Purrs with a Chance of Nomming

You gotta love how matter-of-factly German Weatherman Joerg Kachelmann tells the his audience to stay warm on the coldest night of the year AND cradle a kitteh who wandered into the TV studio at the same time.

According to The UK Telegraph, the kitteh nommed on Kachelmann’s beard a bit, then helpfully pointed his paw at the weather map where the temperatures were sliding the most.

"I don’t know how he got into the studio," Kachelmann said. "I noticed him when he rubbed against my leg and thought people might wonder what was happening. I figured it would be easier to control the cat by picking him up. Cats get annoyed if they feel ignored. So I made sure he didn’t feel ignored."

Only on a Caturday, Stuart C. [eye roll]



  1. Real men are kind to kittehs.

  2. happypiano says:

    LOL~ what a sweet weather man! i wonder what the rest of the crew were thinking. xD

  3. I agree, luvspupstoo. This guy clearly has his act together.

  4. THIS is why Europeans are so kewl!

  5. miltoncat says:

    Pretty sweetie kitty! I hope he took it home with him!

    Wonder how the kitteh got in there?

  6. Kitteh was just making sure Mr. Weatherman gave a good forecast for Caturday!

  7. My estimation of the German people just shot up through the roof! Wunderbar!!!

  8. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I saw this on an AOL link, which was shorter, of course (darn them!), and didn’t show the cat tail going past the bottom of the screen like a periscope on a submarine. That was so cute!! I’m proud of the weatherman for not only picking up the cat, but petting it, and understanding that “cats don’t like to be ignored.” Nice, smart, weatherman!

  9. I saw this on BBC News and knew it would end up on C.O.

    Clearly by his quote “Cats get annoyed if they feel ignored”, he knows hits kittehs!

  10. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what PROFESSIONAL looks like.
    Same goes for the weather dude, too.

  11. Adam de la Halle says:

    I think I’m in love!

  12. Note how he mentions “das studiokat”

  13. In my experience, grey cats with white boots are almost always sweet and fun.

  14. OMG I just love this and the kitty is all kool and komfy and kapable.

    The Weatherman not only knows how to hold kitty for their optimum comfort but is an expert kitty scratcher.

  15. that cat must have been in serious need of some affection & love, he looked so content after he was picked up… and oddly thrilled.

  16. Gail (the first one) says:

    Somebody mentioned this in their comment on another post!!

    That kitteh was DEFINITELY luurkensproingeren around the weatherman!!!!

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Kinda looks like Maru to me. Cute kitty, sweet man.

  18. I luff him! The video would be better without the English bit.

  19. Reuters reported that Lupin belonged to a staff at the station who went on vacation. (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

    That explains the need for love. However, the weatherman will not be able to adopt him seeing as Lupin already has a person.

  20. I agree Annie!

    Methinks he’s had some kitty skritchin experience in his day!!!

  21. binky-mama says:

    I think some ladies in Germany are swooning! Seriously cute kitteh, I particularly love the dangling paw. He’s all: “Dewd, screw the weather I need some attayn-shons!” *proceeds to nom beard*

  22. Love the kitty, love the weatherman!

    And no doubt he’s cradled more than one kitty in his life.

    May I suggest we all raise a glass (or two) of lager to curious kittehs and warm-hearted weathermen everywhere…

  23. I think all television news should be presented whilst holding a kitteh. It would improve the quality immensely.

  24. Better version:

    Keep watching the bottom, you can see Lupin’s adorabel flippy tail come marching in. 😉

  25. Aesthetica says:

    maybe it was raining cats and dogs outside?

  26. I think they should make the cat a regular. I don’t think I’d mind snow if it was pointed out to me by a really cute kitty.

  27. love it!

  28. This is why I didn’t bother to watch this video the first day I saw it. I had faith Meg & the gang wouldn’t let me down !
    LUUUUUV the beard nomming !!!
    The kitty’s just making sure the weather man doesn’t feel ignored either !

  29. I read about that this morning and then here’s the video. That’s so cool. Best weatherman ever! And such a pretty kitty.

  30. platedlizard says:

    My sister’s cat would have taken his arm off for daring to pick him up. My cat would have taken his leg off for ignoring her. You just can’t win with cats.

  31. ok where do i start??!!

    1.seeing the tail at the bottom of the screen – too cute and funny!
    2. beautiful kitty!
    3. kitty helps give forecast by pointing at the map
    4. how cool is that meteorologist!? wow! no wonder kitty nomed heem!
    6. WHEN will TWC start broadcasting with kitties??!! yeaaaah!!!

  32. platedlizard says:

    Oh, and in Oregon we had Bob The Weather Cat, who would dress in season and weather appropriate clothing. When he died of old age the Oregonian ran an obit for him.

    Hopefully they’ll keep this guy around for future weather broadcasts.


  33. Michelle S. says:

    Please forecast Schnee so we can all stay inside and snorgle. 🙂

  34. What a pro! Totally unfazed by the kitteh! I love it 🙂

  35. I like the way that once he picks the cat up, he readjusts it so it isn’t covering his microphone meaning the entire presentation would be meteorological pictures with PUUUURRRRRRRRRR over the top. 😉

  36. Now this is cute.

    If you look closely at the kitty’s paws while he is getting scritches, he is totally making biscuits! He loves it.

  37. “Look mom, I’m on tv!”

  38. When the scritching kicked in, I smiled at my computer screen.

  39. That is so great. And I call Matchinks! The kitty stripes and the map lines.

  40. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Unser Studiokatze.” I especially like the tail moving across the bottom of the shot before Joerg picks up the cat.

  41. “And a cold front will be moving in from the southwest on Thursday..” *paws make left to right motion*

    The weatherman really didn’t miss a beat! I hope they decide to make the cat a regular.

  42. totalee puppy says:

    Now for the weekend 4-cat…

  43. bees on pie says:

    Awwwwwwww! What a pro, and a sweet guy. 🙂

    So, anyone want to take bets on how long before the twin tree kangaroos news gets posted?

  44. gravyboat says:

    I wish cats randomly walked into my job.

  45. My favourite is the little Jaws-style kitteh tail wandering across the bottom of the screen for a bit. Da-dit, da-dit, da-dit-da-dit-da-dit PURRRRR!!!!!!

    And @Gravyboat: Agreed.

  46. @Lizzy, I was thinking the same thing!

    “Land Shark”

  47. I studied in Germany and there was a stray cat always outside (and sometimes inside) the flat. It looked exactly the same as this kitty! The little guy must get around…

  48. Now that is one cool dude. (Hahaha @ “4cat”)

  49. Best part was the “tail” “fin”!!

    weather man is a total pro in more ways than one!

    Did no one else think that the weather lines at around 50 seconds looks like a kitteh?!!?!?

  50. And kitteh was trying to be introduced to weather man. The mistaken beard nomming was kitteh trying to smell his breath.

  51. He’s impressively unflappable. Barely cracked a smile.

  52. That looks like a well fed cat! How adorable! Enjoyed the “Bob the Weathercat” link!

  53. Doxylover79 says:

    That is one cool weatherman!

  54. “Barely cracked a smile.”
    thats germany for you.

  55. spaceaged says:

    My German sucks but he closes by saying something like “Hopefully the cat has thick fur for tonight”
    Those isobars do look like a kitty face!

  56. Now, that’s adorable! Love the periscope-tail entering the picture and the way the weatherman just scooped up the cat without missing a beat. Beautiful cat, too–I love that coloring. Cute!

  57. award for best person of the month! what a baby kitty n_n

  58. Awesome, kittehs should always be on the news. And what a beautiful cat too! Love half and half face.

  59. berthaservant says:

    Commentary in the booth (translated from German):

    “Standby for chiron three.”
    “What the hell was that?”
    “Wait…that there.”
    “What is that?”
    “Somebody tell Juerg to stand by…”
    “No, wait, Fritz…”
    “Grandmother’s Potatoes, is that a cat?” (German idiom doesn’t translate well)
    “Okay, standby to go to the Grubenstrasse Cam if the cat scratches him…”
    “No, look, Helmut, the cat is calming down….”
    “This is gonna win Juerg another freaking Emmy…”
    “What a PRO this guy is….?”
    “And to think he’s absolutely smashed!”
    “‘Swhat I heard!”
    “Hey fellas…”
    “Why is there a cat in the studio?”
    “…and fade out to commercial in five, four, three….”

  60. What a man! I work in the TV biz and have know that many guys would either freak out at this kind of interruption or ignore the cat altogether. This guy is clearly a pro and has a heart of gold. Chapeau!

  61. Two thumbs up for the translation, berthaservant!!! That’s fantastic. He deserves another freaking Emmy.

  62. Martha in Washington says:

    This will absolutely RUIN Germany’s reputation! Who knew they were cat lovers?!
    What a sweet man!
    And the kitty looks just like a cat I had 20-something years ago named Jeremiah. I still miss him. He liked to be cuddled too.

  63. Thanks Leilani – my opinion of the Germans has for a long time been throught the roof – they are for the most part charming – just Folks – and Bertha that was a near perfect translation
    Love to all – Patti

  64. I didn’t see that on tv, altho I am from that region. I live near Ludwigshafen.
    that’s globalization huh? I know it from CO lol

  65. hey, that´s not what he´s saying!!! He says it´s the STUDIO´s cat, not just some random kitty that walked in!

    The sweet thing at the end btw. that he says is:

    “…and those kitties hopefully have their thick fur on for those cold nights.”

  66. “Grandmother’s potatoes”.

    HAHAHAHAHA! *dies*

  67. Martha in Washington: Us Germans are MASSIVE animal lovers!!! What or whoever gave you the idea that Germans are NOT animal lovers???

    I live in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) now, but we regularly ship over cats and dogs for rehoming over in Germany, which just shows how generous and animal-loving Germany is!

  68. Berthaservant…You deserve an entertainment award…Can’t believe I was BUYING that!

  69. Life is SO much better with animals around to pet and love.

  70. Yes, Totallee, oh, yes!

    I hope the puddy becomes a welcome regular on the weather segment- wow, he is good! I love the automatic skritches- as people have pointed out, this is not his first puddy!

    Great one!

  71. What a sweetie! (The cat too!) This stands in direct contrast to this weatherman:

    although admittedly, cockroaches aren’t nearly as cute. 😛

  72. snorglepup says:

    I’m part-German and all soft and snorglly. Purrr.

  73. can I has a bratwurst?

  74. AWWWW! That gentleman is not only kind, but an absolute professional, too!

    Bertha, love the translation. Danke!

  75. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    I read about this, but couldn’t find any video footage at the time. I’m glad someone put together a video for everyone to enjoy.
    I loved it!

  76. @Caitlin- BWAHAHAHAHA!

  77. The cat wants to tell you it’s raining cats and dogs.

  78. AuntieMame says:

    I’d freak out if a cockroach crawled over me, too. Bleah!!

  79. kibblenibble says:

    Bserv, thanks for the LOL. You are breeeliant!

  80. LOL if you haven’t done it yet go check out the Bob the Weather Cat site Just killed me with the cute and funny.

  81. That is hysterical! I love the matter of fact way the weatherman just picks Lupin up and carries on with the forecast… Give that man a raise!

  82. haha, I love seeing the tail go by at the bottom of the screen — so cute!

  83. Wow, it’s a little chilly over in Germany. Here’s hoping you folks are keeping warm over there. Be like Herr Kachelmann and keep a warm cat on-hand at all times!

  84. growltiger says:

    Kachelmann is fairly famous and popular in Germany but I’d never seen this before.
    He does mention that “the studio cat has just wandered in here although he’s not allowed to…”

  85. Happenstance says:

    Thanks for the translation, Growtiger. I caught “studiokatt,” but was otherwise lost.

    Love how Kachelmann has to “adjust” because Lupin The Studio Cat is covering his mike…

    I imagine people are watching subsequent weather reports and asking, “…but where’s the cat?”

  86. peaseapea says:

    Berthaservant, your commentary is almost as awesome as this video!

    And I love my Oma’s Kartoffelen!

  87. Awwwww! They obviously have a special relationship, don’t they?

    Hmmm. Wonder if the kitty is named Sunny or Storm. Something along those lines. Lol!

  88. A man who says ‘feh’ to cat hair- my kind man!

  89. Jenny Shain says:

    The news is MUCH cuter with Mews! This gives me a GRRRRRRREAT idea, as Tony would say… What about having a Pet/News program! Where the pets are ALWAYS in on giving the weather & news!
    I’d watch it everyday then!

  90. If you watch this with the sound off you can make up your own voice-over. Viewed under the right circumstances Joerg Kachelmann is actually talking about his bed. The map behind him shows the sleeping positions of his various cats, which are named after German cities. The green overlay shows the trend in where the cats move throughout the night – you can see that part way through the night all the cats vacate the bed, only to return shortly thereafter, when they gravitate towards the foot end to play Hunt the Blanket Mice. The H symbols on the map show congregations of multiple cats, hence “Hot Spots”. Then you get the white arrows that show how many cats are moving and in which direction. The minus signs indicate the food level in the tummies of individual cats – Mainz and Bitburg are very very hungry indeed. Most of the cats wake up with a sunny disposition, although a couple of them are a bit foggy first thing, while Mainz brightens up a bit later on (not a morning cat, one feels). The numbers at the bottom of the screen are the scores in the Blanket Mice Hunting competition – none of them seem to do very well. Then the forecast for what the cats will be feeling like on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (my degree in European Languages finally pays off!), and Joerg signs off by wishing everyone and their cats a Happy Caturday.

    Ok, so you really had to be there…

  91. noramaria says:


  92. Daphne Moss says:

    Further evidence of why CO is a must-do daily stop!
    The floofy periscope tail, great improv, bear snorgling and well-timed pointing … well, this is just great TV. Bet it makes a bunch of best videos/blooper reels although it’s clearly not staged or a mistake. Just rare TV serendipity.

  93. noramaria says:

    God I wish there were cats everywhere, all the time. It would make life so much sweeter.

  94. That was totally smile-making. And I love how comfy the cat was once he was picked up, just as though that was what he wanted all along.

  95. My German friend says that this guy is from Switzerland, not Germany.

  96. Kitty wanted a kiss from the sexy weather man!

  97. Martha in Washington says:

    Barbarella-I’m sorry. I was talking about the stereotypical German that is all stern and dour and I was trying to be funny.

    BTW, both of my sons have taken German in high school.

  98. Cat presenters would certainly improve the forecasts.

  99. Martha in Washinton: Hey no worries. But that stereotype is just the OLD people in Germany – the younger generation isn´t like that at all! LOL

    And Tony James, your reply cracked me up ROFL! 😉

  100. Space Cowgirl says:

    Too cute to handle.

    Shouldn’t this be tagged under “Interspecies Snorgling”, though?

  101. i love how he kept his act together 100% all while giving the kitteh tons of love. you can almost see him swaying back and forth to soothe the kitteh.
    i sense a revolution in weather and news-casting.
    pets!!! cute, adorable, huggable, snorgable pets. kittehs, puppehs, hamhams, etc. now THAT is exciting television.

  102. Gail (the first one) says:

    @TonyJ: Brilllliant!!!!!!!!! Fits the “interior” weather here in my house. Usually “hot spots” down near my feet and very poor scores on the Blanket Mice round-up!!

  103. Hurrah for the Weatherman! That totally made my day! 🙂

  104. LMAO. I have never laughed so hard as when the tip of the tail appeared on screen. I wish I’d seen this on live TV.

  105. Actually, Joerg Kachelmann is Swis, not German. That explains why he stayed cool.

  106. Actually, Joerg Kachelmann is Swiss, not German. That explains why he stayed cool.

  107. Right, Minnie, because a German would never be able to keep his cool around a cat, eh? Pft, who cares where he’s from? he’s a capable scratcher that’s what counts!

  108. I think it was an attempt at alpine humor, Yama.

  109. Ja, that slanted Alpine humor.

  110. Kachelmann is all sorts of amazing, I mean I used to love watching the weather report as a kid and I sure as hell had no interest in meteorology