Yeah, your ‘drowned rat’ jokes are really funny

[Annoyed Kitten voice] "I didn’t even need a bath in the first place!"


"OK, Here’s the deal. For every bath you give me, I’ll pee in your slippers. Capische?" [steely glare]


I think you better rethink that deal, Arminda K.



  1. i was crawling through the drainpipe and i saw a lite. can i stay here?

    [buAAHAHAHAHAA!!!! – Ed.]

    [Yes you stay! I get towels now! – Ed.]

  2. OMG!

    So Key-ute!!!!

    So teeny-weeny!

  3. his hoomans better be sleeping with one eye open.

  4. And here on the east coast it’s actually 8:40!

  5. Somebody get a warm towel -quick!

  6. “I need to tell you something. Can you put come down a little closer?Put the fleshy part right about here.”

  7. We interrupt this web site for this important safety message:

    Never point finger at wet kittehs and laugh at them no matter how pathetic they look. You will regret it. We know.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled content.

  8. *gently grabs the Kitteh in a warm towel and runs off*

    Poor Kitteh!! He’s so keeyyuuute!!! But now he’s all mine!!! And I will call him George!!

  9. Poor little scrap.

  10. Oh man! She looks just like Mittens from Bolt!

  11. sahrawi wife says:

    Can you puhleeze get me a warm towel and some warm milk ? *said in the cutest sweetest voice possible*
    (after towel and milk )
    *Said in Hauty cat voice*
    Thank you . I shall not hurt you since you have complied with my demands .
    (walks away flicking tail in annoyance)

  12. Cute…but I have to ask, why oh WHY do people bathe their cats??

  13. Nicole-Because their cats stink! (Really, it has happened to me on several occasions! (Pee, poop, maple syrup, baaaad cat litter).
    Trust me.

  14. Trabb's Boy says:

    The very old woman gave it a bath and brushed its fur and gave it plenty of warm milk until it grew nice and plump. “And it is a very pretty cat after all!” said the very old woman…

    Actually, I think a second bath might be in order. We’ll throw out the slippers.

  15. And often it’s because kitteh got into something that would be unhealthy/deadly to wash off themselves or in the case of my fluffball, because they have a skin condition and bathing them with a specific, vet recommended (expensive) shampoo is part of the treatment.

  16. (and can I just say that I’m dying to kiss that wee little nose? And then wrap the kitteh up in a fluffy towel and snuggle under the covers until they be warm and dry and halfway to forgiveness?)

  17. momof2kitties says:

    I’m back! And what a great post to come back to, too. I’ve been overwhelmed with furless kid issues, but I needed a dose of teh qte to set me to rights. w00t!!!!!!

    I can haz this kitteh? I promise no ebil baffs and only snorlges.

  18. okay..i dunno…I’ve had many, many cats over my years and I’ve never seen them not clean themselves or leave poop hanging on themselves but okay…

  19. “I am shocked that you would do this to me. Shocked. I am seriously re-evaluating our whole relationship.”

    (Did anyone else notice his left back paw is kind of bare?)

  20. Nicole, I’d say the vast majority of cats go through life without having to have a human style bath. In fact I never had to bathe a cat until I got my girl 13 years ago. And my boy has never had a bath in all his 8 years. But my little Miss McFussypant has a skin condition and requires the occassional bath. Just like all humans, cats have different situations and needs and requirements. Heck, the cat of one of my friends loves to crawl under cars and often needs a bath to remove bad substances like, oh, oil and other motor fluids.

    But no one bathes a cat for fun. Trust me. You lose too much blood that way.

  21. I’m still trying to recover from teeny lifted front paw…

  22. This kitty doesn’t look particularly upset at all, going by the set of his/her ears: they’re in inquisitive mode, not shred-your-flesh mode 😀 Imho it would be neat if this kitty’s person could come here and explain what led to this picture!

  23. See now this kitty is all clean and ready for take your cat to work day.
    (CO Calendar Jan 12th)

  24. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, cute kitty, who I am sure is much cuter when dry. Pathetisad in the tub!!

  25. charliewabba says:

    Trabb’s Boy – props for the Millions of Cats ref.
    This is very timely – I was changing out the water in the hot tub this weekend and 2 of our 4 cats fell in during the process. (I forgot for 3 seconds to close the door a couple of times.) And I can assure you, they do not wait for you to gently pick them up with a nice warm towel. Nor do they saunter away calmly flicking their tails. They do, however, look pretty silly. Not that I would laugh in their presence.

  26. I once tamed a feral cat who would sumbit to an occasional bath after tramping through suspicious looking stuff, but my Chloe would NEVER have a human bath. The groomers even gave her back and said don’t ever bring her here again. She was self-cleaning right up until the time she had to cross the rainbow. Very sweet, except in that one instance. We didn’t push it.

  27. Tiny little kitty, giiiiiant bath tub!

    To add to the debate, this one time in the winter my dad found the tiniest stray kitten camped out under a car the coldest night imaginable, and the poor little thing was just caked in engine grease and oil and whatnot. I’m sure she didn’t enjoy the bath he gave her, but I’m sure she enjoyed being warm and clean afterward 🙂

  28. cheesybird says:

    Just to add to the reasons already mentioned why someone would clean a cat: flea bath. I’ve only ever bathed a cat twice (two different cats, one time each) and both times it was to rid them of flea infestations. (I’m an indoor kitty fan, but the first one was a housemate’s kitty who was allowed outside and was bringing fleas into the house, the other was a shelter kitty that came home with me and had some flea issues at first.)

    But like Vampy said, no one bathes a cat for fun.

  29. Such a sweetie!
    I don’t wash my cats, but I have had some foster kittens who have had to be rinsed or have a little sponge bath if they have a particularly bad case of the runs. I may be imagining it, but it seems to me they get blue when they are dirty and really perk up once they are clean (and dry & warm, of course).

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww!!!! Little soaked kitteh looks so cute!! A nice dish of warm milk, perhaps???

  31. OMG, Trabb’s Boy! Awesome reference. We just got Millions of Cats at my baby shower!

    Re: Cat baths – I agree: no one bathes a cat for fun.

    We have bathed our fat cat because he won’t clean himself. He stinks after awhile. (Also, he’ll sometimes have cling-ons after he uses the litter box.)

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like she might have dirt on nose and back paw.. she may have been into something bad. As for occasional cleaning cats, just a few weeks ago my 18yr old cat came out of little box with a smear of “poop” down her back leg. I got her onto to counter and used a wet cloth to wipe it off for her.. she purred the whole time and kissed me on the nose to say “thank you”. She’s never had a bath but I am convinced she was grateful she didn’t have to wash that off by herself.

  33. momof2kitties says:

    Our persian gets the cling-ons, too. We snip them off, rather than bathe her, because I enjoy keeping my arms attached to my body.

  34. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    DD Katie has rescued two kitties from the aluminum factory where she works. Bucky was literally in a trash box when she found him-he barely had his eyes open, and wasso dirty we couldn’t determine his true color. Harry Bobbles, when caught in a Have-A-Heart, was covered with an extremely unhealthy number of fleas and a thick coat of filth. Neither kitty appreciated the baths, but are now healthy, happy members of our menagerie.

  35. wannadance says:

    had a cat who jumped into the tub with me often. duh.

    jasmine was a rescued kitty and so is a street cat. i am weak, too. if i tried ever to bathe her, she would keeeeeel me. and then feel bad about it, though.

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    Honey, I shrunk the kitteh!

  37. Ha, this reminds me of the “Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day” headline from The Onion a few years back! 🙂

  38. divinebluesky says:

    as people have mentioned, all cats are different. My Lucille doesn’t need bathing, but she LOVES it when I take a bath. She climbs on me while I lounge in the tub and doesn’t care if her tail or other body parts are submerged. I think it’s totally silly and usually try to discourage her, but she tolerates my quirks so I try to do the same for her 🙂

  39. Oh…sniff! That kitten looks just like a kitten that lived with us (briefly) in ’99. We named her Polly LePew — she was the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen when born, barely larger than my little finger. We stayed up two days and nights, warming her with dishcloths fresh from the dryer, and feeding her with a doll baby bottle. She was born with REALLY short legs, and when she grew up enough to use the litter box — well, things didn’t quite go as hoped. Poor Polly was always getting a bath! She was a sweetheart, fearless, very loving. She had multiple organ defects and passed in her sleep when she was about 9 months old. We’ve missed her so much. Thank you for the photo — it looks like Polly’s spirit is always alive!

  40. My cat insists on being in the shower with me. She is strange that way..

  41. ‘okay..i dunno…I’ve had many, many cats over my years and I’ve never seen them not clean themselves or leave poop hanging on themselves but okay…” ok, miss nicole-the know-it-all, I have also had many cats over the years and have had to *gasp* give them a bath from time to time, getting into things, bad case of diarrhea (poor thing) etc. It does happen…it just hasn’t happened to you…yet.

  42. oh the poor thing, it looks like it has ringworm. see the dirty nose? that’s just what my kitty looked like when she had ringworm. she had a bath like once a week until it cleared up, and boy was she one pathetic little kitteh. very forgiving, too, always ready to snuggle as soon as she was dried.

  43. I love your site, but cannot look at it because it is so painfully slow to load. Is there something I can do to make it easier to view? I have high speed broadband so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  44. scooterpants says:

    if you give it a lot of warm Milk, alls you’ll have is a kitten with diarrhea.
    then you’ll have a reason to give it a bath.
    looks like ya missed a spot, right thar on the nose area.
    poor little sweet cute babeh.

  45. Deirdre, I think that’s mostly to do with that web-award voting page, and all the traffic that site is generating. This is a temporary situation; the voting will be all done tomorrow evening.

  46. LOL

  47. LOOK at his little KITTY TOES!!!!!!!!

  48. Hi there, I’m Lenny’s (the prosh kitty in the tub) mom. This was his first bath, right after he had been rescued from a parking lot. The vet gave us a special shampoo that we had to let soak on his little body for 10 minutes! He was undernourished and suffered from lots of terrible afflictions, but he is happy and healthy now. Thanks for all of the nice compliments folks have been posting.

  49. @Arminda, Thanks for the update. Lenny is such a great name for this little guy! He is seriously adorable and looks inquisitive and sweet. Glad you rescued him!

  50. totalee puppy says:

    I still think “Freshly-Washed Kitteh” would make a
    nice cologne spray or a
    scented candle.

  51. Has anyone noticed his little tummy?! Or his little shoulders?! Or all the little fur wispies?! I can’t stand it!
    My cat niece (!) had to have a thorough bath after investigating the fireplace when my Brother first brought her home. Baths happen even to the best of cats!

  52. Pooteymom says:

    My cat would kill me in my sleep.

  53. That little kitty looks like a Dennis the Menace!

  54. Pooteymom-do you have a lock for your door? I’m worried for you (*snerk*)!

    Baths are the way of the world for kittehs who get yukky.

    Thoroughly investigating the fireplace would certainly be one- I can imagine the teeenytiiint liiittle footprint on the carpeting and the chairs and the clothing and the need for-zee, bathtime for SURE! But do wear sleeves
    the back claws can be murderous. Been there- done that, got the tee shirt and the matching umbrella (and the stripes). Now I have a dog.

  55. KellyInSeattle says:

    You know, he does look pretty pitiful…but he is sitting there without anybody holding him down. My kitty used to get in the shower with me when he was a baby. He loved playing in the water, as long as I didn’t try to pick him up while he was in there…so this little guy might actually be having fun!

  56. I feel fairly certain that any number of parents who have had rescues (from parking lots, abandoned houses, under greasy cars, etc.) understand all to well, that yes, once in awhile, baths are a necessity. I remember my lil’ furball (19 years ago) being brought home covered in fleas. After two flea baths and holding a squirming, pissed off kitten down while pulling dead fleas off her emaciated body, she’s not needed one since. Well, now that she’s getting on in years, she could probably use one now and then, but at her age, if she’s a little smelly, I’ll live with it rather than put her and myself through that.

  57. My kitty when I was growing up ended up hiding or stuck somewhere for 24 hours. We freaked and she just appeared at the door.

    She had oil/grease something on her back. That was the only time she got a good bath.

    We were fearful she would lick whatever it is off her and poison herself.

    Arminda – do you have any more pics?

  58. LadyDarya says:

    My mom and dad have an indoor/outdoor cat named Gus (who is always getting into something). One day he walked in covered from head to tail in Mud (don’t ask me how) and went straight to his seat on the couch. Dad grabbed him and then stepped into the shower with him and gave him a bath – traumatizing both of them!! I had a foster kitty that would beg for water to be ran in the tub for him to swim in…

  59. Truly funny!!!

  60. Arminda, thanks so much for the update! Lenny looks like an absolute doll (he *is* prosh!), and every bit as inquisitive as my own Tuxie. He also looks like he appreciated the bath and being clean again. I hope you and Lenny have many, many happy years together! I’ll second the request for more pictures, too 😀

  61. Poor little one… I’m glad this was just a bath for cleaning a mess and not a bath for health reason… I had to wash my sumo cat twice because of… er… bowel disfonction.. It was easy when he was a kitten but he is now a 6,5 kg full grown muscular cat… He doesn’t even fit in the sink anymore…