The Year In Cute: And Now, Here It Is, Your Moment of Zen

♫ We represent ... the Electrician's Guild ... ♫

Like them?  They're from Frederick's of Hollywood!

♫ She's a very special girl ... ♫♫ ... The kind you don't take home to mother ... ♫

My god, it's full of stars...


I've got ... HAPPY MEAL FEET!
Prints of this shot available hee-yah.

Clo G.

Andrew C., Jon V., Quentin and Jessica D., Johanna S.

Marlene W.



  1. Y’know, this is what the inside of my head is like, all the time. Partly.

    So,I blame Cute Overload… partly.

  2. That moose video gets me every time. Not because of the moose itself – it’s the background music.

  3. Good times!

  4. Can anyone remind me why that dog is wearing cheeseburger spats? Is that so that wild cats pick up his scent faster?

  5. I love the hovertext on the electrical outlets.

  6. The dog with the pad booty gets me everytime.

  7. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Moose Moosic ! YAY!
    (now it is stuck in my brain I will be hearing it all day)

    Zen Puppy is so at peace.:0)

    Burger Chihuahua is soooo humiliated by this pic!Poor Puppy!
    He is all like “just tell me when it is over “o_0

  8. Kristabelle says:

    OMG! How did I miss the Moose video the first time it was posted????


  9. lorisboston says:

    The hovertext on the hedgehog darn near killed me!!!

  10. YES!!!!!!! Cheeseburger dog made the list!!!!!!!! He’s my favorite.. not counting Winston of course. 😀

  11. biscuithead says:


    I have to agree.
    With enough CO in one’s life, I’m sure it starts to alter one’s mind.
    Maybe CO rearranges the neural pathways + stuff.
    I’d love to see one of those phrenology heads re-imagined with CO-related labels for what the parts of the brain do e.g. “Baroo” on the frontal lobe.
    Anyone with mad art skillz willing to try?

  12. (bong bong bong bong bong bong bong bong)
    kadda dit da cool for cats kadda dit da
    (ay oy ay oy ay oy ay oy ay oy ay oy)
    dee von ay do the hokey pokey mon em mon kipe seelee selly oh oy
    (san ta san ta san ta san ta san ta san ta)
    dinka dinka boot boot dilly da dem
    (hay ya hay ya hay ya)
    badda ba ba bip bip dooly doo zip watch the birdie brrdrdrdrdrdrie
    dinka dinka boot boot dilly da dem
    (hay ya hay ya hay ya)
    badda ba ba bip bip dooly doo zip
    (hay ya hay hay hay ya)
    dinka dinka keep smilin boot boot dilly da dem
    (hay ya hay ya hay ya)
    badda ba ba bip bip overload dooly doo zip
    (bong bong bong bong bong bong bong gong gong gong gong)
    egga honey mister rogers yalla silla ale heedee all em
    (ooh oooh ooh ooh ooh)
    Lak book took took didi dinah shore mwah yall em!

    Means, “Our moose splashes in puddles.”

    [ *snapping fingers* – Ed.]

  13. I love the hedgehog!!! Still cracking up!!! Much needed – thankee CO.

  14. Ha! I’d forgotten the dog who sat on the bra pads. And I love the little hedgie, whose front paws look somehow so helpless and imploring…(or are they just at peace?)

    But how could we commemorate 2008 without a look back at “pa-sickie”, I’d like to know???

    (ducks and covers)

    Or is the commentroversy retrospective still to come?

  15. photogirl says:

    OMG is Mickey D’s serving burgers topped with Chihuahuas now?

  16. I’d never seen the moose vid before. That was pretty awesome. XD And cheeseburger chihuahua looks like he’s striking a Silver Surfer pose there.

  17. BeckyMonster says:

    The 2010 quote on the hedgehog just about made my head esplode. Having extreme difficulty focusing at work, so I’m loading up on the qte!!!

  18. NotAnotherMilo says:

    The zen puppy is just my favorite puppy ever.

  19. Thanks pyrit, now there’s tea all over my laptop…

  20. 1. Redonk!
    2. Redonk!
    3. Redonk!
    4. Redonk!
    5. Redonk!
    6. Redonk!
    7. Redonk!

    I wonder how the moose feels about those antlers on the wall…

  21. How’d I miss the moose the 1st time around? That’s High-larious! Scary, but High-larious! Mr. McMoose is going to be an impressive size soon, and I wouldn’t want to share my mattress with him then!

  22. And my husband thinks it’s bad he has to share our bed with a 14 pound cat!

  23. Ok, true story: as I am checking out this post, my Ipod at work has shuffled to “Hedgehog” by Luna. Spooky…

  24. renee in tx says:

    ok that does it. I want a pet moose!!!!! Do you think he’ll get along with my pet hippo????
    Srsly, if I ever win a bazillion dollars, I am going to talk to Megs about opening a CuteOverload Animal Sancutary… with her permission of course! Yippee

  25. Look out! There’s a moose in the hoose!

  26. GAWD I love that moose one. Was the horse that rode in the car last year or before that? I love that one maybe best of ALL posts ever on CO.

  27. The Chihuahua is all “Be the cheeseburger, Danny”.

  28. Somehow I feel so peaceful now.

  29. LOL at that dog’s butt.

  30. Kristabelle says:

    Anner – I thought the same thing about the antlers!

    Pyrit – I am going to use your lyrics to sing along now. I didn’t think I would, but on my walk down the hall, I was humming that tune… dang!

  31. No one from Finland says:

    Hahahah, I was just watching the moose video (which is WOWlicious, by the way) and I realised: What… I understand the words! WHAT! It’s FINNISH!

    That moose is CYOOOOOT!

    And I just died when I saw the hedgehog.

  32. Wipe them hooves moosie! But is he house trained?? I sure hope so!

  33. I want a hedgehog too!!! it looks like he just gave up. so cute!

  34. lol bra butt.
    That dog’s expression is priceless.

  35. vegas vickie says:

    does the moose have a friend named rocky?

    [Yeah, but he’s actually a hippo. House hippo. – Ed.]

  36. I missed the moose one first time around too… I love it.

    And I’m excited that my guess of “Finnish?” was correct! Wheee!

  37. Who likes short shorts?

    Baby Moose likes short shorts!

  38. Is that dog wearing a Walk Around Butt?

  39. I think it’s one of those new AssBaskets.

  40. CoffeeCup says:

    How much do I loooove the Rick James horse?! And I remember all the commentroversy over the wordage and the reference to the Dave Chapelle bit. Ahh, the memories.

  41. Thanks for the moose reprise; bork bork bork! (Yes I know, it’s Finnish and not Swedish, but if pyrit can do bong bong bong, it’s only fitting.) And just for old time’s sake: “A moose bit my sister once… no rilly!”
    Thanks CO for another great year!

  42. According to the comments on YouTube:
    “The song is called “Leva’s Polka,” and this version is by a band called Loituma.”

    And they’ve got a commentroversy about whether moose are more dangerous than dogs!

  43. “Heeere, little moosie, just walk down the hall here past the HUNTING RIFLES…”


  44. AuntieMame says:

    Heer kitteh, kitteh. I gots yur cheezburger rite heer!

  45. BAM!

  46. How did they keep the chihuahua from eating the cheeseburgers long enough to take the photo?

  47. I host a world music radio show at Stanford University. A few weeks ago I played “Leva’s Polka” (the moose song), on my show and somebody called me and said “hey, that’s that song from Cute Overload!” Yay! CO fans listen to my show!

  48. Mad Maudlin says:

    I want that song. I shall learn all the lyrics and sing it for my crazy little friends.

  49. The dog at the end with the hamburgers on it’s feet is all like “Ewwww” XD

  50. SYDNEY Assbasket???

  51. Decca… you host… a radio show… of world music… at Stanford.
    So basically, you serenade the intelligentsia.

    The one thing that keeps me from being in-SANE-ly jealous is, well, I work for Cute Overload. It has its moments. 😉

  52. Theresa — Woolloomooloo Wickerworks.

  53. Ah Theo, the majesty that is KZSU. (I can’t believe you linked to that photo.) I have to admit, I love it. Anybody in the SF Bay Area want to be a radio DJ? Our free training class is starting soon. It’s a huge amount of fun.

  54. I’m in Frostbite Falls, alas.

  55. and we all know that Frostbite Falls already has its own moose…

  56. Well Theo, if you’re ever near Stanford, drop me a line. You’re always welcome to be a guest DJ.

  57. :: Quietly resolves to click more ads ::

  58. Pyrit my favorite part of your lyrics is the hidden words

  59. Yay! My fave part of this whole post is Mr. Hedgeykins. His body language of utter exasperation, of having thrown up his teeny hands in disgust and given up, is priceless.

  60. The sound of one paw clapping is the sound of one paw clapping.

  61. Annie – Aah, oui, yeau neauteesed mah subleeminal mooseages!

  62. “Gliddy glub gloopy
    Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo
    Sabba sibby sabba
    Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo
    Tooby ooby walla
    Nooby abba naba
    Early morning singing song…”
    “O bla di o bla da…”
    “A winga wep a winga wep…”

  63. …bibbidy bobbidy boo

  64. um diddle um diddle um diddle I

  65. Good morning, starshine…

  66. Oh, dear, it’s impossible to pick a fave. I did think of an advertising slogan for the booty pup…Move over, Botox, there’s a new plastic surgery enhancement in town…Faux ‘Tocks!

    I did love the moose, too. No, dear, I said go to the salon and get me some mousse!

  67. Decca, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

    No Shatner either pls.

  68. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Decca: That’s so cool that you have a radio show! I always wondered if your screen name was a reference to “Decca Records”!

    @pyrit: You are SO clever!! (oh, and “ooga chukka, ooga chukka….ad nauseum”)

  69. Ying tong iddle i po!

  70. PS Theo- Must be connected to the University, where Bruce here is in charge of the sheep dip.

    [Socrates himself was pehmanently pissed… – Ed.]

  71. Gail (the first one) – Naaah. It’s fun!

    “Rama lama ding dong…”

  72. speedwell says:

    I bought the Loituma album that the song is on. It’s a very good album, though it’s not all like the polka.

  73. You know, the first time Miss Tushy Girl Dog appeared here, that very morning, I had walked into the doc’s office, and saw an elderly lady with, rather obvious butt pads in her pants. They just weren’t staying in the right place.
    Then I came home, fired up CO, and there was that grinning doggie with her accoutrements.

  74. Gail (the first) yup, that’s where Decca comes from. When I needed a DJ name I turned to the classic record label. The very first song I ever played on the radio was Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” from “The Best of the Decca Years.”

  75. kibblenibble says:

    Burger Cheewawa has darling giant eye capsules. And I loved happy baby moosie playing in the puddle!

  76. totalee puppy says:

    i wuvs puttins–“Faux Tocks” LOL!!!!!
    Theresa–Thanks for the word “accoutrements”.

  77. hamster-on-rye says:

    Decca–A toast to you for
    starting your program with
    Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss to Build a Dream On”. My sister loved that song. My personal favorite is “Papa’s Got a Brand-New Bag”. (just kidding) (it works when it’s my turn to take out the trash)

  78. berthaservant says:

    There’s really nothing to add. If only 2008 was as amazingly wonderful for me in real life as it was on C.O. Sigh.

    P.S. Still into the horse-dos.

  79. Mr. Hedgehog looks just like I feel most Monday mornings. Keep the cuteness coming in 2009!!!

    Check out my disabled dog advocacy blog:

  80. Loituma! Polka + animals = <3

  81. Ahh, the memories. 2008 was a good year, in CO at least.

    BTW, it’s ieva’s polka, not Levas. (Just in case someone want’s to google stuff.) Understandable mistake, I and l look so much alike.

  82. @Hamster-on-rye-

  83. azaleablue says:

    Love the Daily Show reference! May brighter days grace us in ’09. Thanks for the Cute, CO!

  84. Von Zeppelin says:

    Thanks for the reprise of the housemoose. I particularly like the splashing-in-the-puddles scene. He looks like an awkward, quadruped Gene Kelly.

  85. About the background music on the moose video: The name of the track is not “Leva’s polka” but Ieva’s polka. The name Eeva (Finnish version of Eva) can be pronounced “Ieva” in some Northern/Eastern Finnish dialects. So for you non-Finns, it’s basically “Eva’s polka”.

  86. wannadance says:

    i think the hedgie looks trasfigured.limp with satori. he has seen the troot. and the troot is in the toob.

    hoo, boy. loving me some CO’rs.

    pyrit, my best friend is a DJ in mendecino: late night liz.

    your moose song is a work of art.
    bop till ya drop, babes.

  87. wannadance says:

    make that ‘transfigured’…

  88. Great thread Peeps. The joyously-splashing/ tv-watching, night-nites Moose has my heart forever-I wonder if we could get an update.

    Remember the Russian Moose Farm that sold moose milk for ulcers and such?

    Now, Decca, how was your birthday?

    “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” is one of my favorites.
    Thanks for a very funny (and classy) thread, everyone!

    Wannadance-how are you today?
    Totallee Puppy- how are you today?
    Theresa, you are just about as insane as I am, good job!
    Hamster-on-rye- just a quick check in- how you doin’?
    Berthaservant- chin up, my friend.
    And to all our peeps and companion animals- hello!

    We’re to get 6-9 inches of snow and then 1-3 inches of oobleck. OH, good-gumdrops.

  89. Katrina, re the Russian Moose Farm: The phrase “Kiss a lovely moose” will always be floating around in my head.

  90. PS Insane? Is it my fault all the padded buttocks of the universe decided to aggregate before my eyes that day? :O

  91. Why does the moose video stop after 2 seconds 😦 I clicked over to youtube and it does the same thing there.

  92. Tamara — I know this isn’t a huge help, but it plays fine for me.

  93. anastasia says:

    da meese go into bed

  94. 1-3 inches of oooohblick doesn’t sound very good!

    Butt pads, or boob pads? Which were they? And how come that dog looks so pleased with hisself??

  95. luckycliff says:

    am I the only person with “Thus Spake Zarathustra” kettle drums pounding in my skull right now?
    It’s full of stars!!!

  96. noramaria says:

    This is a translation of the lyrics into English. Quite a funny story 🙂

    The sound of a polka drifted from my neighbor’s
    and set my feet a-tapping oh!
    Ieva’s mother had her eye on her daughter but
    Ieva she managed to fool her, you know.
    ‘Cause who’s going to listen to mother saying no
    when we’re all busy dancing to and fro!

    Ieva was smiling, the fiddle it was wailing
    as people crowded round to wish her luck.
    Everyone was hot but it didn’t seem to bother
    the handsome young man, the dashing buck.
    ‘Cause who’s going to mind a drop of sweat
    when he’s all busy dancing to and fro!

    Ieva’s mother she shut herself away
    in her own quiet room to hum a hymn.
    Leaving our hero to have a spot of fun
    in a neighbor’s house when the lights are dim.
    ‘Cause what does it matter what the old folks say
    when you’re all busy dancing to and fro!

    When the music stopped then the real fun began
    and that’s when the laddie fooled around.
    When he took her home, when the dancing was over
    her mother angrily waiting they found.
    But I said to her, Ieva, now don’t you weep
    and we’ll soon be dancing to and fro!

    I said to her mother now stop that noise
    or I won’t be responsible for what I do.
    If you go quietly and stay in your room
    you won’t get hurt while your daughter I woo.
    ‘Cause this fine laddie is a wild sort of guy
    when he’s all busy dancing to and fro!

    One thing I tell you is you won’t trap me,
    no, you won’t find me an easy catch.
    Travel to the east and travel to the west but
    Ieva and I are going to make a match.
    ‘Cause this fine laddie ain’t the bashful sort
    when he’s all busy dancing to and fro.

    This is from

  97. The moose must be “the dashing buck”! 😉

  98. Katrina, my birthday was wonderful, thanks for asking. My husband and I stayed in and watched movies all day then he made me dinner. My cat even got me a present, a sweatshirt from the Humane Society where I volunteer so that I don’t freeze while on kitty duty. All-in-all, a wonderful day.

  99. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    So Elukka sez: “About the background music on the moose video: The name of the track is not ‘Leva’s polka’ but Ieva’s polka.”

    And then Nomaria sez: “This is from

    Oh my disappointed eyes… I actually read that URL as

    Curse this sans-serif font!


  100. kimberlyp says:

    very very cute! smootchie smootchie

  101. wannadance says:

    @katrina: i am fine, and even better from having rec’d such a lovely greeting from you!!


  102. wannadance-well, I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. Yes, it is corny, but after the medical bonanzas that I’ve had to face, it seem to truly work! Stay positive, my friend! It makes it a lot easier to work with what you still have! And you are entirely welcome, I’m sure.Did I just start a sentence with an And? Oh, deary, deary me.

    Decca- wonderful, wonderful!

    Julia(the one in BC),I read it that way too, I had to go back and see that it wasn’t!

    Theresa- ah, yes, Theresa. (*Knowing nods*)

    Noramaria- thank you so much!

    Luckycliff- bad dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum,mmmm,
    baaaaaaa daaaaaaa daaaa
    da dummmmmmmmmmm dummmmm dumm dumm da dummmm da dum da da da dum, Theresa- this is fun wanna “bring it on home” for Luckycliff??

  103. @Katrina, can you sing the fugue subject?

  104. baileysgrandma says:

    Re the chi on the chizburgers–it’s one of the new alternative fuel vehicles: a chizburger-powered hovercraft!

  105. wannadance – (sure I’d love to) Your best friend is a dj in Mendocino. I believe Decca is a dj? In CA?

  106. …but at Stanford, Pyrit. Palo Alto is way south of Mendocino.

  107. Yay my electrical outlets picture made the list! 😀

  108. Theo – details, details…!

    Thanks for that. I wasn’t sure if wannadance thought I was the one in the comments who mentioned being a dj, so I offered clarificashons, Geography Man.

  109. With the modern-day Intertubes, why can’t one person be a DJ anywhere he/she wishes? Even Frostbite Falls?
    Do I hear the debut of Cute Overload Radio? HMMM? We”l give ol’Garrison a run for his lutefisk!

  110. Katrina, I must say that to my mind, this idea Does Not Suck. I could do that. Meg could do that, pretty obviously. Mike could at the very least *write*. 😉 However we have no plans in that area, partly because we have no plans in that area, and partly because sweet sparkly rainbow chibi farts, we have enough to do already.

    (Also, I’ve never even *met* Meg, funnily enough.)

  111. Theresa, yes I can.

    Theo- I love the word ‘funnily’. I know you have a great deal on your plate, I just sensed that you were, umm, oh, I don’t know what you were, just that you of all people should never be constrained by anything. Perhaps there can be a one-nighter or something waaaay down the road! You area national treasure!

  112. …are a….(*blorp*)

  113. My God, I’m a non-Finn!

  114. Cheezburger stand!

  115. Hi, this is Jessica D. Quentin’s mamma-hog. I’m so glad he’s so popular! If you have a facebook check out his fanpage here:

    Also check out his videos on youtube:

    Thanks for your support! :3

  116. Hi, this is Jessica D. Quentin’s mamma-hog. I’m so glad he’s so popular! If you have a facebook check out his fanpage here:

    Also check out his videos on youtube:

    Thanks for your support! :3

  117. Sorry, double-post. 😦