Legends of Folk Music, Part Six

From their 1958 debut at the Nosepick Hollow Folk Festival, The Happenin’ Hoedown Hipsters kept audiences’ toes a’tapping with a crowd-pleasing mix of folk standards tinged with modern jazz influences. The 1962-65 lineup, pictured here, included Farquard Mandlebroot, lead beagle and vocals; Stanley Burbleson, coyote and harmonica; Roger "Biff" Burbleson, rhythm beagle and vocals; and Doris McGinty, bass mutt.


An’a one, an’a two, Anna L.



  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Aw,,,,,beagles are sooo cute. Love the look on that girls face on the end too. 🙂

  2. D’awh.
    The white doggy is so kawaii.

  3. shahinrani says:

    Aw, best picture ever!

  4. The dog on the right must be heavy…

  5. The second guy on the left is cuuuuuuuuuuute!

    Oh…and the pets too!

  6. Good grief, is that a dog or a polar bear?

  7. Kristabelle says:

    WOOOOOOOT! on the hovertext!

    Bass Mutt is one fluffy dog! Wonder how much she sheds???

  8. How do you play those things?

  9. in other news, CO is LOSING to something called FU Penguin. Get out the stoat!!!

  10. I believe in the late 60’s Farquard “Bawl-mouth” Mandlebroot toured as a solo act, occasionally backed by the Drag Your Bottom Boys. He inspired a cult following with standards which included Tom Drooly, He’s in the Doghouse Now and Faded Coat of Blue Tick.

  11. OnlyAVisitor says:

    Tom Drooly FTW!

  12. That’s it. I’n changing my last name to “Burbleson” :))

  13. “In constant sorrooOoOOooooOw, all through his days…”

  14. I didn’t know Mandlebroot was playing an electric beagle in ’62.

    [Win and awesome, TUM. Win and awesome. – Ed.]

  15. I want to hold all those doggies! Lucky dogs… I mean people.

  16. If that white dog on the right has any Eskie in her, she sheds QUITE A LOT. 🙂

    I love my Eskie anyway tho.

  17. That’s no Eskie, that’s a Duluth pack! *HYUP*

  18. Ahhh…I never thought my picture would get posted! That’s a Samoyed, the big white dog.
    You know, I was kind of having an iffy day but this just made everything in the world better. Thank you. A million times.

  19. It’s the Boogie Woogie Beagle Boys of Company B, with The Anna-drew Sister…

  20. Brandi7920 says:

    I lof the polar bear doggy!! <3

  21. Pyrit, if we ever need to hire another writer here, I’ll be having Meg come knocking on your email door. Seriously.

  22. holy CRIZZAP that guy second from the left is teh HAWT.

    [Y’know actually, *I* kinda look like that guy. When I’m not acting like the dude on the far left, that is… – Ed.]

  23. Do they play bongos on the dogs belly?

  24. smuttynose says:

    First thought upon seeing this: “Does the woman in that picture know she’s about to be eaten by a polar bear?”

  25. (The Original) Mel says:

    Doris McGinty. I remember her. She was Iron Balls McGinty’s sister.

  26. Rhythm beagle, ahahahahaha. This made my day 😀

  27. This isn’t folk music; it’s pup/rock.

  28. bees on pie says:

    Second guy from left looks like Aaron Eckhart.

  29. Ah, Zeho, yeau flattaire moi seau, ..seau, eh, how deau yeau zay, “a la folie'”.
    Zay honaire vood be all mine dahlink.

    To my lawyer, Uncle “da Boss” Bruggio: note the key words, “if” and “hire”…

  30. holligans says:

    Delightful doggies and hoot-inducing comments!

    Plus laser-eyes on Mandlebroot’s er, instrument…Theo, can you please make that sound I love?

    [Uh… :YEEM:YEEM:YEEM:YEEM: …? – Ed.]

  31. Kristabelle says:

    Hang down your head Tom Droooleeeeeey.

    I am never going to be able to sing that song the same way again!!!!!

    Yay Anna!

  32. Puppy on the right has a skin infection! Been gnawing on that paw.

  33. Gail (the first one) says:

    OMG, Peeps, you are KILLLLING me!!!

    I remember reading something about the group’s descent from the top of the folk charts when they started incorporating a lot of Barbershop-style pieces in their act. “Sweet Adddelllwhiiiiiiine!”

  34. Hey, some barbershop is OK. Mostly it’s fun to *sing* it, though, rather than *listen*. Down by the o-o-o-o-old, mi-i-i-i-ill, streeeeeam…

  35. Gail (the first one) says:

    “Liiiida Rose, I’m home again Roooose”

  36. I am loving the piggy back bear on the end…Too funny.

  37. Good night ladies!
    Good night ladies!
    Good night ladies,
    We’re going to leave you now!

  38. Kristabelle says:

    Daaaaaisy, Daisy,
    Give me your answer true.
    I’m half crazy
    All for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish mawwage.
    I can’t afford a cawwage.
    But you’ll look sweet
    With your four feet
    In a picture with me and you.

  39. Madeleine says:

    OMG! The doggie on the far right totally looks like my border collie/Samoyed pup. And I can say from similar experience that I bet that pup sheds like none other, as my own manages to create little fluffy white tumbleweeds on a regular basis.

    I really like this picture both for the obvious pup deliciousness and the fact that the humans appear to be enjoying themselves immensely.

  40. ..This time tomorrow,
    reckon where I’ll be.
    Down in some lonesome valley,
    peein’ on a white oak tree.

    (repeat chorus).

  41. Luf, luf, luf this!! Pups and their peeps!

    Everyone’s comments are a hoot, too. Made my morning. Boogie down, beagles…and bear doggie.

  42. Doris pretty much dominates.

    Theo – well done.

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    I remember seeing them in ’63 at the Hungry I in San Fran. They were on the same bill with Peter, Pup and Mary and Joan Basset.

  44. Yeah, they did all the festivals, too; Pete Heeler, Arlo Corgi, the Airedale Convention… I was born too late.

  45. This is my new favorite group ! (holding my lighter high over my head)

  46. renee in tx says:

    @ Holy Cuteness…
    That dog ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

  47. Sadly, it loos like the band lost some of their spark…

    From Dogbeat magazine, March 1966

    “Burying Bones ‘neath Mrs. Fleemer’s Tree,” the newest release from The Happenin’ Howdown Hipsters is a genre-bending album that bends a bit too far. While one has to appreciate the audacity of adding Crescent City brass to the standard folk line-up of beagle, harp, vocals, and bass, the resulting sound owes more of a debt to cows copulating in a field of mud than it does to anything resembling a band. In short, the HHH are barking up the wrong tree.

  48. The times, they are a-changin’, I spoze.

  49. Well Decca, I guess phony beaglemania has bitten the dust.

  50. berthaservant says:

    The original Mel — one dollar and NINE CENTS!

    Meanwhile (stepping up to mic):

    K-TEL Sessions and NOMTOM Records presents….

    …the legends of the sixties, come to live in brand new digital stereo sound….

    “Hang down your head Tom Drooley….”

    Yes, it’s the Happenin’ Hoe Down Hipsters.!

    “The answer my friend, is baroooing in the wind….”

    Singing all of their great folk hits from yesterday. You’ll hear “Tom Drooley,” “Barooing in the Wind,” and who could forget…

    “He’s in the doghouse now….he’s in the doghouse now….”

    ….and what about….

    “Where have all the puppehs gone….long time running….”

    ….and we’ll never forget….

    “….I’m livin’ in that ol’ dusty box….I’m livin’ in that ol’ dusty box…I’m livin’ in that ol’ dusty box, lord, lord, and I ain’t gonna see box-hab no mooooreee…..”

    Yes, you’ll hear all these beloved classics and more, including those great Triple-H originals “If My Heart Could Bark (It’d Howl Your Name),” “The Great 1849 Canine Locomotive Disaster,” “She Said Her Name Was Fluffy but I Liked to Call Her Spike,” “That Hydrant Ain’t There No More,” “At Leash Shay You Love Me,” and, of course, their classic number one hit, “Don’t Bury Your Bone in My Hole No More!”

    “Don’t bury your bone in my hole no more, don’t bury your bone in my yard….”

    Two LP-length records! Three 8 track tapes! One extensively copy-protected download! Your choice, for only $18.99, plus shipping and handling. Here’s how to order!

  51. Kristabelle says:

    You guys are a hoot-enanny.

    ‘Peter, Pup and Mary’ just KILLED me! hahahahahahaha! Of course, they had quite a few hits – Howlin In the Wind, Don’t Bark Twice, It’s All Right, If I Had a Chewtoy, This Yard is Your Yard…

  52. not to mention “Markin’ the Lemon Tree”

  53. LOL! Just saw your [ED] up there Teho *snerk*

  54. Good dog! I’ve never seen so many lengthy posts in the comments, people are writing essays in this thing!
    Anywho, I was going to say, I’d love to pick up my dog like that for a pic, but would probably put my back out.. :p

  55. Kristabelle says:

    Nice job, B-Serv!

  56. Niiiiiice, Berthaservant, Niiiiiice.

  57. berthaservant says:

    of course thanks to those who also made suggestions some of which i ripped off

  58. “If I Had a Chewtoy” – *falls over laughing*

    Other hits include “I Don’t Give a Damn About the Greenback Collar,” “Pay Me My Puppy Down,” and, of course, “The Theme from ‘Rawhide.'”

  59. holligans says:

    Theo: Yes, yes! the YEEM:YEEM of laser eyes! I couldn’t recall the proper spelling.

    B.Serv.: you are brilliant! (and not to nag, but shouldn’t you get back to work now on that dissertation?)

  60. LOL!!!
    [eyes swivel BeServ’s direction]

  61. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I can’t think of anything to say that could hold a lighter to anything that’s already been said, except that I think the third fellow over is sorta cute in a short, nerdy kind of way. He does have a ring on, so I hope his wife is as nice, and loves the beagle, too.

  62. Wicked B-Serv, wicked!!! I can hear Billy Mays now:-)

    Baaarrroooooooo, to all, the comments are lovely! It’s like Best In Show edited into A Mighty Wind!

  63. LOL, Nancy. I never would’ve Guest you were a fan.

  64. As the proud owner of a beagle, I can tell you the lyrics of this band’s songs mainly sound like this: “Roooooooo! ROOOOOO!”

  65. B-Serv, you forgot the classic phrase “wait, there’s more!”

    (Bravo, by the way!)

  66. @Madeleine, I’ve got a b. collie / samoyed mix too and BOY HOWDIE I think they totally win the shed-alympics. The floof factor is very very high. I can deal with tumbleweeds just fine, but what gets me is the floating hairs that get *everywhere*, ACK!

  67. Dog on piggyback?

    Perfection! ;D

  68. If you put a dog on your back, can that technically be considered “piggyback”, or is it “puppyback”?

  69. baroo? i soreez (submissive urination). Itz the beeglez…gotta haf
    air-beagle 4 dayz now:{

  70. B.Serv – where’s the info?? My girls (both beagles of course) are demanding that I get my order in STAT!! I just want the beagles though

  71. binky-mama says:

    I have a question: Why does the smallest girl always get stuck with the biggest dog? When I was a veterinary nurse I (100 lbs soaking wet) always got stuck with the Great Danes while my more robust co-workers dealt with the Chihuahuas and the itteh bitteh kittehs. How does this work people?

  72. kibblenibble says:

    😀 You people make me so happy! So much talent and fun.

  73. renee in tx…LOL “That dog ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.

  74. hamster-in-rye says:

    All of you have such great ideas. I look forward to
    CO…evening is the best time for us. Berthaservant…You are so
    gifted, and you share the
    gift with us. thank you

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    binky-mama–I think it has something to do with that “new math”. Inverse proportions or something.

  76. Martha in Washington says:

    “The tail, my friend, is waggin’ in the wind.
    The tail is waggin’ in the wind.”

    I too am waiting for instructions on how to order my two 8-track tapes.

  77. Michelle S. says:

    “Gravy train, gravy train goin’ so fast…”

  78. I admire your dogged determination to come up with great songs and titles! I’m out of my depth for contributions, but sitting here laughing and giggling!

  79. Katrina, your comment there? If you have any amount of latent dyslexia, something about the word “titles” sitting right there on top of “giggling” makes it extra fun. Yay alphabet soup!

  80. Only you, Theo, only you….I hope.

  81. peaseapea says:

    Sure, sure, sure, guys. Make the GIRL hold the heaviest dog.

  82. That’s even funnier if you’ve seen “A Mighty Wind,” Peas.

  83. The photo was cute, but “An’a one, an’a two, Anna L.” is what got me. I lol’ed. I don’t normally lol and was quite embarrassed by this, but have since recovered. Thank you, Not That Mike the Other Mike. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who can’t resist that sort of thing.

  84. hmmm..they are really cute..especially the tall one in the middle with the light colored pants! yum! single???