[Hacking sound]

[Concerned cat owner voice] "Oh… Oh Mittens, Honey… did you just cough that up?"


What has Mitten been DOING Paula P.!?




  1. Hope kitty horks up the rest of Mister Bun soon…

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s a tribble!

  3. blue-eyed pisces says:

    disapproving tribble!

  4. fluffernugget says:

    Bun Floof!

  5. Such disapproval for a fur ball!

  6. omg… OMG OMG OMG i really don’t think i can handle this puff of a bun.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    If only kitteh hairballs (hareballs?) were that cute. And dry. And easy to clean up.

  8. oxymephorous says:

    I have this sudden urge to powder my nose.

  9. scooterpants says:

    hmm. my cat has never coughed up anything remotely that cute.
    is it a special breed? where can i get one?

  10. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’ve never felt disapproval from something that was horfed up. I feel so strange.

  11. This is the way to apply your powder, ladies.

  12. catloveschanel says:

    I have some of those under my bed, but I’m afraid to go in.

  13. I disapprove of anything that protrudes outside of my basic egg shape.

  14. Yesterday, all my tribbles seemed so far away..

  15. Lindsay R says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Sorry to go off topic, but here’s something I think WE should dissaprove of:

    Regarding these Hotel for Dogs trailers…It appears that CO is being paid to promote the film. If this is the case, shouldn’t there be some indication that these are sponsored ads? For example, it’s completely obvious to me that the column along the left of the site is paid advertising (and I’m fine with it being there). However, since the Hotel for Dogs trailers look like regular posts, I didn’t realize at first that this was advertising. Why does this matter? On the internet it can be tough to determine advertising from editorial content. On CO this certainly doesn’t matter as much as, for example, on a news site. But all the same, I think it’s unethical to show an ad as a regular post. Is it CO’s opinion that we should go see Hotel for Dogs or the movie studio’s opinion?

    [Limits of the blog platform, Lindsay. They pay for inline adspace, then we provide them with inline adspace, in whatever fashion we can with the tools we’re given. Also, it’s not really a “regular post” — notice you can’t click on it, or comment? – Ed.]

  16. metsakins says:

    but, but it’s not coated in slime, so fluffy!

  17. LOL Pyrit. HEhehehe

  18. 260Oakely says:

    Disapproving bun causes Fear of Fluffing.

  19. I agree with Lindsay. The FugGirls disclose when they’re promoting something, so I would expect the same from a website I hold in equal esteem.

    That being said, the bun is turbo adorable.

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That is one disapproving hareball!

  21. Lindsay & Dana — OK, I’ve chatted w/Meg and she agrees; we’ll update it.

  22. elliottsmommy says:

    i’m pretty that is a rockabye bunny. or a weeble. wobbles but it won’t fall down. it DISAPPROVES of falling down.

  23. LadyDarya says:

    So Agree – first thought was It’s a tribble and we all know what the trouble with tribbles are….

  24. Teho Please tell MEg Thanks The fix on the Ad is TOp Notch… Just saying

  25. Already did.

  26. Yeah–I didn’t figure out that the Hotel For Dogs thing was an ad until you labeled it as such. I did wonder why it kept getting bumped to the top, but I didn’t investigate to figure out why.

    I think it’s right to label it–it’s like when a newspaper runs one of those ads that’s made up to look like a newspaper article, they always put “advertisement” above it.

  27. scooterpants says:

    personally , I appreciate the post of the hotel dogs movie trailer.
    its saved me wasting my time and money seeing a REALLY crappy movie! Thanks COL!

  28. Where’s the other slipper?

  29. It’s true – sometimes cute plus movie does not make good movie. Cute? Yes. Plot? No. 🙂

  30. Kristabelle says:

    Pyrit, you come up with the best alternate lyrics!! haha

  31. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Aww! The powder puffs I got from Vermont Country Store weren’t that cute… 😦

  32. Thank you for labeling the Advertisement as such. I finally figured it out, but agree that it should state clearly that it is a paid advertisement.

  33. snorglepup says:

    My dust-bunnies aren’t that cute.
    That movie ad is not on my screen…
    I feel so left out.

  34. binky-mama says:

    Bun to Mittens:

    “Excuse me, but I would be most grateful if you could hack up my ears please.”

    *condescending harumpf*

  35. vegas vickie says:

    tribbles oh my! soon there will be soooo many. Thanks for the laff rofl

  36. Thank you, Theo and Meg!

  37. Pyrit, I bow before your genius. I am powerless before your lyrics on all of these posts lately.

    As a bunny “mom” I have to say, this little just *might* be even more adorable than my own bunnies were at that age. *Might*, but it’s a close call.

  38. wannadance says:

    but…is this a slipper?

    still disoriented from last bun/slipper disonance…

  39. @ wannadance:

    The first thing I thought was “Where’s the other slippuh??”

    Seriously. No one likes 1 slippuh!

  40. I know, I know – wash your sweater too many times and look what happens.

  41. catloveschanel says:

    I try and pick those things off my sweater, but then they just multiply and

    w/everything 70% off right now…. I just get a new one.

  42. What?

    That bun is most advanced in the art of disapproval.

  43. It’s a Disapproval Singularity. Not even ears can escape its pull.

  44. Disapproving ball of furry fluff.

  45. Raemie L. says:

    Geh? Handball bunneh? Powered by Disapprovals? Squeee!

  46. wannadance says:

    theo, lOL, disapproval singularity…how i love it. charm, string, holes, you name it. i know a buncha astrophysicists, they have fun naming stuff.
    like we do.

    that woulda been a perfect job for me had i not drifted into medicine..

  47. It’s a Q-tip, right?

  48. totalee puppy says:

    Pyrit–“all my tribbles seemed so far away” Awesome!

  49. My mom once threw a damp
    hairpiece into the dryer–
    never do that!

  50. AuntieMame–“hareballs”–It’s so…very…never mind, LOL!!

  51. Bun has reached such a high level of disaproval that he has closed down all features.

  52. That is just one bundle of sweetness, with fur!!!! White fur and pink skin-peppermint!

  53. ScoutsMom says:

    Looks like one of those powder puffs that comes with talcom powder so that you can powder your bum and all your other parts. It’s a bum bun.

  54. catloveschanel says:

    Maybe he’s not a disapprover, but just in Deep Thought.

    In the first novel/radio series, a group of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose.

  55. Four freaking weeks of Pneumonia and I didn’t get ONE of these, no fair!

  56. I’d toast that bun and put on a little butter and some jam. Nom Nom Nom.

  57. janet2buns says:

    Is there a cuteness rule that applies to height/length ratio? I suggest that if you are as long as you are tall, you are cute. Or something like that.

  58. Still waiting for the other slipper to be hacked up.

  59. Looks like a baby angora. Angoras have very long, soft wool that requires a lot of effort :/ I have a puffball of my own and he does not like being groomed. It’s a constant struggle to keep him brushed or his wool short. They make great (and hilarious looking) pets, just be aware of all the extra care they require.