Get out the Stoat part 3 of 4

Wa_finalist_2008_150x100 Are we gonna let ANY ANOTHER BLOG WIN BEST PET BLOG!?


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  1. hmm. Over 50% of the votes for that Penguin site? For every great site there must be an anti-site. Consider it a compliment to your greatness?

  2. Is this thing rigged?!

  3. esther sassaman says:

    This penguin site seems to be recycled thin-on-the-ground postage that was SEEN HERE FIRST. This site is the acme of cute, take no less.

    [Esther — it’s true that we try to pick the very best of our crop of submissions every time. We also get permission to use submitters’ original content *here*, not *everyplace else*. Having said that, though: It’s not not just about photos, y’know. The writing counts. FUP definitely adds their own creativity to their posts. I can think of very good examples of other places which are far more mercenary/predatory… – Ed.]

  4. Snerky people do snerky things. But this is ridiculous. Ah, well, chalk it up to CO’s popularity and successful formula that the other site even exists.

    I’m starting to believe in the “anti-site theory”.

    Acme, Apex, Pinnacle, High Point, Best, Brightest, Cutest, Darned Cutest, we don’t need no stinking penguin site! I’ll keep voting, but it really no longer matters who ‘wins’-because these ‘jokers’ have such a vile attitude. They obviously have this thing covered by their ‘fans’, and thier ‘ringers’.
    Feh. I’ll still vote like a baby stoat! (Done for today).

    Have a great day, Peeps!

  5. Katrina – couldna said it better.

    There’s a lot of truth in the “anti-site theory” – every time anything truly good and innocent appears here below, its evil shadow lurkensproings and tries to bring it down. CO will fight the good fight !

    BTW, there’s no rigging, it’s simple math. These guys got busy voting as soon as the contest started, they’re a week ahead of us. Which just shows that CO peeps have a life (recovering from end-of-year festivities) and they don’t (nothing better to do than lurk behind their screens…)

  6. I had never heard of the penguin site so I checked it out. Failed attempt at edgy humor. Lame. Vote CO!

  7. Ey? Never even heard of that Penguin site. Down, boy! Down! :O

  8. cheesybird says:

    I’d never heard of FUP until today, but I have to admit some of the stuff over there did make me snigger. It’s so clearly written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. (I don’t want to link to them here, but check out the “Puffin hoax revealed” entry from Dec. 21 and tell me that’s not kinda funny.)

    That said, there was NO WAY I was going to vote for anyone but CO!

    (I’ve also avoided reading the commentary over there because I have a feeling based on some of their fans who’ve wandered over here that that’ll be far less funny and nowhere near as full of awesomosity as what the Peeps here write.)

  9. $#%@^ penguin doesn’t sound like a very pet-affirming blog… ?

    [Honestly I don’t think FUP, CO, or ICHC are “pet blogs”. We’re humor and entertainment blogs that feature fuzzies. and — now THERE’S some real Pet Blogs… – Ed.]

    whereas on CO penguins are commended–remember the posting of Nils Olaf? in honor Nils Olaf I cast my votes for CO!!!

  10. Make that Sir Nils Olav!

  11. Please don’t hurt me! I think F***You, penguin is hysterical! (Runs away)

  12. To each his/her own, Jezebel-I don’t think less of you, and I don’t think anyone else does, either.

    I look at other sites- Orchestra sites, other funny sites, scientific sites. It is called being eclectic and in a free country! You are a very funny commenter, by the way, so do stick around! You see, most of us really like that about Peeps to begin with! IMHO, that is what helps to make us Peeps.

  13. Currently:
    1) F*** You, Penguin (My sentiments exactly): 10,484 votes
    2) CO: 6,465 votes

  14. I’ve never heard of this penguin site! And something with *** in the name can’t be a pet blog!!

  15. is it a crime to like F***You, penguin? Its so funny, this blog is cute 🙂 Im voting penguin this year, “change” is all what 2009 is about 😉 Good Job anyways, CO!

  16. Vote vote vote like a cute little stoat people.

    I have voted so far on my home computer. Now I am off to vote on Hubbys

    and I will do the same at work today.

  17. Jezebel, are you in any way connected to ?

  18. Penguin site is very funny. But I am still voting for CO.

  19. Somnambulian Pirates says:

    These huge voting things are taking forever to load on my machine.

  20. omg plug me plug mine please!

  21. S. Pirates — word. I think that site is being SLAMMED with traffic today.

  22. Raymi — yeah, OK, I voted for ya.

  23. (you’re winning, btw)

  24. LOL Okay Raymi I voted for yours too.
    And I added my vot from my work computer

    go peeps go we are catching up
    Vote vote vote.
    We are at 7337

    We need like 4000 more votes.

  25. Annie — you prompted me to check something, and what do you know, the survey doesn’t take IP address into account. It actually places a cookie in your browser to handle that 24-hour countdown until you can vote again.

  26. Teho Can I use my other browser to vote too. r just go from computer to computer???

  27. Oh I am the stupid all I have to do is clear my cookies to vote again which may explain things a bit.

  28. Yeah, both. Though now I’m not sure if it’s a COOKIE specifically, ’cause I can’t seem to pinpoint the exact one. Still hunting…

  29. …nope, it doesn’t work that way. I cleared ALL my cookies and stored info from my browser, and it still shows the results screen. So it’s not cookie-based, which makes sense, because that would make it TOO easy to stuff the ballot box.

  30. Okay it is more than a cookie I cleared my cookies and that didn’t work.
    SO I guess I will stick with my three votes a day

  31. OHH LOL Teho Jinx…

  32. TOO LATE. I already DRANK the mocha. THPPPT.

  33. THey also have some if you are found cheating your web page will have it’s count adjusted and be listed here. thing on the main page so I guess that covers all their bases.

  34. I guess I’m showing my age… wanton use of the f-bomb just doesn’t tickle my funny bone.

  35. Wow, we are really catching up.
    I’m even using the school computer to vote hehehe.

  36. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    AH! So, that explains it. 24 hours… I think I tried to vote yesterday somewhat less than 24 hours from the day’s vote the day before. Shoot! If I’d gone online before going to bed, I’d have been able to stick one more in. So, my simple mind was thinking “calendar day/IP address…” Figures! Teach me to read the fine print.

  37. As I sit here waiting for the Awards site to load, I think I can safely conclude that it was not engineered to cope with the traffic it must be generating.

  38. Yeah, the Webbys they are not.

  39. BeckyMonster says:

    I’m all for profanity, but the F U Penguin site seems a little over the top. I’m honestly surprised it came through my work internet.

    Either way, UP WITH TEH QTE!!!

  40. Krill (Dennis) says:

    FUP spreads truth. CO spreads lies. Just look at yourselves trying to figure out how to cheat! In voting!

    For shame.

  41. OK, I am pretty hip to the cute scene, and I have never heard of FU Penguin. More important, it’s NOT FUNNY. Sure, some of the photos are super cute, but Meg & Co.’s captions on this site trump the hell out of those other losers. Come on, people. You know FU Penguin and his 20 closest friends just keep hitting “refresh” and submitting more votes. I call bull$hit.

    [Ease up, Tara. This isn’t a fight. Cute Overload isn’t meant to appeal to *everybody*, either… – Ed.]

  42. I voted from all my co-workers computers, and they got to peruse CO. fup has some cute pics, but find the text predictable. Prefer ntmtom’s wackyness best.

  43. i think FU penguin is hilarious, but i still voted for CO. the winner and still champeen of cutetainment!

  44. Sorry CO – my vote goes for I Can Has Cheezburger, but you were a close second. Since NMTOM started posting, I prefer Lolcatz.

  45. For shame says:

    I’m SOOOOO sick of the stupid advertisement about the dog hotel on your page! Sell out.

    [So, do you work for a living? Moron. – Ed.]

  46. DLR in Canada says:

    Of course I had to go check out CO’s competition, and I was totally surprised to see who had edged out CO. That “FUP” web-site is a travesty. I like sarcastic humour, think Britain’s “Keeping Up Appearances,” “Are You Being Served?” and “Yes, Minister,” but FUP is a very poor imitation of trying to be sarcastic but coming across as really rude and off-putting. My vote goes for CO, of course. 🙂

    [You know that hospital show “House” on Fox, with Hugh Laurie? There’s a good example of rude, off-putting, AND funny. It can be done… – Ed.]

  47. darkshines says:

    I cuss like a sailor, but I don’t understand tht penguin site at all. They post random pictures of animals and cuss at them? Pffft…..

  48. I really like FUP but CO gets my vote every day. 🙂 Just as long as ICHC doesn’t win.

  49. I never heard of FUP before today either. Checked it out…meh. CO FTW!

  50. thank you thank you and CO is and always will be my numero uno cutezy animal go to site.

  51. F**k you, penguin and CO just pander to different crowds. FYP is a sarcastic rant attached to a photo, whereas CO has a cutsie sentence attached to the show-stopper photo.
    they’re really different creatures when you get down to it.

  52. Get out and vote – we are catching up – currently 8695 to 11331. Vote Vote Vote like a baby stoat!!!

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    I had to go look at FUP which I had never heard of. The photos are generally cool but the text, not so much. Any of our CO peeps are better writers, as far as I’m concerned. I voted last night and will again tonight as soon as my 24 hours are up! CO for the WIN baybee!!

  54. FUP is funny.
    CO is cute.

    Cute wins. But funny is still nice =)

    Keep up the good work, FUP!

  55. No Theo I am not affiliated with, but I was just there and I liked it!

  56. MyBirdRAWKS says:

    Meg, Mike and Theo,
    You had me at “HEWWO”.

  57. We’re catching up!! We are really catching up!! Keep at it, peeps!! A few more pushes!!

  58. There’s not enough content for a proper pet blogging fix.

    When I freaked during the primaries, where did I click to? When I freaked during the GE, where did I click to? When stocks tanked, where did I turn to?

    OK, some of those clicks were for xtube, but pet blogs? Cute Overload! Everytime!

  59. oaklandcat says:

    I am sad that the FUP commenters don’t appreciate the tongue-in-cheekness that is CO. I bet a lot of them would love CO if they really got it.
    Anyhoo, I like FUP but it is clearly a derivative of CO. The original is always the best.

  60. Sorry, I had to vote for “F*** you Penguin.” That site is hilarious.

  61. [SNORK!] @ Joey.

    Oakie — well, some of them do. Meg’s actually been in touch with the FUP blogger person; it’s cool.

  62. oaklandcat says:

    A little friendly competishe is a good thing.

  63. Like any responsible voter I checked the facts, visited the sites, and took in the information. Are you kidding me? Cuteoverload is by far the bestest site ever! 😀 Much love.

  64. Alana Dobbs says:

    SO CLOSE!!!

    ONLY A 1700 VOTE GAP!!

    It was so much more than that too when I first voted on Saturday or Sunday


  65. lurkingsmirk says:

    Surfed over to FUP. It’s funny, I like it, but it’s definitely running on the strength of the blogger, the commenters are meh.

  66. FUP is stupid and plagiaristic.
    Cannot STAND LOL cats.
    I hope that cute overload could win, somehow???

    [CO can still win, yes. It will take effort, but it’s within reach. – Ed.]

  67. totalee puppy says:

    I just voted again, after waiting 24 hours. We’re getting a lot closer to
    winning. We can still vote
    tomorrow! STOATS RULE!!

  68. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, Bianca. Are you that rude in real life?

  69. Yay for the stoats! I’ve been eagerly awaiting to vote as each 24 hour mark has passed and got all my mates to vote for CO! 🙂

    CO is part of my everyday and it brings happiness to my day no matter what is happening. Couldn’t be without it. ♥

  70. FUP never gave my computer a virus — unlike CO. I might have to go with FUP.

  71. squirrelgirl says:

    Just wanted to suggest a personal favorite of mine: — so cute!

  72. Always love the Cute Overload.
    Voted for CO, and would never switch to some penguin-abusing site.
    That said, can we have a talk about the dumb movie ads?

  73. I never heard of FUP until now either. Wow! Just yesterday CO had only a vote of 4000+ and today it shot up to 10000++??

    Voted CO! =DD

  74. Gail (the first one) says:

    Voting my fingers off! (Okay, well once per 24 hours….)

    (sing-songy) We’re getting *closer*!!!!

  75. Oh Dennis the Krill, I think there is a spy within our midst.

    I actually enjoy all three, CO, ICHC and FUP, however, CO for me is a must check, the others aren’t.

    But however said it before, they are not pet blogs, I would call them animal humour sites.

  76. As my all-time favorite pet site, , isn’t included in the vote, CO got my vote, at least today.

    I wouldn’t count this one as a “pet site”, but neither would I bunch of the others… I get my “kitty fix” on IBKC and related sites, CO is where I come with curiosity to see, what people have found; sometimes this site is very cute, but sometimes just ‘weird’.

    BTW, cheezburger is fun, but for a dim foreigner “Stuff on my cat” is a lot easier to understand, takes less deciphering!

  77. kookiemaster says:

    Gah! We’re so close!!!!

  78. We’re only about 700 votes behind now. That’s an incredible jump.

  79. Alana Dobbs says:

    700 MORE VOTES!!!


  80. I voted! I stoated! WOOT!

  81. monkeylina says:

    Only 2% in it now!!! We must defeat that cynical wannabe on FU Penguin! VOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTE!!!!


  83. CO:
    We can doooo ittt!

    Just keep voting, just keep voting, just keep voting voting voting…

  84. Wow! You guys all look so cute here – all flexin’ and trying so hard – this honestly is an overload! Too bad cute isn’t exactly what this world needs right now!

    And what is up with deleting comments? a bit Big Brother here, innit?

  85. Hey, I actually thought that FUP was pretty funny. Don’t need to be sore losers, commenters- it isn’t even your site!

    By the way, I did vote for CO.

  86. After some mucking about clicking on the poll instead of the link, I put my vote in.

    I’d suggest taking DOWN the poll or putting up a non working version (photocopy with the word sample on it?) and just have the link.

    But let’s vote like stoats:)

  87. and I did vote for CO, btw:)

  88. Tom. You’re talking out of your butt. It sounds like “Braaawpp.”

  89. C’mon Theo! Let’s be noble about it. Ignore them – we’re almost there !

  90. Is anyone else having trouble getting to the voting site? The page refuses to load for me.

  91. I spent about 45 minutes trying to get that thing to load. And just after I posted, it appeared. And I voted. And all is right with the world.

  92. Nicole — yeah, I think they GRAVELY underestimated the traffic they’d be getting. They’re not dead yet, though.

    Poohbear — I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

  93. (but *snerk* anyway!)

  94. As of 8:45 PST: CO 38.2%, FUP 39.8%.

    It’s within reach, peeps, but keep trying to vote. Our real enemy at this point is not FUP but the Weblog Awards’ embarrassingly underpowered Web server.

  95. Maybe after this year, they’ll be able to afford better hosting.

  96. I have to say that I really really loved F**k You, Penguin when I went yesterday. I voted and will continue to vote for the Cute, but I add FU Penguin to my daily blog stops.

    The rest of the those “Pet” blogs can bite me.

  97. sandy tyra says:

    I want to vote for you, but I cannot get onto the voting site. I will keep trying. I hope you win!!!


  98. Man oh man are we close! KEEP VOTING! We’re within 500 votes of the lead. My fingers are crossed for CO!

  99. STOAT!!! I mean VOTE!!!

  100. I'm so sorry says:

    OH NOES I forgot to vote last night! If we lose by one vote, will have to be ostracized forever. (Ostrich-sized?) I don’t think I can vote from work. We have one of those darn “firewalls” that prevents any website that might provide fun. Somehow C.O. slips through, thank god.

  101. It is time to call all your friends and relatives! 2 1/2 hours to go. We can win this thing!

  102. CO is less than 300 votes behind!!

  103. OK, troups, time to vote or sit quietly.

    By the way, I think that the way people behave on the Intertoobs is a very good indicator how who they are as a person. Rude is rude, nice is nice, thoughtful and kind is thoughtful and kind. Perhaps some people don’t observe basic decency in their dealings, but we certainly don’t need to help them proliferate, multiply or infect the thoughts, ideas and manners of the rest of us who try to observe common sense. The world doesn’t not need more post adolescent high-energy smack-downs, we need gentility and grace and taking responsibility for one’s actions. See, if you type long enough the verbal penguin abusers get bored and go away!

  104. Less than 100 votes! Go go go!

  105. AuntieMame says:

    Looks like it’s over and we just squeaked into the lead. Good going, folks! 😀

  106. You cheat.

  107. Shame that Cute Overload has to cheat to win these lame awards.

  108. says: