[Say in Pepé le Pew voice] “Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?”

"Eef you ‘ave not tried eet, do not knock eet.

I tell you what. You stop resisting me, and I, I will stop resisting you. When have you had a better offer than that?"

"You know, sometimes I ask myself ‘Ees eet worth eet?’ and I answer myself ‘YEEEES! EET EES WORTH EET!’ VIVA L’AMOUR" Mei-Li P.! Pépe le Peu quotes from Big Cartoon Forum.



  1. Oh, My!

  2. Adorablez!!

  3. Oh. My. God. It is LUFF indeed. The cat is so good…

  4. Wow. So cute! I want an orange kitty again. 😉

  5. biscuithead says:

    Freakin’ adorable.

  6. lol, brilliance in dubbing this pepe le pew. rat love~

  7. Aw. Rat grooming = LURV!

  8. mutual interspecies grooming! awwwww….

  9. That cat should have his cat license taken away. He’s betraying his kind!

  10. Man, that rat REALLY loves that cat!
    “Babee! Where are you going! Come back! *chases*”

  11. Raquelitamn says:

    the housecat’s wild ancestors everywhere are rolling in their graves…

  12. Sweet!!! Love this video. What is the music?

    I think my rats want to do this to my dog. Being meticulous groomers, I’m sure there are plenty of dirty hairs on my dog!

  13. anastasia says:

    rat(s): oh, you are so pretty tonight, let me hug you!!!!!
    (cat runs away) NOES? WHY NOT YEAS? eet ees eemproshables! kittenh: yuck! get it off! eeeeeeewwww! yucky kablucky!!!

  14. love it.Had a cat and two rats before the cat tried to nurse them.Love knows no limits.Way too sweet.

  15. I think that the rat is Pepe Le Pew in this set up…

  16. Poor Kitty not just one rat amour but two chasing her all over the house. LOLOL

  17. Haha my rat chases my cat around like that too, but my cat runs in terror!

  18. ’tis TRUE luff! the cat is only playing hard-to-get at first… did you not see the leetle licky at 0:37??

  19. UNSTOPPABLE ratties!

  20. Michelle S says:


  21. Looks to me like eet ees not amour the rat is looking for, but lait!

    (Kelley, as I always say: “Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.” Go for it!)

  22. Eww – cannot watch videos in the wrong aspect ratio. Gives me a headache.

  23. kibblenibble says:

    Kitteh has such sweet eyes…sigh.

  24. Gail (the first one) says:

    I think this is a little more “Chere Maman Chat” to “Cher Petit Rat”…..

  25. Erik Ordway says:

    There is a sure case of toxoplasmosis if I ever saw one.

  26. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Cat looked annoyed, and then resigned, and then… sort of liked it. You never know!

  27. Yes, the cat definitely caved in the end. 🙂

  28. Coda Hale says:

    Go go gadget Toxoplasma gondii.

  29. I wish my cat and my hamster had that kind of love!

  30. I like how the cat looked at the camera as though to say, “OK, I posed with the rats. Can you shut that thing off now so I can salvage what little dignity I have left?”

  31. – Please eat us. Mr. Cat! Eat us up!
    – AUGGH! AUGGH! GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE! What’d I ever do to you?!
    – But alls we wants is for ya ta eats up up!
    – Yah, yah, eat us!
    – But I don’t WANT to eat you!

  32. @coda hale–the real danger is to the fetus of the infected party. Hopefully they are practicing safe sex and washing their hands thoroughly and wearing gloves when gardening!

  33. AWWWW!!!
    1:05–Just let me kees you!!

  34. I know how you feel, Little Ratty. Marmies are absolutely irresistible.

  35. Homer J. Simpson says:

    Is this a video from Bizarro World, or possibly Soviet Russia (where mice chase YOU!)?

  36. Aesthetica says:

    kids today…

    dude, you are supposed to nom on the rats, and not in the cute “nom nom nom” way. more like “chizzomp.” see?

    (‘m very glad he’s not nomming or chizzomping on the li’l ratty mcrattersons here)

  37. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Rats Rule!

  38. Awww. What a good kitteh!

  39. I don’t know… at 0:38 kitteh takes a tentative taste, and at 1:00 gives us an “if you weren’t watching, this dude would be paté” look…

    But Pepe is relentless!

  40. I don’t know. I feel like these rats might be the ultimate in pesky siblings. And in the background the mom is saying along the lines of ‘Just another few minutes, so we can send this to Grandad for his birthday’ and the cat is tolerating it but knows there is no escape.

    Maybe that was just my family, though….

  41. …saying something…..

    Obviously she is saying SOMETHING, duh.

  42. Deb in Indiana says:

    OMG! That has got to be the MOST heartwarming, sweet, adorable thing I have ever seen. Even on CO. I hope we see much much more of this trio. Love Rats, love cats. Thank you so much.

  43. It seemed like the rats were trying to nurse at first, but I think they just wanted to groom the cat. Of course, like a lot of humans, the cat seems a bit creeped-out by the tiny grabby hands and snuffling nose.

    Still cute, tho. 😀

  44. platedlizard says:

    OMG YOU GUYS THEY MATCH! Matchink colors, or about as matchink at rats and cats can get.

    My kitty would so not be doing this, though. She’d be ecstatic. Cat toys! Yay!

    Although today she was good and completely ignored my conure. I think it was the snow outside.

  45. Aw, I miss being groomed by pet rats!

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    Here we have Pepe Le Deux. 😉

    Yay, RevWaldo! Haven’t seen that cartoon in ages. I love Claude. Especially Claude and the yappy puppy.

  47. How is it that no one has mentioned the rats obsession with the cat’s mouth starting in earnest around 1:00? Rat is poking around thinking, “Hmm, I heard somewhere something about rats and cats mouths, how do I get this thing open?? I wonder what goodies are inside!”

  48. totalee puppy says:

    Well…I asked for MORE RATS, and I shall receiveth…unto everlasting or while supplies last.

  49. ive had a crappy day today…last day of the Xmas break…have to go to work tomorrow…taking down xmas dex…sick as a dog…etc.

    But this bit of interspecies snorgleage redeemed the whole day.

    cannot account for why a kitteh would take a major prey animal into its embrace like that, but hey, the world is full of mysteries.

  50. MizzKitteh says:

    RATS TWO days in a row?! YAY!

  51. Love the nibbling. 🙂

  52. This is what you get when a Mom cat fails to teach her kittens how to become predators.

    Yay Mom cat!!!

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    One patient kitty and two persistent rats! Give the kitty a rat-flavored treat and tell those rats to leave their big brother alone!


    As a recovering victim of both rat and mouse infestations, I have to say BOO! BOO to this post! My heebies are jeebied up TO BE DAMNED!

    Oh, sure, it’s cute to see (clean & cuddly) predator & prey gettin’ along so swell an’ all… but that’s true ONLY until you’ve had your life and home all but destroyed by vermin rodents and their attendant cooties. After that experience, you won’t ever look at a mouse/rat with ANY fondness again.

    I never thought I’d go all “Rambo” on a critter’s ass, but I was driven to decidedly UN-cute measures to protect the health of my household.

    God bless clean, healthy, domesticated pet rats… and may their vermin cousins stay the hell away from us all.

  55. I just emailed this yesterday to CO, and WOW, it already got posted! I love the rest of the videos by the same person, especially the Whack-a-mouse and cat scared of the remote mouse!

  56. My cat and rats (cats-n-rats?) used to play all the time and the vet wouldn’t believe it until I brought in pictures.

    Jen – the cat probably just had something to eat and ratty smelled it. That’s the only way they’ll bite you too – if you have food on your fingers. They’re practically blind.

  57. Okay, now whose silly idea was it to put this in the “gee-ross” category? These guys are Adorable (with a capital A).

  58. Cat. “Is the camera off? good, come here lunch.”

  59. Awwwwwwwwwww!

    That little rat is definitely trying to groom the kitty. Rats are social critters and they bond by grooming one another – and if you’ve been accepted into the Fraternity of Rathood, you will be groomed, too. It’s really sweet to be nibble groomed by a rat but IT TICKLES DANG IT.

  60. There are chocolate tic-tacs everywhere.

  61. Cat looking at camera: “Look, just keep this a secret, k? Or I’ll be laughing stock of all cat-kind.”

  62. Yay for more ratties!!!! But lets take this out of the “gee-ross” category.

  63. Dobermama says:

    LOL Joanne Casey 🙂
    Also, I would like some of whatever that cat is on, please. My sweet little calico would have sooo eaten those rats.

  64. Maurice and His Educated Rodents!

    Terry Pratchett has been knighted! How cool is that? Congratulations Sir Terry!

    Nice ratties, just trying to show a little love to the Marmie.

  65. “After that experience, you won’t ever look at a mouse/rat with ANY fondness again.”

    Eh, speak for yourself! 🙂 Right now my apartment is overrun with mice (I couldn’t sleep last night because they started scritching and scratching all over the place, dangit). I still squee whenever I look at this video. And if the rodents in my apartment would actually let me sleep, I’d think they were cute too (even though I know they’re dirty and stuff).

    I’d rather have rats than cockroaches. Cockroaches REALLY give me the heebie jeebies.

  66. Awwwwwwwwwww!

    That little rat is definitely trying to groom the kitty. Rats are social critters and they bond by grooming one another – and if you’ve been accepted into the Fraternity of Rathood, you will be groomed, too. It’s really sweet to be nibble groomed by a rat but IT TICKLES DANG IT.

  67. Just me who finds this a bit pervy then…?!?!

  68. Heatherama in PA says:

    Gee-ross???? Did you just see the same video I did? Cause that was freakin’ adorable. 🙂 My cats eye the rats every now and then, but for the most part, they just don’t care about them. The rats on the other hand are terrified of my 3 kitties. There are 7 rats, you’d think they’d gang up on the cats. 😛

  69. One Skunk Todd says:

    It’s spa day for kitty. Time for a pedicure and a…
    wait for it…
    mouse-sage… 🙂

  70. >>Right now my apartment is overrun with mice (I couldn’t sleep last night because they started scritching and scratching all over the place, dangit). I still squee whenever I look at this video.< <

    Lemme know how you feel when you find mouse poop in your cereal… and flour… and sugar… and cornmeal… and pasta, etc., etc.

    Oh, yes– I sealed up all my foodstuffs in heavy-duty plastic tubs, but the little bastards ATE THROUGH THE PLASTIC and contaminated every-damn-thing… and left poop to prove it.

    Such “adorable” little critters! Gimme a break…

  71. Yet more data for my theory that an orange cat will mother anything.

  72. J. Bo – you are certainly within your rights to not like these critters. I hope you find a solution to the problem soon, it can’t be any fun. Keep us posted, just no gory details, ok?

    One Skunk Todd – Mouse-sage, niiiiice.

  73. Hahaha! I love how the rat chased the kitty up the basket and stepped all over his poor buddy’s head to rush over to the kitty’s side.

  74. Get OFF ME RATTEH! gaaaa!

  75. The rat’s name is Peanut…hee!

    I think it’s in the Gee-ross! category for people like J.Bo. I lived in an apartment that was infested with mice…cute little buggers, too. they chewed a hole in my couch! My solution? I moved.

    My next kitty is definitely going to be a big ginger boy!

  76. When I moved into my last apartment, one night I heard my six-pound blind cat making the noise she makes with her fur toy. I was happy she was settling in and thought no more of it until I saw her trotting in from the kitchen with a rat only slightly smaller than herself hanging out of her mouth. That had to have been the dumbest and/or clumsiest rat in the world.

  77. snorglepup says:

    J BO, An old-fashioned snap-trap with chunky peanut butter.
    Trust me. It’s the most humane, effective way.
    Don’t move. It could be worse!

  78. I just got my CuteOverload desk calendar, and the dare from Meg to paper my cubicle with calendar pages was pretty darned tempting, especially the way she said, “DOO EET!”


  80. Remember, these are PET rats, merely a couple of them. Not an infestation of wild rats!!! Not the same thing…EVAR!! This is a beautiful video! A fine example of the way it should be viewed, clean and fluffy, loving and frolicky. Very fro-licky…

  81. As Bella would say of Edward and Jacob – proof hat mortal enemies can like each other!

  82. AuntieMame says:

    I agree with foxy. I can just hear the cat saying: “Mooooom, Timmy and Billy are being annoying again!”

  83. <3 )~~~~

    Isn’t it nice how you make a heart and a rat’s head the same way 🙂

  84. this makes me miss my ratties 😦

  85. if you listen to the ABBA song Fernando, it is possibly the best backing track … in the world!!! XD

  86. Awww. This is the cutest thing ever!

  87. looks like a little love triangle drama to me
    the other rat sadly follows, begging to be noticed, but knowing they’ll never be a cat… :/

  88. Cute as all get out!

    Did anyone notice the ironic ‘pest control’ ad on the YouTube clip, tho? How…inopportune.

  89. OMG! That is so cute! I love this website!