Bountiful Bunday Buffet

Check out these Lionhead bunnehs going to town on fresh grasseseses.

I especially like Mr. TribblePants on the left who’s doing the old "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti thing.


Nom-HANCE + les clovères disappearing at an alarming rate:


Hey Sender-Inner Michelle G., nice spread!



  1. Lionhead Bunnehs? Wif clovah?

    (Pardon the lolspeak. It’s early and that’s all my brain can manage.)

  2. awww. I will put all of dem in my mouf

  3. Lionheads, I believe? Absolutely adorable…

  4. i’m munchin over this three leaf clover. . .

  5. Don’t look now, but I think they approve.

  6. Bunz are singing:

    Roll me over, in the clover, roll me over, lay me down and do it again.

    —Naughty song from my parents generation.

  7. And watch the world over start coming up clover.

  8. I don’t see any disapproval!!

  9. Even my own little bunnehs approve of this one! Adorable.

  10. firefinch says:

    Just make sure they don’t get into the quadrotriticale. (which multiply faster, bunnies or tribbles?)

    [Bubbles! – Ed.]

  11. OK- ears, necks, feetsies, talios,wheeesker, nosies, tummehs, and clover-
    There simply wouldn’t be the space or opportunity to disapproval at my house. Ehnnnnnnn.

  12. THE trouble with tribbles is there is no trouble… well except for the multiplying cuteness.

    Grabs tribble bunny on the right and runs away.

  13. Oh, my little dog (toy pekipoo) would have fun chasing those fuzzballs around the yard…


  14. kibblenibble says:

    I’m enjoying the extreme fluffularity and pert ear-angles! =)

  15. It’s the Bunday buffet at the Cottontail Cafe.

  16. and it’s not even easter yet

  17. Nom-hance < -- now one of my favourite words.

  18. Um, excuse me BunBuns, but may I join in?

  19. From the close up hovertext: One li’l wiggle? Pleeeeeease? I’ll supply carrots!

  20. The one on the left is super fluffed 😮 I want one!

  21. Love the lefty fatty fluff bunny!

  22. OMG MEG.

    Tribblepants!! Bahahahahaha!

    /I ROFL’d.

  23. Love the super fluffball bun on the far left, though that black one in the middle’s got a serious mane. All I can see are ear nubs!

  24. awww i love lionhead bun buns.

  25. For shame! Is not dandelions. Is clover! Any Thumper-lover should know the difference. :p

  26. @Jen8– and you know rabbits– they will!

    OK, maybe not these buns, they look a little young.

  27. I want to snorgle all of them!

  28. They’re sooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE with a lion’s mane! They’re like giant fuzz balls too.

  29. Bunz to the left of me, tribbles to the right, here I am…stuck in the middle wif you! 😉

  30. eikoleigh says:

    Fluffy bunnies – awesome!

  31. MaggieBee says:

    Mr. TribblePants…..PRICELESS!!! Hahahahahhahahaha XD

  32. berthaservant says:

    I saw when this is all over
    We’ll eat the clover
    We’ll go out and spend some more of your…

    …bun money….

    (horns – be-DEEP)

    …bun money…

    Doi doya do, doi doi doya do, doo-dum…doo-dum…

    (This comment disapproved by Van Morrison)

  33. lol @ berthaservant!
    i could nom those bunnehs faseter than they’re nommin’ those clovers…

  34. Before CO I thought I was the only person who went head over heels over bun-buns, it is just so nice to know that you peeps are out there!

  35. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina…hope you’re feeling better every day…bunnehs=happy!

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    I like the one on the right-with the eyebrows. He’ll be VERY disapproving when he grows up! Just imagine the scowl!!

  37. Jen8 – “Roll me over, in the clover, roll me over, lay me down and do it again.”

    GAD – hadn’t heard that one in awhile!

    Meanwhile – where can I get one? I could just bury my face in them!

  38. Jen8: Here is the version I learned in elementary school:

    Roll me over in the clover..
    Rub your belleh against mine…
    Just one squirt…
    it doesn’t hurt…
    It brings a babeh each time!

  39. kk3, dear, -where did you go to school?

  40. superboymom says:

    “Thumper! What did your father say about eating the blossoms and leaving the greens?”

    (clearing throat) “Eating greens is a special treat. It makes long ears and great big feet!” (whispered: “But it sure is awful stuff to eat . . . I made that last part up myself!)

  41. totalee puppy- much better, thanks. And you, how are you today?

    Hey, I even MAILED something out today! Concentration, stamina, motivation — I’m, I’m ME!!
    More bubuns of health, please, Theo/Meg/NOMTOM/other person whose name I can’t recall(sorry)!!

  42. So fluffy and cute!

  43. Katrina, you’ve got the core crew covered. Sparky (Meg’s hub) and CSO (Chief Sister Officer) also show up from time to time, though.

  44. Sarah-Jane says:

    they are sooooo floofy!!! <3<3<3<3 ^__^

  45. Theo-Thank you, now we have the whole cast of Characters and I DO mean Characters. Kudos to you all, my heartiest wish for a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2009 for all of you! You bring such joy to us!

    I just have this ‘thing’ about rabbits. They make me Happy. They MAKE me happy. THEY make me happy. Yup, it all works! I luvs me the bun-buns!