The Year In Cute: Once You Go Walrus, Baby, You Never Go Back

In 2008, all the creatures of the world learned to live and love together in blissful peace and harmony.  Well, except for us, of course, but y’know — we’ve got issues.  Anyway, here are some of the interspeciesly snorglest photos of 2008 to show us how it’s done, and here to help them out is our very special guest star, ladies and gentlemen, Mister Barry White!

Oh my (ow) darling, my (ow) forbidden love (ow) for you will (ow) never die...

I claim this kitty in the name of the Republic of Budgietania!

Man, I HATE it when Uncle Louie comes to visit.

And now it's time to play 'Guess Whose Tongue That Is?'

Thanks also to the Sender-Inner Orchestra: Stephanie P., Nancy P., Johanna S., and Teajay



  1. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    go, walrus, go! Cheesy music made it even better.

  2. Grayscale blorp!

  3. Barry White soundtrack to this post was Genius! Haha

  4. Here in Brooklyn we lost the lovable (and uninhibited) walrus Ayveq from the NY Aquarium last year. He was a charming creature. His giant walrus baby son and walrus widow remain. (sniff)

  5. This just broke the gauge on the Ruhdonkyooliss-o-meter!

  6. LOL even with out the music Playing…
    Okay so I have my own sound track going in my head!!!

  7. That top one is so sweet. *cries* I’m a cryasaurus rex these days.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the expression on the white kitteh’s face, he is loving that tongue action but at the same time, he knows he really *shouldn’t* so he appears conflicted. I’m sure he’ll get used to it though.

  9. Awwwwwwwww! *plunk*

  10. haha. love the audiovisual combo, NTMTOM! i wanna snorgle a beluga and a walrus! beluga is thinking, if this relationship is going to work out, walrus has got to lose the ‘stache.

  11. HAH that is great. Love it with the Barry White. And love the squinty kitty eyes looking at the bird and the giant dane licking the kitteh. Too cute.
    And don’t worry Alice! I’m a cryasaurus rex too! I even cry when I’m coming HOME from college. And at just about any commercial that even hints at sappiness. My make-up never stays on…

  12. omg! how did you get youtube as purely audio? my fav will always be the poor chagrined kitty and the dane.

  13. I SHALL LICK YOU!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!1 😀

  14. @Katiedid: Good call, I added the “I Shall Leeck You!” tag.

    @Mia: When you embed YouTube videos, you can change the height and width parameters in the embedding code.

  15. TrumanRabbit says:

    Holy (sea) cow. I needed that waka-waka music to end my day. That is theeee best!

  16. You know things are interesting when your nose is larger than your lovers head 😉

  17. victoreia says:

    When I saw the kitten & the Dane, the first thing that popped into my head was “He’ll pinch my cheeks. I *hate* that!”

    [Murdered by pirates is good… – Ed.]

  18. Great pics… but that’s not one of Barry’s songs.

  19. The fox is giving the cat a wet willy! Ewwww!

  20. The kitteh putting up with the ear-licking send chills through me!

    If someone would like to snorgel with a Beluga Whale, it is possible at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration in, well, Mystic, CT. FUn, Fun, FUn!

  21. I was about to leave the office, but then I was like, I had better check CO one more time. I’m glad I did–it’s a nice way to end hump day!

  22. Now I have that music stuck in my head…. Dunn dun duuuun, dun dun dun…

  23. @JJ: The music is “Love’s Theme” by Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra.

    I found some YouTube videos of White conducting it live, too.

  24. That last one got a vocal reaction. Glad I was alone for that reflexive “HAH! Hahahahaa!”

    Also, every time I hear that song, I can almost hear Ron Jeremy in my head. “Hullo, this is Ron Jeremy, and I’d like to invite you to watch the 2009 AVN Awards tonight on Skinemax, hosted by yours truly, Ron Jeremy…”

  25. American Dingo says:

    Is that a Carolina Dog (or American Dingo)in the bottom pic? World’s best dog!

  26. Also also: Theo’s RCF brought lol+ XD

  27. i had no idea that was Barry White…

  28. That sea creature looks like a piece of mozzarella cheese!

  29. Hey, hey, not cheesy music. The Love Unlimited Orchestra courtesy of Mr. Barry White. BTW, the animal are precious. Can’t we all just get along?

  30. warrior rabbit says:

    Nothing to do with this snorgling post, but: Via VPI, MSNBC has the most common/unusual dog and cat names from 2008. Bella is popular with both, and there are some amusing unusuals.

  31. I love the kitten and the great dane. The kitten looks so confused, and you can tell that the great dane is trying to hold back and just use the tippy tip of his tongue.

  32. Thanks for the link Warrier Rabbit. I cannot believe that Oliver is a popular cat name… bizarre.
    And on a side note, thanks to you I found the The Bonnie Hunt show on our local staton. Thanks again!

  33. Super great posts today!

    The year is starting out tremendously on CO. Can’t’ wait for each new day. Thanks!

  34. OMG I love that music!

  35. totalee puppy says:

    There’s a Barry White Love
    Unlimited Orchestra? Amazing what you learn on

  36. …well, there used to be.

  37. totalee puppy says:

    MARIE…I agree! “The year is starting out tremendously on CO.”

  38. O.M.G. The dane is adorable. You just know he is controlling at the dane size and energy to give the smallest, gentlest of kisses to the bebbeh. THAT kills me. He’s being so tender. You know he could unwittingly knock fuzz bucket over with dane size lick. How adorable.

  39. kibblenibble says:

    Musical accompaniment + Love Pics = Genious
    Thanks, NOMTOM!

  40. And help please? I can’t get it in my head what the quotes are from!!

    Princess Bride???

  41. Shannon — you mean the hovertexts? All NomTom originals, this time. Now, Victoreia & I did a little Princess Bride riffing, here in the comments…

  42. OK – I feel better now. I was pretty sure ya’ll’s two were PB, but I couldn’t place the hovertext, lol. Thanks!

  43. berthaservant says:

    stupid animals got more action than i did last year.

  44. kissy kissy.

  45. Gail (the first one) says:

    Pic #4 contains the best visual representation of “Bleah!” I’ve ever seen!!

  46. @Shannon, none of the Danes I’ve known seemed to have the slightest awareness of how big they were. One silly harlequin girl used to get clocked with the freezer door all the time. All were lap dogs.

  47. Theresa- I haven’t heard the verb ‘clocked’ in so long, thank you for renewing it in the language. Such a great word.

    Anyway, I really have to see Princess Bride, don’t I?

    AND- David Tennant has had back surgery, is better and has returned to playing “Hamlet” at the Royal Theatre. He was out for quite a while, poor dear. Just thought the ‘Dr. Who peeps’ should know.

    Back to the interspecies snorgeling.

  48. Katrina, thank you. I love the expression. I think of it like hearing bells ringing. 😉
    And speaking of Danes,
    Tennant doing Hamlet, eh? My heart was broken about ten years ago, when I had tickets to see Colin Firth do Hamlet in London. The whole production was scrapped (sniff). Why!? Why?!

    I have seen my share of nifty Danes along the way, though, including Kevin Kline and Ralph Fiennes.

  49. Still more of an Eccleston fan here, but y’know, Tennant has his merits. Actually looking forward to Matt Smith, too, after seeing admittedly a very few short BBC video interviews.

  50. My puppu! Mimi and Panda are posted again in the last pic! This excites me!

    Thankyou CO for making my Panda puppy an internet star!

  51. Heather L. says:

    totally love berry white
    and this song is awesome the guitar is priceless

    kitty getting kisses from the Great Dane is my favorite