McSnowpaws do-it-yourself Uggs


Sarah Jessica Parker is soooo walking her son to school in these tomorrow.


Rita L. says: "I bought your calendar for my husband for Christmas, after seeing it, he thought this pic of Bax might be a good candidate for your site." The calendar has done its job, Rita. Yes.



  1. That’s HOT! (in Paris Hilton voice)

  2. This is where they got the idea for those Ugg boots, I bet.

  3. Wow, for a long time I wanted to be the first one to post at CO, then I figured it would never happen so I let it go. Look at me now… I should do the same with my Lotto games. “Ah! What are the chances…” lol

  4. Are his wittle feetses not cold? He looks so happy…

  5. WickedWendy says:

    BRRR!!! His little feetsies must be COLD!!!! Makes me shudder!

  6. Ooh, that makes my chilblains throb.

  7. IT’S a WHEATEN!! A WHEATEN on Cute Overload! WOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Alright Kris, Getting a little excited arn’t you?

  9. Poodle boots!
    I’m gonna some!
    Good thing Zappos has free shipping!

  10. This is what all of the posh puppies are wearing in Aspen this season!

  11. Darling, you are such a “winter”!

  12. nrosetulip says:

    Doh! I had a terrier mix dog when I was growing up who loved the snow. He’d go out and tunnel-run with his face in it and get these same ice-boots and an ice-face with two tiny holes for his eyes. He’d ice-clunk back into the house, thaw by the wood stove for awhile, and then go out and do it all over again. I hadn’t thought of him for awhile. Thanks for the fond memory!

  13. A Wheaten terrier! A loaf of bread with legs, AND snow-boots.

    The naughtiest dog I ever knew was a Wheaten terrier.

  14. Pretty sort hair (fur) for a Winter puppehleh. Beautiful though!

  15. “These boots are made for Wheatens…”

    The good, the bad and the Uggsly.

    Y’know this pup looks like Cliff Claven.
    “Eh, it’s a little known fact there that Uggs is the most recently added term Eskimos use in their 52 word vocabulary for snow..”

  16. Short, short hair (fur) for a Winter puppehleh. *sigh*

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    You peeps who know about these terriers, is their fur naturally that short? Seems odd his face fur is longish but body fur short. .unless the humans trimmed his fur.. but why would they do that in winter.. I’m so confused…

  18. Holy wheaten terrier!

  19. It’s hair, not fur. Since it’s hair it needs to be cut now and again. If the hair gets too long it can get tangly and dirty and matted in places. I’ve never known my wheaten to get chilly- she loves the snow! Obviously, she’s not going to enjoy extended romps in the freezing cold if she just got a trim, but a little snow on the paws never hurt.

  20. Well, as the previous owner of a dog that needed haircuts, winter..summer.. it didn’t matter.. must keep them well trimmed and groomed unless you wanted matted fur. They still have thier undercoats, which is actually what keeps them warm.

  21. I am sure they had him shaved down because of excessive matting or something similar. Wheatens don’t shed, so if you don’t brush and comb them regularly, they get to be a mess!

    My New Year’s resolution is to be better at the coat maintenance on our two!

  22. In the bath tub young man!
    The best way to get those off is to gently melt them away. Grab your rubber duckie!

  23. What a delightful thought-melting away the snow in a nice, warm, bathy. Very nice!
    We had a miniature poodle who did this-balls of snow AAAALLLL over-she loved it, too!

  24. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I love this site! Always learning new things… Now I know what that kind of dog is called! A Wheaton! There’s one at the park oftentimes when Boomer and I go there. He stands still, almost bored-looking, and watches Boomer the Bichon run circles around him.

  25. More like a Wet’un, at the moment. Drip drip, melt melt, thaw thaw wuff.

  26. i know i’m gonna sound like a weirdo but there’s a ghost on that dog. see that unexplained globe of light? that’s a ghost, looks kinda small, was he friends with a hamster at one point in his life? maybe a squirrel? bird? kitten?

  27. Brilliant. Boots that melt away once you get inside – a real space saver indeed.

  28. I have a sheepie, and his paws/legs end up looking like that, too! LOL!

    He must have had tons of fun outside! (But hopefully the owner checks between the pads — lots of snow gets stuck there and turns to ice. Not comfy!)

  29. Michelle S says:

    Ooooh I loves me a Wheatie! 😀 <3 <3

  30. Michelle S says:

    bee: or! They could have taken a flash photo outside in the winter and caught some snowflakes near the lens reflecting the flash. But I guess for some people it makes more sense that the white flashes are ghosts.

  31. michelle s; hmmmm, maybe i just really really want it to be interdimensional interspecies snorgling

  32. OMG
    my dog is a griffon and this happened to him every time when he was younger

  33. i’m also okay with overconfident snowflake tho

  34. Poor little Wheaten — he has no hair to keep him warm! :[

  35. lapinguina says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the hairlessness. Wheaties have their SHEER INSANITY to keep them warm. Sweet dogs, but man are they nutty.

  36. Oh, he’s panting because he’s cold!

  37. If I ever have the good luck to own one of these dogs, I absolutely must name him Wil.

    [I like the way you think, Amy R. – Ed.]

    […so I’m a dork. Yeah. I’m OK with it. – Ed.]

  38. Yay! It’s a Wheaten! He is rockin’ those boots.

  39. totalee puppy says:

    Wheaten…nice to learn about this prosh dog. Snow
    boots are cute,too…but I’m glad I live in South

  40. Dogbreath says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first person here to be picky enough to mention the … um … extraneous apostrophe …. Oh, where are all the English majors when you need them?

    I am compelled by forces more powerful than my puny will to resist to point out that “the calendar has done its job”, not “it’s”. “It’s” = a contraction for “it is” or “it has”. “Its” = the possessive form of “it”, meaning “belonging to it”.

    I’m sorry. I had an extremely forceful English teacher at an impressionable age, and that particular lesson has never left me.

  41. All right already, point made, apostrophe deleted.
    (I’d’ve fixed it earlier if I’d seen it; I grew up with an English teacher.)

  42. Dogbreath says:

    Thank you thank you! English grammar geeks around the world breathe a sigh of relief.

  43. berthaservant says:

    Awww…JT’s first bleen….

    And by the way, “Bax” is an awesome name.

  44. LOLing so hard at the comments. Yes, the naughtiest, nuttiest dog I ever knew was a wheatie…MY wheatie no less. Her name was Moxie, and she would eat-not chew on but EAT-anything that wasn’t bolted to the ground…and some things that were. Loved her dearly, and miss her wheatie face, but am I glad to be able to put things below eye level again!
    She loved the snow too, would roll in it and look like she had a fleece blanket. Thanks for the memories!

  45. Here’s one of my two goobs while playing in the snow:
    The snow LOVES their fur!!

  46. Thank you, Kristabelle for the picture of your Wheaton Terrier in full plumage – now that is one fun-loving looking animal companion! I had a Wheaton on my paper route-and I had to pay extra special attention to where I put the newspaper- he was a precision paper-shredding machine, among other things.

  47. Ms Persnicketty (aka spb) says:

    I must protest! Above, JT excitedly shared with us that she got the coveted “bleen”. Now I’m not begrudging JT his/her outburst of glee… after all the “bleen” is a much sought-after accomplishment that should be shouted from the rooftops. I must, however, object to the incorrect use of the term “post”. This abhorant inaccuracy is seen quite often in the Comments and must stop immediately.

    POST: noun or verb; refers to an entry onto a web log (blog) in the main section/home page of the site. Once posted, this entry usually providus the opportunity for viewers to make comment on said entry. On the official CuteOverload website, posts are ONLY performed by management, i.e. Ms Meggy Moo, Sir Theopolis, Master NTMTOM, and occasionally by affiliated personages known only to said management, i.e. Mr Sparks and Miss CSO.

    COMMENT: noun or verb; a response (i.e. comment) to a particular posting on a blog. Comments are normally open to anyone and the comment stream is monitored by an awsome but occasionally prickly moderator to avoid those ugly and/or unnecessarily lengthy comments (but not this one).

    Ok. Got it? Posts are posts and comments are comments. Comments are not posts! There. I said it.

    Whew… I feel soooooo much better now. Thanks for listening.


  48. Ms Persnicketty (aka spb) says:

    p.s. this photo (i.e. post) is a crack-up. I luv it!

  49. Yeah, I’d gotten kinda tired of repeating that.

  50. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Ahh part of the joys of having dogs who like snow…my sheltie Radar plunges face-first into any and all snowbanks he comes across,and his ruff and belly get all snowclumped like that…I thaw him out with a hair dryer set on low to get most of the clumps off, then he gest to lay in front of the space heater.

  51. Martin-san says:

    Waaaaay too few Wheatens on this page!!:D Bring more of’em!

  52. lol Just saw the comments… Thanks berthaservant!

    Ms Persnicketty (aka spb), I would argue that the definitions goes as follows:

    To post/leave (verb) a comment – is to write a response to a post.

    A post (noun) – is the main entry.

    Therefore I stand by my words and maintain that my definition was indeed correct ;-p

    Now let me run to the lotto centre :))

  53. And to bring credibility to my last assertion, the box where you write your comments here at CO, says “Post a Comment” :-p So there. I’m right :))