Get out the Stoat part 2 of 4

Wa_finalist_2008_150x100 Annoyed-with-me Sender-Inner Nuova S. sez:

You gotta tell them to vote, foo’! Tell Teh Qte™ communitteh to vote for your heinie in the 2008 Weblog awards! How much better is Cute Overload compared to F*** You Penguin? (spreads arms far apart) THIS MUCH WAY BETTER!


You can vote once a day UNTIL TUESDAY!



  1. berthaservant says:

    Ahhhh!!! I just heard!!! I’m voting, I’m voting, I’m voting!!!!

  2. berthaservant says:

    We are in THIRD people!!!! THIS IS UN-FREAKING-ACCEPTABLE!!!!

  3. VERY un freaking acceptable!!!!! F***U penguin, OMG!! Just the name, as I have not visited the site, seems deplorable. Cuteoverload is just that, exactly. I voted!!!!!

  4. renee in tx says:

    Well I, for one, voted for CO, my fav. And just why are these people swearing at penguins anyway?????

  5. Peeps- this vulgar penguin site must be put in its place.
    We have far more clout that they, so please, I implore you, vote for decency and teh qte. It is the correct way to go. Penguins should not be sworn at or sworn about. ‘Penguin power to ma peeps’, their tailios, their feetsies. Yes, swearing just to prove that one {can} swear at or about a penguin- childish, sophomoric and utterly unnecessary. Go peeps! Arise-all we have to lose is our collective dignity!
    Right now I am listening to PDQ Bach- Theresa, I am invoking you to do the same! It is the “Music for An Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion” CD. Have a fluffy day, peeps! Vote! Collective dignity be darned I do love PDQ! But vote anyway or I’ll keep typing!

  6. snorglepup says:

    Yes. Who are these people?
    Save the penguins! Vote for CO!!!11!

  7. I agree – we must outvote penguin people! FU Penguin has cute pictures and not-cute text. Gets old quickly.

    Vote CO all the way!!!!

  8. My CO friends: Of course we should all vote for CO immediately and every day. But I will say about F U Penguin that it is a lovely place for those of us who feel annoyed by nuffers. It is an environment where nuffers do not tread. If you are a peep who loves play with language (all language, not just that approved by Sunday-school teachers) and you love the qte, you might check it out. The reindeer post there delighted me almost as much as the “No Exit Strategy Whatsoever” post of this week. Of course, CO is my first and best love and therefore gets my vote. Vote like a baby stoat!

  9. Selina's Mommy says:

    i went to that penguin website and….lets just say we better step this up

  10. So far I have voted on my Home computer we have until the 13th of January people vote every day on each of your computers… We must prevail.. That goofy penguin site must not win!!!!!!

  11. I checked out Eff-you Penguin for the first time just now. Wow. The vulgar language and general negativity throughout that blog is just off-putting to me. It’s also sad; sad that so many people prefer that kind of message. But then again, society seems to be moving in a downward spiral anyway, so I’m not surprised. I hope CO continues to take the high road, though. It’s not all about winning.

  12. I’m sorry, I love Cute Overload, but F*** You Penguin makes me LOL. It’s OK to enjoy both.

  13. I looked at the FUP site and I don’t see the point of cursing at animals… Cute is cute, how can you make it evil like that?! Plus, most of those pictures have been on here already… with SWEET & FUNNY CAPTIONS!

  14. I didn’t know about Eff You, Penguin. Thanks! :3

  15. After reading the above post and comments, I’ve just voted for F u c k You Penguin. You people make me ever so slightly nauseous.


  16. If you go over to the FU site, they are saying all kinds of bad thing about us CO’ers, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, LIKE A LITTLE STOAT, and crush those foul mouthed penquin haters into the mud!!!!

    [I wouldn’t call this approach “taking the high road”, would you? – Ed.]

  17. Woah, hold up. CO gettin’ wupped, by FUP?

    This calls for a song…

    “Take me down to the Overload City!
    Where yer @ss is bleen and the girls show their ti—–!”


    No, srsly. Naow zat vee have your attenshon:

    (whistlin’, toe-tappin’)
    “Tailios for sale or rent, …baroos to let fifty cents.
    No photoshop, no poop, no Neopets, I aint got no regrets!
    Ah but, two hours in the CO Chat Room,
    And everybody knows your nom-nom de plume.
    Teho’s the man of bleens by no bleens, on Cute Overload!!!”

  18. Awww, I love F*** You Penguin! Comparing it to CO is like comparing…well, comparing Sarah Silverman to Ellen. One’s vulgar and hilarious; the other’s clever and hilarious.

    Of course, CO is my first love, so I’ll always stay loyal. Second place now!

  19. Yeah, I’ve got to say that it’s pretty obvious that CO is a way more superior site. Especially since they were the ones that called out FUP first! They are, like, WAY more mature and I’m sooooo going to vote for them!!!!11

    Grow up, people.

  20. berthaservant says:

    I prefer Sarah Silverman to Ellen any day, but I also prefer C.O. to ANYTHING!

  21. Oh noes ! We must catch up, Overloaders !! Step on the stoat !! (well, only figuratively.)

    And no one talks to penguins like that in front of me, am not going near that site. Hmff !

  22. Checked out FYP : uncute, verbose, arrogant and unfunny.

    Vote, vote, vote like the proverbial stoat, all ye peeps !

  23. I am as always a co lover but really the FUP site is pretty funny.
    IT is just different as is ICHZB.. which I also enjoy.


  24. Come on CO peeps FUP is NOTHING compared to CO. VOTE VOTE VOTE LIKE A BABY STOAT!!!!!!! CO all the way!

  25. Eek, Right now:
    1. F*** You Penguin (my sentiments exactly): 8235 votes (52%)
    2. C.O.: 3021 votes (19.1%)

    We’re not even close! But at least we got past that darned cheezburger site.

  26. Woot! Second place! FUP is like 5,000 votes ahead of us.

    I think I may put this on my Facebook status now 🙂

  27. I might like to add that the FUP folks are nuts. We’re just competing, fair and square. They are saying things to the effect of, “We’re winning and they’re jealous of our success. They need a dose of reality!”

    I don’t have anything against FUP and I don’t think many people ’round here do, either. However, CO is and will remain my first love. I’ve enjoyed stuff at the other sites, I’ll admit it! But the only one I check regularly is CO. I love the stuff we get here, I love the people here, and I love all the witty things around here (people make songs/poems, make punny comments…makes my day!)


  28. FUP will prevail. resistance is futile.

  29. FUP is pretty much the best thing ever, but don’t worry you guys are pretty damn cute too. For those of you who think the site is merely vulgar and insulting, you’re clearly missing the point. How funny that two cute animal sites could be battling it out in such a way. Have you seen Dennis?!

  30. Charles, move. Away.

  31. Agreed Charles. FUP is mopping the floor with cute overload.

  32. holligans says:

    Pyrit, that was fabulous – loved both your “ditties”!

    “…man of bleens by no bleens…”
    hee hee!!

  33. these sites are all apples and oranges but, naturally, CO gets my vote!!!!!!

  34. Alex Colby says:

    I have voted. For F*** You, Penguin. Because it’s better! Much, much better. But thanks for the reverse promotion here.

    F*** you, Cute Overload, for the “Qte™” bs if for no other reason.

    [That’s fine. You are very, very obviously not a member of our target audience. In the long term, though, you may find that you’re not be the most welcome member of FUP’s audience, either. Learn civility. It helps. – Ed.]

  35. As a few others have said, those who think FUP is simply vulgar and hateful are missing the boat entirely.

    I don’t know the author, but I honestly think the site is sort of based on Fonzie. (Remember Happy Days?) Imagine Fonzie, putting on his “so much badder than you” show in front of the hot girls, being so cool and untouchable, and then a tiny baby kitten goes by and mews at him.

    This is The FONZ, y’all – he can’t ADMIT that the kitten’s adorable. He can’t squeal and say “Oh, I want to hold it!” He has to keep up his black-leather macho-man appearance. He has to pretend to be unmoved, impervious – perhaps even pretend to *hate* cats, and this cat in particular. “Fnck you, kitten! You aren’t all that!”

    But when no one’s looking, you’d better believe that kitten’s going to be smuggled upstairs for warm milk and snuggles, tucked gently and safely inside Fonzie’s leather jacket.

    Then, when Richie or Chachi bursts in unexpectedly and catches the Fonz playing “hand-spider’s-gonna-get-you-oh-yes-it-is” with the kitten… “This d@mn kitten! I keep trying to strangle it but it’s got nine lives!”

    Do you get it now? (You don’t have to *LIKE* it, but do try to *understand* it, at least.)

  36. snorglepup says:

    I get it. I don’t like it.
    Hey peeps, lets all hold hands (first gently put down the kittys) and say:
    “We love CO and are proud of it!”
    OK, you may resume snorgling now.

  37. but i love you both!!! (i hate it when mommy and daddy fight!)

  38. agreed with aboves…i get f*** you penguin, and it isn’t funny. as in, it is not clever and and it is boring. let’s show ’em that cute overload will prevail!
    (raises paw in defiance)

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’ve not peered into the world of F-penguin, but if the commenters from there are any indication of the caliber… I think I’ll pass. Rude is the nicest word I can come up with. It’s fine if people think it’s funny, and want to surf over there. Be my guest. But to come on the board here and tell us to F-off?! Not gettin’ my vote even if it’s funny. I don’t find it funny, even if you’re “kidding.” Humor is not insulting if it’s clever enough.

  40. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Argh! I voted yesterday, and it won’t let me do it again – I thought this was a daily thing we could do! I don’t think I was so late last night that it was already tomorrow/today somewhere else in the US…

  41. I get it, “e”, but like “snorglepup”, I still don’t like it. Just not my kind of humor. And I’m no prude. I have my “sick twisted freak!” (to steal a Glenn Beck expression) moments 🙂

  42. e- think what you want- but, I’m going to ask you, has self-deception always been one of your strong points?

    I like Fonzi- but I just don’t see the analogy. Fonzi was never mean or mean spirited, and he never used fowl language, that was one of his charms. He stopped before innocent people got got hurt.

    It is a big, wide wonderful world out there and I have found my niche, thnkuvrymch.

  43. i like Cute Overload to feel warm and fuzzy, but angry bitter and funny is much more clever and intelligent and adorableness. Sorry, its the 21st century, people! Plus, as a college educator I am sick of my student writing LOLs and using informal language like CO uses in their assignments. FORMAL LANGUAGE IS A VIRTUE OF THE EMPLOYABLE, BITCHES!

    [Puh-lease. Cute Overload isn’t, first of all. And y’know, for the most part, I agree. Proper English is something folks are supposed to learn in school, isn’t it? Along with (ahem) creative writing? – Ed.]

    [Also, formal language wasn’t a requirement of *my* employment, and I say this as the guy who compiled & wrote the Glossary (which is long overdue for an update, sigh). It depends on what you want to do, and where you want to work. – Ed.]

  44. Is there any reason we can’t ask any of our sister sites to endorse us?

  45. Now I can’t even get to the site,

  46. If you really want to win, you need to post some monkey sex pics right away.

    Either that or NFL cheerleaders. Sure, cheerleaders are off topic, but — do you want to win?

  47. ^
    The foregoing advice comes from a regular reader of FUP, so, consider the source.

    [“Girl I want to show you (show you), my jungle love! Yes! OH EE OH EE OH” – Ed.]

  48. I went to see what this cursing-at-waterfowl blog was about after voting for CO. It was amusing, but is it just me, or is it like Stephen Colbert’s ‘Bears’ spiel spun out indefinitely?

  49. You, Pyrit, are Hi-larious!

  50. Shadyman — that’s all I ask.

  51. Oh my LOL — I hadn’t seen Pyrit’s G’n’R paraphrase until now. *SNORT*

    [grinding Slash riff]

  52. re: F-U Penguin — think of it as the Stephen Colbert to our Jon Stewart.

    (OK, you got me. I really just want CO compared to The Daily Show.)

    (The Silverman/DeGeneres analogy is better, really.)

  53. Nik – Hi to you too!

    Theo – the other one’s King of the Road.

  54. I like FU Penguin. Not to say that I wouldn’t potentially like CO as well. But I must vote with my heart, which seems to respectfully disagree with most posters here. May the best site win!

  55. Pyrit — ah, OK, I hear it now. (“King of the Road” isn’t in my iPod.)

  56. Pyrit, I’ve been humming King of the Road since you first posted. What?! I can’t hear you. I’ve got an earworm…

  57. WaffleCat says:

    I voted! Now off to mark my CO calendar!

  58. You don’t stand a chance against FUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. totalee puppy says:

    I waited 24 hours and just voted again. We’re now more than halfway to showing
    FUPenguin who wears the
    ham-i-loons in this game!
    Keep voting!!

  60. Hahahahhahahha
    I like that people are getting angry on here.
    FU Penguin all the way!!!!

  61. Raemie L. says:

    Methinks that in the end, the site owners of CO and FUP are enjoying more site traffic from visitors of both sites. I checked out FUP, and I agree with the others who have said FUP and CO simply have different approaches to style in humor.

    My pseudo-analytical take? I think the curse words some find offensive, as well as the style of humor, are best read as an approach using self-defensive humor to show indirectly (yet using coarse lang how a subject affects that author. In other words, it’s not the curse words themselves that is most effectual (for some people ;P), but the author’s reaction to the subject that I think people are finding funny, which isn’t going to be appealing to everyone, but few things will, and no one’s obligated. Choice, ain’t it great? On CO, Meg has used this kind of approach with the, “The Japanese are kicking/handing us our asses again (by coming up with cuter photos and products of animals)” posts.

    It seems some readers on CO and FUP are misreading the other site’s posts by putting more judgement on the readers’ comments and taking in less time to discern a collection of the authors’ posts. While I’m at it, I add that CO, ICHC, and FUP have all used pictures others have posted, and largely, it’s the authors’ written content keeps people coming.

    CO, FUP and cross-over readers:
    Hopefully you won’t get carried away and forget that this is all a fun competition not meant to be taken so seriously. Let people enjoy these sites.

  62. Raemie L. says:

    Oh, poop. I didn’t even realize the cursor was right above the Post button. One tap on the trackpad and ‘bam’. I wasn’t even sure about posting that and I was still editing. Theo, could you please delete this post and my previous comment?

    [Why? I mean, possibly you’re overthinking, but I don’t see anything objectionable or wrong with what you’ve written… – Ed.]

  63. Nooo… we must vote for CO! I went to FUP and just the site name alone repelled me. Sure, they do have cute photos but nowhere can FUP compare to CO in terms of webdesign, color scheme, choice of Clever, Cute and Cultured Caption (oH my god did I just say 4 C in a row??)

    Oh and oh, cuteness photos that speaks so much and made me LOL and smile everytime I’m here in CO!

    Ehn! Peeps, we muzt vote fur CO! XD

  64. Ahhh nooooo. We have only got 4000++ votes while FUP has 10000++ votes! How can this be?!

    Pardon my outburst.. I just feel… sad. ='(

  65. If the language doesn’t offend one’s delicate sensibilities, FUP is uproarously funny. It is just friendly competition, though, to put it in perspective. They’re both quality sites that greatly enrich the web experience of thousands of people. No need to declare everlasting and exclusive loyalty to one of the other.

    Are we really taking sides and making rude comments over a blog award? The vast majority of readers have no substantial personal stake in the outcome, so let’s keep it friendly and stop dumping on one or the other of the sites, shall we?

  66. Heh. I think it’s possible to take sides, yet still be polite and generous.

  67. FU Pengin rocks! This site is really lame. I am voting for FUP (you can delete my comment, but you can’t delete my vote!!)

  68. Boy, that argument really changed *my* mind.

  69. I am going to the library this afternoon and I am going to vote on every computer I can get my hot little hands on!

    also I will vote from work

    Down with vulgar penguin sites!

  70. @Theo – Yeah, I was thinking of not posting or cutting the two middle paragraphs, which are my attempts at relieving mental constipation, if not quite mental wanking.
    Sleepy and irritated state of mind and a keyboard is not a good mix. Caution, I shall work on eet.

  71. But I loooooooove both sites. No use fighting over some web award.

  72. Well, it’s worth COMPETING for, sure. A little light-hearted trash talking? No biggie. Fighting, though? Even in broom hockey that’d be a penalty.

  73. Cute overload is for Emo’s! FUP is honestly the best thing this owrld has to offer! you sisi’s can try all you want (go to the libraries, enternet cafes, whatever) but you know ho wit is going to end! Deal with it!

  74. Dear Theo- I am just so depressed. I have no hope in this world of ever coming close to the erudition or even the keen-razor-sharp with of the people whose sole purpose in life seems to be to instill in me my natural inferiority. (*sigh*). Oh, Theo, you and the Peeps have walked me down the garden path of despair and angst, and I have no one to blames for this but my poor, poor inferior self and I just can’t hang on to the sham that is my life. Ohhhhhhh, deeeeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrr. Here I go into the oblivion that O so richly deserve….

    *Sheesh*! Even {{{I’m}}} a better typist that Mr. “McYou know ho wit is going to endPants”.

    What a creep. What a way to live-feh.

  75. LOL. Yeah, what an insult to the memory of the *real* Tom Servo, may he rust in peace–except that he was mostly plastic.

    Now I’m’a go listen to Linkin Park.

  76. (Oooh, good coffee this morning… [slirp] …mmmm. First time I’ve used the new bean grinder I got for Christmas. Beans are French Roast from Caribou, with some milk and caramel to ward off the -18 F weather outside. And that’s NOT counting wind chill, peeps.)

  77. Okay – I checked out FUP and think its effing hilarious!

    Today I voted for CO.

    Tomorrow I’m voting for FUP.

    Sorry guys!
    (I still love yersall tho.(

    [You know that the voting ends this evening, right? 5PM Eastern… – Ed.]

  78. Theo-I hope it is yummy and satisfying and everything you hoped it would be! Slirp! Yes, Slirp!

    I didn’t know that the voting ends at 5 pm Eastern. I’ve done my best, I have no regrets. I do hope we lose the trolls and nuffers now. Not the people who like both, but the pains-in-the-rear who come here to hurt and pillage, that’s right, I said ‘pillage’. I feel pillaged- um, do Emo people feel pillaged?. I don’t know, but I do feel pillaged.
    On to better things. K.