Are they even OLD ENOUGH for this!?

This is an adorable video of 2 of the puppies french kissing.  I’m not sure if it was recently posted, but I only saw it for the first time today, and I’m an AVID Shiba watcher.  It’s obviously from before the 5 pups were adopted.

This would be the best post EVAR!

-Audra Detillier
New Orleans, LA



  1. o.O

  2. omg incest!!!! hehehe

  3. How dare you post that kind of filth on the INTERNET! It’s for sharing knowledge, not barely-legal puppy porn!

    *snerk* it’s adorable, but that sleepy puppy is like, “Guys? Guys? Come on, guys.”

  4. That must have been some really good dinner before.
    Also: bleen?

  5. Anybody else feel a little voyeuristic watching that? Eh-hem.

  6. Breakfast says:

    Hehe. That makeout session got a little nippy toward the end.

  7. “Hey, you taste like dog food!”

    “What a coincidence! YOU taste like dog food!”

  8. More evidence that while threesomes sound like a good idea, someone always just ends up getting left out.

  9. Melissa W. says:

    You still have a little peanut butter on the roof of your mouth… here let me get that for you.

  10. Ya gotta practice french kissing at some point…

  11. Since there are no comments for the below post of Hotel for Dogs – I saw a commercial from Pedigree that said something along the lines for each ticket purchased to see the movie, they will donate money to help shelter dogs. Good to know – I wonder how true it is….

  12. i wonder what their mother thinks about all of this…

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    Well, I guess it beats French kissing your own hand (or paw, as the case may be)….the best advice I got from a more “experienced” girlfriend was that it was “like a war with your tongues”—LOL!!!

  14. scooterpants says:

    i cannot see the vid of the porn pups. (want to SEE!)
    unfortunately i could see the vid of the hotel dogs movie.
    it looks absolutely hideous, and i see that mcdonalds is already pimping their hotel dogs movie toys to the little kiddos. nice.

  15. OMG Gail that is the best comment ever. ROFL

  16. cataddict says:

    I think CO just went from a PG 13 to NC 17 rating….

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Well, it beats the alternative, what the dogs do normally to themse…never mind. :X

  18. OMG they posted it, yay!!

  19. Reminds me of the red pandas who “kissed” for an hour a day!

  20. OHMIGOD an actual use for the old song “Puppy Love!” Why isn’t a clip of it playing over this video?

  21. MandaBain says:

    I can’t see it either 😦 Booooo
    Teho: what plug-in whoozit do I need for this video?

  22. “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

  23. All I have is a black box, nothing to click, no arrow, nothing. 😦

  24. if you can’t see it, here is the link

  25. Um, I had a boyfriend who kissed like that once. NOT COOL!

  26. Wow.. they are cute puppies but that made my tummy a little sick..maybe a Gee-ross tag is in order??

  27. Get a room, you two!

  28. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Hey fun boys, get a room!

  29. Ah, Errata stole the words right of my mouth. Not very sanitary, that.

  30. (Jay Leno voice) Where are the PARENTS!!!???

  31. I feel so dirty…

  32. Horrible….I had the same experience. Did we date the same guy? Maybe this is where my ex learned how to kiss? It all makes sense now. But no, it’s not cool at all!

    Adorable puppies though. I’ll take them over the ex any day!

  33. When dogs lick your face–or other dogs’ faces–that is instinctive behavior. The reason for that behavior is that wild dogs feed their puppies after a certain age by going out and killing and eating something (or scavenging something) and then coming back to the den and vomiting the food for the puppies. Num, num, num. Even if the other dog’s mouth didn’t’ smell like food, the puppy would lick it, but it’s almost certain that there was at lest some food smell left there to reinforce the face licking behavior.

    Now, as long as I am being peantic, let me explain why your cat weaves around your legs whenever you go into the kitchen. A kitten does that to its mother to make her lie down and nurse. When your cat sees you go into the kitchen (the food place, after all), he is doing what a kitten would do to get its mama to feed it. If you don’t want to lie down and nurse your kitty, you had better grab the can opener!

  34. Sorry about the typos on “didn’t” and “least.”

  35. Wiggums quote FTW!!!

  36. Innapropreeeate.

    😉 I am thinking it’s time for ‘the talk’.

  37. iiiii think sooomebody was doing that very same thing in front of those innocent puppies and they are just copying what they saw!

    so, good to know mr nice hands and mrs pretty nails are doing well 😉

    on another note… i thought it was the wolves in africa that did the whole food from one mouth to another thing to create bonds. and that our dogs are from european wolves who formed their pack bonds with more facial movement and sounds, which is why we bond so well with them.

  38. tblue, very informative! But now I cannot let my boyfriend read this post… he would be devastated to learn that when our puppy sits in his lap and licks his face, she’s not so much expressing love as hoping he’ll regurgitate a snack.

  39. Poor lil’ fatty in the middle of all that!

  40. New title: I’ve heard of “eating face,” but…

  41. Hold still, will yah!

  42. The fatty always gets left out!

  43. I confess, this is my favorite Shiba6 clip — the only thing that weirds me out is that HELLO, they’re BROTHER AND SISTER.

    Otherwise, love away, I say.

  44. PDA = Pup-Lick Display of Affection…

  45. I thought all the puppers that were left were the girls puppies. So they’re sisters? But still fluffly puffly cuteness.

  46. I saw this in real time and it was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen 🙂

    Ayumi is a very licky pup!

  47. totalee puppy says:

    Nik–PDA=Pup-Lick Display of Affection–Best Comment!

  48. berthaservant says:

    The old term “suck face” comes to mind.

  49. “No, close your eyes when I kiss you” ::paw on face:: I think its sweet. :3

  50. *gasp* Is that a Shiba Inu? I want one of those so bad!

    lol at HorribleLicensePlates
    Same here. Felt like he was eating my face.

  51. That has got to be the longest, wettest and CUTEST snog I have ever seen LOL! 😀

  52. Yes, NT Mel, I did feel voyeuristic! Especially once the paw passionately went up to the other one’s face…I couldn’t take it anymore.

  53. At first I thought of ‘bow chicka bow wow’ music and shiba-on-shiba porn, then when saw pup3 slept through most of it, it’s Restoration comedy.

    ‘Why, Sirrah, my old and gouty husband who snores here ‘pon my maiden breast perforce must wake and discover us!’
    ‘Yet before I leave, I crave one kiss, sweet Bess!’
    Snog and snorefest commences to the roars, catcalls and orange peel tosses of the groundlings/Oprah audience.

  54. anastasia says:

    oh, so mature at SUCH a young age

  55. How is this not under “I shall leeck you”?

  56. It isn’t??

  57. O M G
    So cute! xD