No Exit Strategy Whatsoever






  1. More like motion purrs, I say.

  2. ROFL!!! Great photos all around, of animals and guy. I LOVE the expression on the middle cat’s face in the fifth photo down!

  3. He’s lucky if he escaped unscathed!!!!!!!!!!

  4. next shot in the sequence is the ambulance carrying him out on a stretcher, with flesh wounds all over!

  5. Hahaha…love the 2nd and 5th pictures in particular. Everyone moves from uncomfortable to super-annoyance in the 2nd photo (ears back, kitty’s paw ready for action, and the terrier moving in ). And then the look on the 2 kitties’ faces in the 5th picture are just priceless!

  6. The middle cat is all, like, “Dude this is NOT going to work…and why am I always caught in the middle?”

  7. Welshcake says:

    Lurve the tabby’s expression in the penultimate pic!

  8. This has made my morning. I love that second to last photo- 🙂

  9. woahh, the cat in the middle is super cute! I wish I have one.. lol

  10. Family photo gone wrong!

  11. Some one must have heard a tin being opened. Foood!

  12. I can’t get over the fact that I can see three monitors/systems, leaving me to wonder what the heck this guy is doing(?)! >^.^<

  13. A cute guy with two kits and a Boston?!? Yay!

  14. I’m with Ikmal….middle kitty…want!!!!!

    My question is…what DID he think was going to happen? Bless his little simple self!!

  15. Ahhh… this is so cartoonish. I love it.

  16. second picture
    paw out
    “save me”

  17. I agree…the kitteh in the middle…I WANT.

    My Question is….what did that guy think was gonna happen? Bless his little simple self!!!

  18. Introducing the Internet’s newest star.

    (And the dog and the orange cat and the dude, too.)

  19. Oh geez!!
    *hysterical laughter*

  20. lol @ kitty in the middle

  21. Kristin C says:

    I want all four. Can I please have all four please?



  22. It’s the deterioration of a happy relationship right before our eyes….. and hilarious!

  23. Big Brother cat is watching from the monitor…

  24. I love the kitteh to the left on the first pic and how the ears are positioned to look like a skateboard halfpipe

  25. Stellasmom says:

    I agree with Kristin C…I wants all four…adds them to my collecshion.

  26. A man of threes–three animals, three computer monitors. I get having three animals; the monitors, not so much.

  27. Let’s see…do I try to save him or take pictures? Well, DUH!

  28. ScoutsMom says:

    The striped kitty on the left reminds me of myself in every family picture – especially those annual photos around the Christmas tree where everybody looks so bored and is just like “O’kay, take the picture already so we can get this over with.”

  29. Great shots! Cute animals and cute guy. Middle kitteh in the second pic definitely wants to be saved. This guy was very brave, wearing a t-shirt and shorts (or no pants at all?).

  30. Sarahjeanne says:

    Why is it that I can’t find a cute boy with two cats and a puppy in real life? I’ll bet he does dishes and cooks and everything.

  31. ScoutsMom says:

    Actually, I’m quite surprised that they all sat together for as long as they did. Must be a happy family (most of the time). The kitties are so pretty – leave it to the dog to start all the trouble!

  32. It depends on what he’s doing with the computers. I have friends who have pc’s running on different platforms or operating systems. It’s easier to have the various pc’s to test software on the different versions.

    Plus, having different workstations just rock. It’s great having a pc crunch through something without tying you up to do something else.

    That wallpaper’s a scream though. I think that he needs to have a different cat/dog on each station.

  33. Kristabelle says:

    Striped kitties look from 4-5 is hysterical!
    “What have you done?”

    In picture two, Center Kitty is all, “I want YOU to want ME.” heh.

  34. Piggy Mama says:

    I wonder how much blood was spilt!

  35. Babelglyph says:

    Kitty in the middle — I think he took mine! :O Srsly, twins. (aww, but now I miss my kitty, I’m living far away from her…)

  36. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I’m with you, Sarahjeanne… I can’t find a guy that is interested in anything beyond his MySpace and/or Facebook page. And I’m 34. The best man in my life by far is my seven-year-old marmie.

  37. Yeee-ikes. This is like me, only more so. WAY more so. A me caricature.

  38. @eastie
    no wonder the cat in the middle wants to run if the guy has no pants on *grin*

  39. Number 5, ahahaha!

    Kitty in the middle is all “HISSSSSSSSSS!”

    Kitty on the left is all “WTF U HISSIN AT???”

  40. First pic-

    Dude: “Everybody smile!”

    Tux Kitty:”Your suffocating me!”

    Second Pic-


    Tabby:”Oh, uh! Who farted?”


    Terrier: “Whot!”

    Third Pic-

    Dude:”Hey dudes, chill.”

    Tabby:”Put that paw down.”

    Tux:”I drowning!”


    Third Pic-

    Tabby slaps Dude across the face! Dog goes to the rescue.


    Fourth Pic-

    Tux:”That’s it, I had ENOUGH! TUX GET MAD!” (cue Hulk imitations)

    Tabby:”Oh $#@!”

    Terrier:”I’ll save you DUDE!”

    Last Pic-

    Tabby slides from arm, Tux is still in mid transformation, Terrier has gone all “come back here ya crook!”

    Cue the ambulance sirens…..


  41. The second to last picture! That poor grey cat he looks so disturbed! lol

  42. Thank you for this hilarious start to the day! I will be laughing all day just THINKING about that crazy crew!
    Love. Them. All.

  43. Silent Meow says:

    I want the middle cat!




  44. Kristabelle says:

    Theo, there are so many things I want to say…and yet none seem appropriate. I’m going to hold that thought until something postable occurs to me…

  45. This is absolutely the best yet, excellent job! EXCELLENT!

  46. The Button says:

    this made my morning. how hilarious! there’s something so funny to me about this kind of chaos. loves it!

  47. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I particularly like the lolcat version of this picture:

  48. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Errrm… some NSFW language there.

  49. As Catbert would say, “Raise your paw if you could see that one coming…”

  50. Hee hee! Epic Kodak Moment fail in 3…2…

  51. Love the strippy kitteh on the left. What does it mean when a kitteh’s ears are pointed out to the side like that? I used to think it means alertness, but he looks bored and mildly annoyed.

    Second to the last picture is my favorite.

  52. Is this a hostage taking gone terribly wrong ??

    Anyway, love the expreshes on the (longsuffering)tabby, especially in the penultimate pic.

    And now I know what my Thomas Theodore does when I’m away at work. Goes and visits cute guys with Boston terriers. The grey tuxie in the middle IS my own TT. Same girth, markings, pink nosicle, everything. Must go snorgle.

  53. Kristabelle says:

    I’m pretty sure it means, “This is not going to end well.”

  54. love the tabby’s expression throughout. He’s probably wondering, what on earth is the matter with the other two??

  55. I love the 4th picture where you can make out the trajectory of the stripey claw-bearing missile. Heh.

  56. Ah ha HAH HA HAH! Hahahahaha ha ha hee hee ha ha hoohoohoohoo! Hah hah hah heehee! Hoo hoo hoo! Hee hee! HEE HEE hee hoohoo! Ha! HA HA HA hahahahah! Ha hah! Hee hee hee hee hee!

  57. SarahBarah BoBarah BananaFana FoFarah says:

    This is like a Muybridge sequence – “Studies in Animal Locomotion.”

  58. Ooh, that reminds me: “Everything I Learned From My Cat: A Blueprint To A Happy Life” at

  59. whole lotta shifty eyes goin’ on.

    the cat in the middle cracks me up.

  60. We say the same thing in our household all the time. The ol’ lady (whopping 4.5 lbs of crankiness) will be snoozing on one of our laps and the excitable, ever hopeful young tabby hops up just wanting to share the warm lap. My DH and I look at each other and say, “oh, this is NOT going to end well. Especially for me . . .”

    Our legs, torsos and arms bear the truth of that statement.

  61. I think the Boston was clearly provoked.

  62. Love the pictures..cats dog so cute!

    3 monitors and pictures an art work..sounds like a fun guy! And loves animals
    work for me!

  63. Transpogue says:


    This is why cats aren’t pack animals.

    Poor, poor, simple guy. *shakes head*


  64. I want that fluffy fat gray and white kitty!

  65. The middle cat obviously rules the roost with an iron paw!

    One of the finest examples of a feline tantrum ever captured in stop motion!

  66. DKN — and the tabby. And the gray tuxie. And the human portion of the family, out of frame. And probably the computers as well, but I’m betting *his* aren’t sentient, at least. Dollars to doughnuts.

  67. HAHA omg that was awesome.

  68. I love the 5th pic.. lol the cats’ expressions are great!!

  69. Meg I think it’s important that we have this guys name address email martial status etc, I’m sure lots of us would like to send him get well soon cards/stalk

    [Dewi, dude, ya gotta check for typos… – Ed.]

  70. Another one to add to the cute overload singles column, I think. I’d let him have my number! 😉

  71. Well, now, this may have been a learning experience’ for our Mr. Man. Learning that all his companion animals have their oooowwwwwn agendas, and learning where he keeps the Bactine and the Bandages.

    Poor blighter.

    My, my, he would be a good catch wouldn’t he? Female peeps of the singular persuasion, I wish you every good thing- just don’t sit on his laps in threes- it might not turn out as you had planned *snerk*.

  72. Gail (the first one) says:

    Okay, when I was looking at this I thought *maybe* it was NTMTOM revealing himself at last!! SUCH a letdown!!

    In Pic #2, I think tuxie kitteh is going all Supremes “Stop! In the name of love”

  73. berthaservant says:

    Another ad campaign for “Bad Idea” jeans?

  74. *wipes tears from eyes*
    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Talk about major scratch factor.
    I thank Cute Guy for suffering for our amusement!

  75. HAHAHA omg that fifth pic slays me! love it.

  76. HELP!!!!!!!! Get them OUT of my arms this instant!… BUT they’re so cute!BUT they’re clawing and scratching it’s so painful.AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  77. Oregonian says:

    I love it! Coffee has been sprayed all over my monitor…but totally worth it!

  78. ROFL- love the middle cat in pics 4 & 5!!

  79. Shorts? Really?

    Oh man, that tabby in the next to last picture continually cracks me up. And screenshot these replies for when a woman is prominently displayed and the pitchforks come out. *hides*

  80. LadyDarya says:

    ROFLMOL – love pic number 5 – this whole series has made my day!!!

  81. lol When Boston Terriers Attack!

  82. Um, peeps, of course he has 3 computer monitors. That way each of his furry friends can be the screen saver on his computer! Duh.

    [Heck, I have three *computers* in the CatCave, not including the spare, nor me Schmoop’s laptop, or even the Movie Wall machine… – Ed.]

  83. hahah so cute, i love how the cat reaches out. :3

  84. This gets funnier every time I look and see more detail. Trust the BT to cause a problem.

  85. I knew from the first picture this wasn’t going to end well.

    Someone hand the guy a box of bandages and some Polysporin.

  86. OH!!! bwahahaha!!! I love shot number 4 when the dude realizes all is about to go awry… too funny!!

  87. The look on the middle kitty’s face in the 5th picture is hilarious! What I don’t understand is why this guy continued to keep his grip on these critters?! There they are all spazzing out and he is still hanging on tight, trying to have a family portrait. He is a glutton for punishment…

  88. Re: 3 monitors.

    He could be a gamer. [Oh, y’think?? – Ed.]

    My boyfriend had two monitors- one for playing his game, another so he could still look at the web or chat if needed, without having to minimize his game.

    I have my own comp. So for a while we had three monitors, until mine died and he gave me one of his.

  89. ROFL… this made my day.. I’m sitting here cracking up right now… heh.. Poor guy didn’t know what he was getting himself in to lol.

  90. And I have to agree about the expressions on the kitties in Number 5!!!

    Too, too funny! I giggle every time i scroll up!

  91. balamuthia says:


    @Nik- I think he’s in too much shock to just let them go!

  92. Rocknrope says:

    Tabby in pic 5: “My patience has run its course.”

  93. *starts looking at sequence while sipping Diet Dr. Pepper*
    *laughs and inhales*
    *pounds self on chest*
    *wipes D.D.P off monitor*

    Love it!

  94. LOL!!! I love the guy’s expression in the last pic=)

  95. I SO needed that laugh! The expreshons on everyone is just toooooo much.

  96. What’s even funnier to think about is the frantic wiggling that had to take place between snapshots! It must have been a frenzy of fur, tails and paws! Cracks me up.

  97. In the second picture, miiddle grey/white kitteh says “Halp me! Don’t jus stand der wif da piktur taker! HALP ME!”

  98. i keep coming back to this and just totally cracking up. the expressions!! the 4th pic you can see the trajectory of tabby’s punch to puppeh’s face, and puppehs’ legs on top of white kitties’ head. precious! i’m sorry they were not happy but it sure is funny.

  99. Stellasmom says:

    IDK – there’s a pic of a hot guy on his cubicle bin there. We girls may not be his type…I’m just sayin’.

  100. WOW!!! im all over the internet!!! thanks for the post! I was unharmed so were all my animals….
    Fat cat – Caesar
    Tabby – Punisher
    Boston – Frito!!

  101. ryan, can we start a fan club? all the girls go awwwww (me first)

  102. Now, come on… let’s not blame the BT. Those two kittehs were trouble from the start. The BT just got into it towards the end.

  103. Ok, now we have cute guy’s name. Now all we need is his address, e-mail, and “martial” status. Although, frankly I’d rather learn of his marital status. (And of course confirm persuasion.)

  104. The kitty on the left has some serious battle ears going on.

  105. Kristabelle says:

    I’m thinking there’s no need for an explanation of why Tabby is named Punisher!!! hahahaha Just the expression on his face is enough!

    Glad no one was injured, Ryan. Of course, now you’re going to need to change your name and go into hiding…

  106. yeah no prob!

  107. Caesar sure had a large bowl of Cranky-Os before this picture.

    Hey Ryan, what games do you play?

  108. binky-mama says:

    Snorted my meelks on this one! 😛

  109. Ryan. Dude. Just…. dude.
    I’d say more, but y’know, glass houses.

  110. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Basically what happened to BouvieGal happened to me, except I was eating MultiGrain Cheerios at the time instead of drinking Diet Dr Pepper!

    (I do lurves the Diet Dr Pepper, tho!)

  111. i have 3 cats and a dog, one looks exactly like caesar, though she is a calico. ill try to strike an identical pose (might end up in ER though)*remains thoughtful*

  112. btw i really like that pic of punisher on ur screensaver, with the little Ms that stand as his eyebrows

  113. Juniper — please make haste and register because I have too much on my plate already (ha). And if I may suggest a first post: “Multigrain Cheerios in Diet Dr. Pepper Three-Pet Monitor Surprise”

  114. CoffeeCup says:

    You know…color me crazy, but he might be a graphic designer…but one of those rare ones that works on Windows instead of OS X. I know. Rare.

  115. Family Christmas card shoot gone all wrong. I’m sure he had the best of intentions………..(what WAS he thinking?)

  116. Michelle S says:

    Hilarious! I’m still laughing 5 minutes later!

  117. That poor Boston Terrier’s head looks like a punching bag in motion.

  118. Oh. Oh. SO GOOD!

  119. scooterpants says:

    oh, whos the smart-ass in the kitchen running the can opener? this is gunna leave some marks.

  120. warrior rabbit says:

    spb, yes, you’ve got his name. You’ve also got his URL, which tells you a lot more. Just saying.

  121. Aaaaaah. I am still howling everytime I look at this.
    I can hear the “thud thud thud” of the BT’s schnozzle as the cat pummels it. Which only gets the BT more excited of course!

  122. For people who are asking why he kept holding them after they were trying to get away…you have to realize that they were taking pictures on a continuous setting. The way my camera works, on continuous it takes a picture every 1/2 of a second. This all happened in a matter of what, 5 seconds?

    I can’t wait to show this to my boyfriend. It def. brings the lols.

  123. Commando cuddling – you have got to love it!

  124. I’d love to see the images in a single animated gif! 😀

  125. This never gets old. All day I have been coming back to it and I laugh every time. Most brilliant post in quite a while.

  126. I remember seeing this a while ago. Still makes me laugh. 😛 The expressions are what make it so hilarious.

    @CoffeeCup: We do exist, we just like to be secretive. Like unicorns.

  127. deegeebee says:

    I think I peed my pants. ohmygod that is too funny.

  128. Stellasmom says:

    @Coffeecup and Huu –
    Like the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, too! We just like to contribute and blend…

  129. HILARIOUS! Still laughing hard 30mins later!

  130. I just lost at least 2 pounds laughing for 10 minutes straight.

  131. Best pic of 2009, for sure… so funny…this stuff makes you live longer…love 2nd last pic is priceless

  132. Is the background image of man a pic of our very same hero, the hapless hunk holding his “We’re-not-sure-about-this” pets? Next query: did Fluffy Tux snag BT doggy in the snoot on the way down (image #3)? Last image: BT bolts up, Orange Tabby squirms down, Fluffy Tux pancaked against Cute Guy’s chest…so funny!

  133. I love the smooshed middle kittie in the 2nd picture! When the guy brought his chin down, the cat was like silly putty or something… SMOOSH!

    I vote the middle cat for cutest thing in existance. The 5th pic was amazing too! Poor cats.

    And I have no sympathy for the dog, he was having a blast the whole time.


  135. Ears-out-to-sides-and-down means something like “I’m really not sure I’m ok with this…”. I think you only really see it on pretty tolerant/trusting cats, as ones who aren’t tend to claw or hide under furniture when they have doubts. I happen to have a very tolerant beastie indeed, and I tend to get this for excessive cuddling, ceiling dripping, weird truck noises outside… that kinda thing. The ears of the left guy AND the expressive face of the one in the middle, in fact.

  136. That was so funny it brought tears to my eyes….I’ve been having a real Monday (on Tuesday no less). I needed this.

  137. LesbianNeoCon says:

    One of the absolute funniest things I’ve seen in a long time!!!

  138. picture 5 is where he’s calling “Uh, a lil help here?”

    oh buddy you and your cats have very expressive faces, thanks for the laughs.

  139. Hon Glad | Jan 06, 2009 at 06:02 AM
    Said: “Some one must have heard a tin being opened. Foood!”

    ..Or was it a can of WhoopAss?

  140. Valiant effort, my friend. You did good. This is truly one of my top ten favorite shots ever in CO. ;D

    Funny how it’s always Mr. Fluffypants with the fierce cattitude who ruins it? It’s certainly that way in our house. Lol!

  141. I had 2 computers setup at the time…..1 pc 2 montiors and 1 mac for final cut pro.

  142. Selphie le Boffin says:

    A. Doesn’t everyone have three computers these days?
    B. This guy’s name is Novak Djokovic not Ryan.

  143. Dear Ryan, fans of middle kitty would love to see more pictures of him please. 😀

  144. Yay! I got a submission! Ryan, I can’t stand how awesome this picture is. Shorts were probably a bad idea that day, huh?

  145. I want to join the fan club too! See Ryan, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats! but 4 and 4 sounds even better 😉 Brady Bunch anybody!!!

  146. Stellasmom says:

    1 pup, 1 dog, 1 cat…”Ryan”, want to make 1 big happy?

  147. Ryan- Who was taking the picture? Didn’t you guess something like this might happen?

    Hahaha this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time… the look of the middle kitty’s face in the very first picture made me snort coffee out my nose. He’s all “eehkkk you is suffocating meee” *choke*.

  148. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  149. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  150. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  151. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  152. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  153. Sophie's Mama says:

    This is SO FUNNY! And it’s so much better as a series of stills than it would be as a vid, even. I can’t stop laughing!!

  154. my fav would be the tabby on the far left. he was like all ?????? in his face.

    on the 3rd pic he was like ‘HALP?’ while looking at the guy.

    really cheered up my morning at work!


  155. This post has everything! Likable characters, tension, action, conflict. Seriously, the only thing missing is high-speed car chase. The middle cat shows such range and commitment to its roll.

    This one’s going down in history.

  156. The middle kitty’s face in the 3rd pic is great. The pup’s paw is smooshing his head and you just know the kitty’s about to snap! Then sure enough in the next pic he’s going nuts! This is hilarious no matter how many times you look at it!!

  157. AuntieMame says:

    *reads whole thread*

    *reads whole thread again*

    *adjusts glasses and reads whole thread a third time*

    Ladies and gents, I believe we have reached a major milestone. Not One Single “ohmigod there’s a nasty human in this picture, take it away out of my sigh” nuffer to be seen!

    Well done!

    And Ryan, I suggest you slip ’em all a mickey before you try this photo-op again. 🙂

    [So, if it’d been a girl doing this, rather than a boy… any guesses? – Ed.]

  158. Sweet Scout says:

    I have come back to this post about 30 times today, and I laughed out loud every single time. Just showed it to my daughters (7 and 9), who almost wet their pants in hysterics. What a great start to the New Year!!!

  159. mousecatgirl says:

    Okay, I have been flipping back to this picture since this morning….this is the greatest shot ever and has totally made my day. By far one of the best CO posts of all time! Punisher’s face is PRICELESS! Please Ryan, give us more….especially of chubby kitty, he is delicious!

  160. So, Ryan… bar napkins?

  161. Oh, and by the way…

    “there’s a nasty human in this picture, take it away out of my sight”

    The token nuffer

  162. That was for AuntieMame. Ryan, you can stay.

  163. this may be the winner of the decathlon of qte. so many LOL-inducing elements. adorable characters (4- and 2-legged). i think this could be a sitcom. something like CBS’s “Worst Week.” and for the holiday cards, santa hats all around!

  164. I love the 5th photo’s cat expressions, especially the one in the middle who’s totally “bwah-ha-ha-ha!”

    The guy reminds me a little of Joey from “Friends” especially in the 4th picture.

  165. can’t stop looking. poor tabby has about the same look of consternation in every picture. he’s all, “lemme outa hear before fluffy tears us all a new one!”

  166. hmm. i take that back. tabby might be the most aggressive of the bunch. and his ears indicate serious pissed-offedness.

  167. Brandi7920 says:

    LMAO – I have laughed over this several times today. Picks 3, 4, 5 and 6 in sequence of Ryan’s face crack me UP. It goes like this:
    3. smiling, evertyhing is sorta ok.
    4. wait a tick, oh…
    5. shiii
    6. YOT!

  168. Oh…my…I laughed until I cried and doubled over. And that was the THIRD time I saw it today! FUNNY, HILARIOUS, the BEST. Thanks so much.

  169. berthaservant says:

    I seriously need to get someone to take a photo of me with something obscenely cute. This place is better than cooking class (where my obsessive chewing of raw chicken fat did not go over well, thanks a lot for the idea, Theo!!!)

    [Just to be clear, the COOKING CLASS was my idea, ecccgh – Ed.]

  170. LOL LOL LOL!!!


    (The guy, I mean.)

    (The animals go without saying.)

  171. Incontinence from laughing!
    This is so great! Need to get some pee pads from the little Boston puppy in the other post…thanks, pal.

  172. Am I the only one who sees an allegory of Iraq here? Replace 2 cats and dog with Kurds, Shiites and Sunni. Equally predictable. (Or course, Iraqi civil war was and is not cute.)

  173. I want the guy, cute!

  174. Hope he was wearing a cup!

    He must be an optimist, glass half full kind of guy.

    Cats’ ears are back: signal for you will pay puny human.

  175. It’s Anton Gorodetsky trying to balance the forces of Dark and Light.


  176. I first saw these photos here:

    I knew I should have submitted them back then. Darn.

    If you scroll down the comments on that page, you can click the link in RiSE’s comment and see some great videos featuring the animal stars of this photo series, specifically Caesar and Frito. Gotta love a guy with a sense of humor.

  177. Funniest thing I’ve seen since forever!! Unbearably cute!!

  178. loves it!

  179. Oh no! The carnage! LMAO!!! I’m glad Ryan’s not replying from a laptop in Intensive care right now…. 😉

  180. @berthaserv, no need for photos, we love you already…

  181. mykidzmomma says:

    Thats so funny I’m gonna wet myself, glad I got my Depends! LMDO! That’s Laffing my DEPENDS off, for those of you that don’t know…

  182. “Why can’t we all just get along???”
    Everyone knows the Boston started it by farting.

  183. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! ALL CAPS!!!!!!! KANYE WOULD FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!OUT!!!!!!

  184. bookmonstercats says:

    Theo, I thought that WAS you when I first looked. Who else…..? But of course, you wouldn’t have worn shorts (would you?).

  185. I can’t stop laughing. HEEEE so cute!

  186. So, Ryan, which picture went out as your Holiday card? Hmm?

  187. You know, some family groups just don’t like to be that close.

  188. Here are a few old youtube videos. featuing caesar and frito

  189. “Saving Ryan’s Privates.”

  190. the tabby’s expression in #5 is PRICELESS i tell you.

  191. wannadance says:

    pyrit!! LOL…choke, gasp, heimlich’s self with lip gloss…

    i love the part where frito is standing on the tuxedo’s haid. that must have been the beginning of the end.

    ryan, that pic on the board? you in a helmet? iraq? stands up to clap. woops. falls down. forgot can’t stand up.

    you’ve got wonderful dollbaby guts posting this. i hope someone loves you forever…

  192. Awwww… that guy is cute overload.

  193. Mr. Cute Guy is probably a graphic designer. Most designers I know usually have at least two monitors, more if they’re doing page spreads or the like.

  194. Melissa A says:

    The picture [of the guy in the hat] behind the guy with the pets is skateboarder Mike Carroll.

  195. Melissa A says:

    Or at least I think it’s Mike Carroll.

  196. BookMonster — not with THAT many claws present, no.

  197. wannadance says:

    thx, melissa. i actually watch extreme board sports on the tube but cain’t see they faces. looks like ryan, too.

    meg, i think ryan should go on calendar next yr.

  198. warrior rabbit says:

    I keep coming back to this and giggling maniacally. At work, I try not to cackle so I end up shaking silently, probably causing many to wonder what (else) is wrong with me.

    It is a masterpiece. I’ve never bookmarked an individual CO entry, but I think I might have to. This is one for the ages.

    And pyrit — LOL! Indeed.

  199. I am not a Graphic Designer. I do video editing/after effects stuff like that.

    Here is another punisher video

  200. Nice clip! Bite-sized epic.

  201. Oh this just gets better and better…

    pyrit: LMBO!
    Ryan and his vids (esp. fritos balls): 10/10!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

  202. pupsnstuff says:

    Cat in the middle is NOT pleased. Wants to swipe a face off.

  203. For the record we will NOT be posting the “Frito’s Balls” bit on CO.

  204. Ryan- Who was taking the picture? Didn’t you guess something like this might happen?

    Hahaha this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time… the look of the middle kitty’s face in the very first picture made me snort coffee out my nose. He’s all “eehkkk you is suffocating meee” *choke*.

  205. LOL!!!

  206. wannadance says:

    hey, ever’body, watch this:

    theo…oh, THEEEEo?

    scrabble, scritch, gnaw, paw paw, covaofiasfiajfjaosaj..

    there. now. where’s that vid?

    jk, theo, 🙂

  207. Believe me, I knew you were kidding. I checked.

  208. What makes this such a nugget is that the comments are almost as entertaining as the post. I can’t stop checking them out.

    Do many posts get over 200 comments and is there a way to search for them (other than the tedious obvious one)?

  209. freya_kahlo says:

    Best. Expressions. Ever. The sleeping vid is great too. Yea all around!

  210. That’s ok Theo… LOL curious people will search it out… and YOURS will remain safe teehee

  211. It’s Anton Gorodetsky trying to balance the forces of Dark and Light.


    Nice! Another Nightwatch fan.

  212. OMG! So cute! It looks just like my family because I have three cats and a boston, only they wouldn’t be able to sit still for even the to pics those cuties were still for. Way to go man! Well behaved pets! And are those kitty wallpapers on your computer? Um, obsessive much? (JK)

  213. Danushka — you mean, like sorting all Cute Overload posts by number of comments added, descending? Sorry, not on this blog platform.

    I should note, though, that the occasional posts that get WAY more than 100 comments are usually the ones you want to avoid, because they’re usually the ones where a bunch of anonymous loudmouth know-it-alls are being troublesome and argumentative.

    Now, a “Best of Cute Overload Comments” collection… um, would be an awfully time-consuming thing to compile, at this point.

  214. (there are some really good ones, though)

  215. I just keep coming back to this post. It’s priceless.

  216. Yes I’ll take all 4 please!
    Who is going to start the bidding?

    [You? – Ed.]

  217. I mean…. this post just sums CO up for me…. FANTASTIC! Reminds me why I visit the site at least 5 times a day – thanks guys – hilarious! xx

  218. I just want to date heem!

  219. wannadance says:

    the post with the furry bagel got oodles of hilarious comments, hundreds and hundreds. there were a few peeps who thought we were over the top disrespectful, but vast majority, many hundreds, were very very funny. starting with ‘foist’. wish i had saved that somehow.

  220. gosh! the way they were squeezed! their expressions are too funny! LOL

  221. What was the furry bagel? Got a link?

  222. Marisa, I’m grateful to you hea. I saw dat and could only wondah, vat iz diz Foiry Bagel? Oh my head. Could a peep get a little help from somebody? I gotta siddown.

  223. re: “furry bagel” — y’all mean this post?

  224. AHAAH how cute 😀 the cat in the middle is too funny in the first picture 😀

    Oh and the guy is super cute, too 😀 <3

  225. Haha, whether it’s the right one or not, it’s still funny. I chuckled all the way down although I’ve never seen a jewish person in real life.

  226. I think Tabby’s face in #5 is “oh crap, I’m slipping!” Shloop! Down he goes.
    This is freaking hilarious, btw. Please tell us, Mr. Ryan aka Cute Guy, what was the ORIGINAL intention here?

  227. wannadance says:

    @theo: yew are mah hero!!! a veritable dollbaby…

    thenks with sugar on top…

  228. I just did a serious double take! Those cats look exactly like mine, exactly…except for the fact that my tabby only has one eye.

  229. WannaDance — you’re welcome. Here’s my “secret”, though: I typed the words “furry bagel” into the Google Search box, up at the top of the right-hand margin. It was the first result.

  230. HvsL: A picture for my grandmother!

  231. One more question Mr Ryan aka Cute Guy- I went to look at your videos (I was looking for more aminal pictures) and I was wondering- is that Hillborough St? I swear to god I see the Bell tower in the background of the litter PSA. Am I crazy? Are you a Wolfpack fan?

  232. This is maybe starting to get a leetle stalkery.

  233. LOL, I just want to make sure I’m not crazy. At least, about this; my family seems to think I am regardless. He doesn’t HAVE to answer anyway. 🙂

  234. I’m still curious about “bar napkin”

  235. I imagine they get phone numbers and emails scribbled onto them a lot.

  236. spb: barnapkins, I got the idea from you have an idea you write it on a barnapkin…get it? 🙂

    HvsL: I do live in NC, i not follow sports.

  237. That is so cute, I love it. Nice blog by the way, stop by and say sometime.


  238. Hilarious!

  239. Elurofila says:

    Sure everything was fine before the dog started trouble… poor kitties, but this sequence is truly priceless

  240. Thank you so much for posting these! I stumbled across these photos a long time ago and didn’t bookmark it. I kept telling people that they were my favorite sequence of photos, but I could never find them no matter what I put into google search. Now they are here and bookmarked for future pleasure. Who is this guy anyway?!

  241. Sweet Scout says:

    All these days later, and I still laugh hysterically every time I come back to it.

    This one’s really special…please find a place for it in the ’09 calendar!!! Even if it’s a special ‘flip’ section for just one day’s entry.

    The icing on the cake? The totally cool-acting (until the last minute) tabby cat’s name is Punisher.


    I think CO may have peaked early this year…I’m just sayin’.

  242. Sweet Scout says:

    Though I just watched Ryan’s vids and…seriously? you saved Frito’s balls?

    I…I…I didn’t even know that was an option.

    I prolly wouldn’t have taken it, but I didn’t know I had a choice.

    Did you have to pay extry for that? Does Frito…understand?

  243. it was a joke…it was really the insides of frozen dumplings 🙂

  244. [blinking]

    OK — that impresses, amuses, and repulses me all at the same time.