That spiky hairdo brings out your eyes

Spider: [Eyes plink, smiles] "You think so?" (said in Spiderese)


Julie B., I think he’s also reaching out to shake one of your eight hands.

[You might try clicking the photo… – Ed.]



  1. I can’t help but laugh just looking at this. Yeeeee!!

  2. (but our 16-yr-old is going to have a FIT)

  3. Well, I can never visit this site again.

  4. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG!!!! Oh my GOSH! What did you do to me?! I almost peed myself, I swear. I got up and SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF for my boyfriend to come save me. D:

    When I show it to him, do you know what he says?! The traitor says, and I quote: “It’s actually kind of cute.”

    Why?????? /end sobbing

    P.S. He’s right, it’s kind of cute BUT I STILL AM TERRIFIED OF IT!

    P.P.S. What species of spider is this? Obviously from the 80’s.

  5. Eek! So frighteningly cute!

  6. Yes (reluctant sigh) it’s kinda cute – now, hand me that rolled up newspaper…

  7. Terrifying never looked so good.

  8. SQUISH IT! SQUISH IT NOW! I don’t care if it looks like it’s smiling. Ugh, spiders give me the creeps.

  9. 1st Reaction: Eeeeeeeek!
    2nd Reaction: Awww, well that is cute a wee little spidery smiley face…
    3rd Reaction: BUT BUT it’s a SPIDER! Eeeeeeek!
    But it is cute inna shivery sorta way.
    (and no I wasn’t tryin to pull a fast one on the “first” front I knew I wasn’t the 1st to post) 😉

  10. Is it a jumping spider? What a cute boy!!!

  11. Personally, I think it’s cute but everybody’s posts have me laughing so hard that my sides hurt.

    Thanks – I needed that.

  12. Awwwwww! She’s just a cute widdle girl! I just wants to pets her!

  13. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yay to Ugly Overload, too! They posted a whole series of gorgeous spider pics, including this one. This is the cutest. Not that I’d want him in my house.

  14. I love you all, and I respect your right to post whatever you want on your blog…but could I get someone to e-mail me when this makes its way off the front page so I know it is safe to come back?

  15. Hee hee hee he’s sooo happy! I <3 him!

    I don’t understand why everyone hates spiders so much. They eat mosquitos and flies and dust mites and everything you don’t want in your house!

    I can just hear his little beady eyes plinking away. 🙂

  16. Mairsydoats says:

    Actually, one of my descriptions of spiders who are too large to be allowed to live are “It needed a haircut…” so, the googly eyes and smile is cute…but not cute enough to survive in my presence…*shiver*

  17. cheesybird says:

    Cutest spidah evah!!

  18. Cute as the dickens, as long as it’s not moving…

  19. Sure looks like a jumping spider to me. They’re pretty cool – stubbular little guys with personality. They’ll look you right in the eye and wave their legs around at you. I’m not a big fan of most spiders, but jumpers don’t bother me.

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Are stripy leg warmers still in fashion? For spiders, that is?

  21. I just have to concentrate on the eyes, the smile, and the spiky hairdo. If I look at any other part of it…*shiver*

    Spiders really are the creepiest things, E.V.E.R.

  22. We had a pet jumping spider named Rose.I don’t remember what color her eyes were but she was almost as cute.

  23. Hmm. I do believe this is the first time I’ve *ever* wanted to snorgle a spider.

    **smooches top of head gently**

    And such dazzling eyes!

  24. OMG! I have never seen a spider like this. Smiley spidey! I want! He’d be most welcome in my house as long as he’s not crawling on me or directly over my bed or anything.

    What kind of spider is this though! I have never seen anything like it!

  25. I guess I need more coffee, when I first saw the top half of the picture, I thought it was a frog. When I saw the whole picture and reealized it was a spider, it made a lot more sence.

    Newspaper please.

  26. Man…. I saw this on uglyoverload the other day and was going to send it in then thought…naaaahhhhh

    Guess I should have huh


  27. Please don’t put spiders on the front page! I am so scared right now! Other bugs can be cute from a distance, but not a big, huge, scary spider! That one looks like it could take a bite outta me!

  28. Is this the spider that frightened Miss Muffet?

  29. (The Original) Mel says:

    What’s so scary about a spider? Last time I checked, I can still outrun one. Very cute. Probably won’t pet it, but cute.

  30. Ok, I just looked up “jumping spider” on wikipedia. Interesting little critters! This does resemble a couple of the pictures with the article. I love how it says they are “inquisitive” because thwy will actually approach a human hand instead of just running away. The jumping thing is a little disturbing though. :0

  31. this is cute in a murderous clown sort of way.

    I second the desire to be alerted when this picture is no longer on the front page. it was a rather terrible surprise!

  32. spiderlover says:

    SO CUTE! OMG I can’t believe that precious smile! REDUNK!

  33. It’s cute! And happy!

    …but jumping? Eek! It might get in my hair! (personal nightmare, move along plz)

    …reach for a newspaper? It looks big enough a horrific splat!

    But this one’s cute. And happy!

  34. OMG!! Who knew spiders could be cute as well as facinating?? Little guy made me smile…:)

  35. OGM! I’m so glad tat you posted this on here!!! I saw it on and i didnt think that ANY of the spiders were ugly! I adore this one and giggle every time i see it! Thank you Meg!

  36. The little guy looks like a Muppet or an extra from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

    I can’t decide if it’s adorable or scary either.

  37. Awww, Mr. Happy Spider is definitely cute. But I love jumping spiders, and I will play with them when I find them. If I find one on a walkway or other dangerous location I will move him/her to a safer place. Other spider species- not so much…

  38. pics like this make me happy, cause nature is pretty darned cool.

    then if I saw that actually in front of me, I would back slowly away LOL

  39. His eyes are the same color as mine. I wonder if we’re related…

  40. wannadance says:

    what a gorgeous critter! i was admiring the coloring and the generalized furriness that is prism-like.

    i had a pet tarantula when i was young, a snake farm i built, too.

    i HATE earthwormy things. all the rest? eh. just god’s lil’ critters…

    that IS a particularly beautiful spider, though…

  41. Awww, Mr. Happy Spider is definitely cute. But I love jumping spiders, and I will play with them when I find them. If I find one on a walkway or other dangerous location I will move him/her to a safer place. Other spider species- not so much…

  42. First time I ever considered a spider cute.
    Now make it go away or I’ll have to scream like a Japanese schoolgirl.

  43. wannadance says:

    also, spiders are good. they eat pests and they don’t bite unless challenged. like the black widow i sat on once. now that was a ganze megilla.

    how could anyone hate anything with such a goofy expression. just makes me want to laugh and feed it a mosquito….

  44. wannadance says:

    @ mekkio: YES! foster’s home…that slays me….

  45. laureling says:

    Seriously people, it’s a picture, a picture on the internet, it cannot hurt you. Can we all please just get a grip!


    I have never seen such a fuzzy spider before, I don’t know if I’d call her cute, but she does have a certain charm about her.

  46. OMG!! Can’t stand it!! Image burned into my eyes and now I have a SEVERE set of the creeps! Is there no way to warn those of us in the phobic category of such things? Cute or not, EWWWWW and EEEEEEK!!

  47. wannadance says:

    AND FURTHERMORE!! i hereby proclaim it very bad to karma to actually murder spiders. if you should happen upon one in your dwelling, kindly catch it gently in a jar and release it outdoors.

    that is what my mother always did and i think it made me a better person.

    this does not apply to roaches.

  48. Ooooh, Sombody shooped him. I was wondering where his other eyes were!

  49. JL Sigman says:

    Wow… creepy but fascinating. I never would have expected a spider to have green eyes.

  50. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was kinda wondering if it was a catcus with googly eyes stuck to it!!!

    Not afraid of spidey pics, but spideys are *supposed* to know they’re not allowed in my house. Bugs in general, actually.

  51. HappilyEngaged says:

    I hate creepy crawly little creatures, I usually scream for my fiancee to come kill them for me. But this little fella or lady is just so adorable with its little smile, and the eyes all like, “what why you screaming crazy people”.

  52. Psilopathic says:

    Shouldn’t he/she have 2 more eyes??? Does anyone know what kind of jumping spider this is? Most of them are cute, but NOT like this one, and I’d really like to know. And I agree with “wannadance”: you’d feel much better and have less bugs around your house if you live catch and release your house spiders.

  53. cute cute cute!!!

  54. [Heeheehee. – Ed.]

  55. Get it! Get it! Geeet iiit!

  56. Michelle S. says:

    Yayyyyy!!! Spiders!

    CO doesn’t have NEARLY enough of my favorite cuties: jumping spiders and bats. 😀


  57. Saw it on uglyoverload and totally had a CO moment and giggled like a little girl when I saw this photo.
    It’s totally photoshopped b/c there is another photo in the series that’s of this spider where you can clearly see it’s missing eyes and it’s “mouth” is downturned like the rest of them, but even with that being said, this is just an adorable photo!!

  58. Oh, hai. Plinkety plink plink.

  59. OMG – I WUV the WUV’s and Hearts…. Out of control…

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theo: I was thinking this was ripe for an RCF-type makeover!! Verrrry cute what you have done there!

  61. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Cute!!!

    I used to be phobic about spiders when I was young so I understand the anxiety. It’s not a matter of reminding people that most spiders are harmless or even helpful. Phobias aren’t rational and they must be respected. Luckily for me, I somehow outgrew this one.

  62. vegas vickie says:

    as long as it stays OUTSIDE it can live,if it comes inside … well i won’t say, better if you don’t know what i do to creepy crawlers. and yes it’s cute in an ugly way.

  63. vegas vickie says:

    i just clicked the photo, OMG that’s funny

  64. My brain didn’t quite compute what I was looking at and when it finally did I was like 😯

    And then I was like 😐

    And finally 😯

  65. 100% ADORABLE. I don’t care if it’s photoshopped, it brought a smile to my face! I can’t wait to show my husband, one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a very long while.

    I’m a fan of critters that eat nuisance bugs, so he’s already one up in my book.

  66. BeckyMonster says:

    As an admitted arachnophobic, I can assure you that I wouldn’t think a spider was cute even if it was wearing a top hat and tails and singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.


  67. Yay spiders!!!

    Now if you can convince me a FLY is cute, you’ve done something.

    Whoever said there’s a demon in charge of flies said a mouthful.

  68. K to the T says:

    I know y’all can’t account for every little fear, but arachnophobia is and a pretty common and legitimate one. Is it wussy of me to ask that there be some kind of warning for spider content in the future?

  69. Haha, I’ve never seen a spider that looked like that before. Innnneresting.

  70. Welshcake says:

    I’m a dedicated arachnophobe but I do think he/she/it looks kind of cute. However, I wouldn’t want to find it grinning at me like that from the ceiling above my bed.

  71. blue-eyed pisces says:

    Real spideys everywhere are just aghast at this shopped pic! “We are not cute!!!”

  72. Anyone else think it looks like Wall E?

  73. Teehee… that is adorable!

  74. AuntieMame says:

    LOL at the photo clicky, Teho! WUV! (Even so, spiders belong outside. Not in my bathtub.)

  75. scooterpants says:

    ah. please dont tell me its shopped. i want to think there is an adorable lil spidey like this out there somewhere. (but NOT in my house, or my yard, or neighborhood, and so on…)

  76. YES YES, c
    click it ! Click it!
    (and it’s only Monday!)

  77. I was wondering when you guys would post a jumping spider! I’ve always thought these guys are cute. BTW, don’t let the size of the picture fool you; jumping spiders put the itsy in itsy-bitsy!

  78. If all spiders were that cute I’d be OK with them in the house…

  79. This is a jumping spider indeed. Jumping spiders are harmless to people. If you do a google on them you will find that they are one of the smartest of spiders and have a “personality”. They are curious by nature and they appear to “watch” you and interact with you if you get close. I promise they don’t bite! They do kill the bad bugs which is ok in my book. 🙂

  80. @BeckyMonster, what about frogs singing “Hello Ma Baby”?

  81. I will be out screaming in the parking lot if anyone needs me.

  82. Bettymouse says:

    I’m a little afraid of spiders, but have a live and let live attitude towards them (unless the spider is in such a position as it looks like it will jump on my head, which is what all spiders want to do).
    However: this is one cute spider, ‘shopped or not. Daring jumping spiders are generally quite cute, even when they are un-‘shopped.

  83. My first instinct was “wow, this is so photoshopped”.

    Now I just want to believe spiders can have irises, too. This guy so damn cute.

  84. crystalrabbit7 says:

    My initial reaction was EEEK! (I don’t mind spiders in general but will whack other insects/arachnids) but with the hearts it’s much more cute than creepy.

    As a psych major, though, I agree with the potential for this giving an arachnophobe a heart attack or something. Maybe blur the front page photo, like what was done with the pinup puppy? People can then click at their own risk =P

  85. Nikita Tinypaws says:

    She should play Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web for sure. Lots of charisma here.

  86. Oh my god, kill it with fire!

    So, so terrified of spiders.

    I’m glad so many others have found the cute potential. I just wish I were one of you. Pardon me while I try to scrub it out of my brain.

  87. WUV! I never thought I’d find a spider cute, but…annhhhhhhhhh!

  88. So now we have Reality Casual Mondays? What next, Reality Casual Tuesdays? Wednesdays? THURSDAYS??????

    Wait. That would be ok. Except I can’t keep track of the days as it is, so this is messing me up.

  89. NICE with the picture click, Theo! Nice.

    Cute Mistoi Spidoi!

  90. Chaeriste says:

    OMG. Please post a WARNING before there’s something like this shown. JUST A LITTLE WARNING. A WEE warning. I peed myself in the office and have a call into my shrink.

  91. Foxy — no, it’s Friday. Really.

  92. Aww, he’s adorable!

  93. angelbrat says:

    Awwww, I never wanted a spider until I saw this picture, Now I want a jumping spider! I want to snorgle it!

  94. OMG he is adorable and the RCF spectacular. Of course I also think some spiders are quite beautiful in a shivery kind of way…

  95. After her breakout role as Charlotte, this spidie could make a career out of playing Scrubbing Bubbles.

  96. haha I found this hilariously cute, even though it is photoshopped… AND it appeared on UglyOverload too! Wow another overlap! How many have there been now, two, three?

  97. That’s not bad, Eaglie.

    (I’ve done my ‘shopping for the day, though; I really need to concentrate on getting the 2010 calendar done ’cause the publisher’s deadline is only days away…)

  98. @Ed.
    I like the “click on the photo” results. They’re great.

  99. OK, that’s definitely scarier.

  100. Beth (in NC) says:

    Sometimes I hate being a scientist because my first thought was about the shoop-ed-ness of the photo and the fact that eyes were missing. Not that it’s adorable. Which it is!! Science, oh science. You give me fun, and then you taketh away.

    @BB/VA: I happen to think flies are cute, just cause I used to watch fruit fly courtship for my PhD. I made a video… it’s not “cute” so much as “HOTT” . 🙂


    (It’s cute for a spider but it’s a spider so it’s not cute. See it’s a paradox.)

  102. cheesybird says:

    I’m sure it’s Friday somewhere in the wor….


    Moving along. Nothing to see here.

  103. I love him!

  104. Kristabelle says:

    Eeek! I don’t know. Happy Spider is happy, but definitely from a distance. Please kill any and all nuisance bugs for me!

    I do not like things that JUMP erratically. Camel crickets, for example (and do NOT click this link if you are bug phobic ) do not make any noise and they sproing off in random directions. Blerg! We had them in our old basement. Groooooooooossssssss.
    I can NOT kill a bug. I actually loathe the crunch of the exoskeleton more than the existance of the bug in my presence. My husband usually deposits most bugs outside for me.

    Felicity, if you’re reading, you should tell your Huntsman spider story!!!

    Now that we’re all appropriately skeeved out…

  105. Um, Kristabelle, bit of a Freudian slip on that URL, there?

  106. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @Beth – LOVE the fruit fly HOTT video! That has me cracking UP! I have been reading this commentary with interest as I’m not exactly a fan of spiders, and as usual, learned something. Jumping spiders don’t bite?! What a relief. Those are the only kind I can’t seem to keep out of my house. Maybe I should make them more welcome, then. As long as they stay downstairs, away from my bedroom…

  107. scooterpants says:

    scientists are so….Funky.

    (and i mean that in the nicest possible way)

  108. **SPIDER WARNING** here’s a spider you can play with… yes.. creepy if you’re not into it… it’ll jump onto your screen.. you can tug on its legs…. and use the space bar to drop bugs for it to eat.. it’s so creepy… perfect for all the spider lovers out there lol

  109. Wow, that’s… really vivid, Jamela. I don’t think we’ll be posting it on the front page, y’know, but it’s surprisingly cool.

  110. You arachnophobes are so bloodthirsty. Can’t you just run away? Without smiles these are beautiful while shopped smiling spidey is adorable. Has it yet made it across to ICHC because this one has LOLspider written all over it?

  111. Kristabelle says:

    HAHAHA! Sorry! That’s the gown I’m wearing in my sister’s wedding!! Theo can you replace it with this one???

  112. spider is comin’ to da weddin’ Kristabelle….

  113. Kristabelle says:


  114. Douri — no comment.

  115. 🙂

  116. lostbronte says:

    I love this spider as much as he (she?) apparently loves me.

  117. He’s smiiling!

  118. methinks people really need to chill about the whole “scary spider” thing and not be such drama queens. it’s a picture, folks. not gonna eat you.

    i think he’s cuuute!

  119. Heh Teho, I’ll be watching out. I’m all for launching this spider on the road to internet meme superstardom.

  120. See, as a dweller of a country that does not have big spiders *shudder* like this one, I always wonder if a newspaper blow will be enough to kill them. I always visualize trying to kill the equivalent of a very small cat/dog with a newspaper.

    Doesn’t stop me from screaming like a little girl and either run in the other direction or fight for my survival. I am definately with the “kinda-cute-but-keep-that-crawly-thing-away-from-me” crowd!

  121. darkshines says:


  122. Friday? Really? Well, that explains so much abou…wait. No it’s not. Trixy Tehos.

    (Ok, the funniest part about that is I had to actually think about what day of the week it was today.)

  123. Celinda May says:

    Ok, I seriously have the HEEBIE GEEBIES right now. Spiders are NOT cute! I just smashed my computer screen… Meg! You owe me a new one!! EWWWWWWW

  124. Normally, arachnids and insects this big and close-up creep me out.

    But this one was just too funny.

  125. binky-mama says:

    *rolling up newspaper and taking aim…hesitates…*

    For petes sake how can I whack something that is SMILINGKS at me?

  126. Hey, the original Mel, I’ve seen spiders that could outrun me, but they always ran the other way.

    *ponders Mr Fuzzy Stripy McSpiderpants*

    I think “redonk” just about sums it up.

  127. laethaween says:

    Little guy looks okay to me! I invite to my house! I’m not scared!

  128. WOW jamela that was really cool!

  129. Awrighty! It’s time for spider stories! I’ll tell my spider stories.

    Getting ready for bed one night a good 20 years ago now. Putting toothpaste on mah toofbrush, la la la, ..set toothpaste down, look in the mirror and, BAM! Big spider on my PJs! Saying, Howday dew! Toothpaste *everywhere*.

    Years (they released me from teh asylum) later, I opened my, I kid you not, my dainties drawer, and, BAM!, big old spider sittin’ *in* my undies! Saying, “Howday dew”!

    Years (NASA caught me as an ISS stowaway) later, while camping, a spider snacked on my knee. I’m reminded of it every time I see the scar, and when I pull a cork out of a wine bottle.
    Mmmm, necrotic tissue, …woo!

    (They’ll never find me at the North Pole! bahahahahaaaaa!)

  130. Help! My heebies are covered in jeebies right now! Even tho’ he’s kinda cute, he is still srsly creepy. *shudders*

  131. Selphie le Boffin says:

    This guy is so cute! I love spiders. I don’t see what’s ew or creepy about him at all. Calm down people. He just wants to be friends. 😀

  132. wannadance says:

    actually, now that i know it is IRL tiny and jumping, i have to say i would most likely mash it reflexively before realizing what i had done to my karma. sigh. if it were big and ponderous and goofy, we’d get along fine.

    jasmine saw it on monitor and ran away. of course, she also runs away when i am singingk my lung-strengthening songs with youtube, chosen arbitrarily. and i have/had a trained voice.

    whatta pussy!

  133. Can’t decide if it’s cute or creepy.

  134. linguafranka says:

    I <3 SPIDERS
    (esp when they are cute as the dickens, AND in a photo where they couldnt possibly hurt you, duh!!)

  135. Guys, remember that this is probably NOWHERE near life-sized, just magnified for the (smiley) detail. McSpidersons is probably not even the size of your fingernail.

  136. OTOH, Cockroaches *do* affect me like this:

  137. It’s creepy, creepy, creepy! *runs for newpaper*
    I am not petting *that*!
    Kill it!

  138. Smirky, creepy spider is actually kinda’ cute!

  139. marguerite212 says:

    OK, Meg, now you’ve done it. I have been down with Mother Nature, EXCEPT for insects, and I’ve been at peace with my insect-killing ways. NOW, you’ve caused me to bond with an INSECT!

  140. Ok too funny, and then the clickover made me giggle & snort uncontrollably! I have a Humane Bug Relocation Device (piece of cardstock and a clear plastic deli container), much better than bug guts on your wall. Nobody else has mentioned the old wive’s tale that killing spiders makes it rain… the Pacific NW is the spider/rain capital of the US! Coincidence?? I think not!

  141. If it really looked like this, I would try to snorgle it. But once I google “jumping spider” and see what it really looks like…..prolly not. I once snorgled a chinese water dragon…so I’m not skweemish…

  142. For real?!

  143. I googled jumping spider and I didn’t see anything even close to being that cute….absolutely would not snorgle.

  144. Linda — not really for real.

  145. Hah! I never thought I’d see a salticidae on here. This spring there were a bunch of them all around my backyard and I couldn’t resist photographing them because they’re just so awesome and playful.

    I even got one to ride a model motorcycle!

  146. Oh now that’s just *silly*.

  147. Good job Teho – almost makes me love a spider – if they were only this cute!

  148. @kristabelle – I gave up my arachnophobia for camelbackophobia after I moved into my 90-year-old house.

    Hate, hate, HATE camelbacks and they love my basement. I don’t think they jump at random – they jump AT me. Killer crickets, I kid you not. (Folks, these aren’t the cute little black crickets, I assure you.)

    I’ve started to actually like spiders a whole heckuva lot more.

  149. I try not to tell others what to do, but I am still recovering from arachnophobia and cute overload has always been a safe place for me to visit on the web. Even the ‘amazing animals’ photo galleries on newspaper websites will feature a spider here and there. It makes my heart hurt because it puts me back into shock. I’m sorry, but spiders have no place on cute overload. This really hurt.

  150. OMG – He is SO CUTE!!! I love jumping spiders!! They have the cutest little movements! hop hop!!

  151. In some cases, ignorance truly is bliss. I didn’t realize initially that this was a big, creepy spider until closer examination. After closer examination, there was a run-in with the ceiling fan and a Siamese cat wondering when Mom learned how to yowl like a meezer. After all that and my little oh-my-god-i-hate!-spiders creeped-out dance, I just had to register and say something. Please pixelate the 8-legged beasties like you did Miss Marilyn! (I looked at that pic without my glasses and was amused by how that works, btw!)

  152. I just made this my desktop background.

  153. Maybe Meg should post more spiders so people could get over the “Squish it!” reaction. Cute kittens and puppies do more damage to our fingers (what with the nomming and chawing) than most spiders do.

    And just look at this one… it’s got the “baroo eyes” of an arachnid in luuuuv… WITH YOU!

  154. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I checked out the un-shopped version of the photo, and it reminds me of my grandpa watching the news… frowning, glasses on the end of his nose (the larger pair of eyes being the glasses, the smaller pair being his eyes). I don’t know why, but at least I won’t be as freaked out when I next see a jumping spider in my apartment.

  155. Raemie L. says:

    The “Anime-ish” eyes! This is just too cute!

  156. So I need to know. Exactly how big ARE these things? I am still trying to get a grip over the fact that they JUMP.

  157. I like him.

  158. LOL! Cutest spider I’ve ever seen!!

  159. Shame that it’s a ‘shop of [URL removed]

    [We know. – Ed.]

  160. Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias. Period.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  161. My tolerance of spiders is proportional to how large they are and how much they startle me. Basically, if x is is the size of the spider, y is how much they startle me and z is my fear, the formula would look something like

    z = x^y

    Practical example: Holding a tarantula? Little to no fear. Seeing a similarly sized spider 2 seconds before I walk into the web it has woven between two trees to catch the stray bug or chicken? Giant amounts of fear.

  162. *shudder* so cute and yet…i feel…so cold…arfadhflakf aehrugCAehrufc xafkacgr G

    …oh pardon me i just passed out on my keyboard. pesky irrational fear. but as long as i’m a rat person, i can’t knock the spider peeps!

  163. seriously, though, if they really had eyes like that i would be less frightened for some reason.

  164. @Nik,
    They’re quite small actually! The ones I came across were no bigger than an inch. Most of them were about half that, and they don’t get much bigger.

    I was pretty freaked out by spiders until I started photographing them. Now I actually like them. What’s up with that?

  165. I LOVE SPIDERS! Whenever I see one I just love to pet it. I agree with laureling. It’s just a PICTURE and you guys think it’s real and gonna kill you! PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE!

    Love him. He’s cute! Wanna take him home and make him my squishy!

  166. I used to be horribly arachnophobic. Garden spiders were my first “friendly” spiders after I observed one build a beautiful web outside my bedroom window when I was a kid. Now I leave them alone unless they’re dusty brown, and then–sorry, I squish. Been bitten by a brown recluse before. No fun.

    This is…actually cute.

  167. @Silenus. Thanks. Okay, the size seems managable. But the Jumping. Yikes. The Jumping! Gives me the shivers.

  168. Yikes! *shivers* I’ll come back to the website in a week.

  169. You know, at first, when I saw the top bit of the pic I freaked out.
    But now…when I viewed the picture as a whole… my heart is actually calm…
    Me: Wow…it’s …smiling 😀

    Not scared anymore XD

  170. Spidehs get a pass in my house if they are not
    1) brown recluse
    2) black widow

    I’ll scoop them up in a glass and drop them on a bush outside and say ‘be a spider!’

    The little jumpy ones are the cutest.

  171. Miss Malice says:

    Nooo eeeeeeeevil!!!!

    Spiders are the WORST

  172. BARF-OLA! I’m gonna retch!

  173. The only way I can get past my creepy fear of spiders is to view them through the lens of Native American Animal Medicine. (I’m not Native American, but I’ve studied this particular subject and find it really interesting.) Animal Medicine essentially has been passed down through generations of tribal nations, and is the belief that we can gain insights by being aware of the animals (and other critters) that cross our path. In this system (the Medicine Wheel) each animal possesses a certain essence of spirit, which conveys particular lessons to us. The “medicine” refers to these lessons.

    The Spider represents Creativity, and the connection of all life through the power of the web she spins.

    So when we come upon a spider, Native American Animal Medicine instructs us to pay attention to areas in our lives where we need to be more creative or weave new patterns.

    I can tell you that viewing them this way has actually helped me to not freak out when I see them, but rather see them as helpful little “messengers”. Now I take them more in stride and remember that they are telling me to think about becoming more creative in some aspect of my life at the moment.

  174. I think this guy grows up to be Bill Paxton in “Weird Science”.

  175. totalee puppy says:

    Eaglie LOL! “Scrubbing Bubbles”

  176. Nik–I like reading about
    Native American Animal Medicine. I may see the next spider as a “messenger”.

  177. I lol’d. He looks like he’s just happily humming to himself, hmmhmmmhmhmmmhmmmm. Oh! A camera!

  178. hamster-on-rye says:

    For a messenger, I’ll take THEO…always creative, always surprising us with a new pattern. Go ahead, click on the spider picture…so very…words fail me…maybe CUTE? teh
    kte, whatever…
    I send this for Valentines
    Day, I’m getting the rolled-up newspaper…

  179. … It looks like my therapist.

    (I’m scared now.)

  180. the bug man says:

    Silenus: I love your photostream. Especially the “spider paparazzi” shot.

    Jumping spiders are wonderful. They’re so feisty and colorful. Also they have charming mating dances. The first time I tried to show a jumping-spider mating dance to my students, the cpu in the lecture hall refused to play the .wmv file, so I had to perform the mating dance myself.

    I wasn’t terribly accurate about it, but the students were very amused.

  181. Ahh, he’s cute! But what’s with all the people wanting to splat spiders? Live and let live! Spiders are the good bugs that eat all the baddies!

  182. He’s a cutie. And silenus (sp?), thanks for the link. I thought his eyes looked a little off but I couldn’t quite picture them the right way until I saw your pics.

  183. Nik- Thank you for sharing that. I love Native Americans and their respect of nature. (wishes they were still in control of this land)

    Autumn- That’s why I let them live! They eat mosquitos!

  184. Theadosia says:

    I adore Cute Overload, but I have to agree with the other arachnophobics. I’ve done de-sensitization therapy, I know all about their role in the ecosystem and their symbolic significance, but right now I’m fighting off a serious panic attack and wondering where I left the Rescue Remedy. If you have a phobia like this, then no amount of reasoning is going to stop the uncontrollable physical reaction. Please, please pixilate in future.

  185. @the bug man,
    Thank you! Hah! You’re quite dedicated to attempt their mating dance. I hope they appreciated your efforts!

    Thank you! 🙂

  186. Ha! It looks more like a cactus with eyes than a spider. Cute, but more amusing than anything else.

    (Where are the other 6 eyes??)

  187. (Somewhere in the original unretouched photo, Tori.)

  188. @Silenus – Your photos are amazing. I know I’d be a wreck trying to take those pics, but you sure do a lovely job! Nice work.

  189. Love those emanating hearts and his fuzzy wuzzy, googly cuteness.

    But you’re right ^ it does look like cactus. Har!

  190. Ugh. I have a severe bug phobia. I just jumped and had to Adblock the photo before I could scroll to pictures that were actually cute.

    And seriously, somebody put that cute rat and cat snorgle video in the Gee-ross category but not this thing? This is the definition of Gee-ross

  191. @Nik
    Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate it!
    I was actually afraid of spiders before I started photographing them in July. I guess it’s like a therapy or something! The big ones still creep me out but these guys are awesome.

  192. Also, just as a heads up the fella who took the original photo and the others featured on Ugly Overload is Opo Terser, and if spiders and bugs are your thing, he has a mind blowing photostream located here:

    Enjoy. 🙂

  193. emmaluvsbichons says:

    eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! soooooo incredibly gross, but also cute, i admit it. i have serious heebie jeebies now tho… would be cuter if it was fake – somebody tell me it’s fake! i want to research online if it is real or shopped, but do not possess the testicular fortitude to accidentally encounter pic of other ‘pidies in my pursuit of the truth.

  194. My GREAT hatred of spiders prevents me from thinking this one is cute. But then the last one that bit me put me in the hospital.

  195. Well, it’s 1:20 a.m. here, and I WAS going to try to sleep.

  196. ZOMG!! This little guy is what I’d call ‘creepy cute’. I have an irrational fear of spiders and I immediately gasped and went “BAAAAHHHH!!” when I saw this pic. And yet…. I admit he’s so cute. But scares me. HOW CAN THIS BE? *cries* (phobias are weird ;.;)

  197. violetgreen says:

    Wow, a lot of anti-arachnites! Looove spiders (except for the few poisonous enough to hurt people). And jumping spiders are the cutest. The way they stalk-and-pose reminds me of John Belushi’s samurai character. They can shift their head upward to look right at you with their 8 widdle eyes. If you walk your hand toward them as if it’s a big spider, they get scared and run. Soooo cute!

  198. wannadance says:

    now i feel bad for the phobics. it is indeed irrational and overwhelming to have phobias. mine went away as i got older, thank the goddess.

    theo, maybe it would be a good idea to post a warning. the idea of edwina throwing up in her mouth triggers MY remaining phobias…


  199. The Bug Man-I have to say, I would have liked to have been ‘a fly on the wall’ when you did your dance. (If I would not have been eaten by the other participants). I’m sure it was informative and most entertaining. Go figure- the spiders wouldn’t have done the mating dance on cue either, probably.
    Yes, my heebies met up for a conversation with my jeebies, but then I went to the one on the motorcycle and I was mesmerized at how um, ‘fluffy’ it was. I was pretty-much in awe of the form of the thing. Then I went to the tarantula on the globe. Cute idea. Left it to its own devices pretty quickly, I might add.

    I know it is scary to be suddenly be confronted with what scares one. But this is what you have been doing all the work for- so that, during regular life, you can cope with things that frighten. Keep up the good fight, and know that I understand how hard it was for you to write a coherant sentence after that, but you did it! YOU did it. Pat yourself on the back and realize that you have taken another step towards daily coping!

    Try to have a good day and have faith in yourself, Peeps!

  200. Lisa Lisa says:

    OMG This is like my nightmare come true….I don’t care how “pleasant” a smile that spider has on its face……it wants to kill me I can tell….

  201. Beth (in NC) says:

    @ the bug man…. do you have the video still? Can we see it??? I am a mating behavior junkie!!!!

  202. I’m not an arachnophobe, but I do sympathise with phobics who drop by expecting a panda / llama snorglefest and get AAAAAAGH

    Phobias are a horrible thing to live with, so all the people commenting “grow up, it’s not going to kill you”, please realise that phobics KNOW their panic is irrational. It’s still panic, and they don’t CHOOSE to react that way.

    ….Having said that, IMHO, Salty here is the cutest spider I’ve ever lain plinky swampy eyes on.

  203. Biscuitz4Bearz says:


  204. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    (wish the title of the post was, “Click here to see a spiky, hairy, nightmare-inducing spider”…trickery!!!)

  205. “Salty”?

  206. She’s a salticid spider…


    [Ah OK, no problem; I wasn’t aware of the family name. Something new every day. – Ed.]

  207. Awww! Is this a jumping spider? Sure looks like one.

    BB/VA, you wanna see a cute fly? Well I can’t find cute flies but I can find beautiful ones which look like they’re covered in jewels when it’s actually morning dew. I can’t find the picture right now, but it’s a really pretty looking fly.

  208. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    I ADORE spiders, and the salticidae have always been my absolute favourites! I have enjoyed going through all the pictures of them on Flickr, thanks for posting the links. Silenus – you have some awesome ones that I favourited. Love the motorcycle picture!
    They are very, very sweet, curious and interactive spiders, and DO NOT harm you. They have such personalities, I love to come across them.
    Kudos to those who respect and appreciate these wonderful creatures and the benefit they are to the planet.

  209. Vanessa TARA – And doesn’t Vanessa mean butterfly in French? 🙂

  210. Totally photoshopped (they usually look frowny), but still CUTE!!! (love the ‘do!)

    [Yes yes. They also have more eyes and don’t project little WUV hearts. – Ed.]

  211. We’re probably looking at it’s hind quarters! It’s all an evil spider trick…we’re lulled in by the cuteness then WHAM! it turns around and HORROR!!!! 😉 (if this is in fact the case, I will admit, it’s butt is kinda cute.)

  212. I too saw this on Ugly Overload and very nearly submitted it here. Glad it showed up! The spider is my totem animal. For me, they represent creativity in solitude, and feminine strength. Pretty good totem for a female artist.

  213. SoccerSue says:

    Two brief, true spidey stories:

    1. The ONLY time I’ve ever sleepwalked is after a dream about a spider being on the ceiling above my bed. It was actually more like sleep-running-and-screaming. Luckily I woke up when I turned on the light.

    2. A lady I work with is extremely arachnophobic and told me that when she sees a spider in her house she sprays it with hairspray b/c it suffocates them (ick). She found one on the wall at work one day and didn’t have any hairspray so she got the air freshener out of the bathroom and used that. The spider didn’t die…but it smelled really good. 🙂

  214. My first thought was: “What a weird monkey…”

    Then I saw the extra legs.

  215. “What’s so scary about a spider? Last time I checked, I can still outrun one.”

    Not if it crawls on you while you sleep. Then you are at the mercy of the spider. That’s the thing. Spiders are sneaky.

    This pic DOES have a nice cuteness level though. I can handle it.

    But spiders still, in general, freak me out.

  216. According to reddit and wikipedia, this is a fake. Do with that what you will 😦

  217. Lulu — beautiful!

  218. ok, i’m looking at the other pics from this photo stream and, despite the inevitable chills i get from looking at a large spider, from an objective, non-phobic viewpoint, they really are pretty cute, even without the ‘shopping. they have furry little frowns!

  219. I like all kinds of spiders–especially when there a lots of things around that I don’t like.

    But that guy has been to Starbucks too many times.

  220. Wait! Please don’t put indoor spiders outside!

    Indoor spiders are supposed to be inside, and will die if you put them out. I used to do that, too, until I read this FAQ from a University of Washington arachnologist.

    Putting spiders “back outside”:

    All spider myths:

    If you find one in the bathroom, try just putting it in a different part of your house. I’ve been doing that for a few months, and they usually skitter out of sight. They’re living in your house, no matter what you do, so if you don’t want to kill them, just move them.

    This has been a public service announcement from “They Eat Bugs, Inc.” 🙂

  221. Generally my rule of nature is: All God’s critters gotta place in the choir, but that place is not my bathroom. However, one has to keep in mind that spiders are insectivores; that spider WOULD NOT be inside my house if there weren’t other bugs around for them to snack on. When all the bugs are gone, the spiders will go too… so snack on, little buddy, snack on.

  222. What on EARTH is that thing?

  223. she’s a JUMPING SPIDER??

  224. Clarissa, thanks that’s so true about house spiders! Especially in winter. If one really bothers me by getting in my personal space, I usually relocate it to beneath the kitchen sink. Needless to say arachnophobes would be uncomfortable in my house, especially since I actually decorate with spider motif. I have a glass spider sculpture on my coffee table right now.

    As phobias go, I’m terrified of cars, but never once in my entire life has anyone actually apologized to me for parking them right in front of my house…


    ::stops to see if spidey’s sill there::


  226. DO. NOT. WANT.

  227. i thought this was a crochet thingy that someone knitted and glued on plastic shiny eyes.

  228. Wow. It is actually cute.

    And I’m terrified of spiders.

  229. Can I just…ew. I mean, I think the British put warnings about these sorts of things on movie trailers. Just a leeetle teensy “you may not want to click here” pixellated thing would be terribly appreciated. Yay indeed for spiders killing all sorts of things that are bad and disease-ridden, absolutely, and of course I know this is a photo, but when a person is very arachnophobic and prone to sleep disorders the image can sometimes reappear in their bed and jump about when they are half asleep. Or just chase them in their dreams. I mean, I was much less bothered by the photo of Marilyn Monroe than I was by this (although I know, NSFW issues and all). Just maybe remember some of us poor peoples can’t TAKE that without a warning. Much love, adore the site.

  230. This is the only spider that ever made my wallpaper. So cute!

  231. oh this looks like a wee
    sweetie! I love those green
    eyes and the cute pose and
    the hair and little sticky
    up things, antennas?
    He is adorables, but;
    does he like Missouri
    (I pray NO)
    how high does he jump?
    eeekk, maybe I should not know!

  232. Apathygrrl says:

    *screams and runs away in terror*

  233. I can only look at this out of the corner of my eye…

  234. nnnnooooo!!!! please give us a warning before you put up things like this! you people who think “it’s just a picture, it can’t hurt you” obviously never got vicious paper cuts while trying to rip out the arachnid pages of your elementary school science textbooks! fleeeeee!

  235. It’s so adorabubble that you just wanna hit it with a bunny slipper!

  236. No ma’am.

  237. Tsk.

  238. HAHAHAHAHA! I burst out in laughter when I saw this. This is great! LOVE IT

    And yes, obviously, I’m not afraid of bugs and spiders and creepy-crawlies.

    So cute.

  239. A fake! (sorry, this thread got so long, I skimmed).

    Ok, the fakery makes sense: I was thinking spidey here was missing a few eyes.

  240. He’s SMILING!?!?

    [Do note that “Cartoons” tag, up there – Ed.]

  241. Ah ha!!! It IS photoshopped!!! The eyes (while missing two) and hair are real… the smile is not! The following link is the oroginal photographer. ((( Full body pictures of the spidey so don’t look if you’re deathly afraid.. )))

    He is indeed a Jumping Spider of the Phidippus mystaceus type.

  242. Also.. btw…. I too have a fear of spiders but come on folks… something that fuzzy and when it’s photoshopped to look cute… how can you all be screaming? 😛

  243. They are cute. I love the way the “challenge” you, a monster of incredible proportions to them, when you dare step into their comfort zone. They aren’t above taking a ride somewhere with you either. I love to play with them. They are smart!

  244. Arcadia65 says:

    I thought this picture looked familiar! SHE is adorable (from the first time I saw her!) I still think she is way cuter as she really is… Even with with her front four eyes showing! ; )

    Opo Terser (the photog)

  245. I think almost all jumping spiders look so cute!!

    I did a google on jumping spiders and they just look too cute to be one spidey..