Two piglets, extra wrinkles, extra ears, comin’ right up

The Los Angeles Times is reportin’ these Wrinklestilskins (Actually Chinese Meishan pigs) are all the rage at Berlin’s "Tierpark". Apparently, these chubbular wonders are famous for their wrinkles (duh) and loooong ears.


Get a load of Mom pig, People!



  1. these bleening pigs are NOT CUTE!!

  2. i love little piggles, but these are not cute. sorry, cuteness gods.

  3. I was sooo close. Runner up bleen. ^^
    Michelin Piggies!!!

  4. Whoa, must be the long ears (and a certain similar animal), but I’m detecting major disapproval. Especially from Mom! D:

    Saw their picture the other day and they look like sharpei piggly wigglies.

  5. So ugly they’re anerable!

    (And kudos on the hovertext, evil giggle)

  6. It’s a cross between a shar-pei and a piggy! Squee!

  7. Sphynx peegs are not cute.

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    What adorable little Shar-Pigs!

  9. Yes they ARE!!! Lurve the ears! And the pink 3 toes.

  10. yuck

  11. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    They look like something that needs to wait and have its hair grow in a bit more… and, they look bored (or disapproving, I suppose).

  12. cubbybutt says:

    mom pig looks a lot like one of my student’s mom.

  13. Shar-pig-buns. Those are some unpiggy, but very bunny, ears. What a weirdly cute amnil.

  14. These are not cute. These are not pigs. These are orcs.

  15. kibblenibble says:

    This is one of the best things about CO: Seeing critters you might never see otherwise. These guys look old and wise, even though they’re just babes.

  16. dharlan1too says:

    ‘Get a load of mom’…”yeah, after this last pregnancy I started showing my age, everything headed south, their dad, my chins, everything….”lol

  17. Pigjamin Button

  18. dharlan1too says:

    ‘Get a load of mom pig’…”yeah, after this last pregnancy I really started to show my age, everything headed south, their dad, my chins, my..Well, jus everything…

  19. rule of cuteness #27: Chub.

  20. ugly ugly UGLY.

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    How did you get those pictures of Uncle Charlie and Aunt Ethel from the family Christmas dinner? How!?

  22. kibblenibble says:

    LOL Von Zep! 😀

  23. NO NUFFING! These piggehs are adorabuhls. I would snorgle in a heartbeat.

  24. Let’s see the tocks please!

  25. They’re a little homely, but I would still kiss them.

  26. Poor things. That’s why you must dry clean your piggies.

  27. LOL Did you guys count she had eleven babies. Poor mama pig hehehe

  28. they’re so cute!

  29. They fall under that rule of being so ugly, they’re cute. 😛 Mom pig is one fugly sow. I hope they at least make her eat where nobody can see or hear her.

    haha ok I don’t mean that

  30. JarethsDreamer says:

    Wow… I have to say: those are the least cute pigs I have ever seen. Maybe it’s a bad angle?

  31. biscuithead says:

    The schnozzles!
    Ear floppage!

    I defy the nuffers!
    For they are WRONG.


  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    “We’re not disapproving…..we’re crabby!”

  33. Absoutly adorable. would love one. Moms awsome to

  34. So I checked out mom as requested… and so this is what the piglets have to look forward to?

    Oh actually, they won’t be able to look at much LOL, those wrinkles covered moms eyes!

    😀 hilarious and kinda cute


  35. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    Raisin Piggies!

  36. sonnysnail says:

    “These are not cute. These are not pigs. These are orcs.”

    Leilani wins the intarwebs, for being both right and AWESOME.

  37. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Ok, I looked at Mom Pig (I hadn’t earlier), and I am just about speechless… The kids are sort of cute… mom pig looks as if she’s been mugged.

  38. Little piglets always look like their standing on tippy-toes with those little hooooooooves. So cute!

  39. berthaservant says:

    They DO look like orcs, but they are TOTALLY CUTE! The one on the left just happens to be a VERY good actor and is doing his “super creepy vulture face.”

    Mom is kinda skeery, tho.

  40. 1. Very cute!!! And I second the tocks request.

    2. Inappropriate hover text Meg!! Booooo 😛

  41. Chinese Meishan pigs–Where else could I learn so
    much about the animals of the world? I’m loving this, but this expertise and $1.39 will get me a small soft drink at any drive-thru.

  42. Brandi7920 says:

    OMG lol – I had to google image these sharpigbuns (never heard of ’em before!). Teh googly-images are hi-larry-us! Espesh love the wrinkly bb with his tongue hanging out. I <3 CO for my daily dose of cuteness with a teensie bit of edumacashone!

  43. On, they are described as having “wonderful personalities” hehe

  44. Wholley Cow! I wouldn’t admit that she was my mother. I’d have to be iin therapy.

  45. I love them, especially, the extra-cuddly pic here on CO.

  46. Beauty in the eye of the beholder…I would be willing to be their personalities make up for what they lack in good looks…

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    I think they are gorgeous. Just double checked, and can confirm. I would like to scritch their chins (all of them) and I bet they’ll put their heads back with a blissful look… or possibly mum will bite my arm off for going near her bebeh….

  48. Cathy Carpenter says:

    That left piglet has the most evil eyes I’ve ever seen on an animal. It looks like it wants to kill all non-pigs.

  49. I dont even know how the mama pig can see! Her angry wrinkles cover her eyes!

  50. Selina's Mommy says:

    ……. not.. cute..

  51. OMG! I know I love them, but they sure give the Chinese Crested dog a run for the money!!

  52. A clear cut case of wrinkularity!

  53. I nominate them for the so-ugly-they’re-cute category. Some smoosh-faced and wrinkly dogs benefit from this particular designation as well. Also – cute points for looking grumpy.

  54. Oh, dear.

  55. They are like tiny, trunk-free elephants!

  56. Garsh, so many hatas. I guess y’all are prime specimans of beauty. I’d wager from a Chinese Meishan pig perspective these two are gorgeous. And IMO, not too bad in the overall creature attractiveness category as well. But I would be afraid I’d lose my purse or summat in those wrinkles.

  57. Arrrgh! I was so concerned about spelling pigs correctly I mangled “specimens”. Pls to 4giv.

  58. Looks like you also misspelled “hatters”.
    (we’re all mad, here)

  59. I wonder what breed of pig they are? because i sure dont know!!

  60. do they keep that look for the rest of there lives, cuz that style is so 1980’s hahaha