Should I wear the Disapproving pair today?

I like the super passive-aggressive saying on the slippers. Makes me want to skip around in them.


Awesome buns Babs & King and slippers from Sender-Inner Joyce W.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    I approve of the black and white ones. SNUGGLY!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    I said I approve of the black and white pair. SNUGGLY. Why did my comment go away?

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    well dang what is going on? sorry, peeps.

  4. I always want to slap Happy Bunny. I suppose you could say that I disapprove.

  5. Mary1 — TypePad plus web-browser caches equals weirdness. If you don’t see your comment right away, try pressing F5 (or clicking the Refresh button in the toolbar).

  6. Elisha B. says:

    AAWWWWWW!!!!!! I would snuggle the real buns and wear socks!! (Skip the Happy Bunny stuff -enough though it is funny)


  7. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I agree, Theo, Happy Bunny needs to be slapped. Particularly if pink.

  8. Oh… Now I see… one pair of slippers is not actually a pair of slippers! They are actually bunnies disguised as slippers disguised as bunnies!! Very sneaky.

    It took me a while to figure that out.

  9. I have the same futon cover, Joyce W.!

  10. I wanna say Matchingks. Either that or “double your pleasure with Doublemint.”

  11. Matching! or is that matchinks? or however that’s spelled. I’ll never get the hang of the lingo LOL.

  12. VentureSister says:

    Word on slapping Happy Bunny. My RA’s last year posted it all over, including my dormroom door. I was very quick to remove it and squash it into the bottom of my wastebasket. I don’t know why, but that smug ugly has always made me irrationally irritated. It’s just… not funny. Being mean isn’t funny.

  13. I LOVE Happy Bunny…adolescent yes, but hell, so am I. And the other buns are cute too

  14. Re: the Hovertext–Is that MY right or YOUR right?
    Hmmmm *taps side of head*
    Let’s try it.
    *sticks feet into black and white set*
    *sighs contentedly*
    Yup, I recommend the not-pink pair.

  15. sugarbear says:

    happy bunny is hilarious.
    you just have to take it in the way it is intended.
    he is not mean, he is sarcastic, its sarcasm people, and its an acquired taste, kinda like raw oysters. 🙂
    i love everything happy bunny.
    and i also love the black and white bunnies in the photo, very cute!

  16. Love the pillow they are lying on! *Pats bunbuns*

  17. Ha ha emudoug, me too!

  18. I bedeck with Happy Bunny pix: current favourite:
    ‘Put all criticism in the form of a compliment’.

    But the B&W Salt’n’Pepa shakers are cute, too.

  19. RIP King ( on the right side ) June 5,2002 – December 7,2007

  20. awwww what gorgeous buns ^.^ awesome pic. Sorry about King 😦

  21. The pillow looks like a zabuton. Bunnies must be doing their meditation. As are the slippers apparently.

  22. wannadance says:

    what does passive-aggressive actually mean, anyway?

  23. @Wannadance: “Passive-aggressive” is passive behavior that has an anti-social intent or outcome. Wikipedia has a better explanation:

  24. It’s Happy Bunny rocks.

  25. How did their owner get them to stay lined up like that! So cute!

    I have a happy bunny magnet that says, “I like it sloppy and weird.” My favorite.

  26. charliewabba says:

    re the hovertext, is that “right” as in opposed to left, or “right” as in correct? Am I overthinking this?

  27. charliewabba… see BouvieGal’s comment above.

    Joyce W… how is Babs. Is she ok? Does she have a new beau?

  28. Okay I know I am reading to much when I saw this pic and was like…that reminsd me of Fluff and Puff from “50 ways to hex your lover” by Linda Wisdom.

    I have a friend who is obsessed with Happy Bunny. Drives me a little nuts with it.

  29. I’ve never seen bunnies so nearly identical (the real ones, not the slippers.) They are a matched set! Aww.

  30. totalee puppy says:

    OMG it’s time to make a
    comment! C’mon, totalee, this is a challenge…slippers would be a fun gift…if you’re
    getting along ok.

  31. totalee puppy says:


  32. Too cute!

  33. Both pairs are cute!!

  34. berthaservant says:

    Nicely done, Joyce. Hope the other bunneh is carrying on the traditions and the love.

  35. Thank you all for liking my bunnies, they are great bunnies who never gave me a hard time! They’re so good in using their litter boxes too!
    ~Joyce W

  36. Qte! Both shoes and buns.

  37. cottontail says:

    Why these buns are not posted in Matchingks? Matchingks is my favourite category, and these are Matchingks of the highest degree!

  38. I don’t know which set is more dissaproving!

    Must… resist… urge… to over snorgle… bunbuns…


  39. Ellie in Flint says:

    Oh Joyce! I’m so sorry to hear about King!

  40. I love Happy Bunny! The other two are pretty cute too!!! I think the cute on the left balances out the sarcasm on the right. :o)
    My favorite HB is “cute but psycho. things even out.”

  41. wannadance says:

    realization dawns:

    the pair on our left is REAL RABBITS????

    omg. i been tryin’ to find the feet holes since this was posted.

    heads to Rx shelf for ‘smart’ pills…

  42. Joyce W- thank you for letting us see your four bun-buns. I’m sorry about King. (Great name).

    I wish you many, many wonderful bunny snorgles, with bunnies for all four of your paws!

  43. Beautiful buns, Joyce. French lops?

  44. Hi Rachel G! They’re Mini Lops!
    Hi Katrina!

  45. LOPLETS.

  46. Jennie Mello says:

    I can never find my slippers in the morning…maybe they hopped away???

  47. Don’t let the bunnies get too close to the slippers! We thought my rabbit was a girl until one day it got a little too friendly with my rabbit slippers. I picked Bailey up and it was very apparent that “she” was a “he!” It was kind of traumatic…

  48. Beautiful buns…..reminds me of a one of my friend’s rabbit.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    @Manda, you mean Bailey was trying to .. er .. have his way with your slipper?? That’s hilarious!!

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    (oh and I endorse the movement to label this post “matchingks”.)

  51. homo

  52. dude, i totally have those same EXACT bed sheets! -and the bunnies are cute too! 🙂

  53. A bun named Babs?!? That sounds about right.

  54. Manda,
    Babs and King are mother and daughter! King was the mother and Aplha bun!
    They’re both chipped, spayed & Insured
    P.S I don’t see humping