Get out the Stoat part 4 of 4! People, this is IT!

Polls close At 5PM ET, and 2PM PT TODAY!

We’re less than 500 votes away Let’s STICK THE LANDING!


Vote us Best Pet Blog
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You can vote once a day/per 24-hour period.




  2. berthaservant says:



  3. the link is broken or something.

  4. Keep trying, Mark. The voting site is overwhelmed with web traffic.

  5. The server’s just getting overloaded. KEEP TRYING IMO 🙂

  6. Waaaahhhhh!!!!!! I can’t get through. I weel keep trying, but I’ve only got 3 more hours to get through…

    I am crossing my fingers for CO, hoping others get through!

  7. snorglepup says:

    The site took weeks in dog-time. Just be patient like a snail. Vote like a stoat.
    Do it for the penguins, peeps!

  8. I was happy to cast my vote the first 2 times I did it, but now I beginning to change my mind about CO being the best pet blog as the first things on the page every time I visit is a movie trailer and and this crap.

  9. Interesting choice of words, Snorglepup.

  10. Think of it like a membership drive, Dustin. Are YOU a Sustaining Member yet?

    (OK, it’s not really very much like that.)

  11. Done! And Done!

    I voted like a stoat, peeps. It was easy and painless, not at all like a flu shot.

    OK, that f***penguins site needs to be taught a harsh lesson in cutenessosity. WE MUST OVERCOME this pretender… srsly, they insult teh kittehs. So rong.

  12. Just Passing Through says:


    Somebody has to pay for teh qte! Might as well be some overstuffed movie studio.

  13. Just Passing Through says:



  15. Just 300 away now. We can do eet!

  16. Awww EHn Ehn Ehn I can No get in Captain!!!!

  17. As of 11:35 PST, CO is trailing FUP by **less than one percent.**

    Keep trying, KEEP VOTING!

  18. Meg, cute. Is Europe this year’s rickroll? (grin)

    Seriously, watching this election closely….

  19. I can’t vote – can’t get the form to load. Will keep trying!

  20. binky-mama says:

    Omg I haven’t seen a race this close since the swimming relay at the Olympics! Sooooo close!


  21. BTW, the ballot link from January 12 (about 1/2 way down page) worked better. So, I was able to vote. I had to after the “Folk Music” post!

  22. VOTED! oh man FU penguin must be so steamed it’s SO CLOSE. don’t forget to vote for raymi too you guise! <3

  23. Whew I finally made it in via Mozilla…

    I kept getting it but the part where you vote wouldn’t load. WHen I wen tin Via Mozilla Blam i was there and voted toot sweet..

  24. oaklandcat says:

    OMG less than 200 votes away from the lead!!

  25. As of 11:35 PST, CO is trailing FUP by 0.5 percent! Less than 200 votes between them!

  26. Sorry, I meant to say as of 12:15 PST.

  27. I’ve tried several times over the past few days and haven’t gotten through yet! D:

  28. LunarHavok says:

    Dude!!! CO is almost there!! come on!!!! only .5% away!!!!

  29. I just can’t get in :(, I’m trying, I’m trying!

    ehn ehn ehn

  30. .5%!!!
    I can’t vote again yet but I SOOOOO want to!

  31. Peeps try getting in using Fire fox it worked for me!!!!

  32. Annie, it ain’t yer browser, it’s all the hits & traffic the site’s getting.
    Ze trubbel ees not een your set.

  33. OMG! ALMOST #1!!1!!11!1


  34. 12:35 PST: Gap narrows to .3 percent!

  35. Kristabelle says:

    NOMTOM, I am SURE that you meant FEWER than 200 votes… ;oP

  36. Treestar! says:


    ~100 votes left :/

    GO TEAM!!!

  37. I voted on all 3 computers in my house! We’re soooooo close!

  38. oaklandcat says:

    …this is sooooo much more exciting than work

  39. 99 votes and only .3% behind!!!

    wish i could vote more

  40. 100 votes to go!


  41. er, plus or minus one

  42. 13045 to 13137
    So Close!

  43. 12:50 PST: Gap now less than 100 votes!

    Keep trying, KEEP VOTING!

    (I’m starting to know how Al Franken must have felt.)

  44. Just Passing Through says:

    I hate that you can’t see the results because of the traffic on the site.

    I voted for CO and Raymi 🙂

  45. Just Passing Through says:

    85 votes people!!!

    Makes me want to run around the office and vote on everyone’s computer.

  46. 70 votes!

  47. a nonny mouse says:

    Sheesh – the polls are fatiguingly exhaustingly SLOW to load! But I’ve voted on both the computers in my office and the 3 computer kiosks in the building and just pulled the laptop out from the disapproving dustbunny cubbyhole and am hoping to vote ONE MORE TIME!

  48. Thanks Teho I just kept trying to get in on Explorer and it would let me in but the voter part was blank but when I went in with Fire fox it only took a couple tries and I was there.

    EHn Ehn IT is sooo close
    Crosses all bendy parts that CO wins…

  49. wannadance says:

    50 minutes and about 50 votes…

  50. lurkingsmirk says:

    Come on peeps, less than 65 votes behind!

  51. Just Passing Through says:

    And to think I was bored a few minutes ago. 🙂

  52. monkeylina says:

    55 votes is all that’s in it! But only 45 minutes to go! VOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOTE!!!
    F*** that penguin!!!

  53. 49 votes!

  54. [Say in Lord of the Flies voice] We shall sacrifice a kitten for every percentage point we lose by!

  55. victoreia says:

    I did! I did! (Pity I can’t get home to vote from there before the polls close…..)

  56. [gazes balefully upwards]

  57. Less than 75 votes between CO and FUP!

  58. Jenny Shain says:


  59. 36-vote gap now.

  60. I can’t help but read that as KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!
    Shatner Syndrome.

  61. LOL Meg… Do it for the Kitties Peeps!!!!!

  62. Just got in – only 35 votes away!

  63. This is WAaaaaay More exciting than my boring Job right Now…. Vote Vote vote Like a Stoat stoat stoat!!!!!!!

  64. Fuzzbob Chubbypants says:

    E’rybody who has already voted, get off the voting site to free up traffic for those who are still trying to get iiiiinnnnnnnn!

  65. 19-vote gap now!

  66. Good Idea Fuzzbob…

  67. We’re tied, but still behind by just a little! Keep votinggg!

  68. wannadance says:

    vote often!
    no, wait….

  69. Eeeep!! I stoated!! 12 vote gap!!!

  70. Just Passing Through says:

    Fuzzbob is right. Der. I didn’t think of that.

  71. 13!

  72. This is like the wedding proposal on CO day… So Exciting!!!

  73. LunarHavok says:

    only 14 votes!! Come on!!!!

  74. wannadance says:

    need one designated watcher and poster. everybody else tune in here…

  75. Anyone else feel like having a smoke to calm your nerves?

  76. My vote brings it down to just an 8 vote gap! Come on people!

  77. Wait, who’s getting married??

  78. GAAHHHHH!!!

  79. Danushka — maybe not specifically a smoke, but *something*.



  81. wannadance says:

    a smoke and a drink and 24 boxes of Peeps.

    suspense. still half hour to go.

    digs out pepcid.

  82. Mocha all around

  83. Fuzzbob Chubbypants says:

    Theo and Danushka — I could use a nice snorgle right about now. Too bad I’m at work!!!!

  84. Just Passing Through says:

    I’m with Theo…

    Work, what work? You mean my job isn’t watching the countdown on CO?

  85. I voted for f*** you penguin, just to be contrary.

  86. Well, playing internet spades in between refreshing the browser is keeping me grounded 🙂

  87. (not really)

  88. It’s crashed. Can’t get the vote page! Recount!

  89. Of course I’m making heaps of English people pissed off cos they have to wait.

  90. Ehn Ehn Ehn!!!!!!!

    Vote vote vote!!!
    Go CO!!!!!

  91. Oh you’re GROUNDED all right, young missy.

  92. (that was supposed to be @ Danushka)

  93. I FINALLY got in to vote, and we’re ahead by 0.1% peeps!!!

  94. It’s not crashed, just getting a lot of hits! Keep trying!

    CO: 13,249 (34.4%)
    FUP: 13,232 (34.3%)

  95. I just got through, CO only 1 vote behind!!!!

  96. 22 votes in the lead!

    you may need to refresh-refresh-refresh, peoples! The weblogawards servers appear to be struggling a little.

  97. Fuzzbob Chubbypants says:

    *passes out from excitement*

  98. oaklandcat says:

    vote in honor of Annie’s birthday. 🙂

  99. Fuzzbob Chubbypants says:

    *gets up*

    *crazily looks around room for another computer*

    *passes out again*

  100. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ahead by 40!

  101. 20 min left!

    CO: 13,290 (39.4%)
    FUP: 13,242 (39.3%)

    Also, I noticed I put 34% on my last post. 🙂 Oops!

  102. lurkingsmirk says:

    Theo, don’t taunt the penguin-f***ers, it isn’t nice 😉

  103. Regardless of the outcome, I think it’s clear that both CO and FUP have compelling content that produces devoted fans. Congratulations to both sites!


  105. This is for the crew of CO, cos we do want them to survive this:


  106. I wonder what happens if we can haz a tie… o.0

  107. I’m more in this sort of mood, Danushka:

  108. FuzzBob Chubbypants says:

    If I don’t snorgle something soon, my head is going to explode!!!

  109. I voted from all four computers in the house….There must be another one around here somewhere. I has 12 minutes to find one.

  110. need update!
    anybody in the know?

  111. Good luck! I’m afraid I’m voting for a different site, on account of the handful of pornographic posts that have been cropping up here lately (I am a firm believer in the Bible) but I wish you the best!

  112. 8 minutes remaining!

  113. Song of Solomon… oh I’m so bad.

  114. We now lead 13,347 to 13,268.

  115. NomTom is trying to be balanced and calm – hee hee !

    AAAAAAAAUUUGHHHHH we’re almost there peeeeeeps ! Can’t take the excitement!

  116. Thought the saaamme thing, Theo!

  117. I meant NomTom’s post at 1:45.

  118. “Good Bible.” [/malcolmreynolds]

  119. CO: 13,354 (39.5%)
    FUP: 13,269 (39.2%)


  120. five minutes!

  121. I third that, Theo. Lol.

  122. lurkingsmirk says:

    13,352 vs, 13,269!

  123. ohsweetmotherofpopcornfartsiswearimgonnableen

  124. lurkingsmirk says:

    Noooooo Patricia that’s like voting for Nader!!

  125. um no. LurkingSmirk. Not like that.

  126. It must make everyday life all kinds of fun and exciting if one’s definition of pornography is so broad!

  127. wannadance says:

    in 3 minutes, at least the damned advert. will be off the site!!

  128. Pornographic posts, Patricia ? Where ?? didn’t see any on CO.

  129. [headshake] where was I?

  130. No matter who wins, I think we can declare a definite loser: The server. 😦

  131. Teho bleened !

  132. LunarHavok says:

    OMG…. *head explodes*

  133. Fuzzbob Chubbypants says:

    [hyperventilating] Three minuuuuutes!

  134. Just Passing Through says:

    Um, I’m a firm believer in the Bible too, but what pornograhpic posts? Did I miss something?

  135. OMG Teho’s gonna BLEEN!!!! EVERYBUNNY WATCH OUT!!!

  136. Elisha B. says:

    I did it, I did it, I did it!!!! (Voted that is)

    GO CO, YOU GO!!!!!!

  137. possiblyihadtoomuchcoffeeeeeeeeeethismorningtoooooooo


  139. :spif:

  140. Just Passing Through says:


    So, same time same place tomorrow? This was fun!


  142. wannadance says:

    okay: time!! who won????

  143. oaklandcat says:

    cause we all know the Bible has no sex or violence at all!

  144. did CO make it?

  145. wannadance says:

    so that’s what happens when theo bleens. i was wondering…

  146. Neener! Neener!

    CUTE OVERLOAD !!!!!!!!!

  147. What’s the verdict??

  148. 1) CO: 13,387
    2) FUP: 13,279

    CO wins! :DDDDDDD

  149. ok folks, now what do we do?

  150. WE PARTY
    LIKE IT’S 2009

  151. yeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!! 🙂

  152. LunarHavok says:

    w000t!!!! GO CO!!!!!! You did eet!!!! Congratz

  153. Have some virtual beer?

  154. [commences partying]
    [sips from can of diet cream soda]
    [I am SUCH an animal]

  155. wannadance says:


  156. @itsmemom – play nice & don’t gloat too much?

  157. a nonny mouse says:

    Looking good! I was
    #13,335 and we were about 120 votes ahead at 4pm CST! (no idea if my computer clock is exact, but it’s close) Mebbe safe to cheer huzzah!?

  158. A party! I love a party!

  159. Son of a self-sealing cylinder. We dunnit.

  160. Nevermind, we are going to celebrate! cuz, cute rules. Off to make a lemon drop martuni.

  161. 108 votes .3% percent win
    (at least) 3 kitties saved! 🙂

  162. WE DEED EET ! WE DEED EET ! *jumps up and down like craaaaazyyyyyy* \O/ YAAAAAY !!! *pant pant*

    See what a dedicated following CO has ! We can move mountains ! The forces of goodness have prevailed ! (OK, sometimes snarky goodness, but goodness nevertheless.)

    I’m going to bed happy (it’s nighty-night over here.)

    BTW, hope there’s no recount or hanging chads or anything like that !

  163. wannadance says:

    flings little bits of fool’s gold at pyrit!!!


  164. YIPPEE! What is even MORE impressive than the fact that CO won, is the fact that we did it in 4 DAYS! The other sites started promoting the voting more than a week before we did! Meg and Co., if this doesn’t prove that we love this site, well then, nothing can!!!

  165. Uhm yes. Ahem. Thank you, Harper. Righty-ho check got it and no problem.

    [adjusts self]

  166. WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!
    I just looked. WE WON!

  167. Do we have a final outcome!?[Pouring gatorade on self]

  168. OMG YAY!!!
    I even came to school early to use the school computer to vote, but looks like it wasn’t needed (plus I was too late).
    I’ve never been more excited and proud for CO!! It really shows that we are more than just a site, we are a COMMUNITY!

  169. Now…
    [looks piercingly ahead into the future, towards the Webbys]


  171. Wooooooooooo!!! *throws confetti*

  172. Final vote: CO 13,387, FUP 13,279

  173. Spike the ball, Meg. Do an end-zone dance.

  174. I fink i broke my mouse and the refresh button. 13,387 is awesome! Yaaay.

  175. Meg – This is like winning some kid of football bowl! Not just the Rose Bowl, or the Orange Bowl, but some kind of bigger, more important, more colossal bowl…I just can’t think of a name for it!

  176. Meg, how about it was third down and long, it was snowing, and a kitteh had the ball…or something. Anyway, YAY!

  177. The WHOLE BOWL.

  178. Sorry I’m late to the party. See, I work in a library where we have 12 terminals with internet access, so . . . you can probably guess what I was doing in those final few moments.

    Pass the diet cream soda, please.

  179. I don’t speak WWW very well, but did we break a rule somewhere?

  180. oaklandcat says:

    FUP is accusing CO of cheating!!1

  181. Yay CO!

    Congrats to Meg, Teho, NTMTOM and anyone else working with y’all.

    A toast to you!

  182. @brinnann: The Weblog Awards disabled embedded polls completely, which required all candidates to direct their readers to the official site. See the “Daily Notes – Jan 12.” for details.—january-12/

  183. @ Brinnann: which rule are you looking at?

  184. Oakie, check my link. I’m not sure what’s happened.

  185. Kat, it’s the first one.

  186. NOMTOM, does that mean that after they disabled them your prior post with the poll on it wouldn’t work the same?

  187. we did it!!!! hehehe
    39.5% !!!

    (over F you penguin who had 39.2%)


  188. berthaservant says:

    Yesssssssssssssssss!!!! I made it my facebook status!!!

    It’s like Al Franken beating Norm Coleman!!!!! (But actually better because I don’t even live in Minnesota).

    Well done, peeps!!

  189. Trust me, BServ, I’m more invested in the MN Senate race.

  190. Can someone go over to FUP and ‘splain the rule thingy to clear our good name? I would, but I only half understand it.

  191. berthaservant says:

    P.S. I have 600 facebook friends….please note that at the time of my first post we were down by less than 500…I changed my facebook status telling my friends to vote and we ended up winning by 112….



  193. @brinnann: Hmm… well I don’t speak html or rules, so it’s hard to know if this is a big oops on CO’s part or if everything went according to the rules… I really hope we didn’t lose on an “oops”

  194. I dunno about the rules, but we all know what F in FUP stands for, so what did you expect him/her (anyone know…?) to say? “I wuv CO?”

    The post made me laugh, like a lot of the entries there, and there’s nothing bad about that.

    Enjoy the victory, people!

  195. We’re ahead by 3/10 0f a %, and it still won’t let me vote.

  196. @brinnann: My interpretation of the Weblog Awards Jan 12 article was that they disabled the embedded voting functionality at their end. What looked like an embedded poll in our pages was merely a link to the Weblog Awards page for voting.

  197. WOOOOOOOOO you won by .3 =3

  198. LunarHavok says:

    That’s a bit sad that they are mad over at FYP…

    oh well.. PARTY ON!!! Pass the diet cream soda my way plz! =)

  199. Whew I had to go do actual work at work so I missed the part where we took the lead… Yay CO… and whew…
    I think I need a nap now!

  200. Gail (the first one) says:

    (raising a can of regular Coke in tribute)

    CONGRATULATIONS to Meg, Teho, NTMTOM and all of us CO’ers everywhere who voted like babeh stoats!

  201. Gail (the first one) says:

    (raises can of regular Coke)

    CONGRATULATIONS to Meg, Teho, NTMTOM and all of us CO’ers everywhere who voted like babeh stoats!!!!!

  202. isn’t this where we go FU FUP? but in our case it is Furry Usurpers!

  203. FUP is really super sore about losing…. It’s really sad.

  204. The people over at FUP can’t stop accusing us of cheating. Sore losers, yes? Anywho, everyone knows that cute shall prevail over Trash-talking everytime!

  205. Aesthetica says:

    wait what happened here? did we winz?

    can i just say that i always read FUP in the voice of mark wahlberg: “hey, penguin. f**k you, penguin. say hi to your mother for me.”

  206. lurkingsmirk says:

    I really hope they all do email weblog and complain that cuteoverload cheated by having a jpg that linked to the weblog voting page. “But it’s a picture of a poll, that’s like the real thing, right?”

    *sigh* If only every picture on cuteoverload was real for me. I’d have a life time of snorgables. And all the cute stuff on modcloth!

  207. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    woot! *excited squeeing and such*

  208. berthaservant says:

    I don’t think we need to gloat. I’m sure the other website has its merits (I don’t know, I have no reason to visit). Let’s not be sore wee-ners!

  209. I sincerely hope not.

  210. Wow just read the comment stream over at FUP about CO cheating. Mean little buggers those peeps are.

  211. I say we just ignore the people commenting on FUP about CO cheating. I mean, we know we didn’t cheat! Putting a .jpg on the homepage as a LINK is not cheating. The picture of the poll was not actually taking your vote if you clicked on it, it just brought you to the voting site.

    Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing us talk about them. They only want a fight.

  212. WE DEED IT!!!

  213. And no, linking to the place to vote is NOT cheating, other sites in other categories are doing it too.

  214. Meg, I sure hope you’re STRUTTING around the office! HOO-RAY for the CO team!

  215. OMG! Look how close it was!

  216. my goodness. FUP is just plain mean. I feel like they are big old bullies. GO CO!
    seriously..if you’re having a bad day, cute animals help so much more than effing penguins.

  217. Yeah, and it’s a good thing we won, too. ‘Cause I checked in on CO around 1:55 Pac and then found out that the deadline was 2:00! I quickly went to go vote, but the weblog site must have been overloaded. It just sat there and froze. And it was 1:58!!! Sheesh. Then it finally came up and I found out we had won! Woohooooo!!!!!!!!!

  218. gravyboat says:

    How do you “cheat” at this?

  219. kibblenibble says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! I was so sad not to be able to vote today like all the others, but I’m so proud of all of us and CO!!! We DEED EEET! Congrats Meg, NOMTOM and Teho!

  220. Photoshop, Gravyboat. What else?

  221. mommy25bunnies says:

    Woo hoooo!!!! (Does bunny binkies) WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  222. totalee puppy says:

    YAY!..STOATS RULE!! Congrats to Meg, Theo and
    NTMTOM! must party…must party…banana nut bread from Aunt Susan…Sprite

  223. wannadance says:

    it was just heaps of fun!!and clearly nothing was amiss.

    we just plain ole everyday flat ass WON, is all.

    ya know?

  224. MyBirdRAWKS says:


  225. Any “official” word on cute overload winning or not. the other site that was up there at #1 is claiming that CO has cheated to win. I’d like to hear what the officials have to say.

  226. Aesthetica – “… i always read FUP in the voice of mark wahlberg: ‘hey, penguin. f**k you, penguin. say hi to your mother for me.'”

    Just perfect! Thanks for making FUP even funnier.

    Congrats to Cute Overload. I voted every day for you (just once, rules are your friends), but I still love FUP, too.

  227. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t think there really was a way to cheat. I couldn’t vote more than once a day, no matter where I was trying to vote from. And all the whiny nonsense about breaking the “no-imbedding” rule is just nonsense. There was no imbedding. If they can’t tell a link from an imbed, maybe they don’t belong in the intertubes.

  228. If they want a tie breaker, I suggest we hold a contest to see who can carry a ham on a spoon to the finish line without dropping it.

    We would win that, too.

  229. WUH-WUH-WUH-WUH! (arsenio hall-style)
    To the bestest pet blog on the interwebs, i raise my cup of bubble-tea to thee, C.O.! and to Teh Qte™ communitteh, too! what worked? teamwork!

  230. Cheaters.

  231. Congrats, Meg!!! Yay!

  232. Kevin in Georgia says:

    ConGrats CO!!! I voted for the winner!

  233. binky-mama says:

    *sniff* I’m so proud of everyone! Yay!!!!

  234. gravyboat says:

    I agree with AuntieMame.

    If you can’t tell a link from an imbed, get the f*** off the internuts.

  235. Uwwaahh! We won by 108 votes!~ =DD

  236. Uwaahhh.. I just read the rules and it seemed like.. we really… um cheat?

    [Read them again. – Ed.]

    Is that right or not peeps?? I hope not! But…! I’m still happyo~ CO won! XD

  237. I could be wrong…but I thought that, when it was BLEEN posted that it was embedded. I remember clicking on the poll and making a vote right here on CO, and then it changed to a picture with a link. Does anyone else remember doing this right after it was posted? I hope we didn’t cheat :\

  238. OMG!! We totally won?? Yaaaayyyy!!! *cabbage patch*

  239. ButtaRumCake says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I is so happppppeeeeeee!!


    And later for those FUP haters. We won fair & skwayer

    Congrats to Meg & Teho & NomTom LOL

    I wonders if the stableboy with the proud buttocks is dancing for joy in the rain?

  240. This win took a concerted effort by every Stoat. Good Stoats! Stout Stoats!

  241. ahem….

    FU, FUP!

    jus keepin’ it teh cute

  242. Silvendil says:

    It’s funny how FUP accuses CO of cheating. There is no rule against embedding the poll as far as I can tell. The option to embed it was made available TO EVERYONE at first, but Weblog Awards disabled the feature FOR EVERYONE because of server load. So having had the poll embedded at some point can hardly be called cheating.

    I’m personally so happy that CO won. The voting was more exciting than watching a game on tv!

  243. Just took a look over at FU Penguin. Then tried to see where CO cheated.

    What the penguins over there fail to note is that once you voted, you were locked out of the voting for 24 hours. I checked this when I got uh, overexcited. The lock out worked.

    As for the linking. There is NOTHING in the rules that state you can or cannot directly link to the poll.

    My guess is that FU is upset over losing their lead at the last minute, and is yelling cheater instead of actually trying to find out what happened. As far as I can tell, CU did everything right.

    I suspect, though, the Weblog Awards will declare a tie. It’s that close, only a little over a hundred votes seperates CO and FUP. Or there could always have a runoff. At least there is no chad in this race….

  244. OK people, enough. F-U Penguin is a SATIRE blog, and the blogger is staying in character. WE DO NOT HATE EACH OTHER. Please try to get that. If you watch The Colbert Report, that might help. Really.

    Let’s us stay in character too, hmm? Peace.