The Puppendential Debate ’09 Rages On

Watch hard-hitting McAnchorPants Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper take on the #1 concern in America:

Who will be the next First Dog?

We know your thoughts on the topeek. Check what these guys have to say:

I vote for the ‘Tock-sniffing Protester, Lorien.



  1. luvvin’ the sniffin’

  2. OH, I was really hoping your would pick this up!
    This is ‘an incredibly popular topic’-we want Malia and Sasha to be happy in their (big) new home. Their Grandma, Marion, is thinking about coming to live with them! How is that for modeling a wonderful family? I am just so pleased that the girls are going to be positive subject for us all to “AWW” about! Hooray puppies! Good luck Obamas!

  3. hehehe

    I don’t know if this should be in “cute or sad?” as for many, this *is* the most important presidential appointment.


  4. snorglepup says:

    I hope to see them adopt from the shelter and start a trend of responsibilty.

  5. it wont show it in Canada.. 😦

  6. “Who’s a good boy?”


  7. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    ooo I vote for the CKCS! sooo cute :P, but I’d take Anderson home too

  8. I <3 Anderson Cooper.

  9. LOL and the hands down the best presidential I mean pupsidential debate ever.

  10. metsakins says:

    Brat, I have to agree with you, for me that was the best line.

    When we took home our Ozzie from North Shore Animal League (on Long Island in NY), he was 6 months old. He didn’t know his name, he was paper trained and the one thing he responded to was Who’s a good boy?

  11. Canadians can see it on the Comedy Network website, it’s on the January 5th episode of The Daily Show.

    Also, Anderson Cooper is adorable. :3

  12. Merry_Dawdler says:

    we Canadians can still watch it on youtube!

  13. Anderson Cooper wins by a long shot.

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Off topic, but what’s this “Hotel for Dogs” post that keeps showing up? It’s getting a little annoying.

  15. i’m swooning over Mah Boo, AC.

    *sigh* he’s so DREAMY!

    i hope they decide to adopt a shelter animal!!!!

  16. lurkingsmirk says:

    Auntiemame – I assume it’s a paid-for ad for the movie so it’s going to be around for as long as they bought. I’m fine with it except it throws me off when I come back daily looking for new posts and it’s always near the top so I miss the new stuff below it.

  17. berthaservant says:

    The “Hotel for Dogs” posting looks like it’s an advertisement (British: advert) for the upcoming movie. They’ve designed the ad to look like a “real” post.

    I’m sure there are those that will lament this development, but it’s just the C.O. gang finding new and innovative ways to generate revenue so we can take part in the qte for free. (Or at least, that is my interpretation, I have no official knowledge — maybe Teho is just really excited about the movie).

    By the way – HOTEL FOR DOGS? That’s the best title they could think of? They couldn’t come up with “Red Woof Inn” or “Howl-a-day Inn” or “Hairy-Netherland” or something?

  18. haha!


  19. Yeah, it seems like an advert because it keeps changing location and no comments are allowed. Oh well.

    Anderson is the most adorable and contributed to the cute overload :))

  20. lurkingsmirk says:

    “Hairy Netherland” – hah!

    “Heartbark Hotel”
    “Howler Johnson Hotel”
    “Hotel Pawanda”
    “Hotel Growlifornia”

    k sorry guys, I’m done.

  21. Silent Meow says:

    Love this video! Too cute! 🙂

    Oh, by the way, for those of you who know that I am dealing with domestic violence issues, I have an update. My ex-boyfriend who assaulted me, just now violated the temporary protection order that was served to him by sending me an email. I am right now waiting for a cop to show up at my door. It looks like he’s going to jail.

  22. The Obamas have already said they’re adopting a shelter dog. And this is just CLASSIC Daily Show. What a riot!

  23. Gail (the first one) says:

    This is SO funny!!!

    I heard this morning that the Obamas are going to a shelter looking for a Labradoodle or a…..something, bigger dog…I’m drawing a blank!

  24. WOoo Hooo Silent Meow and Hugs

  25. On ABC This Morning with George Stephanopolis, Obama said they want a Labradoodle or Belgian Water Hound. They have told all the D.C. area shelters to keep their eyes open for one.

  26. “Get this bitch off the stage!”

    Ha! Brilliant!

  27. Mmm, Anderson Cooper. <3

    That was hilarious. :D! And adorable!

  28. Next time they should diversify the candidate pool, and add in a few independent “first cat” candidates. Dogs & cats on stage; hilarity ensues.

    That hotel dog ad isn’t very effective. Not only is the “looks like a post” confusing, but when I did click on it, I didn’t figure out it was a movie! I thought it was just an ad for random services – oh wells.

  29. Anderson is even dreamier in person! Seriously, I gasped when I first met him.

  30. Love calling Jon Stewart “McAnchorPant”

  31. That’s McAnchorPantS. Dam* cut-and-paste…

  32. berthaservant says:

    Silent Meow: good for you for not being silent. Please be careful!

  33. berthaservant says:

    Yup: Labradoodle or Portuguese water dog, according to the old gray lady…

  34. Hilarious clip. Okay girls, raise your hand if you have a crush on Anderson Cooper! *Types with one hand cuz’ other hand is in the air*

    Silent Meow, hang in there! Hugs.

  35. Aww,that was adorable!

  36. Have to say this would have been funnier without the Coop. I know he’s reading from a script, but it was a lame one. I’m also kind of sick of people using the “B” word all the time. I think it’s a mean word whether used on people or dogs. Frankly, Meg could have done a better job on that skit. The Daily Show needs to reach out to CO for any future animal funny IMO. ;D

  37. vegas vickie says:

    ROFLMAO the best laff i’ve had in days thanks CO. Silent Meow, don’t be silent on this one, keep meowing til he’s gone. BIG hugs and much love!

  38. Silent Meow-I am very proud to be your friend. This “man” (overgrown schoolyard bully) needs to grow up and get his come-uppance. You are doing great! I’m so sorry you have to go through this, it will be over. Your friend, K. Talk to you tomorrow.

  39. Oh fer cripes sakes! We’re not getting all hot over the B word AGAIN, are we?

  40. Heck, *I* wouldn’t refuse Anderson Cooper snuggles. I’d have to ask Teh Schmoop first, though, and I’d probably have to arrange Neil Gaiman snuggles for her too. Or possibly the actress who played Zoë in “Firefly”.

  41. Um, ladies, you do know that Anderson Cooper is gay, right? I mean it’s fine and great to fantasize about him, but I think visibility is important. It’s awesome that you think he’s adorable or whatever, and I hope you can transfer that crush you have on him to helping us with gay rights. Do it for the Coop!

  42. Oh would you just stop messing with my rich, rich fantasy life? 🙂

  43. As a Homely-American, I have about as much chance of snorgling The Silver Fox as any straight handsome guy. So hey, what’s the harm in thinking he’s cute as all get-out? I do recognize how lucky I am to have the right to get married… if only I could get a date.

  44. yankeebird says:

    Anderson Cooper. Jon Stewart. A roomful of dogs.

    *sighs contentedly*

  45. I thought the whole thing was a bit lame, but the puppies made up for it. The German Shepherd especially, so cute! 😀

  46. New Peeps Welcome!

    Yankeebird-I haven’t seen your comments for a while-please pardon me if I missed some! Happy New Year!

  47. I beg the Obamas to go to a shelter and save a dog. Any purebred dog they get is doomed as puppy-mills will start producing that breed at a record pace. The dogs being bred in mills live a horrible life in cages without exercise or human love. If they get a pound pup then every Obama supporter and their brother will head to the shelters to save a dog as well. This whole dog issue can help so many needy dogs if they will just to a shelter and save a dog from being euthanized!!!!

  48. so, things that are ruining this post:

    a) giving the obamas the business for choosing a non-shelter dog (it’s for the girls, for cripes’ sake. Sure it would be nice for them to set an example but it’s not a LESSON–it’s a pet)

    b) that bitch IS a bitch.

    c) taking the fun out of crushing on AC.

    Can we just laugh at the funny video please and enjoy the fact that we have a cute puppy coming into the white house? or is that too selfish and awful to ask?

  49. Think about where that puppy is coming from before you laugh!!

    Here is your awful!!!