Express Cat-a-vator

Q: "You wanna come up?"


Jennifer C., can you make one of those for me pls? KTHX.



  1. Blooming Ha Ha says:

    That is so cool!

  2. Awesome.

  3. Another example of how well they can train us!

  4. That’s great! Kitty looks pretty happy.I wouldn’t be able to get my 20 lb chunker off the ground!

  5. puglets rule says:

    LOL! Love how he rubs his cheeks on the way up.

  6. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’m almost surprised that the cat didn’t leap out of the basket. He/She’s probably done this a lot with that very gentle human. I wonder how he trained the cat to do that, or if it was something that just “evolved” over their relationship so far. Regardless, it’s absolutely adorable!!

  7. Now I’m remembering that cute moment in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” where the couple on the third floor would lower their dog down into the courtyard to play. 🙂

  8. what does the guy say in the beginning? is that French??

  9. Er does that string not look just a little flimsy for this job?

  10. LOL

    I love how the kitty kinda holds on, too! Haha, that was too cute, too cute! 🙂

  11. kibblenibble says:

    Love the “thanks for the ride, Daddy” moment before kitteh goes inside for a nibble.

  12. A crafty human who’s discovered a way to exploit a cat’s box addiction.

  13. BB — i’m pretty sure it was the cat who trained the humans!

  14. Juicy White Thigh says:

    This made my day!

  15. @scoobie: My thoughts exactly! It is absolutely adorable but I cringed a little when I saw the tiny string 😦

  16. I love the Red Blinds on the wooden French Doors as well.

  17. @ash: Sounds like he’s saying “Tu vas monter?” which means “You want to come up?” Et le chat a repondu, “Oui! J’ai faim!”

  18. renee in tx says:

    This is why cats will one day rule the world. LOL

  19. haha that makes sense! i only know spanish…

    thanks for the translation, lola!

  20. 😀 Adorable! He puts a little paw up, too.

  21. I agree about the string — it looked a bit weak. I’d want nothing less than climbing rope for my precious bundle of fur. Add a carabiner, maybe some interesting knots, a pulley and they’d have a prime catavator.

  22. Hmmmm … right out of Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ …

  23. Stressfactor says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the string since it actually looks like twine. Twine is pretty sturdy stuff for it’s thickness — It can hold the entire weight of a bale of hay and I think this cat weighs less than a bale of hay.

  24. Man, oh man (shaking my head)…

  25. Not to be nitpicky, but it’s “Tu veux monter?” 😛 I have a french grammar exam tomorrow that I have been endlessly studying for…now I’m getting a little OCD about it, haha.

    What a beautiful cat, by the way! I doubt his obviously loving owners would put the box/string contraption down for him if they didn’t think it was safe. I wish I had that in my apartment building!

  26. @lola
    its more exactly ‘tu veux monter?’ (do you want a ride up?) but your translation was correct. yeepee only we french people could come up with this. btw I used to tease a friend whose downstairs neighbours were so hot but also so gay, to discretly give her cat a ride down onto their balcony and use it as an excuse to go and ring their bell…

  27. luckycliff says:

    mais oui, je desire le diner.

  28. binky-mama says:

    That’s so funny, I JUST watched “Rear Window” last night! (one of my favs) I love how kitteh is all nonchalant about it like every cat has their own basket elevator.

  29. Mon Dieu… meow “oui, Papa!”

  30. Von Zeppelin says:

    I like the cat’s calm, nonchalant attitude–“Meh. I do this every day. He better have the cat food ready.”

  31. Crud! Thanks for the correction val and Mandy.

  32. Clearly it’s all good. The kitteh knows to hold on, she’s not being pulled up a skyscraper and they do make string out of things like nylon that’s thin but strong. It’s a testament to the ability of pets and their owners to communicate with each other.

  33. paulajeanne says:

    Oh, that is just sooooo freakin cool!

  34. I just LOVE the safety paw on the edge of the basket. Just in case, for a little bit of extra stability. [dainty jump into basket, puts paw on edge of basked for safety, tugs on string to be brought up] Loved it!!!

  35. Brilliant! I wanna know how the call button on this elevator works though.

  36. AWESOME!!
    But if the rope were to break(espcially only on one side) that would be totally tragical

  37. This is fabulous! What a calm kitty. Dainty paw holds on as he rides up as if nothing unusual is happening.

  38. Aw, I like how the kitty rubs against the rope and then gets a good pet when the basket is set down.

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awww!!! >^.^<

    So sweet! 😀

  40. Mais, oui! Je veut monter a moment pour manger au meow mix qui repas est tres bien!

  41. I, too, liked best when the kitty rubbed up against the rope. Schweet.
    Fly, kitty, fly!
    “Look, I’m a birdie! Tweet-tweet.”

  42. The twine looks sturdy enought, what caught my attention (after getting used to the notion that the cat was going to ride) is that the basket is on a two-opoint attachment, which means the cat has to sit just-so to keep from getting dumped out.

    I wonder if that accounts to the “holding on” — sensing the degree of balance.

  43. Larry — yeah, I was noticing that too. I’d do 4 points (1 at each corner) and 2 strands all the way up, but then I was a rock climber. A 10-pound cat just isn’t going to sustain the damage a 180-pound dude will, in a comparable fall, and a height of 1 standard story ain’t nuthin’.

  44. I think it’s only the French who’d have a cat sized basket around…just waiting to pick up a cat from a lower level. I’d have to haul myself out there to get the cat, who’d scratch my eyes out for the trouble!!!

    Awesome video. I’m going to try to train my cats to do it. We’ll see if it’s really possible!!!

  45. noramaria says:

    Kitteh’s like “Alright, thanks. Dindin ready?”

  46. my kitty would need much stronger string!
    what a cutie! i love how she had one paw up and did a cheek rub on the string. what a sweet, smart kitty!

  47. I love how the kitty rubs against the string on his way up. “Iz MAI speshul baskit.”

  48. At the very beginning of the clip, you can hear the kitty say “Meow!” and then when the camera looks over the balcony, you see the little one looking up, as if to say, “Yes, I am waiting patiently for a ride, please.” So sweet.

  49. I love the tail-swish-of-anticipation as the basket is lowered.

  50. Love it!

  51. berthaservant says:

    If this were most cats that I know, kitteh would hem and haw at the basket for a few minutes, rubbing against it and swatting it but not actually entering. I’d pull the basket up and they’d claw at it as if to say “come back” and I’d drop it again and they’d go back to the rubbing. “C’mon, you, silly thing, it’s a nip frigid out and I’m missing the moment of zen,” and then they’d sort of sit down next to it. I’d pull it up and close the window, and two minutes later there would be howling.

  52. A nice lady actually says “Bon appetit!” to kitty after he gets out of the basket and heads to his dinner. Holy. Cow. All our lives should be this nice.

  53. Yet another evidence that kittehs are planning world domination by training humans, one at a time. Thank goodness I live on the first floor…

  54. Why does the Dog Hotel video keep popping up on the main blog page? It’s always near the top for me 😡

  55. (it’s actually an ad, Cait)

  56. so, would the cat still land on his/her feet if the string broke? (heaven forbid)

    “Good hooman, good hooman.” (always praise the pet when they do something right)

  57. In my last townhouse, my kitty was allowed to roam our tiny little enclosed patio- it had a wooden fence separating our patio from the world and more particularly our two neighbors. One day, she was quite naughty and jumped the fence and was stuck on the other side in the neighbor’s patio – I was panicked because she couldn’t find footholds and was meowing quite piteously at me to rescue her. The only thing I could think of to do is take her kitty carrier and rig it with some climbing twine I happened to have and lower the carrier over the fence to her on the other side.

    She delicately sniffed at her carrier, got right in, and sat down, and darned if she didn’t just wait patiently for me to haul her up to our side of the fence!

    I am still impressed, to this day, that her box addiction was enough to save the day!

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! His paw is on the front of the basket, and his tail is holding on at the back.

  59. Say it ain’t so, Theo – an ad? On the main bloggage? 😦

    totes sad. i mean, Dog-Hotel movie looks cute and all, and I’m all for the perpetuation of CuteOverload, but shouldn’t it be relegated to the little ‘ville of Sidebar-land?

  60. Okay, that made me chuckle. The cat seems to genuinely enjoy riding in the basket. That he referred to the cat as “tu” instead of “veux” hints that he genuinely loves his pet, and isn’t maybe fantasizing about swinging the basket off into the trees.

  61. victoreia says:

    Well, there’s a twist on room service!

  62. Now THAT is a spoiled cat. God bless ’em.

  63. Happenstance says:

    Wow, count me in with the worrywarts. The two-point single-line attachment just begs for spillage or breakage, and I’m surprised (and relieved) that the cat made it safely.

    I guess it’s not that great a fall, but there’s a lot of concrete down there.

    Still, awfully cute. You can hear the cat calling for his ride at the very start.

  64. omg AWESOME! I especially like the little paw on the side of the basket, too precious!

  65. Awwwwww!!!!!! That just made my heart explode into a million whisker-like lovebeams! I think it was the petite paw on the edge of the basket that did it for me, but then the whisker rub approaching etage trois just put me over the edge!! *le sigh*

  66. Aiiieeee *cute*

  67. Michelle S. says:

    Adorable! But I wouldn’t worry so much about a cat and a 10-ft fall. When I was away from home, my cat pushed through the rotted frame of an old window screen and fell 30 feet onto concrete. She chipped a tiny tip off a tooth and meowed herself hoarse trying to get back in, but otherwise was fine. She lived 20 more years. The vet told me he’s known cats to survive even higher falls than that uninjured!

  68. Fantastic. 😀

  69. I used to do this with our tortie Burmese, RIP. She jumped out of the bathroom window to the flat roof below and I couldn’t think how to get her down from there, so I lowered my school sports bag on a piece of string, she climbed into the bag and I hauled her up. Then she jumped straight back out of the window for another go, pleased with this great new game she’d invented!

  70. That cat is my HERO. I could only aspire to such laziness. Bravo, kitteh, BRAVO.

  71. I love how they’ve lined the basket for kitty’s comfort. Either that or they use it to cart home baguettes.

  72. Kristabelle says:

    What a cool set up for kitty and humans! Clearly a well loved kitty cat.

  73. LOL and like a little loaf of bread kitty is lifted to new heights.. : D

  74. I don’t think a ten pound kitty witty is enough to snap that string by any means. The basket appears to be perfectly balanced (smrt human used the original basket handle points aka its center of gravity), and that’s not much of a fall for a kitty. Unless the world suddenly flipped upside down and messed up its polarity, I’m pretty sure it would land on its feet unharmed! I’ve come to think that kitties have wee tiny springs in their toes. That being said, cute vid! Another step forth for cat technology!

  75. ant man bee says:

    no need to worry about the two-point string attachment. The basket is deep, so the center of gravity of kitteh+basket will be well below the attachment point, and it’s small, so that even if kitteh scrunches up at one end or the other, it’s unlikely to tip very far.

    In short, large, shallow tray = instability;
    Small, deep basket = stability.

  76. Looloobelle says:

    I am also _loving_ the tail swish of anticipation.
    @Redbone, “That he referred to the cat as “tu” instead of “veux” hints that he genuinely loves his pet, and isn’t maybe fantasizing about swinging the basket off into the trees.” – You mean he’s calling the cat ‘tu’ instead of ‘vous’ here (veux is the second person singular of the verb vouloir – to want). So, as has already been said, he’s saying ‘You wanna come up?’. And all Europeans/languages where they have polite and informal versions of the word ‘you’ call their pets by the familiar form (i.e. tu in French, du in German, ty in Russian…etc.) because it’s their little cutie baby and a member of their family and diminutive and cute.
    Sorry, grammar lesson over. Can we set up a Language Overload site? No? Just me? Ok, that’s cool.
    *gets back into geek basket*

  77. wannadance says:

    le sigh, indeed…all the stuff i loved has been mentioned, so i will just go find jasmine and pet her. they are so wonderful, kittehs are. owner is lovely, too.

  78. AntMan — good point. The folks who have pointed out cats’ uncanny sense of balance also have a point.

  79. CO is like Graduate School! One of my favorite things about my grad school days was being in the elevator, and hearing all the specialized geeky jargon getting on and off. 12th floor: “Intertexutality and colonialism.” 14th floor: “Pidgeons and creoles.” 8th floor: “Spatial and cognitive maps”; 10th Floor (mine): “Minor subdominants in romantic sonata form” etc.

  80. wannadance says:

    @theresa: so true!! hospitals are great, too…personel are great but visitors even better: they tend to believe that personnel aren’t listening. so you hear stuff like:

    two adorable gigantic gentlemen rednecks: ‘yeh, she broke yer hart, all right.’ ‘yeh. she thought she was onna them ‘fem fatals’.’. ‘yeh..’

    wisht i coulda married the both of them.

  81. Don’t forget, we also have obscure poets in a broomcloset and existential agnst in films screening down in the basement.

  82. That video reminds me a little of the “red light, green light kitty” video.

    At first, kitty is meowing on the ground.

    Camera pans away to basket about to be lowered, then back to see kitty on top of the fence.

    Goooooing Up!

  83. Ha ha ha! The other day I picked up our cat, Button, and made elevator noises when I lifted him. I joyfully called out, “Hey, it’s the ‘Button-vator’!”

    It took a few seconds to figure out why my husband was rolling on the floor laughing. Ooops! Ha ha ha!

  84. A manger! Mon cher singe sans poils!

    That was funneh! Cheek rubs!

  85. DLR in Canada says:

    ROFL! Oh that was just too fricking cute! How well trained those two humans are! Hehe.

  86. EEeeeee I love this! Such a smart kit-kit 😀

    🙂 My first submish to get posted!

    *excited* I seriously sent this to my mom like it was some sort of A paper XD

    (Extra cool because she got a co calender for her b-day from me.)

  87. temperance says:

    it took me a couple seconds too, linda. then i laughed til i cried.

    p.s. that little paw on the side of the basket…so awesome.

  88. Linda — took me a while to get it, too. Yeeps. [LOL]

  89. Temperance — JINX I GET A MOCHAAAAAA!… um yeah

  90. Not bad. Attentive service. *proceeds nomming meal*

  91. LOL I sat here going Hunh then I got it too Linda LOLOLOL

  92. Incredible trust. So sweet.

  93. what a sweeet kitty!! my baby boy would need practically steel to lift him up.

  94. totalee puppy says:

    Linda…I had to say it a few times, then…BLUSH…LOL.

  95. omigosh… too cute!!

    linda, I don’t get it… *puppydogeyes* explanashons please?

  96. whiskers: is that French lolcat? It’s hilarious! I cans bearlee understandz it.

  97. Aw. I love that he’s not scared at all.. rubbing his face on the ropes as he’s lifted! 🙂

  98. Well, Pegasus, say it outloud a few times and as the words schmuch together you get a reference to ‘buggery’, using the term ‘butt’ and going into “invader”.
    Now children, you have your first lesson in -fnbawergalrtveft-
    (hey, I was just answering a question!) (*sigh*….)

  99. Wow! they have that down to a SCIENCE! I gotta get my dog to do that! we live on the 3rd floor, and its very difficult to take him outside on a leash. I need to do this and make the string on four corners and hopefully he’d come up!

  100. If the string should break. They are only on the first floor..she’s a cat, I don’t think jumping on flight down or even falling is going to do much but surprise her…*Snap* Ohh bother…*Lands on feet* I meant to do that.. *Has seen cats jump further distances than that*