Undulating Chick Carpet!

Well, wonder no more!

Attached are pictures of my annual hatch. Despite having a heat lamp
to keep them roasty-toasty, they sleep by packing themselves in like
sardines, burying their little faces under their neighbor. The result
looks like a fluffy carpet or rug (with the odd wing, beak, or foot
sticking up out of the pile) that undulates as they breathe. The
little buggers are so damned cute, I can hardly stand it. And although
it may be difficult to believe, in just a fortnight they’ll all be as
ugly as sin (Ever seen an adolescent chicken? They’re definitely NOT
Cute Overload material!).





Happy New Year.



  1. It’s like a pile of plush McNuggets and yes I probably am going to hell for that.

  2. me wants me wants NOW

  3. It’s ok, Teho… I thought the same thing, so I’ll keep you company.

  4. That last one is some disapproving chick! Makes the bunnies look benevolent.

  5. NotAnotherMilo says:

    Snuggly-wuggly might have less nugget-esque subtext… 🙂

  6. The fluffulance! I can’t handle it! Must… snort… (and avoid pointy bits)

  7. BeckyMonster says:

    How do I get this in a Queen size duvet cover? Please advise, STAT!!

  8. omg, that guyliner comment on the hovertext of the 2nd pic made me laugh out LOUD!

  9. Video please!

  10. ugly as sin, heh heh.

  11. LOL I love baby chicks. they do go thru the ugly duckling stage but emerge a few weeks later as beautiful hens or Roosters.

  12. MoonCatty says:

    Hey… those are some real chick magnets there!

    (I mean literally. They’re obviously magnetized and sticking together.)

  13. AuntieMame says:

    The last picture looks like a kernel of popcorn that didn’t completely explode.

  14. Chicks look serious and wise, and sometimes old and depressed. That’s what makes them heartbreakingly cute.

    Is there a mama hen somewhere around ?

  15. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Do the striped chicks grow up to look very different from the yellow or black chicks? I’ve not seen too many develop all the way from chicks to adults, though I had a crazy landlady who kept chickens. I kept out of her way, mostly.

  16. Bok!

  17. The eye capsules are killing me! I need to hear some mini-peeps right now.

  18. What happens to the chickies later?

    [They run for Congress. Most succeed. – Ed.]

  19. I want one too!

  20. Holy Cuteness — FYI — I just tried to visit your Blogspot page, but it made my browser freeze. (I’m running FireFox 3 on Windows Vista.)

    It may just be a temporary problem, but you may also be having trouble with something called “feedproxy”? Anyway, that’s what showed up in my status bar while nothing was happening.

  21. how about a disapproving category!?

  22. That is IT, I’m giving up chicken!

  23. Awww, hens are cute. I have two girls, Inara and Zoe (kaylee and River sadly died.) I love my girls, they’re silly, love to chase our cats and are full of personality. Inara likes to know everything that’s going on, while Zoe is laid back and cooool. We’re getting more hens in the spring, ex-battery farm. Hens are great!

    [Browncoats forever! – Ed.]

  24. catloveschanel says:


    “They run for Congress. Many succeed”


  25. No, I haven’t ever seen an adolescent chicken, and google isn’t too helpful… Does anyone have a pic?? How bad can it possibly be?

  26. 260Oakley says:

    I tried to order a carpet like this, but the manufacturer chickened out. Later, I found out they’d run afoul of the law. I never heard a peep out of them after that.

  27. wannadance says:

    @em,,,really bad.

    run for congress, yes w00t!

    personally, i love the audrey hepburn eyeliner action on the profile chick. that is some good technique…

    they do smell, though. nobody mentioned that…

  28. Yay chicks!

  29. Em — that’s because anytime somebody posts a photo on their blog, the Poultry Council has their service provider pullet down. It’s all about profits & license fees, y’know. They’ve grown so accustomed to feathering their own nests, they’ll do anything to keep the farmers shelling out.

  30. berthaservant says:

    I agree, I will need to see vid before I believe tha claims of “un-dula-shuns.”

    Until then, I will enjoy the stillness of the qte. Bok indeed.

  31. The Gabster says:

    Found a pic of adolescent chickens…scroll down a bit.


  32. Oh!!!My!!!Gosh!!!

  33. Make room for me little chicks!!!


    …. I can’t wait until I can have my very own chickens 😦 😦

  35. PS. I contend that adolescent chickies ARE cute. In a gangly, tewtelly ridonkulous way. <3

  36. 260Oakley, redonk! XD

    Caitlin, I agree, the adolescent chickens are cute in their own way. Still, the baby ones are ultra-cute! <3

  37. bok-bok-bok…buh-caaaak!

  38. Are you posting more frequently this year, Meg?

    Keep it comin’– Cute Overload is THE BEST quick-fix antidote to the economy-flunk-blues.

    I hope you know how special this is, and how many lives it touches; because it touches many a life and soothes many a frayed soul. Every. Single. Day. <3 <3 <3

  39. I used to volunteer as an animal care assistant at the local science center. We had a chicken egg incubator. And yes, the chicks were redonkulously cute. The best part of the job was cleaning the incubator because then I’d get to scoop up the chicks in my hands as they chirped indignantly.

    The worst part of the job was, coincidentally, also cleaning the incubator because the smell was bad like you wouldn’t believe. Chickens stink to the high heavens. There were times where I felt like I was on the verge of passing out from the odor.

    But still…chicks! In my hands! Squee!

  40. The stripy ones are likely going to be partridge colored or laced of some type. Maybe wyandottes, maybe rocks. Hard to tell without seeing the whole body. I’ve raised chicks all my life, if ya couldn’t tell 🙂 What’s REALLY cool, is when the eggs are in the incubator, candling the eggs with a flash light and seeing the heart beat…absolutely amazing!

  41. Having recently gone through the chicken-raising process, I will vouch– adolescent chickens are a little awkward! But not as mean as full-size chickens, so there’s that, at least!

  42. Where’s the soundtrack for these photos??? I want to hear the little cheep cheep cheeps!!!

  43. totalee puppy says:

    Adolescence is awkward, guys.

  44. Evangeline's servant says:

    Oh, those ARE wonderful. I have almost no experience with raising fowl, but I have seen an incubator like this when they were all awake, and the teeny peep-squeaking was just TOO adorable!

  45. Has anyone noticed how disapproving chicken look? I think they should hook up with rabbits. Although that might be too much disapprovement in the world.

  46. The last pic is all DeNiro: “You bokking to me?”


    aww and that last one made laugh too. ahh sweet laughter.

  48. correcting ANOTHER typo: GUYliner. damn I should just stick with reading and not commenting…

  49. Cheek to cheek chicks.

  50. Are they going to get slaughtered?

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    Aw, I want a couple!!! I think the adolescents are cute, too.

  52. Aww.. Grown up chickens are cute too!

  53. “PS. I contend that adolescent chickies ARE cute. In a gangly, tewtelly ridonkulous way.”

    Bit like people, only without the redonkulous down/feather combo hairstyle.

    Our cat used to stalk the chickens. Him on one side, chickens eyeing him warily on the other, until cat pounced, chickens panicked, and cat panicked. *rolls eyes*


  55. @starling – I dunno. My adolescent human is hardly discernable from the pic of the chickens – down/feather combo hair and all. His next planned ‘do? Dreadlocks. Lets see a teenage chicken to THAT!

  56. I have a friend with dreadlocks. She does look an adolescent chicken, now I think about it.

  57. Prepubescent peepers?

  58. Having raised quite a few varieties of chickens yes the different colored chicks all grow up to be different colors.

    Also different breeds of chickens have different personalities. some are sweeter some are meaner some are more chicken. LOL if you catch my drift.
    also the amount you handle them is important if you are going for a pet chicken. Also If that is what you want I highly recommend a Rhode Island red or a black barred for this. they are calmer and more interested in what you are up to.

    Regarding the stink part chickens them self do not stink but like any animal or fowl their poop does. keeping the pen clean keeps the smell down and goes a long way toward healthy and happy hens.. as does a large area for them to cruise around.

  59. sooo cute and fluffy, yet sad unless they are all going to be egg laying hens, or pets. kind of like the chick hatching exhibit at the museum of science and industry in chicago. correct me if i’m wrong???

  60. Katie. I am not certain as they aren’t my hens but I believe they are for egg laying going by their color.. Thus breed.

  61. tchikin!!!! tchiki!!!
    so beaky. i like ’em stripey

  62. friend of chickuns says:

    I disagree that chicks are ugly as they get older. I work at a farm animal sanctuary and the adolescent and older chickens are sweet, fluffy, adorable. The sender-inner referred to this as the “annual hatch”… so, yes, folks, these dear sweet creatures who are as gentle and harmless as can be are slaughtered within 6 months. go vegan, peops: for the peeps. such cuteness should only exist for us to delight in, not get fat on.

  63. mmmm McChicken Sandwich.

    to Friend of Chickens:

    You proselytize me?

    I proselytize you.

  64. I ain’t going vegan. And who says these chicks are going to be slaughtered? I don’t see anyone saying they’re going to be.

  65. DKM, Who May Or May Not Be Canned Pineapple says:

    “friend” of CHICKUNS: I’m sorry, I can’t trust someone who can’t even spell what they’re “defending.” When’s your birthday? I’ll buy you a dictionary! And a Chicken McNuffet Happy Meal, okay? 🙂

    (P.S. My relatives’ farm has an “annual hatch” of chickies. And no, they don’t get eaten. In fact, they DO the meaty-eating–of the insect pests that terrorize the crops. Check your facts before posting, peeps! [Pun VERY intended.] 🙂

    [“Canned Pineapple”? Wouldn’t that be DMCP, not DKM? Confuzzled… – Ed.]

  66. totalee puppy says:

    KATRINA–“prepubescent peepers”…ROFL!!!
    Our family ate Jello during the holidays, thinking of you.

  67. Thanks, Totallee-I hope you had whipped topping too! That makes it really fun! I finally threw out about a cup of red Jello that had gone runny. ALLLLL gooooone!
    Now I am backto a regular diet-ummmmmm.

    But, hey, wait- what is up with Micki and DKM withthe insufferable name- stop it!

    Be civil- people spell thing differently around here. Deal.

    Theo- not to overstep here, but *sheesh*.

    About chickens and rabbits getting together-all those Easters that could be wrecked- don’t do it!

  68. One small correction — not carpeet, carpeeP.


  69. DKM, Looking For The Tylenol says:

    Katrina: I’ll give you a dictionary too, if you think your response to my lighthearted joshing (here as well as there!) was more “civil” than my aforementioned lighthearted joshing. 🙂 In fact–dictionaries for all! They’re FUN! Why, I read through the E’s just this morning! “Equine” was especially riveting.

  70. DKM--Found The Tylenol! says:

    Re: The ed.’s ‘Canned Pineapple”? Wouldn’t that be DMCP, not DKM? Confuzzled…’

    Trust me, my intials are MUCH easier for all concerned than the full name. 😉 Some people have names that are tongue-twisters…mine is a finger-twister.

  71. Agh, they would feel so soft too…maybe just for low-traffic areas? Or a pillow?

  72. Aww, and in the adolescent chicken link there’s a bonus pile o’ wren! <3

  73. Thank you, DKM, that will be very lovely, I’m sure. Although, since I do have the Fibromyalgia, just send the Tylenol, much more useful.

    “Equilibrium” is a nice word, too.

  74. Adolescent and even grown chickens are cute too! I bring evidence:


    and indeed