Wow, There’s A Book For Everything These Days

Apparently, you can now buy a book that tells you how to operate yourself.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Borders to pick up a copy of "The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Complete Idiots."

Wait -- I have to do WHAT in the bushes?

I see you’ve mastered "Sender-Innering for Dummies," Brandi W.



  1. Just, please, let there never be a “LOLcats for Dummies”, OK?

  2. Well….if there were a guide available for ME, I’d read it, too…I need all the help I can get 🙂

  3. I sorry, I bought the last copy yesterday:-(

  4. metsakins says:

    See, he knew the material so well it put him to sleep.

  5. I had a Economics book in college that was the best sleep-inducer I’ve ever met.

    Hmm, Boxers-Economics-could it be-naaaaah, probably a coincidence- there couldn’t be an Econ chapter in there, hmmm…

  6. Is the recipe for toast in the complete idiots guide? I’ve lost mine.

  7. Question for those familiar with boxer dogs: are they inherently sucky? I ask because every boxer that I have encountered has been very friendly and a big suck. They adore attention and have not been menacing at all.

  8. @ Estlin: not sure what you mean by sucky… My neighbors’ boxer is a very gentle, hyperactive attention-whore. She is so sweet and well-mannered, but she loves any and all attention.

  9. Not sure, either, about “sucky,” but boxers are generally energetic, playful, friendly, bouncy pouncy jouncy flouncy funfunfunfunfun, with cutie wootie pooshed-in faces and Whoozawuzzafluzzabuzza!

  10. berthaservant says:

    Kat’s linked photo should be part of this post. It’s awesome.

    I thought this was a Meg post but it’s a NTMTOM post. I like it when I’m wrong.

    P.S. Should I buy “How to Love Like a Hot Chick”? Since “Picking Up Girls for Dummies” seems to be out of print…

  11. Does anyone else think it’s really annoying that the “Hotel for Dogs” thing looks like just a video post that’s been repeated every day? It’s definately made me visit CuteOverload less, thinking that it hasn’t been updated.

    [This is why it now says “A D V E R T I S E M E N T” right on top of it. People asked, Meg delivered… – Ed.]

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’ve noticed my dogs reading “Dummies for Dogs,” so they know how to deal with the humans who share the household. It must be a good book–we do their bidding in all things.

  13. BServ — yeah well, that pic is from somebody else’s website. Now, if the owner of the photo were to submit it to us, full-size & without watermark, and agree to our licensing legalese…

  14. superboymom says:

    Totally . . . a boo boo head 🙂

  15. Shhhh, be vewy quiet. Do not wake eet up!
    We’re going to need reinforcements first, or an escape pod.

  16. Hold your fire; there’s no life signs aboard.

  17. Boxers are the best. Highly recommend.

  18. smartyboots says:

    Boxers for the win!

    Worst watchdogs ever, unless it’s possible to snorgle a burglar to death. So utterly _not_ fierce (mine is scared of tupperware and stairs).

  19. Yes, Hon Gald- it is right next to the recipe for ice.(*snerk*)

  20. LOL SmartyBoots! And don’t EVER crinkle a plastic bag within earshot of our ol’ lady cat Spot. Pets are weird.

  21. *snerk* @ smartyboots! tupperware and stairs? Hoo boy… Could be worse. (Not sure how, but it could be!)

  22. @ smartyboots don’t feel bad, our pup was afraid of stairs too when she was little along with a whole list of other things. She outgrew it though.

    Not sure what to say about the Tupperware, that’s a new one by me.

  23. LibrarianJessica says:

    I hope that the well-read pup’s owners leave the ears as is. I think boxers are much more anerable with the floppy ears.

  24. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Oh man. I bet his earzies are sooo soft! You know how puppies have the softest little heads? Love that!

  25. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    Smartyboots and Theo —

    My cat is afraid of ceiling fans. Like, he’s terrified of them. Not sure where that fear came from… Oh wellz 😀

  26. I’m convinced that my cat has a

    “Humans for Idiots” handbook.

  27. The in line Hotel for Dogs ad is sooooOOOOOOoooooo annoying!

    The side ads are ok – but this inline ad is awful.

    Off to icanhascheezburger until it’s gone.

  28. Aww, such a cute pupster! I like the long, white gloves on the front paws. 🙂

    @Turk182 – Really? It bothers you so much that you’re going to leave? Boy. I find that a bit drastic. I guess it doesn’t take much to make some people unhappy. I think the cuteness on the website totally outweighs the ad. Oh well…

  29. …until somebody buys inline adspace at ICHC. Then watch what happens.

  30. Hmm…boxers for dummies. A book for dog owners, or a manual for folks like me that have issues with getting dressed in the morning?

  31. muttluver says:

    I agree with Eastie, cuteoverload is too good for a small ad to keep me away, even if it is somewhat annoying. (Though I WOULD love it very much if the occasional Trojan ad on the side were taken off…. XP)

    Teh boxie is so cute! I’m not normally a fan of smooshed faces, but this one’s anerable.

    I agree with LibrarianJessica: People should leave their dogs ears the way they are. If you want upright ears, get a dog that HAS upright ears NATURALLY, dangit!!!!!

    My dog is scared of any falling object, any object that looks like it might fall on him, places he has to stick his head into (bags, tight spaces toys roll into, etc.)–though come to think of it, he loves getting under the couch. Weird dog. He also runs from/barks at brooms, mops, vacuums, etc; as well as anything citrus-y, spicy, or otherwise strong smelling. So basically, he’s a fraidy cat.

    And by the way, I like *snerk* MUCH, much, MUCH better than lol. People should use it more often.

    And Hon Glad, remember that it’s not necessary to scrape the toast EVERY time. Just sometimes. ;D

  32. We advertise Trojans?? I really hope that’s the latex kind, not the sneaky nasty software variety.

  33. To add to the list of strange pet fears, one of my cats is afraid of mylar balloons. She’s never had one pop around her, or anything like that. She just gets freaked out seeing one floating in the air. Gravitees, UR doing it rong!

  34. LibrarianJessica says:

    *squelched cackle* for taj. I can’t laugh as loud as that deserved while at work.

  35. One of my cats used to be frightened of a particular wire hanger. He was ok with others – plastic or wire – but this one wire hanger would cause him to fixate on it and stare. If you walked towards him with it in hand, he’d run off and turn around to make sure you weren’t coming after him with that thing. Even more bizarre – it looked like the other wire hangers in the house. Something about that one freaked him out.

  36. NO — WIRE — HANGERS — EVER!!!

  37. That’s a nub of a tailo.

  38. I did think of that after I posted. I’m sure my late kitty is writing the cat version of Mommy Dearest in kitty heaven right now.

  39. dkflskdlfjsl says:

    Boxers are such good dogs. I wish I had a job that would afford me the home time to have a pet. I’d get a Boxer.

  40. My mother’s dog, a little Havanese, is terrified of my tiny bunnies. It’s hilarious. The bunnies, naturally, disapprove of this behavior.

  41. berthaservant says:

    Thanx for ‘splaining, Theo…I don’t want to get anyone in any trouble w/ copyright stuff. But it is a funny pic.

  42. kibblenibble says:

    Cute boxer. I share the love of floppy, natural ears. My little parrot, Scout (RIP little guy) was terrified of any large, dark object, eg: motercycle helmets, jackets, etc. Kitty George is scared of those crinkly plastic bags. Kitty Isabella (all six pounds of her) is afraid of NOTHING!

  43. Just thought I’d weigh in on the Hotel ad. I don’t mind ads on the site, or even in-line ads that look like ads, but didn’t like this one because it was pretending to be a post, with its layout and copy style.

    I can just imagine the ad buy folks pitching it to you – “Savvy online consumers are starting to ignore traditional placements, and the CTRs are bottoming out making it hard to achieve the CPMs, so we’re turning to a more or-GAN-ic presentation format, showing that we are aligned with blogs attitudinal positioning and community culture-o-sphere”…

    Savvy online consumer sez, “Do not want”. If we promise to click more on the regular ads, will that be helpful?

  44. My cat Elliot was afraid of Reynolds Wrap…the sound drove him up the wall.

  45. (Ducking momentarily out of the hilarious ‘fraidy cat/dog stories to comment on brillo caption…)

    If someone wrote “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Complete Idiots”, I just might have to buy one.

    (resumes compulsively refreshing page to watch for more ‘fraidy pets)

  46. Kristabelle says:

    What a cute boxer. They are the sweetest dogs!

    Our Wheatter is afraid of the refrigerator, loud noises and pretty much anything out of the ordinary, unless it’s food. The Wheatster is a sensitive soul.
    Sunny, on the other hand, is not afraid of anything, BUT, her Startle Button is easily pushed. She will hear something (a click or a bump or lord knows what else) in the middle of the night and commence her frantic bark, which makes both of us and Wheatley sit BOLT upright. Of course, if you are clumsy and knock something on the floor or kick the door accidentally, she loses her mind then too. It is her least charming characteristic but we love her anyway.

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Kristabelle: *snerk* at “she loses her mind then too”!!!!! NONE of mine can handle the dreaded vacuum cleaner!!! My dear departed kitteh, Patty would occasionally go up to it (when it was sleeping) and slap it with her paw!!!

  48. danielleo says:

    @ Estlin – Boxers are fabulous dogs. They love to touch and be near you and they love to cuddle. Plus they’re really funny and energetic.

  49. My 7 pound cat was FEARLESS. Tiny, scrappy thing (the 7 pounds was when she was older and maybe actually getting a little fat,) born to a feral mom, she had our 80 lb shepard mix perfectly terrified. He jumped when she walked in the room. That cat’s weird pet thing? She had allergies. A *cat* who was allergic to like, dust. Many humans could not comprehend this.

    My latest cat, Torie (may she rest in peace) feared many things, including the guinea pigs.

    Again, people who failed to understand The Cat Mind were shocked, SHOCKED I tell you that we had a cat and smaller rodents in the same house with the ‘pigs in an open cage. Pfeh. Torie would walk into the ‘pig room, the ‘pigs would warble and she’d run like hell. She liked her food to come from a bag or a can – those weren’t scary, warbling, fuzzballs.

  50. Kristabelle says:

    Oh no, Gail. The vacuum is Public Enemy #1. She wants to KILL KILL KILL the vacuum and is in full on attack mode when it is on. Between the lunging and the barking, you really have to be careful! I’ve started shutting her in other rooms with her brother if I’m going to vacuum. It drives my husband insane and he leaves the house entirely if I’m going to be cleaning!!!

  51. @bev: I hear yah on the cats with allergies thing. I have a cat who….is allergic to other cats. I kid you not. Pippin was perfectly fine until I got Bear. Than it was stuffy nose and trouble breathing. After many, many treatments the doc said “lets to a standard allergy test” so yeah Pippin has to get allergy shots every so often to combat his allergy to cats.

  52. Berthaservant…Re your plan to buy the book “How to Love Like a Hot Chick”
    (since the guy version was not avail.): How about getting a new cover printed that says “How to Love Like a Hot Prof”. Then just take it with you places, bring it with your newspaper, so casually. This is beneath your dignity-my apologies. (heh)

  53. eric engeldinger says:

    wow haha! that dog looks like my collge roomate after he studies for a chemistry exam