Puppy molecule

Py or, "Puppeh molecule" consists of a tiny body and 2-ear compound.

Fun Facts! It’s also:

1. The smallest particle that still retains puppeh properties!
2. An electrically neutral group of four paws!
3. Has the average mass of a Hm (hamster) and Mo (mouse molecule) combined!


You forgot the puppy molecule is held together by strong chemical bonds of Ki (Kibbuhls) and Bn (Bits), Dr. Matthew M.!



  1. omg how sweet

  2. Saint Stryfe says:

    Little known fact: the tail of the Py molecule is an important part of making little boys, including Sp (Snips) and Sn (Snails).

  3. haha. what an awesome caption and hovertext to start my day! thanks, meg!

  4. Don’t forget the Nm (Nom)!

  5. You just know this is going to blossom into a complete Periodic Table of Qte, don’t you?


    [Yes? – Ed.]

    […no, seriously, you know how many there ARE, right?? – Ed.]

  6. i wish there were something in the photo to give the relative size of the Py – say, a Susan B Anthony dollar. i mean, where does he fall on the WSAM (Wee Scale of Animule Molicules)?

  7. Puposterous postulation.

  8. Rather than “biology”, I’d call this science “QTeology”.

  9. Quickly! To Qte Junior Qemistry set!

  10. McPuppersons is all head. S/he must have a very big brain.

  11. If this were my pupperson, her/his name would be EEP! (with the ! at the end)

  12. omg. the cuteness!!!!

    i can’t wait for the Periodic Table of Qte!

  13. and everyone knows that Ky (Kitty) molecules will not bond with Py … I think my science teacher said that is how atom bombs explode.. hummm should have paided more attention…. :-/

  14. Please do tell, what kind of miniature Puppitude is this? Mini weiner dog?

  15. I think CERN should changeits priorities instaed of looking for the Higgs Boson they should start looking for the Meg Qteon

  16. Babelglyph says:

    The nerd inside me is itching to correct — for it to be a Periodic Table of Qte, those would be “atoms,” not “molecules…” but then compounds have to be molecules (molecutes?) — so E would be ears and Tb would be Tiny Body, to make Puppate. Or something.

    Bah, who cares about science, I just wanna give it a hug! X3

  17. Golden, methinks it’s a Wa (Wah-wah).

  18. Golden, that has to be a chihuahua. Most miniscule of puppitudes!

  19. babelglyph says:

    Er, wait, that should read E₂Tb = Puppate. Qte-istry is hard.

  20. Funniest cap-shon and qtest hovertext this year so far ! :))

    Can’t wait for even more witty comments by chemistry-literate peeps !

  21. this is a minpin, i had four of them, they just look so cute and helpless, but they’re soooo mean and very noughty little bits!

  22. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Bebeh’s qteness, definitely must be ionic… free radicals, or something. Bonds quite easily to all who get within its radius of cute! (and to think I used to get A’s in chemistry… so long ago… and I have a cold so I can’t think… can I take this QTE chem pass/fail?)

  23. KRONCHE! (swallers pup whole)

  24. Well I hate to nuff, but it’s just wrong to leave this pup sitting there all cute. Don’t you people know it’s dangerous? I had a friend whose next-door-neighbor’s chiropractor’s girlfriend’s BFF had an adorable puppy and they let it sit there all cute and do you know what happened? The cute puppy grew up and became a dog and they still let it sit there all cute and 15 years later IT DIED!!! Puppies are not meant to be looked at and cooed over. They are meant to be kept in hermetically sealed bags for their entire lives because it would be just cruel to let them interact with people, other animals, toys, food, boxes, articles of clothing, or Japanese anime characters. If you let them have a life they may get hurt. Like in this photo. Stuffed toys can put out this puppy’s eye! So can running with scissors. (People, don’t let your pets run with scissors.)

    End of nuff.

  25. Careful – puppicules are unstable, and may cause splosions of mass destruction.

  26. Awwwwhhhh! And that’s his little quark next to him!

  27. OMG!!! He’s like the miniest of toffe-chips! Nom nom nom..

  28. ButtaRumCake says:

    *giggles @ quark*

    We’ve discover the 7th quark:
    Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm & *Qte*

    Thanks Nancy!!

  29. Babelglyph, I’m glad you broke the element vs molecule ice. I am a huge fan of the Periodic Table!!(Wait, did I type that out loud??) Anyway, I think Py is definitely an element: “The smallest particle that still retains puppeh properties” And then there is Pr, which combines nicely with Py when Py is not yet housebroken.

  30. I did’t do well in high school chem, but I figured out your puppeh chem right away, Now I feel so smart!! Thank you!!

  31. I would definitely buy a poster of a complete Periodic Table of Qte!

  32. What a cutie patootie! Come to my house little one!

  33. Evangeline's servant says:

    I don’t see how you could POSSIBLY not carry that wee pupling around in your rack or pockie or wossname —

  34. (a molecule is not a particle, but it’s certainly cute – but not cuticle)

  35. Rebecca, that is a great idea… we should tewtelly make that poster. I’ll do it in my spare times. [shifty eyes]

  36. See, if they’d taught me chemistry with FUZZYOHMAGAWCUTE! instead of numbers and symbols, I might have paid attention!!

    The Qte teaching method – makes learning fun AND fluffay!

  37. Very cute! I really, really hope there will be more additions to the Qte Table of Elements! And I would buy a Qte Element poster for work and for home.

    Please, please give us more of these awesome posts!

    Love what ya’ll do!

  38. snorglepup says:

    Yep. The more you know…
    Now that I have the recipie, I can reconstruct my own puppulence in abundence!
    Bwaaahahaha! Off to the laboratoriee….

  39. I LOVE this. 🙂 Thanks, Meg! You really outdid yourself on this one!

  40. kibblenibble says:

    I wasn’t good at chemistry, so I’ll just say, “Aww! Eggshell head!” That’s what their heads feel like when they’re this little.

  41. This puppy looks just like our Chihuahua Meda when she was little. So adorable.

  42. berthaservant says:

    Okay, I’ll leave it to the others to work out the Qte Periodic Table….

    ….as long as I get to write the Tom Lehrer-esque song that recites all of the Qte Elements!!!

    “There’s Puppium and Kittium and Snorglese and Micro-Nom,
    And Squee-geum and Nosicle and Toe-beansum and Splodium….”

  43. *dies inhaling carbon puppoxide*

  44. mmmm toffee chips!

    NOM NOM NOM!!!!

    *soft cronshe*

  45. While usually displaying a very high ionization energy, often after a big dinner, Py becomes an inert gas.

  46. This reminds me–I know a tiny little yorkie named Quark 😀 And as if yorkies weren’t teensy enough already, I think he was the smallest of his litter, so it’s a very fitting name.

  47. Theo- this is a great idea. Just think of tje license-ables that could come out of this- posters, calendars, shirts, quilt patterns, mugs-the mind boggles. Now, we do need the best Peep Chemists working on it – it has to be well researched and produced, but, as for me, sign me up for a wall poster and a quilt pattern. and other stuff as it comes along. Please do work on this-Christmas/Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Three Kings Day, Devali and some Eid or another is (are) less than a year away! Morph the wall calendar into this project, pretty-please? Am I the only person who has a readily-available copy of the scientific one at hand a all times? I think not! We are a happy bunch of Nerds!

  48. @nix: ya gotta be careful with yer names, nix…. There is a fresh soft white cheese called “quark,” too. But I don’t think that that was meant by the owners of the puppehquark.

  49. Silent Meow says:

    I am hoping to get a degree in biochemistry. I wish that I could put this Py particle into a test tube and sneak him into a chemistry class. I’d keep sneaking huffing breaks of him during the class, and try to keep him away from the Bunsen burners. Of course, the professor would ask me what’s up, and might confiscate the test tube and keep the Py particle all for himself.

  50. *looks over glasses* says:

    Sorry, I have to break in here.

    Alchohol dog is upset, as Señor Ethanole Molecule claims to be natures smallest while retaining puppeh-like qualities: http://web.camaross.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5635894&postcount=6

  51. Niiiice. *looks over glasses*, keep ’em coming, peeps, the closer we get to convincing Meg-ables et ux to pull this together!
    We have a scientific duty to perform here! This is important stuff we’re doing!

  52. I think the previous (or following, depending on your perspective) post on the site reveals that the compound Kn2Py is highly unstable.

  53. Meg, ya made me jump there….



    “Py becomes an element”
    “Py becomes an inert gas”

    HA! Very HA!
    Oh HA HA.

    I think I’m reading this from a different point of view, which normally wouldn’t happen, yeah.

  54. OMG, someone got a smart chip for Christmas. I love it. Maybe you could get DR Science to put his official stamp of approval on it.

    [He used to be on NPR, but now he’s not. Meg you could go on NPR as the new DR Cute + Science”

  55. Resolved: preview before posting. Please ignore hideous unclosed brackets and quotes in above post.

    {Going to get smart chip installed or maybe just a tall latte}

  56. CatLovesChanel — that’d be from the Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater folks, back in the 80s, right? Loved them, especially their “Boot to the Head” bits, and “Naked People’s Court (The Case of the Car That Got Blown Up)” used to make me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. They had Ian Shoales, too.

  57. oh — and my recommendation’s always for a large (ahem!) mocha

  58. I’m hoping my dad will consider linking to this from his website:


  59. catloveschanel says:


    That’s right! I just went over Dr Science’ website and Duck’s Breath is still on. I guess he is on NPR, but confined to Friday’s.

    Remember, he knows more than you!


  60. Omigosh! That Py has bonded with my Ht (Heart)!

    (Darnit, now I’ve gone and broken my fine, long-standing tradition of lurking…and not even for a Ky/Ht bond!)

  61. DKM, I should introduce you to DKN, unless of course she’s your little sister.

    …which I suppose doesn’t make any sense. But whatever.

  62. (Dora? Back me up? I’m floundering, here…)

  63. Theo as flounder. Hm.