Simon’s Sister’s Dog is “Fed up”

From the fabu animator Simon Tofield who brought you the Simon’s Cat series, here is another installment 😉

Kim S. says all of Simon’s videos are here, and the official site is here. 😀



  1. Farthammer says:

    the dog farted.

  2. I LOVE the Simon’s Cat series!
    Can;t wait to see more 🙂

  3. Good message. Chubby dogs are cute, but dogs so obese their mobility suffers are sad. 😦

    And Simon really captured that “must-gulp-food-whole-immediately” thing dogs do perfectly.

  4. Hilarious !

  5. And this is why you should never ever feed the dog under the table. No matter how cute he whimpers. The same goes for “you should never ever feed the dog whith scraps while cooking”, Mom. Are you even listening, Mom?

  6. Awesome! This reminds me of that Australian show “Downsize My Pet”. Or is from New Zealand?

  7. Ok, I’m at jury duty and laughing out loud. Too, too funny. I didn’t think his dog could be as funny as his cat, but apparently, Simon’s children are VERY “special”!

  8. What do you do when your PETS ARE OVERFED!? Find them a new home! Duh! I hear there’s this new movie about a four-star hotel for Dogs ….. I wonder what it’s called ….. 😉

  9. Excellent,

  10. I swear my dog never even tastes most of the things he gets…..

    My sister got me a Simon T-shirt for Christmas!!!!!

  11. i r american dog lol.

  12. berthaservant says:

    Exactly why I should not own a dog. My previous cat Rider was bad enough. I had to feed him whatever I was eating. Always. Or things would get smashed. (But he only ate a few bites, unless it was chicken).

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    Such an awesome way to communicate an important message!!!

    My dog has never tasted *anything*, except of course if I was trying to slip him medicine!!

  14. Are you sure Puppy wouldn’t like something more? Perhaps a wafer thin mint?

  15. catloveschanel says:

    He ate himself under the table.

    Next he’ll have a lampshade on his head.

  16. @ Maureen

    LOL on the Monty Python nod!

  17. worldhistory says:

    Ha Ha! Maureen, that is my family’s favorite movie quote after an over indulgent meal. The dog reminds me of my beagle, who doesn’t wait to be “treated” but sneaks off anything she can. We have learned to be vigilant.

  18. My aunt’s dog is this fat. Spoiled little guy.

    My dog (may she rest in peace) got to eat some human food in her old age, but she was a magnificent grand dame who kept her trim figure. She also had stairs to climb and a hallway to do laps in.

  19. Love the video! Will likely send it to all my friends 🙂

    Though I must say that the constant presence of that advertisement video is really starting to get annoying.

  20. PS Meg – Cute Overload won!

  21. Anybody know of a good dog movie?

  22. Yes, cal… CO won. Shoulda been here the other day when all the hooplah was goin on.

  23. SPB — dog movie? Hmm… how about this?

    (also, Cal probably *was* here the other day, and many other days beforehand)

  24. temperance says:

    actually, the only way i ever get my little dog to lose weight is to put him on a homemade (i.e. ‘people food’) diet.

    granted, i do put quite a bit more thought into what i give him than this…

  25. My sil’s mother used to microwave her dog’s plate.

    Yes, pup had a plate of whatever they were eating.

    Yea Simon!

  26. Ahahaha, genius… this made me think of Tricki Woo.

  27. lurkingsmirk says:

    omg Caitlin, Tricki Woo! Tricki Woo has gone “flop butt!!!”

  28. I like how Simon draws pet butts.

  29. lucy's mommeh says:

    Am I allowed to say butthole? Cuz the goggie has one…
    Love it!

  30. AuntieMame says:

    Wasn’t it “flopbot” that was Tricki Woo’s ailment? And what was his other problem? Something equally mysteriously named. (I love Herriot!)

  31. That and Cracker-Dog, yep.

  32. Nice! Excellent message!

  33. Pick up some Canine Carbs–packed with fiber and whole grains to keep “Riddles” healthy and trim.

  34. Flop-bott is truly entrenched in my family’s vernacular. Denotes anything that’s broken (gluttony is optional). e.g. “The tub drain has gone flop-bott again.” ;D

    Crackerdog doesn’t get nearly as much usage. Wonder why?

    Thanks for showing the Herriot love, y’all 🙂

  35. I loved the whole thing, but the fart was the best.

  36. I’m so glad this cartoon went in this direction. I hate to see animals over-fed (AND I hate to see nuffs…you know they woulda been all over this if it turned out otherwise). Any pets I’ve seen who were too heavy and then lost weight have become much more active and perky.The most recent of these has been my darling kitty, who we adopted from a 2-cat household where she was probably eating for 2.

    They may ask for food constantly, but hey, I’d eat constantly too if I didn’t realize it would upset my stomach and make me unhealthy! Being able to ignore the adorable begging is real love.

  37. Oh, and the tail is perfect.

  38. binky-mama says:

    I agree, the fart made me snicker! However, I do hate to see these guys in the hospital (especially after the holidays) with massive cases of gastritis, pancreatitis etc. Or later down the road with diabetes, arthritis, etc. due to obesity. One time I told the vet I was working for that we should send home the bills for treating some of these conditions to the owners of obese pets. Nothing like a bill in the THOUSANDS of dollars to curb a bad habit!

  39. Aww bless. The RSPCA in the UK used that video last Christmas to promote awareness about obeseness in pets. Cute video, but sadly, true!

  40. I got the feeling that if Simon weren’t making this to make a point for the RSPCA, it’d’ve ended with the dog managing to eat the dish of food– then throwing up very loudly and voluminously, much to the family’s horror…

    … and then sniffing at the puke and eating it as we fade to black.

  41. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Killer is a bit chunky, but I lost 26 pounds! Ha-ha! No, I didn’t give her the food, she is just a chunk.

    But, dammit, this “not eating extra snacks and watching what I put in my mouth” thing works!

  42. Brandi … I was waiting for that to happen too.

  43. omg, this is my nutty beagle.

  44. Jennie Mello says:

    wait…CO won? what’d they win?

    [The internets, Jennie. We won a whole internets. – Ed.]

  45. I’m picturing “Trickey Woo”- what a great dog/owner/show.

  46. Katie Kat says:

    No, seriously… these are the funniest cat cartoons EVER! Simon knows EXACTLY how cats’ minds work and he obviously is owned by his kitty!

  47. “But he can’t be fat, he doesn’t really eat that much! He hardly ever touches his kibbles!?”

    “I can’t stop giving him treats/scraps, he begs/whines/barks so long that I have to give up!”

    “I don’t feed him too much! He eats (list of 163 different edible things) – and then kibbles as much as he wants, of course.”

    *tries hard to keep blood pressure down*

  48. I <3 Simon! That pup is almost as cute as Simon's cat.

    I can’t help but feel like if I had a dog it would be the fattest dog in the world… but maybe not because I’ve always thought I’d get a dog big enough to go jogging with me.

  49. that is so hilarious, im at the library & i have the volume down & I’m snorting trying to supress my laugh!

  50. haha unfortunately i couldn’t hear the fart lol because the volume down, but if i did i think my snort would have turned into loud laughter!!

  51. Rocky, our 2-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, is quite obese, and that’s because whenever I’m not there to stop it, my oldest stepson feeds him people food. Constantly. The hard-won manners that were instilled in him after 6 weeks of PetSmart puppy obedience classes were quickly forgotten, because my stepson *encourages* Rocky to beg. I can NOT make him understand that even though HE doesn’t mind if Rocky stares at him and drools while he’s eating, totally violating his personal space, that others aren’t so forgiving.

    My stepson moves out at the end of the month. I predict Rocky will lose weight. Stepson keeps insisting Rocky’s not fat. Think I’ll show him this cartoon.

  52. My shepherd mix girl does the head-on-the-knee-whimper thing when she wants food. Only she’s a gigantic thing, so her head fills up more or less your entire lap. Bit difficult to eat when it looks like your legs have grown a second head.
    The Lab, on the other hand, is older and wiser, and knows that if she wants a treat, all she has to do is sit in the doorway and stare at us with her head hanging low until we give in.

  53. Needs to be filed under cute or sad?
    Simon’s work is so cute, but this has a sad ending.
    Poor pup.
    At the beginning, funny how much it looks and acts so like my dog.

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Noelegy, have your stepson watch a couple episodes of “It’s Me Or the Dog,” with Victoria Stillwell. If that don’t put the fear of God in him, I don’t know what will.

  55. staticgirl says:

    At the beginning that pup was so much like our little dog Patch. *le sigh*

    Great cartoon – this guy really knows his animals!

  56. liloaktree says:

    More “Cute-or-sad,” methinks.

  57. Love it. My boyfriend’s parents spoil their dogs horribly (and yes, the dogs do the chin-on-lap thing!) but I think I have finally convinced them that the dogs DO NOT need their own steaks when they barbecue (gah!). They’ve been more open to my advice since I started working at a pet food store. (And there I get to deal with hundreds of people who insist on low-fat, all organic food for their dogs, but can’t ever be the same kind twice in a row because “Sweetums gets bored”… GAH again…)

  58. This was an ad for the RSPCA? (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) The ASPCA (American …) definitely needs to borrow it. Cats with diabetes, seriously.

  59. My mom had eye surgery last Thursday, so she’s been laid-up. I showed her this and we laughed like hell together at it. Thanks for brightening both our days.

    I wish Simon would do more dog-centric toons. This was hysterical.

  60. Redbone- my best wishes to your mom and to you for a swift and complete recovery.
    Has your mom seen the others ones Simon has done? Toooo funny. For when her eye is better.