Bloop diddy blerpe

Bloop Bloop!

Bloop diddy blerpe

Bloop Bloop!

Inspired by Shelby L.! Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish, originally uploaded by Scubaben. Smooth Trunkfish Juvenile, originally uploaded by Scubaben and Have you seen my mommy?, originally uploaded by vlad levantovsky.



  1. What a cute fishie! Perfect lip posishe.

  2. Its like hes forever saying “Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

  3. Pouting piscis.

  4. Elisha B. says:

    Happy Fish!!!!

  5. Ellie in Flint says:

    I love the polka dots!

  6. Love the teeny translucent fins!

  7. Ooooooooooooom [meditative fish]

  8. What a teeny tailio! A Transparent Teeny Tail Too.
    Also – could this be the only species of feesh that has ‘tocks? I see tocks.

  9. I,mean, just look at ’em! The cutest things in all the oceans! Bloop!

  10. Hahaha! I definitely want one! I bet it has some adorable fluttering action of those fins, too.

  11. BEHOLD! The most dangerous fish is tha oceans! lol jk

    what a lil cutie with the little pursed lippsies.

  12. sigh. IN the oceans.

    one of these days I shall take a typing course.


  14. Does this remind anyone else of Bedknobs & Broomsticks?

    Bobbing along
    Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
    What a chance to get a better peep
    At the plants and creatures of the deep

  15. He looks like a cute, puffy and tasty movie snack.

    Love the itsy-bitsy-weensy fins!

  16. oh my, Trunkfish of the Caribean. Those must be your Keira Knightley pensive expression leep poses.

  17. Bloop-dee-bloop, cannot pucker up, am LOLing too moishe !

    And have you seen the tiny translucent fan-shaped tailio ?? Looks like a tiny scrunchie. Of COURSE it’s a girl feesh.

  18. Oh, good Lord, how are you going to follow this? Tooooo cute. I hope there are lots of them and they they are happy and healthy and thriving SOMEWHERE PEOPLE CAN’T GET (CATCH) THEM!

    What a cute little pouty Mcpoutersons. Oh, my…….

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  20. Ellie in Flint again says:

    Here’s a little haiku for you Tronkfishe lovers.

    Swim little Trunkfish
    Polka dots on your body
    Too much blorpitude

  21. I think I dated this guy! Kisses were too wet for my taste. 🙂

  22. biscuithead says:

    Great, my mouth is now frozen in a pucker posishe.
    My work day is going to go very well today.
    I’m sure no one will mock me at all.
    *rolls eyes*
    Yeah, thanks CO.

  23. Great. Another fish to add to my imaginary tank that I will never have in real life.

    BTW – if I saw this guy in some aquarium sim, I wouldn’t think it was real, lol. One of my favorite things in LIFE is to see an animal I have never seen before!

  24. Iggie – YES! That was one of my fave segments of that movie. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an almost perfectuly ROUND fish before…it’s like a little polka dotted bubble bobbing along.

  25. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    All I can see is Gary Larson (Far Side) cartoons with this shisshy….

  26. OMG he is a little speckled balloon in the ocean.. (Okay aquarium)

  27. He has perfect Blorpitude. Such a prosh color scheme!

  28. platedlizard says:


    Awwww, so cute and bloppular.

  29. grilledchz says:

    THIS is why i love this site! so many different species%Pr

  30. MaggieBee says:

    I can’t believe how SMALL the feeshe is! It’s about PEA-SIZED!! O.O

    Much cuter as a behbeh than an adult:

  31. babelglyph says:

    I want to get a polka-dotted purse with a polka-dotted aquarium and a polka-dotted fishie so I can take this blorpy around with me all day! Fishykisses for all!

  32. He reminds me of the line (one of many that cracks up the choir) in the “Messiah” about “They shoot out their lips.”

  33. @Theresa: Heh. Speaking of Handel’s Messiah, the bit that always cracks me up is “All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray” because the chorus has to sing “we like sheep” over and over again.

  34. Lol, Ellie in Flint. Any haiku that contains the word “blorpitude” is all right with me.

  35. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    When I first opened up the page, I thought… “Where’s the rest of him?” Very cute little ball o’ fish!

  36. am i the only one to find a resemblance with Posh??

  37. NTMTOM, after one of zillions of Xmas Messiahs last month, the NY Times music critic wrote “Who doesn’t like sheep”?

  38. LOL in my head I hear propeller sounds as he swishes by.

  39. berthaservant says:

    I hereby nominate “blorp” and/or “blorpitude” to be included as 1) a new tag and/or 2) an addition to the glossary.

    Please let me know where to get the twenty-seven-B-stroke-six forms to begin the process.

    (If anyone gets that reference, you have a marriage proposal coming your way….)

  40. He is utterly fantastic! That tail!

    @berthaservant – was that from Futurama, the ‘bureaucracy’ episode? I loved that one.

  41. berthaservant: just a wild guess off the top of my head…that wouldn’t be Brazil, would it?

  42. I’d submit a guess, but… y’know, married already.

  43. Nor “utterly” fantastic, but RUDDERLY fantastic. 😉

  44. Oh I love this leetle baby tronkfeesh. How delightful and totally precious!

  45. eikoleigh says:

    omg….I just squealed at work….

  46. Wow! Thanks for sharing my photos. Yes, I loved finding these little guys. So hard to actually capture as they kept moving around and my camera would hunt to focus. They’re only about 2 centimeters long.

  47. I wonder why it’s called a “trunkfish,” and not, say, a “blorpfish,” or a “bubblefish,” or at the very least, a “roundfish.”

  48. What, you’ve never seen a steamer trunk?
    They look nothing like this fish.

  49. Is it just me or does it look like he has leetle eyelashes in the 2nd picture?! Adorable.

  50. berthaservant says:

    Terra: what color should the invitations be?


  52. all of them

  53. Feesh kees! Feesh kees! Bloop!

    It’s my first ever Firday at work, btw! Happy MFBT!

    [hands out tankards of Guinness]

  54. Does anyone else think he
    looks like a “Lucha Libre”
    head without a body? Now that will creep me out. LOL
    yes the 2nd photo shows some nice cutie eyelashes
    so he/she can do the
    trout pout & bat eyelashes
    what a flirt!!!

  55. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Subhangi: Congratulations!!! Hope it is the beginning of long, happy and successful career!!!!

    Cute little fishie-smoocher!!

  56. Berthaservant, you can pick the color, but I think at the reception, everyone should have to share a table through a wall and the floor should be covered with paperwork.

  57. Bloop. Bloop.



  58. Bahahaha, teh qte! Props for the headline, too.


  59. Subhangi-congratulations! Have a great weekend! Drive safely, please!

  60. Shelby L. says:

    HOMG i cant believe i inspired a post!!!!!!!! i really flipped, my husband thought something was horribly wrong XD CO is a big deal in our family, everyone loves it!

    and these feeshes are sooo cute 😀

  61. OMG! I want!!!!

  62. Oops! I ate him.

  63. How big is this thing? Dime-sized or grouper-sized?
    Imagine a great big grouper-sized black and white spotted pout swimming at you-
    just wonderful. OR, a swarm (pod, school)of 100 teeny-tiny ones swimming right for you-how much fun would that be?
    Now we need a Leafy Sea Dragon, please! Thank you!

  64. OOOH, I forgot to tell you- there is a new South American Selonodon that has been identified and photographed! No actual critter catching yet; they tried with no success. It looks like an echinda with a bigger nose and taller legs. Oh, yes, it is venomous.

  65. Two cm – ok, the 100-fishy school then! Black and white polka dots-never goes out of style! Nature, I tip my hat to you once again!

    Great pictures! Do some more and send them in!

  66. its so Cute! i have it as my wallpaper!

  67. HOLY CRAP.
    i want one
    really bad
    its so cute