted ears! Monique Va-Va-Voom? Boom Boom is good too.

  53. Fuzzles McNoodles

  54. Byfuzzerabbit says:


  55. I have to second Gidget –

  56. Commander Bun Buns? Although that might suit a male bunny better…

  57. Giselle

  58. Uh, which one???

  59. Nibblecheeks! 🙂

  60. My right, or your left?
    (I’m just stalling for time…)

  61. Gimli became enamoured of the elf-lady Galadriel in spite of the longstanding differences between dwarves and elves because of her grace and beauty.

  62. K – “short” list:

    Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Dori, Nori, Ori, Thorin Oakenshield.

    These are the Dwarves from the Hobbit… yah they’re all boys, but c’mon, we’re past silly gender role stereotypes aren’t we? Anyway… Gloin is Gimli’s father so that suits… but I’m thinking BOMBUR!!!

    As in : “Here Gimli, Here Bombur, CARROTS FOR EVERYONE!”

    Or – if Gimli’s name came from the most beautiful place on earth in Norse mythology (which having seen her, seems totally possible that she’d be named after paradise), maybe call her Reykjavík (a beautiful place too – and culturally relevant to Gimli), or Eden (another theology’s most beautiful place)…

    The good news is that whatever her name, she’s precious and beautiful and looks like she has chewable ears (nom nom)!

  63. I shall give you my secret name that I’ve been saving for my next creature…. Squeazel.

  64. Swellanor says:

    I vote for Galadriel, but I feel compelled to suggest another obscure reference:

    Snjofridur- the name of te female lead in Guy Maddin’s movie “Tales from the Gimli Hospital”.

  65. Because of her markings, I think she’s a Dusty or a Shadow.

  66. That bun’s name should be Farkle.

    She’s totally a Farkle.

    Unless she’s a he, and then he’s still a Farkle.

    Believe me, I know about these things.

  67. Margheritte. She looks like a Margheritte. Or a Grande Double Shot Cinnamon Mocha. But Galadriel would be awesome – or Gala for short…

  68. Galadriel, it would just be too cute to have them both named for lord of the rings!

  69. I third Galadriel…it is all too appropriate for Gimli’s adorable little lady friend =D

  70. Cora!

  71. seconding Gertrude

  72. Because I equate Gimli (Manitoba) with Iceland, I suggest that the other rabbit be called…Bjork!

  73. Sixes and Sevens says:


  74. snowangel says:

    Earial. 🙂

  75. Eowyn. You should call her Eowyn. Galadriel is cool, but a bit obvious.

  76. wee_squirrel says:

    Arwen makes a lot of sense.

    Or, if her carrot-supuku is a real option, Flop the Impaler.

    Personally, I’d go with Flopsy Mopsy Cotton-Tail.

  77. superboymom says:

    How about Sully? Named after the hero Pilot Sullenberger that landed the plane on the Hudson yesterday.

    Why, you ask? Because with earsies like that there can ONLY be safe landings!

  78. THEOdwyn!
    (thanks, Wikipedia)
    “Théoden was the only son of King Thengel and Morwen of Lossarnach (a region of Gondor). He was the second-born of five children, and the only boy. Théoden was closest to his youngest sister, THEODWYN. He was born in Gondor, where his family lived until Thengel became king of Rohan.”

  79. If not Kayia or Mims how about Willow, I know he was a guy, but it still fits a girl bun bun.

  80. Princess Puffy Pants

  81. What is this? All these LOTR name suggestions, and not once do I see a vote for Eowyn? Quite possibly the greatest female LOTR character? Seriously guys, come on! 😛

  82. Mrs. Pantalooney

  83. Well, Gloin, of course.
    Or, if you want to go down another fantasy bestseller road:
    Cherie Littlebottom.

  84. Cheery Littlebottom. 🙂

  85. She looks like a Pretty Penny to me 😀

  86. @Cara: …hey, no fair!

  87. Well I think NTMTOM nailed it in his commentary, nothing trumps “Torquemada.” The Grand Bunny Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition. (Because nobody expects bunnies in the Spanish Inquisition!)

  88. shahinrani says:

    Lizzums beat me to my suggestion, but Galadriel would be next best.

  89. I vote for Manitoba. Or possibly Flinflon, another Manitoba town.

  90. i vote TRUCKASAURUS too

  91. Jane.

    It’s a lovely, old-school kind of name.

  92. Petunia. End of story.

  93. OMG OMG mud bug i cannot BELEIVE you just mentoined my most FAVOURITE film EVER on my most favourite WEBSITE ever!!!!!! Due to the fact that i LOOOVVVEEE space jam…. i AGREE with lola!!!!
    c’mon peeps, don’t fight us on this!

  94. MaggieBee says:

    How about Giblet? Hahaha…

  95. Melangell says:

    Flossi – the best LOTR dwarf name for a bunny.

  96. Well, I have a Gilmi and got a new rabbit who ~might~ be a cylon so I named her Starbuck. Seriously, she’s a little thing, but she would jump out of her three foot high pen when I wasn’t home. She chewed a bunny sized hole through the baby gate when she was tired of being hemmed in.

    One day I came home and there was a bag of mauled bunny treats in the middle of the floor, but the bunnies were still in the pen! Starbuck started hopping out and then back IN the pen.

    So I put a lid on the pen. Then I was gone for the weekend and she managed to get the door open and liberate herself and Gilmi. Argh.

    She’s a cylon bunny, I’m telling you. Maybe Elizabth T. has acquired Gilmi a possible cylon pal as well.

    (No spoilers here, people. Starbuck the bunny’s status remains unknown, just like the Battlestar Galactica.)

  97. I think her name should be Smudge cause she has a dark smudge on her face, like she’s been nosin around the fireplace : )

  98. Gimlette.

  99. ‘Gimli’ is also a town in Manitoba [CANADA!!! READ A BOOK!], so she’s gotta be ‘Flin Flon’

  100. NotAnotherMilo says:

    I’m loving Mims, with Hazel coming in a close second…

  101. I vote Sister Bertrille.

  102. Blargh. But I managed to spell Gimli incorrectly multiple times in my post. I should be flogged. My bunny disapproves. I will stop for lettuce on the way home, I promise.

  103. How about Bertrille? That was the name of Sally Field’s character on “The Flying Nun.” Bun’s got the ears for it. . .

  104. Dame Emily Sniffalot.

  105. Cappuchina.

  106. Mimzy

  107. I can’t think of anything but “Ears”.

    Possibly with a last name:

    Ears R. Fluffalumps

  108. Definitely Galadriel. Gimli was quite fascinated with her. 🙂

  109. I second Pyrit’s omnomnomination of THEODWYN!!! Or maybe it should be TEHODWYN…

  110. Darla!

  111. How about Fatty-pants?

  112. Pancakes. Our new bunny looks just like this and that’s what my daughter named her.

  113. How about Haven? Because it seems like Gimli feels safe with her.

  114. Olive

  115. Boy, we’re a bunch of nerds and geeks. I immediately wanted to check the dwarf geneology in Appendix F too! I remember that there’s only one female listed on the whole thing.

    I vote Gadriel or Gidget.

  116. Found it!!! ‘Dís’ – the only female dwarf mentioned in the middle-earth annals – according to the list of MiddleEarth Dwarves on Wikipedia… mother of fili & Kili…

  117. Mark Edwards says:

    Looks like Sister Bertrille, the Flying Nun, to me (big grin).

  118. I second Hortense. That is my mother’s name, and she is very disapproving…..
    Tensie for short.

  119. Kristin D says:

    Killer. We need more bunnies named Killer in the world. 😉

  120. Snorgles!

  121. Okay.. since the other bunny is named after a Lord of the Rings character.. why not keep with the idea and call her “Eowyn”

  122. About bringing in some Discworld and calling her Cheery Littlebottom?

  123. Failboat 9000 says:

    Ooo! Ooo!
    I vote for Hephzibah Fluffypants.

    Or Brigadier-General Viola Crunchynoms, Marshal of the Royal Ear Force. 😀

    OOo, or Her Terrible Majesty Diamondcrunch the Great, Omnomnom-er of The World and All Contained Therin?

    Or what about…dun dun duuuunnn…FRED.
    (“It’s either Romana… or Fred.” “Okay, call me Fred! ^_^”)

    Well, it’s hard giving Awesome-Bunny an equally awesome name…

    {[Rejected names include: Slab Bulkhead, Fridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Butch Deadlift, Bald Bigflank, Splink Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt Vanderhuge, Thick McRunfast, Blast Hardcheese, Big McLargehuge…. and Pam.]}

  124. Bunalicious!!

  125. Manitoba!

  126. Leslie Thomas says:

    or…is there a feminine sounding version of the word “harrumph”???

    on the whole “bunnies of disapproval” theory ….

  127. nrosetulip says:

    From all the markings, I’d say Sooty. But I understand that’s racist.

    Pipecleaner probably has class implications.

    I think I’d go for Olive. Olive and Gimli together just makes me think of vodka. That’s not bad.

  128. Gotta be Eowyn or Arwen, imo.

  129. i has a carot. says:

    Lookit those GORGEOUS ears!
    Hmmm, mebbe Wingnut?

  130. Galadriel seems the obvious choice, but what about Nenya (the name of her ring)?

  131. I’m with jw, up at the top there … Galadriel, Gala for short. She looks so soft!!

  132. Anne Boleyn says:

    ERNESTINE, like my grandmother. You’ve gotta disapprove of Ernestine.

  133. scooterpants says:

    SCOOTERPANTS! (of course)

  134. Snorglebelly Lecter says:

    She kind of looks like a Cardamom.

  135. Galadriel!! Gimli had a thing for her! She gave him a few strand of her hair and he treasured them always!!

  136. Noodles, The Goat Eating Demon

  137. Coco. It implicates chocolatey goodness, yet is spelled in the more fashionable way. 🙂

  138. I third the vote for Gloin.
    I mean, once you start with Gimli… Bundar??

  139. Christine Lacagnina says:

    How about Vodki and Gimli

  140. Elizabeth says:

    Sticking with the cocktails minus one letter theme (gimli+t=gimlit) you could call her martin, gibso, margarit, etc!

  141. Galadriel!!

  142. RooooXaaanne!!!

  143. Zazie (comme la fille dans Zazie dans le metro, par Louis Malle), definitement.

  144. Since she’s brown and Gimli kinda sounds like gimlet as in vodka gimlet, I’d suggest Kahlua.

  145. Harumpha



  146. Although Galadriel would be a good choice, I think she looks more like an Eowyn. She doesn’t seem so haughty.

  147. berthaservant says:

    My first thought was “Madge.” I still like it.

    If we’re going off the deep end, though, I’ll suggest the Esteemeed Lady Reverend Tallulah von Fluffenscowl.

  148. What about Gertie?

  149. Gimli and…Gimlette, of course

  150. *votes for Cheery Littlebottom*

  151. peaches

  152. I go with SugarBee – Manitoba! Everyone needs more Canadian content.

    or Dub1’s suggestion of FlinFlon. Cuz people will likely mishear it as “Flipflop” or something and you can be all correction-y and superior.

  153. Since he’s Gimli, name her Wynny, like Arwynn, or Aowynn, it’s old english for “Love”. She’s going to be his bunny lady for a long time.

  154. How about Prudence?

  155. Nummy Muffin Coco Butter

    (But I dig Torquemada and Galadriel too.)

  156. Awww it’s Cinderella!

  157. When I think of disapproving women..I randomly think back to Hetty King from Road to Avonlea…so I suggest ‘Hetty’

  158. babelglyph says:

    Gwendolyn. Or Gwendolen if you don’t feel like the Y.

  159. I vote for the Once and Future Queen of Disapproval: Victoria!

  160. Mlle. Hoppster McSootyface

  161. Arwen!

    Lunet would be pretty too. 😀

  162. oooh! they are both so very pretty. I think she looks like a cinnamon mocha like someone else said, or a dolce, like the caramel. Gimli and Dolce. I think she looks like a cup of something sweet and good. So fluffy, I wanna hug here.

    No matter what you name her, she will always be beautiful.

  163. Princess Buttercup!

  164. My husband says “Falcore the Luck Dragon”, but I would name her “potato”.

  165. Jackie (Jackie Rabbit)

  166. fiona or miss cuddles

  167. Sir Hops-a-Lot or Mr. Bunomatic!

  168. i also say it should be galadriel. you’ve got the lotr thing, some nice alliteration… it just works.

  169. How about Grendel? Sounds so cute, but was the name of the monster in Beowulf. I also love Scully, Fuzzles McNoodles.

  170. leighanne says:

    1. Torquemada
    2. Lupulus Hops

  171. Jezebel or Taquito. She’s ADORABLE!

  172. Yoda?

  173. Terry
    Pat (ha ha Pat the bunny)

  174. Cadillac,




  175. Cinnabun?




  176. berthaservant says:


    NUMMY MUFFIN COOCOL BUTTER (actual spellng, but coco or cocoa would be okay)



  177. from those names that were brought up I support Mildred or if it has to be a LotR-name Thorin

  178. I like Arwen – keep the LOTR theme!

    Gimli is such a cute name for a bunny~

  179. Meg?
    Bea? (as in Beatrice, or as in Queen Bee)

    lovely bunnehs

  180. Bombadil
    After Tom Bombadil. I loff that name, and I think it sounds like a bunny hop sorta sound. Since it’s a last name, you could have a girly first name so as not to gender-confuse the little disapprover

  181. 260Oakley says:

    Portabella, ’cause she kinda looks like a mushroom.

  182. Galadriel is perfect.

    Torquemada nearly made me wet myself laughing though.

  183. Juliette

  184. Spangles!

  185. biscuithead says:

    Seriously, peoples — it’s Hazel.
    I’m telling you, she’s a Hazel.


  186. GIMLET!!!!

  187. When in doubt, name them after your favorite candy bar. Snickers, Butterfingers, or maybe just Chocolate. Marshmallows. Cookie. It would have been cute if one was Cookie and the other Cream. After all, what is the 11th rule of cuteness? A cute animal plus food is cute! Duh!

  188. Talkingfeather says:


  189. If the gentleman on the left is Gimli, the sweet thang on the right can only be… (drum roll please…)

    ROSIE COTTON(tail)

  190. bookmonstercats says:

    Pyrit, very funny indeed.

    Jackie, you got there before me with Cheery Littlebottom from Discworld, a lady dwarf to go with Gimli.

  191. I had a bunny that looked just like her. Her name was Nutmeg.

  192. she kind of looks like Salma Hayek. So I’ll call her Salma.

  193. Ms. Cuddlesworth, Esquire.

  194. lila_may_qt says:

    She looks like a “Nutmeg” to me!

  195. Gavel Down says:

    Toasty. She has the coloring of a slightly singed piece of whole wheat toast. And looks equally nommable with butter.

  196. Delilah, or Jezebel….

  197. NotAnotherMilo says:

    Dis does have a nice disapproving feel about it, doesn’t it?

  198. Lisette M. says:

    I like either “Snorri” or “Shmoo” for your bunny’s name! What do you think?

  199. I like Eowyn but she looks like a bossy know-it-all to me so I vote for Hermione!

    [Well, Eowyn ended up Queen of Rohan, didn’t she? – Ed.]

  200. I lean towards Cheery Littlebottom for sure, girl dwarf and all that.

    Um – so here’s the thing…last night we got a new bunny as well. I’ve had a poll on my LJ since last night with the names we’re thinking of (My husband, son and I each contributed 3) along with a picture of said bun (who is adorable of course). If anyone wants to vote the link is

    Hope it’s ok to post this here, but the coincidence made me smile.

  201. I know nothing of LOTR. As such, I can only suggest what I do know: Cinderella.

    She has a smudgy charcoal-y face! Cinderella all the way.

  202. ZIMZIM would be a cute name

  203. If we’re sticking with the theme, I would say Arwen or Eowyn. But, my personal favorite is Sabrina…

  204. Butterball. Fuzzy McNuttmunch.

  205. renee in tx says:


  206. Torquemada! Love it!
    I agree with Decca’s comment. Brilliant!

  207. Gotta go for Eowyn. Gotta do it. Them’s the rules.

    Gimli and Eowyn.


  208. She’s so beautiful. And dignified. So, maybe Greta? Or Garbo.

  209. Elisabeth says:

    I really liked the “Butternut” suggestion — without the “Squash”

    The first thing I thought of when I saw her was “Tiger” — nicknamed Tyge for people who cannot manage two syllables.

    If her name turns out to be Butternut, she could be nicknamed “B-nut”, and those one syll’ peeps can call her “Beebs”.

  210. Me (the original, not the new one) says:

    I like names of other animals. Like Kitty, Turtle, Panda, etc. That way you introduce her as such: “This is my bunny, Panda.”

    @Doggiewoofwoof: I thought you were referring to the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition quote, not frakkin’ Space Jam for dog’s sake! Who gets that excited over Space Jam? The “Nobody expects buns at a Spanish Inquisition” from Deca was awesome 🙂 THAT should be applauded!

  211. Paula Anderson says:

    I like Martini! Gimli and Martini go together well.

    [Kinda like a gimlet and a martinet, eh? – Ed.]

  212. Galadrial, of course!

  213. Lisette M. says:

    …or, how about “Cornflake” or “Kix”?

  214. Lady Fluffytocks

  215. Sweetpea.

    If I could rename my rabbit, that would be it.

  216. definately looks like a Bunnylicious to me

  217. Noelle (the original) says:

    Ummmm, I didn’t make that first suggestion. Did another Noelle join? I know there is me and Noelegy…do we have a third? Three Noelle’s on one blog…astounding! (It’s not that popular a name)

    As far as a name for the bun many other people took my first thought, which was Eowyn, my favorite name in LOTR. Although I also liked Mithril (suggested by burvegas). Whatever you name her she is awfully cute!

  218. Ears-a-la? [Ursala, bunnified?)
    Nomelia Earhart?
    Bill? [I know, she’s a girl bunneh]
    Thumpah? [Boston accent here]
    Thunderfoot Powerbun?
    Latke? [I just like the idea – it could be Matchingks]

  219. go pyrit!! u rock



  220. I think she looks like she has slept in the cinders therefore she should be named… da da da DA!


  221. Alison, you can.

  222. johnston45 says:

    I would name this bunny Blackberry, my favorite name of all the characters in Watership Down.

  223. Madame Mimsy-Pants

  224. Some call me…Tim.

  225. Gypsy! She looks like a gypsy.

  226. mommy25bunnies says:

    Ooooh, I like Lady Fluffytocks!

  227. I’m all about Cheery – also fully embracing Pratchetts theory about the indeterminate nature of Dwarven gender, and the most anticipated moment in any Dwarven wedding – the Lifting of the Beard

  228. anastasia m. says:


  229. I think Gimli and Nibblet sound like a cute pair. Plus, those ears, I wanna nibble’t 🙂

  230. Mz. Betsy

  231. isadora

  232. pollardito says:

    Gimlet (a female counterpart to Gimli and also a drink)

    [Jinx! Sorta. – Ed.]

  233. Fred 🙂

  234. superboymom says:

    Maud May (for my “disapproving great-grandmother) :-).

  235. Just do not call her late for dinner!

  236. I’m just gonna come right out with it and suggest Meatcup.

    Either that, Truckasaurus or Squeazel (or possibly Chunk).

  237. Lisette M. says:

    “Crunchberry” or “Chewy”

  238. Earzabel.

  239. Pancake.

    It’s full of win! 🙂

    [Or, y’know, “Oolong” perhaps… – Ed.]

  240. I know the bunny is a girl but the first thing I thought of was Legolas! But Galadriel, Arwen and Rose – Sam’s wife – are all good options too. Although Torquemada shouldn’t be sneezed at either!

  241. love the buns, gotta agree about cherry ,best girl dwarf definatly. or if you want something different how about Gwladys?

  242. anaonymous4 says:

    Galadriel. Gilly for short. (Anybody remember _The Great Gilly Hopkins_? Gilly’s first name is really Galadriel, from LOTR.)

    [Wasn’t she part of Ziggy’s band? The Spiders from Mars? – Ed.]

  243. Daisy!

  244. mom2twinzz says:

    I third or something like that Mimzy – I loved the movie the Last Mimzy and it was a bunny rabbit.

  245. Uhm….Skipper and Scamp….oh yeah!! ^_^

  246. lostbronte says:

    I have a turtle named Gimli! As female dwarves are
    1) practically non-existent in the books and therefore short on names
    2) hideous
    I suggest Rosie Cotton, after Samwise Gamgee’s wife. Rosie Cotton…TAIL!

    [Hmm, kinda like this one. Or “Torquemada”. – Ed.]

  247. Winnie? Short for Winnipeg, obviously.

    If not that, then FlinFlon for sures.

  248. @kristin: we have a particularly floppy and unthreatening teddy bear named ‘Killer’. He goes with my wife when she travels.

  249. Left bunny: Turnip
    Right bunny: Boogie

  250. Anasztaizia says:

    ‘nother vote for Galadriel!

  251. name her: “Bunnie”

  252. Man, that bun looks like she has chocolate all over her face and paws…so I nominate the name Theobroma. Alternatively, Cadbury, Nestle, Hershey.

  253. Precchhhhhhusssss!
    (in a whisper).

  254. I like superboymom’s idea – “Sully” after the pilot that landed in the Hudson River yesterday – a classic Bunway Airlines move.

    Or Fizgig.

  255. Butterbean

  256. Matilda Fuzzybunns

  257. Jennie Mello says:


  258. I kind of like “Lumley” after British actress Joanna Lumley (Patsy from Ab-Fab). And I like how it pairs with Gimli without being completely LOTR.

  259. Jennie Mello says:

    Euphemia Sprig?

  260. Minkeyboodle says:

    I can’t believe no one has suggested Miss Fuzzy Lumpkins yet!

  261. Jennie Mello says:

    Fifi La Rue?

  262. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll be only the 179th person to suggest this, but it HAS to be Galadriel. Duh! 🙂

  263. Coincidentally also Meg says:

    I think Pudding would be a good name and my mom thinks that Ruby would be good.

  264. Chubbles

    (because Chubbles were vaguely middle-earth lookin’ and “Gimli and Chubbles” sounds awesome.)

  265. Minkeyboodle says:

    or… The Lumpkinator!

  266. The French word for rabbit is lapin, so how about Lapina?

  267. Arwen

  268. She looks like she could be a hobbit so I looked up some of the names of the Baggins’ ladies and here are my picks:

    tulip, primula, lily, daisy

    And from samwise’s side: elanor and rosie

  269. AuntieMame says:

    Or Goldberry.

    (P.S., Teho, Eowyn married the Steward of Gondor. Her bro was King of Rohan so his wife was Queen. You know…whatsername.)

  270. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    How about Marguerite?

  271. Mumpus

  272. Bunnjamin Franklin

  273. When I was a kid I had fish named DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Thought I would share.

    Also, Cherry Littlebottom is my second choice for a bun.

  274. Do we ever find out what name was officially decided upon?????

  275. Delilah.

  276. Ah bother. I could never keep track of all those Tolkien peeps.

  277. Slut BUNwallah

  278. Muffin or Lulu

  279. L1khistory says:

    First choice would be a LOTR name…if not, Kahlua is my favorite suggestion…

  280. Lothíriel was Eomer’s wife. She was a princess of a neighboring kingdom.

    And I’m going to agree with Galadriel as the bun’s name. She’s such a pretty bunneh, after all.

  281. Brownie
    Gimlet (like the cocktail)

  282. Lulu!!!

  283. I second “Brigadier-General Viola Crunchynoms, Marshal of the Royal Ear Force” 🙂 That made me LOL 🙂

  284. Seconds on Pancake

    or Puddin’

    or Pickles!

    [Why not go with all three? In a 5-liter mixing bowl? – Ed.]

  285. Sweet SugarLump of Love and Cuteness!

  286. I think her name is Suede. I just don’t see her as an elf >.<

  287. BeckyMonster says:


    It’s perfect!!!

  288. Gizmo!! =]

  289. Mrs. Coco Buns!!!!!!!!

  290. Hopkins!!!

  291. How about Cricket, that would go real nicely with Gimli. You only need one name to call both. Gimli Cricket as in Jimmine Cricket.

    Nixies Mom

  292. spoon.



    the end.

  293. schlack,jeanne says:


  294. charlotte says:

    I’m with the LOTR supporters. And I definitely think it should be Galadriel – Gimli was completely enchanted by her, and carries 3 locks of her hair at his breast.

  295. goodlookingelf says:

    Gimli is great. Stick with the fanatsy theme but name her the most disapproving. yet likable, female of all, Minerva McGonagal

  296. Jarko!

    (pronounced Yarko)

  297. Von Zeppelin says:

    Myrt or Sadie.

  298. cocoapuff – nicely humiliating leading to serious disapprovals

  299. HITLER!!!

  300. Gandalf. Because the ears in the second pic look like his hat.

  301. Wilhelmina! She’s definitely a Wilhelmina.

  302. I have to suggest Dolce in honor of my dearly depared hammie. Otherwise, I like Cheery and Minerva!

  303. I say stick with LOTR. I like Legolas, or Gandalf. Or Best yet, Éowyn!!!

  304. mucklebunni?

    Don’t ask me where it came from…..

  305. Marqueta or Winnifred are also appropriately disapproving names.

  306. She looks like a Honey or a Daisy…

    She could also be a Marly…kinda sound like Caramel… for her pretty browns.

  307. I was going to suggest Wingnut, but as someone already suggested that, I’ll just second it!

  308. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    Sir Flop-A-Lot

  309. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    or alternately, Lady Flop-A-Lot

  310. GIBSON!!

    when i first saw gimli i thought of a gimlet – a classic martini (has a twist of lime), so i think the perfect match would be the other classic martini – the gibosn (has a little cocktail onion). there’s a little alliteration action in there (hence why everyone, myself included, gets gimlets and gibsons confused)

    especially after a second look – i just noticed how the bunny nose/mouth combo looks like a martini glass! crazy!

  311. Møøse.

  312. I like Hazel, like in Watership Down. Or also Cinnamon (but the main Cinnamon would probably disapprove of someone using that moniker).

  313. I agree with many people here, it’s gotta be Arwen!

  314. Bunnicula

  315. mamabunny says:

    Cocoa Puff

  316. GreenEggsAndSam says:


  317. Well, if Gimli is named after the Guy Maddin film, how about Narcissa or (my favorite) Lady Port-Huntley (from The Saddest Music in the World)? What great bunnies!

  318. I suggest Gloria! Close to Gloin, Gimli’s father!

  319. Don’t be tied to gender typing. Name her Durin!

  320. Anya

  321. @G: No, don’t name her Møøse; she might bite somebody’s sister.

  322. Danielle Graham says:

    Carmel. I think that you should name the bunny carmel. I have 6 bunnies and it took me awhile to name mine. Be sure that you pick the right name because this is the name of a living thing.

  323. OH, sorry. Wrong Gimli. I was thinking Gimli Hospital. Well, I STILL recommend Lady Port-Huntley. VERY disapproving-ready.

  324. Christine Lacagnina says:

    What about Copter – those are some big ears!

  325. Miss Spankywoo Silverspoon The Eschewer of Pinkleton, Who Dines With Queen Longstanding.

  326. Scott Lammers says:

    Gimli was the son of Gloin, one of Thorin Oakenshield’s company of adventurers in the quest to restore the kingdom of Erebor (Ref. _The_Hobbit_, by J.R.R. Tolkien). An appropriate name in my mind, would therefore be Dis – Dis is Thorin’s younger sister and one of the few female dwarves to ever be named in Tolkien’s works.

    Plus, having them both sharing dwarven names, would be cute!

  327. Hey CO folks –

    I am a longtime lurker, but I don’t regularly comment, so I hope you don’t mind if I do so just this once for my own selfish reasons. I am in a contest where I can win a prize if the most number of people watch my video, so that’s what’s in it for me. What’s in it for you is that it has my adorable puppy, Toots, as the star. So, I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks in advance!

  328. She’s totally a Natasha.

  329. SUCH great names! But I’m going to throw a couple more in – how about Gabby or Gatsby? I just want another G.

  330. Olive 🙂

  331. Spice or Cinnabun or Ariel or Coriander…….. Was gonna say Mocha but someone already did ; – )

    Good luck picking a name y’all !!

  332. I think either Arwen or Galadriel, or even Sam. Galadriel is cute.

  333. spinachwrap says:

    Legolas is totally appropriate regardless of gender. 😀

  334. I vote for Fizzgig.

    Okay, I’m a closet Dark Chrystal fan (well, not so closeted).

  335. Ninja. Or Ninjette. She looks like she has a little face mask on!

  336. Naomi is the first name that came to mind…

  337. Bunny Bo Jangles

  338. Pancakes, Bella or Delilah

  339. Speedwell, of course. 🙂

  340. Dís indeed is a great name. Very disapproving too. But somehow I like Mims, reminds me of Mîm the petty-dwarf in Silmarillion. Ha, a dwarf link there, too! (us LOTR geeks tend to get carried away.. ahem.)

    Will it be Mims, will it? pleeze? 🙂

  341. I really think you should name her Willow. Her coloring is perfect for the name. I had a beautiful Holland Lop that looked just like her that I named Willow.

  342. I think Gertrude or Amber or Hazel cuz she’s the color of a hazelnut. But this is coming from someone whose bun is a blue magpie harlequin named Mr. Possum.

  343. I think Gertrude or Amber or Hazel cuz she’s the color of a hazelnut. But this is coming from someone whose bun is a blue magpie harlequin named Mr. Possum.

  344. Jewelz_4_U says:

    There are soooo many good suggestions here!! Sorry to throw in another…


    I just like it.

    Truckasaurus and Pancake are my other faves, along with the super long ones 🙂

  345. Sophia

  346. TheRedFantastic says:

    I had a spectacular rabbit that looked a lot like her, except she was a mix and her huge lop ears stuck up and didn’t fall down. Her name was Bunzle. I think this one needs to carry the name on in her memory.


  347. I have to go with Galadriel–call her Gala for short.

  348. i think she should be Cola.

  349. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t know why, but she reminds me of Carol Channing. I guess you can’t name her that, however. So I think I like .. Theodwyn. That’s my vote.

  350. Jesper

  351. catloveschanel says:

    The way they were down, and then springing up, all like, “Wha! What you talking about Willis?” suggests to me a hip hop vibe.

    [Bunnies – hip hop, I like it.]

    Plus the black and white squares suggest a rename for Gimli to Salt N Peppa.

    They could have a reality show as well.

  352. Bun Jovi
    Faye Bunnaway

  353. Wow. How is it they get along so well so quickly? How fortunate. I understood that many rabbits can be pretty territorial and often battle new peeps. These two look like old pals!

  354. I agree with Mimi. She’s definately a Pancakes.

  355. amerstheringbearer says:

    It’s got to be Galadriel. Gimli was smitten with her! There were other commentors who agree. . . (if anybody reads down this far to get MHO).

  356. I changed my mind! Somebody WAAAYYY up there said “Bunnicula”. I like this one.

  357. LaFeeVerte says:

    I vote for “Gremlin”, but you could probably call her “Grimmy” for short.

    She’ll completely disapprove!

    /)/) (\(\
    ( ‘.’) (‘.’ )
    (> )> < ( <)
    *\)\) (/(/*

  358. duck. gimli & duck. sounds good

  359. She looks like a Prairie

  360. Your Name Here says:

    Name her Diamond… cuz she really loves the carats! (groan)

  361. “Kernoodle” popped into my head when I saw them and the name Gimli…

  362. Tulip

  363. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Glider is the obvious choice, exactly as Andrea said.

  364. Onion.

  365. Puddin’

  366. My first thought was Sophie or Sophia and for some reason Giana.

  367. How about “Not That Bun, The Other Bun” which, in CO acronymic protocol, could become simply NOBTOB.

  368. you should name her PUFFLES!!!!!!

  369. Cinnamon, of course, because of her lovely color.

  370. She looks exactly like our rabbit we had to give away for adoption (allergies), and we called her ‘cahouette’, diminutive for peanut in french… because that’s what she looked like as a baby :~)

  371. you should name her Mr. Jingles :]

  372. She looks just like my old bun Mitsu.

    Mitsu is Japanese for honey.

  373. Migli. Gimli & Migli. You can call them Gim & Migs for short. THEN their own Brangelina thing….Gimmig. Miggims.

  374. She reminds me of a bunny with a dirty face….so cute. How about Smudge 😉

  375. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Amelia Ear-hart……

    @Talkingfeather – Why did you suggest the name “Jamie”? lol that’s my name 🙂

  376. I think Gloin would work, even though it was a male. Because “Gloin” and “Gimli” just sort of fit togther! (just like those ‘buns’)

  377. I knew a rabbit, Bun Jangles, and he danced for you……

  378. scooterpants says:

    ok so you dont HAVE to name her SCOOTERPANTS.
    Pancakes is very nice and also Bridcages idea was brilliant til i figured out it sorta kinda doesnt work.
    i LOVE that there are 366+ posts to name a cute lil BUNNEH! HA!

  379. Looking at her ears reminded me of a helicopter, so I think the name “Heli” would suit her perfectly!!!

  380. Gigli

  381. I think she’s a Trafalgar.

  382. winglessfae says:

    Éowyn is my personal pick. If not that, then Galadriel. You can’t get away from LOTR once you’ve started!
    We have a bun with an elvish name, too, that you might like! She’s named Miriel.

  383. Pumpernickel!

  384. I like the name Squash the Bunneh.

  385. Jenny Shain says:

    DEFINITELY ARWEN or Eowyn or Galadriel!
    By the way, can they carry swords, or do the carrots double as weapons?

  386. catloveschanel says:

    Wow, I’ve been so pre-occupied with work this week, I’ve totally neglected my CO.

    I thought the plane landing on the Hudson River was so COOL, can’t we do a Cute Overload reinactment with bunny photos?

    Who would be industrious enough to save the people, not kittehs that’s for sure.

  387. Camille, Harper, or Dinah
    i like Dinah the best it’s from alice and wonderland

  388. Bwahaha @ Birdcage. I was going to try and come up with one of my own, but I can’t really improve on Nobtob. 😀

  389. BabyOpossum says:

    LOL @ Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter! MSTie from way back, here. Let me be frank about Frank…

    On that same train, how about “Waffles”?

    I’m also partial to “Falafel”. No MST link there, just like the name. And the foodstuff.

  390. BabyOpossum says:

    (I am also loving “Pancakes.”)

  391. Sully. After the Hudson River landing pilot, since she looks like she flies for Bunway Airlines. His real first name, Chesley, would do nicely as well.

  392. I think she has a Babette quality.

  393. Catsilvermoon65 says:

    Rosie Cotton would be perfect. It has the LotR theme and kinda like Peter Cottontail.

    That thinking lead me to Pet’er as in Pet’er Cottontail (per her cotton tail)

  394. I agree with superboysmom- Skully – her ears look like wings- and her body looks like a aircraft – Skully

  395. InsaneCatPosse says:

    As one who has a cat named Samwise, I have to go with Galadriel….Gala for short.

  396. I’m thinking planes. Anatoff or Stratofortress or Mitchell. I like Anatoff best.

  397. We have 3 gerbils (Gimli, Gandalf, and Frodo), a teddy bear Hamster named Sam… who we recently realized was a girl. And another female hamster named Rosie Cotton. Rosie was Sam’s love in LOTR and since hobbits and dwarfs are short, it might work… and our Rosie is a dwarf hamster. I do think Galadriel would be a good fit.

    In summary, Rosie Cotton(tail) or Galadriel. 🙂 Hoppy choosing!

  398. Fricandelle.

  399. Lady Longsuffering The Ubiquitous Nibbler of Newgate Who Teas With Baroness Bergamot

  400. Galy or Gala (Short for Galadriel)

  401. Her name should be Pollyanna, her nickname is Polly.

  402. Pudge! Snuffles! She looks like she needs a cuddly name. 🙂

  403. How about Louise? I had a bunny named Louise who was this adorable baby’s twin. Louise became Louis when my dad gave her to another rabbit lover and “she” fathered a tribe of beautiful bunnies.

  404. Katharine Whitman says:

    How about “Fiver” the main protagonist from “Watership Down”?


    I mean, look at those ears. She’s definitely related to the pancake family.

  406. tigersquash Wilsington earson

    🙂 everyone needs a bunny called tigersqash 😛

  407. Pippin
    Rosie (I like this catsilvermoon65)
    Bob–LoTR Bob the pony

  408. I have to throw in my vote for Galadriel also. Gimli was quite taken with her, and I think this cute Gimli bun will feel the same about the sweet girl beside him. 🙂

  409. Well all I could think of when I saw the name Gimli was a Gimlet like a previous poster “Kat”, so the other bun should be named after a drink:
    Martini,Gibby (Gibson),
    Tini (appletini), or
    Holly (Holland -where gin first came from).
    Not a drinker of alcohol name her Shirley Temple!

  410. Don’t name her something human like Suzie, Rachel, or Steve. Her name shouldn’t be a color either. I never did that with my anipals. Her name should be…Mopsy cause her ears are floppy and her face looks snorgable enough to have a name like dat.

  411. That is definitely a “Yoda”.

  412. Duchess Avertyoureyes The Poutysniff of Rubbishfluff Who Retires Nightly With Sir Harlequin

  413. Selina's Mommy says:

    mimli or claire or peanut

  414. Snickerdoodle!!!

    She definitely looks like a sugary sweet Snickerdoodle!

  415. She looks like an Annabelle.

    Possibly Muffins.

  416. Gladys. Or Gertie.

    Or maybe Persephone (Greek goddess of spring and innocence… and also queen of the underworld.)

  417. Snickerdoodle!!!

    She definitely looks like a sugary sweet Snickerdoodle!

  418. darlene. natch.

  419. Emily. Totally Emily.

  420. Bubbles would be such a cute name!!!

  421. Your bunnies are the cutest! I like the name Coco or Reese! My Mom says Floppy!

  422. Gilder, which is a misspelling/misreading of “glider” as in Gimli Glider:

    “In the Gimli Glider incident on 23 July 1983, an Air Canada Boeing 767 which had run out of fuel made an unpowered landing on a decommissioned runway at Gimli Industrial Park Airport, a former RCAF base near Gimli.”

    No one was badly hurt, so it was not unlike the amazing landing in the Hudson River yesterday.

    And “Gimli & Gilder” just kinda sounds good, dontcha think?

  423. D’oh! I just saw Andrea’s post… so, yeah, Glider or Gilder.

  424. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    I put a vote in for Cheery Littlebottom. Dis isn’t cute enough for a bunny.
    Is this post possibly record breaking in terms of numbers of comments? I don’t remember seeing any others with over 400. And there isn’t even any nuffing.

  425. Steve.

  426. I think you should name her Chocolate Chip, Chip for short. She sort of looks like a chocolate chip cookie.

  427. I say, Shelob 😛

  428. Griselda!

  429. Thethuninang from Watership Down. Thethuninang means “movement of leaves”. She was Bigwig’s mate. Hyzenthlay – “Fur shining like dew”, was the name of Hazel’s doe. Watership Down is a good book to read if you like The LOTR series.

  430. Tropical Dump truck.

  431. LIZA! WITH A Z!

  432. Galadriel is’nt a bunny’s name. You need something cute, like bubbles,or kiki…or kiwi!perfect! and the name “persephone” is from webkinZ. yoda is a boy name. but if the bunny was a boy, yoda would be pretty awsome. I have 2 bunnies named flopsy and pooky. pooky has anger problems.

  433. Chessie

  434. Gretchen.

  435. Jennifer Richmond says:

    Hyzenthlay (Hi-zenth-lay), after the brave Effrafan doe of that name in Richard Adams’ Watership Down. This is my absolute favorite book in the world. Read eet. Now.

  436. Betty Page

    I also LOVE Nibblet

  437. berthaservant says:

    I can’t believe no one has suggested…


    schlemiel, schlamozzle….

  438. Trix, either that or Pippi.

  439. Pippi

  440. Dori
    as in: Gimli and Dori

  441. Fiver, Hazel, Bigwig, Silver, Holly, Bluebell, Pipkin, Hyzenthlay, El-ahrairah (all names from Watership Down).

  442. or Coco
    sorry if these names were already suggested: I tried to read all posts but there are so many!

  443. Cindy! I took one look at this bunny and thought,”Smudge Face”, then, “Smudgie”.
    However, I’m feeling compelled to follow with LOTR so I’m voting for Bombur. It’s too cute.

  444. Night Queen Zoharath says:

    Buttons, Lilly, Chia,Ginger,or Patches. Okay, my work is done here. And to all, a snugglebunny warm weekend!

  445. I would like to vote for Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom as well, as she is the first openly female dwarf in the Discworld series.

  446. My vote goes with Dis as well. Stick with the dwarven theme and all that (I knew that all on my own, but I am in awe of Lizzums as well–Tolkien geeks unite!). The name in Old Norse means goddess, so it’s a nice name as well as appropriate. Cute bunnehs!

  447. Honches

  448. Honches

  449. Babs !

  450. Princess Snugglepants

  451. Gail (the first one) says:

    Must agree with Theresa: Victoria (as bunnehs are not, not now, not ever amused)!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. Truffle. Her colouring reminds me of cocoa, and what’s better than a incredible chocolate truffle, dusted with cocoa?

  453. Frida is the name that came to my mind, although I like the LOTR suggestions.

  454. Ashlee (Look where that nose has been!)

  455. Rated R for Redonk says:

    The Naruto and Bleach fans must have a say. I’d go with Hiyori, Orihime, Hinata, or Ino. She looks like a Hinata!

  456. Hopscotch (combo of butterscotch because of her color and hop because, well, she’s a rabbit…)



  457. BabyOpossum says:


  458. Shady Sadie (those ears will definitely cast a shadow.)

  459. Lady Burroughs Deeply Underhay

  460. bunneh-luvr says:

    Caramel orrrrrr….something else yummy

  461. Rabunzle

  462. Pheas, love the Eddie Izzard reference!

  463. Dear lord almighty… dare I refresh?

    GRIMMA – female nome from “The Truckers”


  464. Jennie Mello says:

    Michelle, in honor of our new first lady.

  465. Earl.

  466. Another vote for Dis here. More for the reason that there is a city of the same name filled with things she would disapprove of. (see Dante’s Inferno)

  467. Cinnabun…Nibbles…Ginger…Button (as in cute as a button)

  468. I’m also going to go with Legolas… since the first one is Gimli and clearly they’re going to be the best of friends! 🙂

  469. Rabbit Redford

  470. Maybe Cinnamon-Bun!?
    I also like Buttercup and Nutmeg, or maybe just Meg. I also thought that Hopscotch was a cute idea.
    If you are wanting to stick with a “G” name maybe Giselle would be good.

  471. Suggestions:
    Ginger (personal fave)

  472. We fostered a rabbit with the intent of adopting her out. We made sure to not give her a name so we wouldn’t get attached. New Bunny ended spending the rest of her bunny life with us. After two years we figured that there’s New York, New Prague, New Amsterdam so why not New Bunny.

    Cheers, New Bunny, we miss you still to this day.

  473. 1) Jeez– doya think there are now adequate numbers of great suggestions? 450??

    2)Just on the “how COULD we??” logic … ya gotta love the illogic of “Steve”, in the midst of all the LOTR references…

    Whichever choice catches the fancy of the human caring for these “Ear-ee” kidz…what an enjoyable way to enjoy 15 minutes!!

    Thx, COverload!!!!!!

  474. Gimlet

  475. Gimlette

  476. holligans says:

    hee hee B.Serv
    “Hassenpfeffer? HAAASSenpfeffer??!”

    good giggly-wiggly, there’s 468 comments. Is this a record or something? Can management weigh in on this??

  477. lemurland says:





  478. 1) Jeez– doya think there are now adequate numbers of great suggestions? 450??

    2)Just on the “how COULD we??” logic … ya gotta love the illogic of “Steve”, in the midst of all the LOTR references…

    Whichever choice catches the fancy of the human caring for these “Ear-ee” kidz…what an enjoyable way to enjoy 15 minutes!!

    Thx, COverload!!!!!!

  479. emilia von Hertell says:


  480. How about Cinderella, or Cindy? She looks like she has soot on her nose!

  481. Gracie.

    It’s the name of my slightly gray cat, who is the most beautiful, lovable, intelligent cat I’ve ever known. This bunny seems an excellent candidate for the name.

  482. Juniper Jupiter says:

    How aboot a combination of the two that I’ve noticed and call her…GIN GIMLET?

    That’s what this guy I used to serve at this bar and grill liked! If he and his wife frequent this site, they would like that!

    Now, if only I could remember THEIR names! 😀

  483. Lilliana

  484. The Great Poonga Poonga!


  485. snarkhunts says:

    Galadriel – because Gimli had a crush on her.

  486. hortense!

  487. Starbelly says:

    I agree with the name Mims. She was so cute!

  488. Shannon Coleman says:


  489. Do you guys see how many comments there are here? Impressive! — oh, and the bunny is Muriel Fuzzy Bumper.

  490. Mrs. Velvet Jones

  491. The very first thing that came to mind was Limnley, it’s not cute, per se, but it is, in a funny way, very appropriate.
    Look here on Merriam-Webster for the meaning of limn:

    Otherwise, just go with Boopalina! ‘~)

  492. Leemikcee says:


  493. Saint Stryfe says:

    Another fantasy realm: Myra was the daughter of King Mangi Bronzebeard of the Ironforge Dwarves in World of Warcraft.

  494. Gimlet. Or Fluffernutter.

  495. Mabel 😀

  496. In Adûnaic, Gimli means ‘stars’, so maybe something having to do with the sky? Maybe to a search of Otherwise, another strong Norse Mythology name (since gimli was a place in Norse mythology). Nose mythology was the theme for my lambs this year, and some of the girls names I came up with were Frigga, Freyja, Swanhild, Embla, etc 🙂

  497. Morsel.

  498. i’ve always liked Penelope, Persephone, or Aoife… even though i named my two buns Charlie Salinger and Sydney Bristow. they’re in love and they snuggle all the time.

  499. Captain! I dinna know how much mora the ship can take befora she starts to break up!

  500. Azriel.

  501. Dís – the only female dwarf ever named by tolkien.

    The geekiness is strong with this one…

  502. Queen Latifah

  503. I’m glad there are some other LOTR geeks who have beat me to it…but name the bun ARWEN!!!! it’ll go with the cute little theme…and then there can be more buns to join the fellowship!

  504. chubbadoodlez

  505. binky-mama says:

    Marshmallow Louise

  506. I’m partial to Fizgig. I’d probably end up calling her Fizzy, cuz she’s fuzzy.

  507. who_is_dragonfly says:

    Clearly the A#1 BEST suggestion so far is Betty Page. “Gimli and Betty Page”…!??! Come on. That sounds perfect. But here are a few more I thought of, just in case:


  508. vegas vickie says:

    i vote for TEHODWYN… hehe

    [Oh that’s unpronounceable in ANY tongue… – Ed.]

  509. who_is_dragonfly says:

    Or Prudence Prudenstein, The Mayoress of Snootytown.

    Or Petunia Shrillingly.

    Or Marzapam.

  510. botticelli says:

    Madame wigglenose

  511. I think Buttons is an excellent name for a bunny 🙂

  512. Debbie Dykes says:

    Sister Bertrille

  513. [from a previous post] “If you have a Gimli, you must keep with the LotR names and name the second Aragon… or as I’ll dub this bunny, ‘Ear-a-gorn’.”

    … or Ear-a-Nom?

  514. who_is_dragonfly says:

    If you’re BSG fan, Caprica.

  515. My vote goes to Cinnabun 🙂

  516. I am not very original …but the bunny totally reminds me of caramel.
    So… Caramel. XD

  517. Patty Cake

  518. OK, I read all of these and I like Hazel and Olive the best.

    When I first looked at her I said Hazel.

  519. Tickles The DoomBringer!

  520. Chompers. Destroyer of Worlds!

    The Mighty Bun Overlord!

  521. Chesley, after the pilot who managed to land an airplane in the Hudson, saving all his passengers AND New Yorkers on the ground

    [Who needs a runway when you fly Bunway™? – Ed.]

  522. Michelle S. says:

    I always thought Poppy would be a sweet name for a bun.

    Poppy the Loppy. 🙂

  523. At first, I took one look at this bunny and instinctively named it Oscar. Then, finding out it is actually a girl… I cast my vote for Olive.

  524. I think a record has been set for most comments with no commentroversy in sight.

    This can only mean one thing: little Gimli and Ilmig up there have brought us… World Peace.

  525. @LaFeeVerte-Thanks for the bunny pix!
    @Birdcage-LOL NOBTOB!
    @Jennie Mello-Michelle is such a special idea, for our new first lady.

  526. im thinking BUGSY would be cute

  527. …Where did my comment go?

  528. Galadriel! Gimli needs a girlfriend like woah.

  529. Snuggles P. McHuggsabunch

  530. (Erm, never mind)

  531. Speaking as someone with five cats named for Lord of the Rings characters (Frodo, Strider, Eoyn, Legolas, and Glorfindel) I must insist she stay within the LOTR theme.

    Rosie Cotton (Sam’s girl… Cotton! Cottontail, get it?)
    Luthien (Elf princess)
    Mellon (elvish for “friend”)
    Imladris (elvish name for Rivendell)
    Athelas (the healing flower)
    Dernhelm (Eowyn’s psuedonym while posing as a soldier)
    Hana Le (“thank you” in Elvish)
    Gilraen (Aragorn’s mom)
    Estel (technically a man’s name, it’s Aragorn’s name among the Elves and means”hope”)

  532. Mrs. Jones (because he and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on.)

  533. kibblenibble says:

    @LaFeeVerte: Pardon me, your buns are showing.

  534. i vote Dis. its a really cool name and you will have two little dwarves. which is so awesome!!!

  535. I am going with snuggles or poopsie!

  536. Cocoa would be a cute name for her 🙂

  537. Puffalump?

  538. totalee puppy says:

    kayla…I vote for “Bugsy.”
    “It was coitins for Bugsy when duh mob found out he squeeeeed.”

  539. melissa Casarez says:

    fritter. it can be short for apple fritter or fritter face.

  540. Popple?

  541. Wuzzle? I dunno, i guess Ms.Bun reminds me of my 80s fuzzy toys.

  542. hamster-on-rye says:

    (at my age I no longer care
    that I am dating myself…)

  543. Up here in Canada is a town named Gimli – Gimli Manitoba. I think ‘Manitoba’ would be nice. (Tobey/Tobi/ for short.) I have a girlfriend called Alberta and it has to be said: her ears are rather large… for this bun it all fits rather nicely.

  544. P.S. In case you all were wondering, ‘Alberta’ is also a province in Canada… just sayin’ is all.

  545. Margaret, or Lenore.

  546. Lola for sure

  547. Petunia-my all time favorite name for cute girly pets.

  548. In all the frenzy, no has has mentioned Unnamed Bunny #2’s FASTASTICALLY KISSABLE EARS!

    @pyrit – GO GO GO!
    @BabyOpossum – *I* named a cat Waffles! I lover yer taste in names…

    BUT, although these are all fabulous, I have to throw my hat into the ring for RABUNZEL! Rabunzel, Rabunzel, let down your ears! (Plus doesn’t Rapunzel mean [bunny-yummy] ‘Radish’ or ‘Turnip’? since that’s how Rapunzel gets in trouble…)

    Rabunzel! C’mon now!

    (Maybe Pyrit could make a matching Aristocratic Title?)

  549. Gizmo?

    [Gizmodo? Gizmag? Engadget? – Ed.]

  550. Fransouah says:

    Pachakuti Bunny Yupanki

    (divine lord of the Incan bun-buns)

  551. Gimlet!!!
    Gimli and Gimlet, sounds good to me.

  552. Hamburger Buns

  553. yankeebird says:

    LOL @ Slut Bunwallah and Fuzzy Lumpkins (someone else is a PPG fan, it seems)

    I was going to suggest either Lieutenant Hot Pants or Humpmuffin, but the clear winner was suggested right near the very beginning: Truckasaurus

  554. Steve, Butters, queso, helga, francis, george, agnes, penelope!

  555. Michelle S. says:

    Okay even though I like a lot of the suggestions, including my own… I am going to have to give a thumbs up to Gimlet. It’s a natch!

  556. I just want to weigh in one Legolas, despite the gender issue, tho I don’t think anyone is going to read down this far.

  557. I suggest Milkmo… ’cause you know… got milk? I see a tiny vanilla moustache there…

  558. I think she looks like Nommi or Nimla…!!

    *Beautiful bunnies!!*

  559. @Jane – This is why I suggested for names from Guy Maddin films. See above… somewhere up there 😛

    ***W A R N I N G***
    This following may be too shocking for some sensitive readers!!

    I have never read Lord of the Rings, or any of the hobbit books.

  560. Anne B. Davis
    Mrs. Hovis

  561. The bunny reminds me of those seeds that maple trees release, the rotating helicopters. My 2 votes are “parachute” in honor of aerial tree reproduction, and “Gromit” from “Wallace and Gromit,” who is a large eared beagle whose name starts with the letter G.

  562. Meg, I think you should put either all the names or all the best ones up in a poll so we can vote on it! And see what all we came up with!

  563. I do like all the votes for Steve in the midst of the LOTR stuff – especially since the bun in question is a girl.

    And bunnies do not NEED cutesy names. My rabbits have been named Artemis Spork, Hieronymus Bosch and Oscar Wilde. Actually, I think that a ridiculously serious name on a bunneh is even cuter.

  564. Danilelle says:

    Here’s few ideas:

  565. Someone mentioned a “star” name. How about Stella?

    Gimli and Stella. Sounds good. A little like Stanley and Stella from Streetcar named Desire. You know…


  566. I take back my earlier suggestion. ‘Glider’ it must be.

  567. Felicityanne says:


  568. Sarah or Rachel.

    (my own rabbits are called Alan and Trevor)

  569. Snuffles

  570. Nutmeg

  571. How about Muffin or Ginger ,shes a Sweetheart 🙂

  572. Fraggle.

  573. “Li’l Soft-Soft”. If I ever get a bunny, that’ll be its name.

  574. Yes, Arwen. Not a dwarf name, but the pointy ears, right?! 🙂

    Or Galadriel! 😀

  575. LISTEN UP!!!!!

    Considering the first bunny is named Gimli, and TODAY IS JRR TOLKEIN’S BIRTHDAY!!!! (or at least really close to it)


    It’s only right.

  576. deidre mcarthur says:

    I, like many others who have posted, feel a great name would be Gigi. The bun even looks like Leslie Caron for God’s sake.

    If you don’t go with Gigi, then please consider Margo. There’s a lot of vibration surrounding that name on the posts…wouldn’t have thought of it myself, but it is an awesome name.

  577. I just finished re-reading LOTR so my suggestion is Elanor – the name of the sun-flower of Lothlorien and also the name Samwise Gamgee gives to his first daughter.

    That or Galadriel – since Gimli loved her at first sight

  578. Aw, she looks like my sisters old bunny, Bam. She had to get rid of him though.
    I say call her Bam!

  579. Sue.

  580. A companion for Gimli? Legolas, of course.

  581. Mizz Kitteh says:

    She needs a simple hobbit name…like Molly.

  582. Truffle and Shady Sadie are my faves, so far…

    two more suggestions “Earnestine” or “Windmilla”

  583. Spaghetti

  584. Gimlette. Hands Down.

  585. A Hobbit Name?
    Pansy Proudfoot

    I think Galadriel is cumbersome, but she could be Glad for short. What was Tom Bombadil’s wife’s name? Goldberry?

    Hmmm… I like Elanor, Rosie Cotton(tail), Fuzzy Lumpkin, Cheery Little Bottom and Cinnabun.

  586. She looks like a CHER to me.

  587. wannadance says:


  588. Zayda– Arabic for Lucky
    or maybe Fluffadoodle . She is a pretty girl.

  589. Cookie! She even looks like a cookie! I just want to EAT HER!!!!

  590. Cottontail says:

    I think a food related name

    either something sweet, like Pancakes or Truffles

    or a root vegetable, like Turnip, or Radish

  591. Gail (the first one) says:

    @KBo: (whispering) Me, neither!! Not a book nor any of the movies.

    @Decca: *snerk* at “Mrs. Jones”!

  592. Holy Crap!

  593. Gala is def. the best !
    (Although my first thought was Eary)

  594. BUNNIFER!!

  595. Okay, seriously, we are now at close to 600 comments! How in the world is this poor buuny momma going to choose a name?!

    My bunnies have Italian names Pallina (“tiny ball”) and Pochino (“wee bit.”)

    @Meg, NOMTOM and Theo, will you please let us know what name is chosen?!

    @Pyrit, this calls for a song, dontcha think?!

  596. Oops. Spell-checking would have been good. I meant to say Bunny not buuny!

  597. @CRL – BunniFUR!!

  598. Boston Bunny says:

    If the boy bun is Gimli, obviously the girl bun should be


  599. lucy's mommeh says:

    Beatrix. In honor of the Peter Rabbit author.

    If it was a hedgehog, it would have automatically been Tiggywinkle.

  600. This is a great blog ! Name that bun! I wish they were my bun-rabs. So sweet.

  601. “Where it began,

    I can’t begin to knowin’

    but then I know it’s growin’ strong.

    Was Lord of the Rings

    then other things in great number.

    Who’da believed you’d all come along ?


    touchin’ fame,

    reachin’ out,

    touchin’ me, touchin’ yoooou!

    Sweeeeeeet Butterstick!

    (bom, bom, bom)

    good times never seemed so good.
    I’ve been inclined
    to believe they never would…”

    (“Butterstick”, Tai Shan the panda’s naming contest)

  602. I like Truckasaurus

  603. I’m impressed you got them to be friends in such a short time!

    I like animals with old-people names, like Sadie, Walter, Alfred, Hazel, Gladys, Birdie, Poppy…so many awesome possibilities.

  604. JFS in IL says:

    She looks like a Sylvia to me.

  605. Name her Georgia. Cute, sweet and retro.

  606. Mrs. Merriweather….

    Mrs. Gertrude Merriweather.

  607. arwen. not eowyn because she’s not blond.. she has dark hair (fur). lol Arwen of course

  608. Belladonna Tooke (sp?)

    (the Hobbit’s female progenitor with adventuresome tendencies)

  609. I like That Bun! She’d come with her own theme song:

    Hay Bales,Daisies,
    Snowflakes, That Bun!
    Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime is That Bun!
    She’s tinsel on a tree – She’s everything that every bun should be!

    Pellets, Popcorn, White Tail, That Bun!
    Gingham, Carrots, Broccoli is That Girl
    She’s mine alone, but luckily for you if you find a bun to love,
    Only one bun to love, then she’ll be That Bun too.
    That Bun!

  610. It has to be either of these two:

    Princess or Duchess.

    I mean, just look at her air of condescension towards us.

  611. In keeping with the LotR theme:

    or Arwen

    There are loads of pretty female names throughout the books but these are the most obvious. I think she looks like an Eowyn. Beautiful, courageous, and tough.

  612. Going with the LOTR theme, what about Gollum? We saw him in contact with a rabbit at least 😀

  613. @Pyrit – you never fail to come through with just the right lyrics! You’re my hero. Love the Sweet Caroline theme song…ha. great way to start a Saturday…

  614. BostonBunny says:

    A boy with the name of Gimli,

    as in the book, The Hobbit,

    wants a bun-friend cute as she,

    to have the name of “Hoppit!”

  615. Actually, I kinda like Torquemada. Torquemada didn’t approve of much, either…

  616. Midge

  617. While Galadriel seems to be the current favorite, may I suggest Dori (which could just as easily have been a female dwarf as male).

    Or Rosie (who married Sam).

    Or if you want to get off the subject, she also looks like a Ryo-Ohki (the cabbit from Tenchi Muyo…who like this girl has very large ears)

  618. BostonBunny says:

    ACK! Sorry about the repeats!!!

  619. Bunnequa!

  620. My family is from Spain, so we offer the name of a
    Spanish noblewoman:
    (the Lady) Chimene
    also called Jimena
    She became the wife of the
    Spanish hero el Cid. She was a heroine also.
    We also vote for “Tickles”,
    “Hamburger Buns”, (“Pickles”?), “Radish”, “Fritter”…We are not sure
    yet about “Holy Crap!”

  621. Nightrider.

    “You should see the damage, bronze. Huh? metal damage, brain damage! Heheheh! You listen bronze! I am the Nightrider! I’m a fuel injected suicide machine! I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller! I’m the Nightrider, baby! The Toecutter – he knows who I am! I am the Nightrider! I am the chosen one. The mighty hand of vengeance, sent down to strike the unroadworthy! I’m hotter than a rollin’ dice. Step right up, germ, and watch the kid lay down the rubber road, ride to freedom!”

  622. To the Bunny Momma: here’s an idea. Let your bunny pick her name! Put your favorite suggestions on pieces of paper in a circle around your new bunny, whichever paper she goes to is her name…

    Also, how in the world did you get them to bond so fast? It took me a month of hard work to get mine to fall in love… Seriously, how did you do it?


  623. metsakins says:

    Okay, it’s definitely a new year. Over 600 posts and no one is fighting? Surely some one wants to call the bunny owner irresponsible for something. I mean, who knows what went on in between those two photos, right?

    *runs and hides*

  624. metsakins says:

    and yes, Theo, there’s one in every crowd.

  625. Sandwich! Or Pringle.

  626. This just in–
    “Quesadilla” (kay-sa-DEE-ya)
    a girlfriend of Mexican
    leader Pancho Villa.
    Also a great item to nom with your “Margarita” at
    Mexican cafés. Now you’re
    all set to order, peeps.

  627. Cuddlebug! or Cuddle-Bug, perfect for all those cuddles

  628. @nik: Of course!!

  629. Space Cowgirl says:

    I don’t think Elvish names are appropriate for a bunny, no matter how lovely she is.

    I vote for Tiramisu, Tira for short.

  630. @Birdcage – Bun Jangles, that’s the pick of the litter.

    Now, enuff of the Buns, it’s Caterday! Lets see what Meg pulls out o’ the bag (yes pun).

  631. Applesauce.

  632. She has delightfully nommable ears, so I think she should be called Ambrosia. (Amby for short?)

  633. Gotta be a LOTR name hasn’t it. EAR-wyn, anyone? Altho Rosieposie’s suggestion of Rosie Cotton is pretty great.

  634. michael t says:

    T Boone Pickens

  635. Arwen.

  636. wannadance says:

    so many wonderful names. impossible to choose, except steve really appeals to me, sicko that i am…

    sully would be lovely, nobtob, also ‘nobby’…

    i have never made it more than a few pages into LOTR, either, and was so bored at the movie, pulled sweatshirt up over head and fell asleep….

    sigh…saving it for my old age, along with wagner. oh, wait: this IS my old age…?

  637. Fiona…princess Fiona

  638. We’ve all been so transfixed by the naming ideas, that we’ve neglected to admire the Seriously Adorable Tiny White Lips on the nameless bunny. She is such a beauty.

  639. Christine Walker says:

    If the boy bunny is Gimli, then it is obvious that the girl bunny should be Gimlet, or Gimlette, if you want to be French about it.

  640. GUMBALL!!

    I saw that bun bun and it was clear the name has to be GUMBALL.


    It’s a match made in heaven and you know it!


  641. happyoyster says:

    Toester. Or Honches is great too. LOTR names aren’t cute enough for this bun.

  642. puppies&kitties says:

    We must know the bunny’s name, and end this insanity. There’s work to be done. The bunnies are watching you.

  643. yes eds, can you please put up a note at the top with the new bunny’s real name? and i’m voting truckasaurus for the surprise factor…

  644. It’s gotta be Galadriel. Gala for short. Gimli was in love with her!

  645. How about:

  646. She looks like a ninja to me, so


  647. Bonnie

  648. Fee fi bun-bun

  649. ClaireBear says:


  650. Renesmee!

  651. LOLA

  652. I saw a vote for Flossi and I have to second it!

    Gimli & Flossi would make darling little dwarf named buns.

  653. I just went through all of the 649 comments before me-my eyes are killing me!

    Anyway, either Katrina or Ragnhild (Raan-yield) or both!

    Both are genuinely exquisite bunny-wunnies.

    Congratulations on your new animal companion!

  654. I’m kinda partial to the aforementioned Prudence.

    But “Hoppit” is killer.

    Maybe Ma Belle?

    Y’all are so creative. Psychotic, but creative.

  655. Arizona

  656. Chubbers?
    …no theme, people, those just popped into my head when I looked at her face…

  657. Galadriel or Arwen (for the whole LotR effect)
    Cadbury (for the choco caramel color)
    Gumdrop (because it sounds cute with Gimli)

  658. Pazuzu!

  659. SenatorLloyd says:

    Name them both: Isabell and Ferdinand

  660. I have a pet bunny in the LOTRO game and it’s name is HopsAlongCassidy.

  661. BELLA!!

  662. nutterbutter
    mrs. trumbull
    hazelnut, hazel for short (okay, i’m on a nut theme and also I liked the suggestion of hazel, above)
    s’more (she looks like a toasted marshmallow dipped in chocolate)

  663. BabyOpossum says:


  664. thesavvycavvy says:

    I think the bunny should be named Ashes, because the smudge on her face makes her look like she’s been nosing around in the fireplace. She is so cute!

  665. BabyOpossum says:

    oops, debbie, jinx…

  666. S’more 🙂

  667. airplane

  668. Princess Millie von Taaffe


  669. Nutmeg.

  670. Galina!

  671. Snugglebunny! >^.^<

  672. Because of her coloring, Coco

  673. Fiona!

  674. But really, really not Princess Fiona.
    Fiona is a lovely name that stands on its own without any help from that horrible Cameron Diaz.

  675. i second the name cinnabun :]

  676. ..and the name bella.

  677. Cubby Smith says:

    That rabbit is a brutal, psychotic killer, and his rightful name is… TUSK THE MERCILESS.

  678. Hossenpfeffer!

  679. Cubby Smith says:

    That rabbit is a brutal, psychotic killer, and his rightful name is… TUSK THE MERCILESS.

  680. Sassafras!

  681. It would be freakin hilarious if they chose a name that wasn’t on this list, haha…

  682. Actually, there IS one dwarf woman that we have a name for….Fili and Kili’s mother (from the Hobbit). Her name is DIS, and we see this in the LOTR Appendices.
    So I say we name her DIS.

  683. Anner is right, she’ll likely disapprove of any suggestion.. 🙂

  684. Fanny Price says:

    For a name that is appropriately disapproving, but still a nod to LOTR & Galadriel:


    She may be called Galadriel when she is in trouble, or feeling particularly ethereal.

  685. Miss Mildred.

  686. Hee-hee !

    We’re gonna break the Intertubes, peeps !

    (I vote for Galadriel, BTW.)

  687. Steven Baranowski says:


    Or Steven Baranowski

  688. My wife and I apologize for
    kidding around about “Holy
    Crap”, obviously a genuine reaction for how many comments are coming in and
    not a name for bunny. (I thought it had an earthy appeal, though.)
    Voting now for the latest
    cute names for bun:
    “Tiramisu” (Tira) “Cadbury”
    “Ashes” “Hazelnut” “S’more”

  689. B’Elanna. Her ears remind me of the shape of a Klingon Bird of Prey

  690. I think that Nyah is a good name. Some spell it Nia.

  691. cinnamon. popeye doyle. chorizo.

  692. Being among the few who are more familiar with Manitoba than LOTR, I assumed Gimli was named for the town on Lake Winnipeg. So I second the vote for Flin Flon; or how about “Winnie”?

  693. I love Cinnabun and Bun Jovi, but what about Bun E. Carlos as a great name for a rockin’ bunnheh?

  694. My bosses daughter’s name is Eowyn and she is just as cute as this bunny. I agree Eowyn would be perfect!

  695. If you’re into a French name, I suggest Célestine (female). The male version of that is Célestin.

  696. Toast! (on too high a setting — the edges of her ears and her face got a little charcoaly, but that is one tasty morsel of a cute bunny!

  697. 6shamrocks says:

    I’m thinking Galadriel or Arwen,but if not going with the LOTOR theme……Mitsy!

  698. 6shamrocks says:

    or Flopsy,Mopsy,or Cottontail.

  699. Hellooo?!? It’s CATurday, people! Sheesh, you’d think it was BUNday with all of these posts!!

    You know, it is just not safe to upset a kitty. I think Meg & Co. ought to post a kitty picture poste haste!!

  700. And one final name suggestion from me: Radar. I mean seriously. Look at those ears…

  701. Flufflball, or Tootsie Roll

  702. BostonBunny says:

    Boink, don’t you really mean “Hoppenfeffer?”

    However,”Hoppit” is the clear choice as it covers both the need for cuteness AND wit!

  703. Colonel Fluffinstuff

  704. Dumbo!


    How bout….
    (If girl)
    (If boy)

  706. Monique!
    (after my name of course!)
    Whos a cute wittle bunzy?

  707. Jenny Shain says:

    LUKE & LEIA!

  708. Well, from the short list, I’m with Tiramisu – but shortened to “Misu” 🙂

    Mom and Dad – make us stop!!! Please!!! Pick a flippin’ name already!!!!!!!

    It’s for our own good!!!!

  709. Can’t you all see? She just crawled through the ashes to get to her new buddy! She should be named “Sooty”. No other name would do!

  710. I was looking at her ears and thought… Cashmere. Then you can totally do that mommy nickname stuff and call her Cashmi or Mere or mere-mere, although the Cashmi would alliterate well with Gimli.

  711. snorglepup says:

    Nancy nailed it with
    PRECIOUSSSS (said in a whisper)
    Keeps with the theme, not too obvious, yet dissaprovingly appropriate.

  712. snorglepup says:

    I had a sooty fawn mini-lop named Honey Bun.
    I also like Willow, Cinnabun

  713. I suggested GUMBALL earlier and then read on to find GiGi suggest GUMDROP.

    Both excellent names for Gimli’s partner, me thinks!!


  714. Furkins, Felicity or Francesca

  715. kromeheart says:


  716. Okay, here are my last suggestions (I think):

    Jet (cuz of her ears)
    Binky (cuz that’s a hop that bunnies do when they are VERY happy.

  717. Wait, one more. How could we all be so blind to the obvious?!

    How about MEG, in honor of our fearless CO leader?!?

  718. Meg, NTMTOM, Theo, I have actually done the math.

    There were 1077 names suggested as of 3:26 pm! Must be a record. I have a chart. Will eliminate the duplicates and tally the votes.

    Want me to email it to you?


  719. Olias

  720. Chesley or Sulley

  721. Aija or Caeleigh

  722. BabyOpossum says:

    Cinnamon Toast

  723. i like Galadriel and Gala for short – but with that smudgy little bunny face – how about Galadriel Smudgyface – Smudge for short 🙂

  724. Dulce de Leche or Butterscotch…because bunny looks like a sweet dessert…

    another idea is names of dwarves from the disney movie like “grumpy” as in Gimli and Grumpy…but we don’t know the personality of the rabbit so it is very difficult to pick name without knowing her better
    okay I am driving my boyfriend crazy so is my last post about bunnies… he wants me to focus on other aspects of my life..

  725. She looks noble. She is Dame Wuffles Nuffinhuff of Earlandia.

  726. I wonder what these rabbits would say if they could read the comments.

    Anyway, I still think Grimma is the best.

    But I also think Mabel would suit her.

  727. Matilda

  728. Mrs. Potts

  729. S.K. Riedel says:

    700-some posts???
    But I vote for going with the “Gimli, Manitoba” theme and naming her “The Pas” (pronounced, of course, “The Paw”).

  730. Ok, here goes:

    Sweet Polly Purebread

    Oh, sorry….dating myself there…

  731. 730 comments? Is that some kind of CO record?

  732. smudge

  733. In agreement with a previous commenter, I think a good name would be Portobello because those ears immediately reminded be of the great mushroom!

  734. Jezebel — not if you’re just talking about the raw number, but I think it may be a record for a comments thread which isn’t bung full of flaming trolls & griefers. Which is to say, it may be the longest CIVIL thread we’ve had.

  735. snorglepup says:

    Flaming Troll!
    Your comments bring forth such imagery!
    Theater of the mind…

  736. I named my kitteh who has the same coloring “Stormi.”
    How about Stormi?
    I also like Cinnabunn…

  737. Marci Lee says:

    How about

    (one of the spellings of):

    pronouced Hay-lee)

    Halie, Hayli, Halyie, etc.

    Gimli and Hayli?! Cute!

  738. I suggested Nommi or Nimla, but I also really like Cashmi & Mere-Mere versions! I always look into pet’s eyes to name them… see who they are! I look forward to the bunni-nom whatever it is! 😀

  739. Mrs. Poot

  740. Ingrid! It MUST be Ingrid!

  741. I think Gracie.*giggles*Gracie!

  742. Schmookie.

  743. Moka
    short for or Ms. Mocha Chocolate Aya

  744. Sister Bridget Battleship, The Disapprover, of Our Sacred Tuffet Convent in Great Umbrageton.

  745. Someone already said it, but I vote Galadriel! 🙂

  746. chrismis28 says:

    How about Cocoa Puff or Heffalump?

  747. Topaganga! (boy meets world)

  748. chelschels says:

    she is a Alana

  749. Towanda!!

    as in, the Avenger

  750. biscuithead says:

    You only need to look that bunny in the eye (2nd photo) to see that she’s Hazel.

    It’s who she is.

  751. motherofjazz says:

    I personally love Arwen, she’s a brunette at least. But I also like the Winnipeg name to go along with Gimli. Winnie the Pooh was named for a Canadian bear! He was the mascot for a regiment in the 1st World War…and she’s name after ‘the Peg’!

  752. I agree with snorglepup. I like Nancy’s Preciousss if the name is to be LOTR. I also like Gizmo or Gadget.

  753. Sir Bunnington! Well cause it’s a girl, maybe Lady Bunnington. Or Ears Mcgee =D

  754. Wow. This thread is astounding. I’m registering my vote for the only named dwarf-woman (Dis, where the i has an accent over it). That’s way upthread. As a bonus, “dis” kinda goes with the disapproving thing.

  755. What about Bonito? It’s Portuguese for cute or pretty.

  756. Linda Willis says:

    The name Astrid immediately popped into my head, but I also like Arwen, in reference to Gimli’s LOTR name!

  757. Bain!
    Bain means beautiful in sindarin, one of two elvish languishes! the other onw is quenya.

  758. Gala

  759. Gracie!

  760. Mushu or Buttons

  761. I suggest Medusa, because the unnamed bunny’s head and ears are shaped perfectly like a medusa-type jellyfish.

  762. Copenhagen The Second!!

  763. Gata go with Galadriel, as Gimi treasured her above all things, he said a single strand of her hair would become the heirloom of his family, and those two look pretty snugly.

  764. Cinnamon Girl (for overall sweetness and coat color): Cindy as nickname (because of ashes or cinder marks on nose) and sometimes Cindy Lopper (for crazy lovely ears!)

    okay this is my final post on name that bunny–its been fun! Love everyone’s posts.

  765. PRUDENCE!

  766. Amber

  767. …waves of graaaaaaain!

  768. Gala or Mimzy?

  769. Sooty.

  770. I think it looks like a fluffalupugoose


  772. Heliotrope! she looks so sweet + has helicopter ears 🙂

  773. Alkantowen says:

    Well, if we are sticking with LOTR names, you simply must go with Rosie!

  774. Jennie Mello says:

    Did ANYONE ASK the bunny???? HUH??? Did they?????

  775. Wow…lots of posts and it appears I’m not the only fan of Gidget….which TOTALLY just came to mind…

    Certainly Gimli & Gidget… it definitely works 😀

  776. Marquesa Francesca Escarole The Beady Eyed, of Bunbadilla, Great Aunt to Little Lord Timothy Hay.

  777. kibblenibble says:

    And I am comment # 777. Can you believe the response to this? Amazing. Mostly LOTR fans. While pitiful me keeps thinking she sees “LTR” like long term relationship. Been reading too many personals. *sigh*

  778. Because of her charcoal markings, I’d call her Cinderella or Cinders. Remember, Cinderella was forced to work and live among the cinders and ashes by her evil stepmother? So she would have had smudgy feet and face, too.

  779. Or maybe you could call her “Obama”…

  780. hey, I didn’t mean that comment to be racial, I just meant in honor of the upcoming inauguration!

  781. i think “poon patrol”

  782. Nostradamus?
    Here are my best- remembered names
    of all the great ideas:
    Chorizo Portobello (or Shiratake) Stormi Chula (Spanish for cute) Dumbo
    Bunnaroni Cocoa Puff
    Cinders Ashley

  783. totalee puppy says:


  784. Lest we forget: “Truckasaurus”

  785. Kelly … Grace Kelly!

  786. Moria, at least it is keeping with the LOTR themed names.

  787. I like to give animals names you’d never give a person. How about Scrambles or Darling.

  788. She looks like a Ginger to me.

  789. Lothar, Destroyer of Worlds.

  790. Arwen!!! Do eet!

  791. Lulu or maybe Lolita?

  792. Dusty Springfield?

  793. i think that i would call her “Gala” from galadriel.

  794. Disaprovia Von Naysayer.

  795. If you name her Galadriel, you could call her Gilly–did you know that Gilly from The Great Gilly Hopkins was Galadriel?

  796. Leem G. It would sound good! XD

  797. cataddict says:

    Will we find out what name was picked? Does this now hold the record for the largest number of posts? Inquiring minds want to know…..

  798. How about “Sacha”, I think it would suit her very well. Gimli and Sacha sounds nice too….

  799. wannadance says:


    (for her Jack Bristow pursed mouth)


  801. Lisette M. says:


  802. Lil Lotus says:

    No matter what you call her you will end up referring to her in bunspeak so…..but for paperwork purposes (you know her credit cards n’stuff…you should title her…Princess! gosh she is beautiful…awwwwww maybe Oatmeal cuz looking at her makes you feel all warm and mushy in side…

  803. Did they pick a name?? I also like HAZEL. Or Wilhelmina.

  804. What did she finally name her adorable bunny?!?!?!

  805. Soooooo whats the name? tell me!!! tell me!!!
    my suggestion REESES!!!!
    and/or soffia,Or GINGER)
    i also like Obama if it was a male
    in honor of the inoguation

  806. The first thing I noticed was that cute little patch of dark fur around her mouth and nose. It kinda made me think of her maybe sneaking into a pudding cup, with the evidence smeared all over her cute bunny face. So with that in mind, I’d like to suggest Pudding or Puddin’. 🙂

  807. cinnabun!

    *squeee* sooo cuteeee!

  808. My eight year old daughter says “Sally”.

  809. Miss Phoebe Twinkle

  810. Noelle (the original) says:

    Over 800 posts? Holy Cow!!!

  811. Rabbit, Noelle. [har]

  812. I like Galadriel in keeping with Lord of the Rings and for short she could be Gala or Ariel.

  813. Ok, seriously… about 300 or so comments ago, Michelle S. said that she had made a decision.

    Michelle, as cute an idea as it is, I would reconsider the name Gimlet, since Gimli & Gimlet sound so much alike — it would not only confuse the buns, it tends to confuse the human brain too, especially if you have to call one of them quickly. I know this as one who has had many rats (& buns). Ya might wanna choose another name… you have soooooooooooo many to choose from.

  814. Lisette M. says:

    Since you’re still taking votes (?): how about “Hollyhock” or “Fern”? “Pansy” is a good choice too because, take it from me, rabbits love to munch on them (except the white ones which they seem to pass over for some reason, go figure…)

  815. Lisette M. says:

    OOPS, I forgot to add “Brambleberry” to that mix….

  816. I think she’s a Pippy…as in Longstocking.

  817. Cuddlesbear says:

    What about the name, Cuddles? That would be good for a cuddly rabbit, don’t you think?

  818. 5^^now8ing says:

    I know I’m late but I’m catching up; my husband’s family’s dog was Galadriel, and they called her Galla. She was a beautiful, ladylike, well-behaved Sheltie who lived to a ripe old age.
    PS We’re back up to 5 cats, with our newfound Princess Arzhumand (“Zhu-Zhu”). See Connie Willis’s “To Say Nothing of the Dog” for literary reference. 😉

  819. I know it’s been rejected, but there’s a certain *ring* to Big McLargehuge. Think of all the sparkley possibilities you give a little girl with a name like that!

    Fuzzimuffin is also endearing, and can always be shortened to FuzzMuff (very convenient).

    But people, no. No more votes for the tall magic elf lady. It simply isn’t bun-like.

  820. I know it’s been rejected, but there’s a certain *ring* to Big McLargehuge. Think of all the sparkley possibilities you give a little girl with a name like that!

    Fuzzimuffin is also endearing, and can always be shortened to FuzzMuff (very convenient).

    But people, no. No more votes for the tall magic elf lady. It simply isn’t bun-like.

  821. I really like Eowyn and Tinuviel from LOTR theme. Tinuviel means nightingale.

  822. Here is a Chinese name: TUZI

  823. Do we have an update on what name was chosen?

  824. Whoa, wait…whut? When I posted that comment, the last comment was from January 16.

  825. With her ears, it’s got to be YODETTE

  826. lostbronte says:

    so when are we going to hear what the bunny was named?

  827. Six foot Jen, what’s wrong with Gertrude?

    My SCA name is Giertrud…

  828. Mr. Snuggins

  829. I hope that we will eventually know which name is the ONE RIGHT NAME.
    So many good names to choose from.

  830. Cocoa. She looks like she has cocoa powder sprinkled on her face.

  831. She looks like a Grendl to me. Gimli and Grendl. 🙂

  832. How about Beatrix?

  833. Field Marshal Festuca Augusta Georgia, of Warrendale, descended of Atilla the Bun

  834. I had to post a comment here to see the latest comments. The Next button wouldn’t work so I thought posting a comment might bump me in, and it did!

  835. How ’bout Necco?

  836. Or sparky, that’s my bun’s name

  837. Bgirlie GRRRL! says:

    Galadriel or Legolas…

    Depends if it is LOVE or Friendship.

    enjoy the disapproval!

  838. HugMonster341 says:

    I had a rabbit called Gimli. An ickle grey netherland dwarf who was VERY disapproving of everything. He died 😥

    I think you should call the other one Millicent. A very disapproving name and it can be shortened to Milly or Mills ^^

  839. Gidget, because her ears look just like when Sally Fields (the immortal and perfect Gidget) played the flying nun, Sister Bertrille. Or you could name her Sister Bertrille.

  840. Pleassssssssssssse tell us the name you finally chose!

  841. Chippy?

  842. muffinlover. says:

    flin flon is like