Pinup Pup (NSFW)

Sender-inner Justine S. noticed how much her pet Chihuahua, Boo Radley, posed like the famous pinup photograph of Marilyn Monroe.  We’ll get to the comparison in a moment, but first…

WARNING: The following post contains nudity, including naked female human boobies, which may, if improperly viewed, cost you your job, transform your innocent children into drooling sex maniacs, get you fined by the FCC, and generally hasten the collapse of American civilization. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!




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  2. berthaservant says:

    Commentroversy despite the caveats, I’m sure.

    To quote e.e. cummings:

    a pretty girl who naked is is worth a million statues

  3. Sometimes I wonder whether NMTOM will ever make a post that doesn’t mock something…

    You need to learn to enjoy life.

  4. Chee-wow-wow.

    To quote berthaservant:

    “e.e.cummings is da shite!”


  5. i love this! 😉

    and yay for the e.e. shout-out, b-serv.

  6. darkshines says:

    El oh el!

  7. I’ll take the wawa any day.

  8. Oh man, comparing the marvelous Marilyn Monroe to a twisted bug-eyed chihuahua???

    Well, actually, in this case only, it works.

  9. You said, ‘boobies’.


    Heh heheh heheh heheheh…Boobies.

  10. Boom chicka-wow-wow

    Boom chicka-wow-wow

  11. Michelle S. says:

    Yay! bewbs…


  12. This is cultural differences for you: I as a European will never get the danger of boobies. Roughly estimated, 50% of the world population have a pair.
    Thank you for that post, The Other Mike.

  13. Popping some corn and sitting back for the inevitable scheiss storm of commentroversy.

    Cute post, BTW. I hearted Marilyn.

  14. And some people just NEED to be offended.
    Muy cute post!

  15. I just recommended this site to a student at my school who loves animals. Thanks a lot, I hope I still have a job. I have never seen anything like this on this website. I thought it was appropriate for children. I don’t care what you say, it’s not funny or appropriate.

  16. @Cara: Funny you should bring that up. When I was writing this, I was sorely tempted to bring up the cultural differences between Europe and America on this point. As you might guess, I admire Europe’s calmer attitude.

  17. Oh noes! Not The Boobies of doom!
    No children – don’t look!
    *rolls eyes*

    srsly, kids see more sexualised images than this daily on TV – and NotMike censored them anyway.

  18. And the first ’nuff appears!

    I think the chee-wa-wa is keeeute!

  19. Gail (the first one) says:

    Okay, I misread “boobies” as “babies”, which was even more puzzlingks!

    To paraphrase Captain Renault in “Casablanca”:
    “If I were a man, I should be in love with Marilyn Monroe”

  20. It’s no good, the kids will soon realise, as I did, that if you squint, YOU CAN STILL SEE HER NIPS! And that’s on the pixelated one. You are so SCREWED CUTE OVERLOAD! You’ve gone too far this time, Boobies are THE DEVILS DOINGS! Boobies killed baby Jesus! Aiiiiiiieeeeee WSTOTC????


  21. love the parallel leg-censorship!

    concerned parties should click through & see that there are no actual boobies on display. i’ve gotten significantly more of an eyeful in the “cats n’ racks” section.

  22. balamuthia says:


    It’s the internet. Don’t recommend random image sites of any kind to kids, and the fact that something as tame as this might cost you your job is just the type of cultural ridiculousness that NTMTOM is mocking- and rightfully so.

  23. myhippo – condolences. Best thing to do is laugh it off. Sincerely.

    Maybe it will be frowned on by the student, etc. For many children of the world it is no big deal.

    Very attention-getting, NTMTOM. Timing is everything?

  24. well, thanks a lot. i was just leading a Storytime Session in the Vatican library, with my family, for 150 4-year old kids being chaperoned by elderly nuns, and presided over by the Pope. I decided to show them some funny animals to get things started.
    Now I’ve been excommunicated, beaten with rulers, had a scarlet “P” sewn into my shirt, and my parents have disowned me. Half of the nuns are in the hospital, the kids are turning to drugs and prostitution, and God is bringing up the sea to swallow Vatican city for its sinfulness. I’m out of work, hellbound, my kids have been taken by protective services, and i’m shooting heroin to deal with the pain. Thanks CO. REAL APPROPRIATE.

  25. Sometimes I don’t know what I love more: The post or the people whining about the post. Keep it up CO. <3

  26. Oh that Mike! 😉 Maybe now more people will click to vote for CO as best pet blog! 😀

  27. More posts like this, and my vote just might go to F.uck You, Penguin.

  28. myhippo-

    Back when I very first found this site, I ALMOST mentioned this site to a mom for whom I worked as a nanny (her kids love chihuahuas). But here’s what you have to do: before you recommend something, scope it out first. This is DEFINITELY not the first “adult” reference on this site. By far. In fact, of all of them, this one might be the most artistic.

  29. Who but CO could produce CUTE CAPTIONING?!

  30. And by captioning I mean CENSORING! oops!

  31. geneticlemon says:

    Lol, Cephi. Crazy kids.

  32. charliewabba says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it is totally awesome that the wah-wah is named Boo Radley?
    Hey there, Boo.

  33. kibblenibble says:

    @ James: Personally, I savor the genious posts of NOMTOM the most. Perhaps that is because they are a bit edgy, and always extremely creative and funny, generating fantastic conversations from all of us “comment posting peeps.”

  34. AuntieMame says:

    I’m completely offended.

    Because when I click the picture, half of the wa-wa is cut off. And it won’t scroll to show me the rest of it.

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Much better, NOMTOM. Thank you!

  36. Haha, love the chihuahua’s name. I don’t think Harper Lee’s Boo Radley was nearly as sexy as this one, though.

  37. I can’t be the only person to think “but you can’t see her wa-wa” just then.

  38. Well as someone who bathes in a long cotton shift so as not to be offended by my own nudity I am shocked, SHOCKED, that anyone could possibly be shocked, SHOCKED! Love the puppy pose. (Does that make the photo “pupcake?”)

  39. What’s interesting I’ve seen that photo of Marilyn Monroe, sans the black strip, printed in books of artistic photography. And many nude paintings that were considered pornographic when they were first made are now considered high art, such as Manet’s Olympia, which could be posted here without so much as a peep of complaint.

    Which begs the question: what makes Marilyn Monroe NSFW and Olympia perfectly fine, despite the fact that they both have the same level of nudity, and have just as much sexual undertones?

  40. Marilyn is clearly way hotter than Olympia.

  41. myhippo

    It’s kind of your own fault you recommended it ^^; Should have kept in mind that this site is not marketed toward children, so it’s not really the site’s fault… they shouldn’t have to censor things for a market that isn’t even supposed to be looking at CO. The rest of us think it’s funny….I hopes cuz I dooo!!

  42. Wow, in pretty bad taste. Nothing wrong with breasts, the problem is the responses from men, the problem is what is written over them here.

  43. @BB:
    So the more attractive the subject is, the more NSFW/pornographic the piece of art is?

  44. what? the iconic “the only thing i had on was the radio!” picture of marilyn monroe is co(men)troversial? even behind a cut, with a NSFW label, AND with those dangerous, corrupting nipples censored??? jeez, i had this picture (uncensored) on my bedroom wall when i was 10 (as part of a poster that was a collage of marilyn pics), and my parents were with me when i bought it. next someone will be offended by the venus di milo.

    if it were me, though, NTMTOM, i would have put little CO ham face over each one.

  45. *Educated- I think “what is written over them here” is intended to be ridiculous, making fun of those who think breasts are all-powerful evil-doers not saying they actually are. Unless I’m just not following you.

    *Elle- yes, it is like when someone gets Battle Royale or South Park for their 4 year old niece because, “hey, it’s a cartoon and those are for kids right?”

  46. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  47. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  48. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  49. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  50. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  51. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I was under the impression that a person could vote for CO for best pet blog on a daily basis. I did vote yesterday, but they won’t let me vote today. Is it a one-time thing, after all? Vote, peeps! This is an awesome site (OK, I’m biased), even with the occasional commentroversy.

  52. @Alex: Maybe. Maybe we’re all still so repressed the sheer shame at our own arousal causes us to express the most outrage.

    I dunno though, I think Mike should post the Olympia some day and see if it really does go without comment… some people hate boobies no matter the context. 😦

  53. LOL Anner too funny….

  54. kibblenibble says:

    Boomer’s Babysitter: You have to wait at least 24 hours between votes. Try again later, because we have to get out the stoat. Nobody’s better than CO, baby! 🙂

  55. Peeps-and I do mean you, NOMTOM gave you the option of not opening the picture. That MM picture has become an icon and I can’t really believe that one could not tell what the content was through the pixilation.

    No, this is not a children’s site, although my children are always welcome. They are older and understand the way of the world pretty well. The comments range from erudite to smutty and through to clever and to people in need of a little support now and then. Some of us have had awful days and some are sharing their glee and announcing to each other, a caring community of ‘dorks’ and ‘tools’ and ‘geeks’ ‘bloviators’ and ‘sermonizers’ and ‘naughty-naughty boys’ (and girls), and we revel in each others’ triumphs, try to pick up the pieces when they shatter and sometimes we talk about just plain ‘stuff’.

    It would take years to truly analyze this site, and no one does or would, because, just like explaining a joke, it takes a lot of the fun out of it.

    So, Peeps, we do share and bloviate and blow off a little steam, but no, it isn’t a site for those whose tastes are not eclectic and at at times, a bit ribald. I just love the people I have ‘met’ ‘here’.

  56. Hear, hear, Katrina!

  57. @BB:
    You bring up a very good point. It seems like prudish reactions against things like naked breasts seem to not stem from them being offensive. Unlike genitalia, breasts serve no direct function to the process of mating, and I think few people would consider them vulgar.

    Rather, it seems prudes object to naked breasts because of the possible reaction people would have to them. Which is a rather poor opinion of humanity, if you ask me, that we cannot manage ourselves and need to be sheltered from that which excites us.

  58. Strangely enough, if you let your eyes go blurry enough, it counteracts the pixellation and you can see more detail than you thought you would.

  59. Thank you, anner.

  60. All the nuffers are jealous because they don’t look as good naked as these two hotties!

  61. Cephi – If I was drinking milk, it would be coming out of my nose right now.

    NTMTOM – The warning is excellently written. As an American I have never gotten our aversion to nudity. Why is it boobies, etc are considered more insidious than guns, bombs and Hostel-esqe violence?

    And Marilyn is an icon – there are statues in museums more “risque” than that picture. Thanks for a pic of one of my idols. And the chi-hua-hua is cute too.

  62. Square X=17, Y=10 (with 1, 1 being the upper left) is the right nipple.

    Just remove that square, and replace it with a plain square of approximately the same color, and all the nuffers will be happy!

  63. Karen in Toronto says:

    Ya know, I useta look like that. The chichi, I mean

  64. And the same red background, to boot!

  65. The wawa even has its privacy tail in full engagement. Very modest, I’d say. And utterly HYS-TER-ICK-CALLLL!!!

  66. Hey myhippo! How long ago did YOU go to teacher school? Nowadays they teach us things like: don’t recommend sites to kids unless you know ALLLLLL about them. It’s not on the Praxis, but it’s good to know.

    Oh, and the high school (well, okay…all girls, but private and religious) I just finished my ART student teaching was pretty open about the whole art, nudity, Olympia, thing. One girl gave a presentation on an artist who did exceptionally explicit stuff later in his life. She put the school logo over the private parts. Hi-frickin’-larious.

  67. Here’s what I take exception to: The post has its “Pups” tag, naturally, but no “Primates” tag? SPECIESISM!!!

  68. (I mean, I suppose I could just, y’know, *fix* it, but where’s the self-righteousness in that?)

  69. Are you kidding myhippo?? You have seen the ‘cats in racks’ page, no?

    I’m offended that the bewbies are covered up.

  70. I agree with Meredith. I think sending the message that naked breasts is the real problem with showing kids nudity. Were suppose to be proud. And by God I am!! I love this website so much. I’m always the lurker and Ive finally decided to comment. I feel like I know everyone and I feel so completely welcome! Love CO!

  71. Reminds me of a controversy that we discussed manymany years ago on a Usenet newsgroup, and that was how the human breast is the most beautiful, perfect object in nature, so long as there is a baby attached to it. If there’s no baby, then it instantly becomes something designed to destroy moral society as we know it, and far too dangerous to be viewed.

  72. @Educated and myhippo

    Would you feel better if the responses were from a woman? Here goes-I think these are hilarious. I think Marilyn Monroe was a gorgeous, healthy looking woman and this photo, while showing a bit more skin than your average pin up, depicts that. If my kid had to see a naked woman on the interwebs, I’d much rather have them see that than what passes for sexy these days in the mainstream media. Boobs happen. Get over it. Besides, dogs need titillation too. Pun intended. 🙂

  73. berthaservant says:

    I am about to go see a monologue festival at the university at which I teach and the final piece has the performer stripping and ordering the audience to get naked (well, asking, not ordering). So, I’ll keep this very brief. 🙂 Whatever you think you are protecting your kids from by hiding body parts, you’re not protecting them from that. Children associating their natural bodies with shame is one of the most destructive forces in our culture, and completely unproductive because by the time they are 13 years old they will be doing everything in their power to see what you don’t want them to see. So just re-lax.

  74. Sorry to say but ya all are evil. It is an absolutely established SCIENTIFIC FACT that if a boy sees a single nipple (even if pixalated) before the age of 18 he will grow up to be one of them sex preverts.

  75. I can independently and anecdotally confirm Dave T’s findings.

  76. linguafranka says:

    this is so funny!

  77. Okay Dave T, milk did not come out of my nose, but I did spit a little all over my keyboard. 🙂

  78. totalee puppy says:

    Decca…”pupcake” Great!!

  79. Katrina–That’s profound.
    The ideas on CO are always
    worth reading.

  80. hamster-on-rye says:

    Emilee…Welcome! Hope to hear from you again.

  81. VictoriaL says:

    It’s art! Get over it!

    and this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in forever! long live Boo Radley!

    nice post CO!

  82. collegestudentsoontobegraduateinfeministstudies says:

    All of you men need to just shut up on this topic. You do NOT understand why this is offensive to some people. Marilyn Monroe is a sex symbol. She is admired either because people masturbate to her or on a more intellectual level because she was so sexually oppressed, raped so many times, and allegedly murdered for her affair w/ JFK. The thing that is offensive is women being portrayed in general as sex symbols, which keeps them perpetually oppressed. I, personally, am not offended by this post, and I have no problems with Marilyn Monroe. I admire her for her strength and for what she endured. I am offended at the men who try to tell women what they should and should not be offended by in terms of their own sexuality or sexuality in general. All in all, I just wanted to say that most of you don’t know what you’re talking about…. but in that respect, why am I posting this… I don’t know, but I feel compelled to post in anyway so here goes…

  83. porn bailout says:

    I thought this was cuteoverload, not pornoverload! Guess puppies takes on a new meaning here now.

  84. LOL at the assumption that those who says that others shouldn’t be offended is is automatically a man.

    I just want to say that I’m a woman and I wasn’t offended by this at all. I found this post hilarious, and even found the controvery hilarious. XD

    It’s interesting how a child will have a breast in its face for the first few years in its life, then after it’s weaned it’s oh no so offensive!

    Have a laugh once in a while, people. To me you’re not going to survive in the world if you’re so closed minded all the time.

  85. Already graduated with an equally useless degree says:

    As someone who has already graduated from university, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents and say that just because you did the equivalent of four years learning about something in a classroom does not make you the be all and end all on a topic. Consider the experience that people have had here in the real world before you start quoting the things you’ve read (and not experienced).

  86. FYI, Collegestudentsoonbllahblahblah is an obvious troll. And rule number 1 about trolls is not to feed them.

  87. Creative, funny awesomeness is not always completely toothless and bland.
    That is why we love this site.
    I thought this post rocked!

  88. I think it’s hilarious how someone can go to college and totally adapt a big fat attitude from some purportedly know-it-all professors, an attitude that seldom has any true bearing in the real world, and that the person will insist they are right simply because they are college edumacated. They rant that because they have been indoctrinated to a certain viewpoint, and insist the rest of us most certainly must be wrong if we done’t agree. They are just buying someone’s radical viewpiont hook, line and sinker and not looking at the real world for themeselves, evaluating each individual situation on an individual basis.

    I am college educated, but was taught early on to think for myself. I find the entry clever, unoffensive and funny. I will never be offended because someone else thinks I should be.

    Great going, oh great and wonderful NTMTOM!

  89. Major wardrobe malfunction.

  90. wait…why didn’t someone tell me sooner that getting a degree automatically changed all your options on your chosen subject into hard facts? i mean, i’ve always hated celine dion, but now that i have a master’s degree in music, i guess that means that i can say with absolute authority that her incessant bellowing is a blight on humanity. and if you’re not a singer, you are not allowed to have an opinion!

    incidentally, where is this college where they teach you that men can’t have opinions on women’s issues? because a bit of academic support for being a domineering harpy could really help me out in my marriage.

  91. My son (aged 9) looks at this site. He doesn’t get half the gags, and he might squeal “oooh, boobies!” at this one, to which the response will be “No kidding *rolleyes*”.

  92. balamuthia says:


    Hahahaha! I love how women’s studies students think because they’ve read a couple of Betty Friedan books they have the right to call the rest of us “misguided”. As a female I am far more offended by your arrogance and pseudo-intellectual garbage than I have been by anything else here.

  93. methinks ‘collegestudentblahblahblah’ is the same little troll who blasted many of us as not being feminists simply because we didn’t hate all men a few commentroverseys ago, no?

    Bottom line, I’m a woman in my mid 30’s, have boobs and am proud of them and like them and am not in the least bit offended by the vast majority of images of nudity and/or sexuality. I’ve got my lines in the sand, all of us do, but naked Marilyn Monroe or kittens tucked into a woman’s shirt are not even close to that line in the sand.

    Boobs are not offensive. No matter what someone trys to tell you. If you truely believe they are and have a pair, I hear they have surgery now for that.

  94. LOL@ Dave!!! oh brother I just spit coffee out….

    puppy is cute too btw (lol)

  95. Notice Berthaservant didn’t indicate his intended level of audience participation. Mmhmm.

  96. I _was_ letting my 5 year old granddaughter watch your site and thought it was safe. I will NEVER look here again and will make sure everyone who reads my blog knows you put offensive stuff here. She can’t read but knows how to click. Thanks a lot for ruining a good thing.

  97. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Marilyn was a beautiful, wonderful woman and the world would have been a better place if she had been in it longer. Exposed breasts and all!
    I can’t believe that people think cruelly keeping primates as pets is not offensive, but then get their knickers in a twist over a couple of nude breasts. How ridiculous. Sums up what is wrong with this world in a nutshell.

  98. WHAT? no link to the blog? lol s’ok.

    whoo hoo on achieving “R” rated status in grannys eyes folks LMAO

  99. Nuffers need to grow up and get a life! I have had more offensive content in my “junk” e-mail folder. NTMTOM took every precaution to let people know not to view the pics if you are offended and he blocked the most explicit part. If you clicked and were offended then it’s your own fault.

    As for the kids….why is a 5 year old using the internet without supervision! This is why parents, grandparents, and other guardians need to monitor their children. Actually this could be a great “teachable moment” for children on the different reactions to sexualized pictures and references.

    Nuffers have made my headache worse!

    BTW, is Hef coming out with a puppy version or something. Playpup maybe. Wait they are called “bunnies” right, maybe Playbun. What? Animals need to dream too.

  100. hahhahaha so good!!

    made my monday! thanks!

  101. Claudia — eh? What link? Do you have one?

  102. wannadance says:

    know what i think is really really dirty?

    some peeps trying to make other peeps feel ashamed.

    that’s what.

    i always wonder what the former have stashed away for academic purposes, to decide for us, they must pore over stuff and not realize they are drooling.

    i feel sorry for them cause they are stupid. but sorrier for the shamed ones cause that is mean.

    FWIW: i don’t think anyone here is a shamer. i think the beloved NOMTOM was mocking them.

    boobies forever!! babies love them!!

  103. Oh no Theo, I meant to type “Lindy: what no link to the blog?” but was laughing to hard and missed it. heh.

  104. Ummm….my comment here seems to be missing. I didn’t think it was that bad?

  105. Failboat 9000 says:

    If boobies are bad, then C.O. MUST be a den of sin and perversion! I mean – sure, there are 2 half covered people boobies; (so does that make one WHOLE boob?) but there are THOUSANDS of other boobies here too! How many boobies do puppies have! (Oh noes! Underaged nekkid pitchures! ) And what about kitty-mamas?!? And Walruses! And hedgehoglets!!! And SNAKES!!! O.o

    They don’t.

    But STILL!

    Ahem ahem… you should AAAAAALLLLL be ashamed of yourselves… (Xp) lookin at nekkid aminals all day… ^_~
    {smothered rofling sounds ensue}{hee! I sed ‘ensue’.}

  106. Failboat 9000 says:

    Oh yeah – on that note; you all should read this:

    <3 to all - except dem booby-haetin' nuffers. :p
    (Ah, ok, them too.)

  107. ThreeCatNight says:

    Brings back a memory of when we were kids, and my father had an original MM nude calendar pose necktie, of all things. My mother made him get rid of it. Would’ve been quite a bit of memorabilia now.

  108. The Other One Michelle says:

    My dad had MM sunglasses. The eye sections were her boobies and her legs were the ear pieces. Now that I think about it, they were kind of ridiculous, but man, I loved to dig in my dad’s bottom dresser drawer to show them to all my friends. Go boobies!

  109. thak you, failboat 900. now i know the proper onomatopoeia is for the sound of snorggling my kitty’s belleh


  110. Nina Simone sang “Boobies” in her performance of “Ain’t Got No… I’ve Got Life”

    Yeap. Awesomeness.

  111. wannadance says:

    and nina simone is just the tits!! (in memory: george carlin)…

    i really love her. fave song: little girl blue.

  112. f- yeah! now i can get my cute overload and masturbation done at the same time!

  113. apparently u cant say the m-word on this site. so i’ll try again *ahem* just wanted to say f yeah! now i can get my cuteness and get off at the same time! thats wut americas all about. & remove the censorship already. girlies = made for my pleasure. says so in da bible, so all u haters just get over it

    [This is not the government. This is our house. Censorship does not apply. Also, you are an asswipe. – Ed.]

  114. i wish we had more tit-taaays on here.

    eff to all the HATERS! you no likey? no read-y and feel free to rollerskate on past, fools!!!!!

    Marilyn is the ultimate. the pic of the wa-wa is hilarity. loves all of it.

    i <3 Cute Overload. bring on boobs. bring on the snark, the sarcasm, the originality. bring it all on, 24/7.

    loves it. LOVES IT.

    the haters can suck it. 🙂

  115. Eeesh, if it ain’t the furries who complain the most…

    Thank GOD for Marilyn’s gorgeous *UNFUNF* pin-up. It compensates for that little rat posing like her. The hua-hua might look cute imitating Lady Monroe but that’s not a dog… :<

  116. To Cara who posted way up there *points up*

    As far as I know probably more than 50% of the world as I have seen some guys with boobies too.

  117. I just love this site all the more.

  118. I wonder why adults get so upset over “boobies”. Most human beings have suckled on them! It’s no big deal, people should just get over themselves. Their KIDS wouldn’t make a big deal over breasts if they didn’t blush about them. I’ve always thought it unfair that men can go topless and women can’t, btw.

    MM was a classic beauty. No one should be upset about seeing her that way. It’s a great bit of photographic art.

    Nice pup too.

  119. ButtaRumCake says:

    …and these anti-boobie nuffers are prolly the same people who stare @ dogs humping on the sidewalk…


  120. ButtaRumCake-*snerk*, I bet you are right!

    Just because we can say stuff doesn’t mean we should or have to. I agree that MM was a beautiful woman, and I am aware of the context of her life. Those two things alone gives me pause, to give her respect.


  121. Hi Katrina! *waves in a northerly direction*

  122. OO, anner- thanks, now I see you, the guy in the green Volvo just moved out of the way on I-91! HI! Think about coming to see us at Woolsey Hall on March 21st or 22nd(not yet sure which one will have the performance).

    How is the snow removal? It was awful 20 years ago, when I last lived there.

  123. K – Well, it depends on the neighborhood. We used to live in Newhallville, and it was atrocious (as was every other municipal service…), but the downtown area isn’t bad, and we live in East Rock now (just over the Hamden line, actually), where it’s pretty good.

    I will certainly try and come! And FYI in return, I’ll be singing in the choruses of the Magic Flute at Yale (Feb. 3-15) and Daughter of the Regiment at CT Opera (opens March 6 in Hartford). Also doing a role in a new opera at Wesleyan on March 28. I haven’t even put these on my performance blog yet, which just goes to show you how important a fellow cuteologist is!

  124. I’ll have to do my research and look those up- thanks!K.

  125. More boobs! And God Bless America