The Year In Cute: Is That A Ferret In Your Blouse …

… or are we just happy to see you?  2008 was a diverse year for Cats ‘n’ Racks™: Ferrets, waterfowl, stuffed animals, and even the occasional cat.  And now, a little somethin’ for the fellas:

Nothing says 'you're just getting a handshake tonight' quite like ferrets.

Accessory Tip: A strategically-placed duckling can be very beak-oming …

Ugh, we're going to pretend we didn't hear that.

And finally, perhaps the most enchanting creature ever to grace these pages: Warm, inviting smile; eyes that sparkle like moonlight across distant waters … and a really nice beav — No.  No, I won’t say it.  I won’t sully this vision of radiance and purity with such vulgarity.

Like hell I won't: NICE BEAVER!!

Thanks for the mammaries, Jennie W., Arlo R., Brittany F., and (sigh) Sasha V.



  1. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Will 2009 usher in the Cute Overload Dating Service?

  2. Nuffalicious!

  3. [collective atavistic groan]
    [immediately followed by teh LOLz]

  4. Why don’t I ever find cute furry things in my rack? (ummm, never mind, forget I asked)

    Slightly off topic I want to thank you for the Cute Overload calendar. I have it on my desk at work and it has been such a joy! It really helps me get through the day.

  5. hehehe Noelle.. Tubbular-ness… hhehehe

  6. Noelle, I’d lend you Rikki, but he’s kind of enormous these days. MOOSH!

  7. Wunderbar Wonderbra, rack em up.

    [*SNORT* — you and NTMTOM are two, uh, peas in a pod. Clearly. – Ed.]

  8. Bwahaha, thanks for the mammaries…you people KEEL me!

  9. That is such a good place to keep the animals warm…lol

  10. Thank you for helping me make a very difficult decision. I have been torn between getting some rats or some ferrets, so yesterday I said what ever appears on CO first will be what I get. I will be sure to stick em in my rack and send a picture in to celebrate 😉

  11. Not that mammary the other mammary…

  12. as i always point out, the entries to this section are always woefully small. all of you please do your part to keep this section up to date.

  13. “Hey Mistah, wanna weasel yer way intuh mah blouse and touch mah pointy lil ferrets?”

  14. Wot’s vulgar about a beaver?

  15. haha, i can always count on NTMTOM to creep me out a little bit.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! Trust Mike to be the one to post this! (I have a feeling he’s been chomping at the bit to get to it. Heh!)

  17. You forgot the picture of the cute boy with the same stuffed beaver in his shirt!

  18. Tsk, tsk. You guys always say the rack photos are for the fellas. Better know your audience! You have an awful lot of lesbian fans!

  19. Amanda H. says:

    I don’t wanna be a sourpuss or nothin but I always hate it when there are things in racks or even things with peoples. I wanna see deh animules and notingk else! Seein some smirkin chick with a cat shoved down her bra just leaves meh thinkin they just wanna see themselves on deh website. Sorry I’m a sourpuss!

  20. i’m sure someone’s posted this before but i am still floored by the uncanny resemblence of girl #2 to that of a young (and more attractive) julia roberts!

  21. DO NOT WANT! :[

  22. VentureSister says:

    Word, me. I’m not strictly a pescitarian but I certainly enjoy a lovely lady from time to time. Spread the love, man! I also stand by my assertion that people freak out when CO shows women with their b00biez!!ONOEZ! but all the ladies go googly over any man that’s featured.

  23. “thanks! i just had it stuffed!”

  24. wannadance says:

    @me, ah’m with yew.

    love me some mammaries!! amazing how stuff gets around the net. a few years ago i mentioned that a good friend used to sing ‘thnks for the mammaries…’ and it got all over that site and now it’s EVER’WHAR’…

    love ’em. tooooobular.

  25. I am no guy and certainly not a lesbian and I love the cats and racks shots.

    my favorite on this year was this duckling one.. SO cute and teh girl looks like Julia Roberts one of my favorite actresses plus people and their pets are always always adorable…

  26. BTW beaver was one of those terms from the 70’s it meant…. okay I am cleaning the meaning up a bit it meant cute girl.

  27. Yah, not so keen on the boobeez…don’t remember makin’ any derogatory remarks about guys, either. It’s different.

  28. Annie — I really, really don’t think Theresa genuinely needed that explained.

  29. berthaservant says:

    I don’t wanna nuff anyone’s life/body, but I think the beaver is artificially enhanced, and I likes my rackpets natural.

    I’m still waiting for some guy to stick a ferret in his shorts…..(I would do it, of course, because it would get me on the site, but ferrets are ILLEGAL in my state for no good g.d. reason….)

  30. Does the second picture counts as “quacks in racks?”

  31. pistache268 says:

    Julia Roberts ahoy!

  32. Annie, Annie, LOL! Not in my 70’s it diddin’t.

  33. Julia Roberts nuh-uh!

  34. Pasickie?

  35. I think I said this the first time around, but I really like the ferret girl’s shirt. Also, she looks slightly like Gillian Anderson.

  36. berthaservant, i don’t think those are her boobs LOL…looks more like it’s the rest of the stuffed animal thats in her shirt.

  37. berthaservant – you should come to CT. we have ferrets, but tarantulas are illegal. plus we have gay marriage. gosh, i didn’t realized i liked this state so much!

  38. Hunter, tough luck!

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yeah, but, anner…whutchoo got against tarantulas? There just REALLY hairy hands with extra fingers…and eight black eyes lookin’ up atchoo!

  40. I think you’ve answered your own question, Juniper.

  41. Oh my god the girl with the duck is killing me a second time!

  42. LOL well I thought about putting the real thing in But No No that was not happening Pyrit

  43. Attention whores are not attractive.

  44. Nor are rude people.

    (You’re 0 for 2 now, Helen/Susan.)

  45. AuntieMame says:

    Rudeness is a form of attention-whoring.

  46. Sunnyseas says:

    Nice…the day I decide to show my high school students (I’m a teacher) this “really super cute website for animal lovers,” the first thing that pops up are a bunch of racks. I’ll never live it down.

  47. i personally think the girl with the beav is sexy. the girl with the ferret is practically suffocating the fuzz- tooo much boobage. and i’d rather see the baby duck than the trashy white bra, beav girl is very artsy.

  48. re: “trashy white bra” — would you wear your best Vicky’s for duckpoops?

  49. Ah, it’s good to see that the human-hating/breast-hating/angsty/low-self esteemed nuffing has been kept to a minimum this go round. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy in the rack region. 😀

    Now why is it that none of the animals featured on here get called attention-whoring bitches? I haven’t run across a critter featured on here that wasn’t after their fifteen minutes of fame. Insecure prostitutes… I mean, really. Just look at the dog in the next post. What a slut.

  50. sluts.

  51. OMG! It has teeth. Does that beaver BITE????

    I know, verrry bad.

  52. VentureSister says:

    What I always wondered is why the guy with the beaver in his shirt wasn’t an attention whore. He clearly did it just to get on this site, just like these girls but because he doesn’t have tits, he’s not an attention whore. Really, it chaps my bum.

  53. brb! going to go stuff my bra! with a KITTEH!

  54. Juniper — just to give you a glimpse of how irrational my fear is, that taratulacon or whatever it is you made is making my skin crawl! seriously, though, i know some people love tarantulas, and, as a rat lover, i try not to be super-skeevey about it since i know what it’s like to love an animal other people despise. but GAAAAH!

    oh and…


  55. i can’t figure out if trish is calling the ferrets sluts, or the ducks, or what.

  56. Uhhm… Trish who?

    [whistling nonchalantly]

  57. lurkingsmirk says:

    I guess a “The year in cute: most nuffed posts” would be too much to hope for. Maybe it’s my sick sense of humor…nice to see Julia Roberts girl again!

    [I still say she looks more like Anne Hathaway, but I understand I’m in the minority here… – Ed.]

  58. whoops, i must have been thinking out loud. and then typing out my thoughts. and posting them on CO. it happens.

  59. I love these photos – happy people and the happy warm soft animals they love all snuggled up. Male, female, gay, straight – look at the cute!! And maybe they do want to get on CO – don’t we all???

  60. …and only La Perla for MY baby ducks.

  61. kibblenibble says:

    I bet this tickles…*rushes off to try it*

  62. Sunnyseas, you crack me up! Hilarious story. Good luck at work tomorrow…ha.

  63. totalee puppy says:

    Theo–Yeah, I see Anne
    This is my favorite picture, with little Mcduckersons.

  64. Venture Sister:

    Cuz leik, those other people with vaginas are a threat to my emotional vaginaed well-being. They’re competition, and since Meg rejected my photo, it shows I need to work even harder to let them know that I’m teh way better than they are. Even though I totally wanted to be on here with a critter shoved down my cleavage, since I didn’t, nobody else should be on here with critters shoved down their cleavage, either, so need to leik, berate them for living out my dream. *sniffle* Losers.

  65. CalicoKittyLover says:

    I don’t have a problem with the racks, but maybe they could go behind a NSFW cut? Some of us are getting funny looks from our IT guys…

  66. And now, a little somethin’ for the fellas:
    Hey now! Don’t forget the lesbians! We love cute in all sorts of packages. 🙂

  67. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Fair enough, anner. I don’t have one for a pet yet, but I always thought they were cool, even though spiders in general creep me the heck out! Tarantulas look more like mammals to me.

    LOL @ tarantulacon! I LOVE that word! 😀

  68. HRHQueenCat says:

    butt, in these days of gender equality, why feature only female racks – what about male cracks ?!?

    *runs & hides before the barbs get slung*

  69. I do NOT like looking at
    boobs with animals stuffed
    in them. The ferret one
    is a bit much of boobage.
    I like others come here
    to see cute lil animals
    not boobs! Seems the
    boobs are popping up
    too much.

  70. I bet nobody would complain if it was a shirtless man… I guess that’s just the demographics of CO.
    Men = Yummy *marriage proposals*
    Woman = Grrrr GET IT OFF.

    That said, these ladies are all so cute and happy with their plushies and pets ^_^

  71. As a hetero girl, I am pro-kitties AND pro-boobies. Anything squishy is all right with me.

  72. To everyone who has a problem with what is posted here: if you don’t like it, don’t visit. It’s not your site, this is not a democracy, and there will be no commenter coup d’etat. Simply, you don’t get to dictate content. I say Pasickie to you!

  73. Thanks for these photos.

    I love them.

    I mean the photos.

  74. Anonymous Coward says:

    Just curious, but the cute girl with the stuffed beaver (oh, wait, it did not come out right… urgh, they’ll all point at me laughing) that was looking for this guy… did she ever hook up with him?

    did she ever find a boyfriend?

    Not that I’m interested in her, I already have a g/f, I’m just curious.


  75. I have to say that my all time favorite boob related post was the video of the kitty “defending” his woman’s lady lumps from the invading man hand. Could we get an encore of that one too?

  76. Tee-tas forever, baby. Suck it, Nuffs! Meg and Theo are clearly not listening. (Well, Theo is, but apparently only so he can take the piss out of you. Bravo.)

  77. ButtaRumCake says:

    De – I am cracking up @ your description of the video.

    I dunno maybe I’m in a goofy mood.

  78. Well, pinks, if you’d refrain from commenting, that’d be one less boob.

    Berthaservant, I suspect the wait will be a while, as men tend to be more reticent than women to place wild animals next to their dainties.

  79. #3, why the long face?

  80. Anner-also in CT? Are you above or below the 5,000 foot mark? How close are you to the vast desert? Do you ever get to the volcanic region? Personally, I like ‘the deeps’.

    Also in CT and love it through and through.

  81. …and the no tarantulas.

  82. *wink* @ Cerise

  83. [Spider-Man theme] @ Katrina

  84. DKM ~The Original, And Still The Worst says:

    “Well, pinks, if you’d refrain from commenting, that’d be one less boob.”

    @Babs – I think I wanna run away with you.

    And I’m a girl who likes her rack-pets…where else are you gonna store them when you’re not snorgling them? It’s just being TIDY. This is why Lowe’s sells racks for your tools….

    ….What do you mean, “That’s a different kind of rack, and I hope you mean a different kind of tool”? I think you’re confused.

    Don’t hide the racks; fill them and flaunt them! As my fiance likes to say, “FREE THE BOOBIES!”

  85. Real romantical type, your fiance.

    (Kidding. You should hear *our* flirty talk.)
    (Actually, no. Nobody needs to hear that.)
    (Us included.)

  86. Katrina — we’ve had this conversation before because YOU HAVE A CORGI AND I LOVE GORGIS! I’m in New Haven. AND I LOVE CORGIS!

  87. Ah, good times.

  88. anner-welcome to Katrina’s short-term-memory-lossville, sorry.

    And this is an awfully cute Corgi, I must say.

    So you got rain, we got snow and we all got disappointed- we need a studio cat at WTNH!

  89. why cant we just have the cute? why must sex always be dragged into everything in our society. f- the racks. they ruin the cute

  90. I swear I know that person in the first pic. Sam is that you???

  91. I was not a big can of ducks and ferrats, but after seeing this pics I am starting to like them more. I am suprised that the ferrats are not bitting the hell out of her clevage.