Encore Presentayshe: No rats were drugged in the making of this vid

This McRattersons is just naturaleh calm and collected.

Excellent Rule 41 in the form of tummeh exposure, Zwee H.!



  1. first time I ever thought a rat was cute

  2. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Ah, the complete sweetness of rats. I’ve rescued 25 and have three with me now. They are wonderful companions. But this one is exceptionally relaxed. Quite a treat. I don’t understand how he isn’t snorgling that little tummy non-stop.

  3. What a cutie! I’ve had rats before and they are awesome. Now I want another one!

  4. It was so inert that I was beginning to wonder if it was even alive. The original La-Z-Boy!

  5. Mr. Ratterson licked the hand! Bleen!

  6. Wow, and here I thought they stopped making Quaaludes.

  7. Chillin’ like a villain.

  8. This goes to show the power of a rounded tummy and beady eyes.

  9. How is this possible? When I put my hamsters belly up, they flail like crazy. Little paws flapping up and down so quickly that I just see four blurry stumps for limbs. Meg, ya sure he isn’t on valium or summat?

  10. Katie Kat says:

    AWWWW! That makes me miss my ratty boys Lenny and Squiggy! WAH!!!! People just don’t understand how sweet and loving rats are. Thanks for indulging those of us that do! 🙂

  11. What, no sound fx ? no *boi-oi-oing* on the feets action ? no *ker-thump* on the belly flip ?

    Cute ratteh. My shelter needs homes for 70 of these cuties (no snake owners, pleeze…)

  12. Katie (not K. Kat) — yes, I saw what you did there.

  13. Also the first time I thought a rat was cute. I think I’ll stick to lovebirds though 🙂

  14. Awww.. this looks just like my recently departed Ethel – she and her sister Lucy were such wonderful ratties. Ethel was a real snuggle bun like this chillaxing rat. I miss ’em so.

  15. “Dude, its 11 o’clock in the morning. What part of ‘nocturnal’ do you not understand?”

    (I’ve never seen on this mellowed out, but our ratties are always pretty sluggish in the morning!)

  16. What a lovely little bloke!!
    Rodents can be the sweetest little friends.

  17. that is so cute~! i love it when s/he flops onto her/his belly for a back rub.

    so cute! i’d love to have a pet rat one day.

  18. well I’ll be darned We had rats before but I did not know they tranced like bunnies. Huh you learn something new EVERY DAY don’t you.

  19. I think Mr. Rat got into the special brownies. He’s tripping heavily. 🙂

  20. A very cute rat with such a plump tummy and great feet. A rat’s tail isn’t my favorite thing though.

  21. What a sweet little face, and I want to nom those little peenk feets!

  22. wow, ive never seen a rat so calm and so friendly. So sweet.

  23. is it bunnehs that trance out then when you flip em ovah? was tryin to remembah.

  24. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, I want to play with the little feets! Hee.

  25. I had a hamster that use to do that. He’d freeze, and you can rub his belly and play with his hands, and he wouldn’t do anything.

  26. That is one SERIOUSLY relaxed little girl!

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    I used to be calm like that back in my college days. Usually with Jefferson Airplane on the stereo and the black light shining on the posters. Don’t kid ME–that rat is completely baked! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, in moderation. Anyway, he was probably smoking weed as part of some kind of scientific study.

  28. eikoleigh says:

    Whoa, that was so weird. She’s SO calm. Those pink feet were cute (and huge)!!

  29. Omg that is the cutest rat!

  30. Felicityanne says:

    Where’s the modesty tail when you need one, eh?

  31. awww now I wanna get a rat instead of a kitteh for my pet…

  32. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    The cutest part to me was after being petted all over her underside, she flipped over, as if to say, “and now, the other side, please!”

  33. Aw, this makes me want to get rats again. I had a few when I was a kid. 🙂

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, the belleh! So rounded and smorglable! All I ever see of my rattie’s bellehs is a blur as they flip over, or in their cage as they stand up and display their pitifully treat-deprived tummies to Mom.

  35. awwwww, i have two girlies but they are NEVER this calm!!! i love ratties

  36. Michelle S says:

    hahaha looks just like uncle Mike on the Barcalounger!

  37. platedlizard says:

    Animal hypnotism, I used to love putting the chickens at the farm asleep like that as a kid… bunnies too. Put them on their backs and massage them and they just go into a trance. Actually, the chickens we would put their heads under their wings and rock them, but it was the same thing.

  38. I had a bunny and he so did not trance out when on his back! He was confused though. He thought he was a cat.

    I would love some McRattersons, but my McCattersons would make them McDinnersons. 😦 Espcially Horus – he’s from the ‘hood of Southwest Philly. Rats were the main course before he was rescued. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through CO.

  39. Wow if only I could get my own ratties to do that. They’re too hyper to even do that for a minute. They just do not STOP.

  40. Now that’s one happy pet!

  41. I’m picturing little McRattersons in a lounge chair next to the pool, with a nice cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade close at hand.

  42. Never underestimate the trance inducing power of a good foot rub, gentlemen.

    That rattie girl knows what she wants and has a well trained human to dish it out.

  43. marionetteprincess says:

    my hammie named Tinker does the same thing… but when you pet his belly he will grab your finger and hold onto it like a koala bear!
    it’s soooo kyoot

  44. berthaservant says:

    Lazing on a sunny afternooooonnnn…..

  45. Haha, Berg! Wow. This makes me want to have rats again, too. They are excellent pets.

  46. Tiny rat feeeets! I luff his little round belly

  47. LOLZ. Her feet twitched when she touched her tail.

  48. She’s out cold!
    I NEED 50cc OF CHEE-TOS, STAT! 😯

  49. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Wow, that is one trusting little ratteh.

  50. Heatherama in PA says:

    YEAH!!! Finally a rattie on CO! 🙂 I have had rats for 10 years now, and I currently have 7 lovelies in my home. Rats are so misunderstood. They are amazing little creatures and not like any other rodent. They’re more like dogs than hamsters. There’s a lot of work involved in their care though, so if anyone’s thinking of getting a couple as pets, be sure to research. I suggest Goosemoose.com’s rat board! 🙂

  51. Rats are wonderful pets, and misunderstood, I agree. They are genuinely interested in human beings where as all other rodents couldn’t care less about us. Makes me miss my little Freja and Fenrir. >.< This rat seems like a sweetie.

  52. Such a bizarre video. It’s like the rat’s at a spa, getting her massage and pedicure.

    It’s super cute around 1:40, though, when it’s just its cute little whiskery face 🙂

  53. VegetarianViking says:

    First beady eyes and a fluffy tummy, then pink pawsies… SPLORT!

  54. Not hard to believe at all from a well bred, well socialized rat. definitely easier to get males to do that as they are calmer by nature. sooooo cute regardless!

  55. This rat’s definitely all “DUDE! Where’s my car?”

  56. Too many ratoonies on New Years Eve?

  57. Hi Heatherama! (Psst, it’s me, CinemaGeek).

    What a sweet little darling! We need more rats on C.O.!!


  58. Hi Heatherama! (Psst, it’s me, CinemaGeek).

    What a sweet little darling! We need more rats on C.O.!!


  59. stephanie says:

    Umm, that’s Ms. McRattersons to you. 🙂
    I bet in half a year they’ll wonder if she’ll ever slow down again.

    One more vote for more ratties!!!

  60. MizzKitteh says:

    Aw I luv ratties, its awful how people discriminate against them. I’ve got two, but they are NOT that calm!

  61. What a sweet baby! I’ve got two rattie boys that are both total loves. One just wants to be wherever Mommy is, is a total lap rat, and almost never leaves my side.

  62. My mom would barf if she saw this. She hates rats. Says the tail creeps her out.

    I, however, would nom him. 🙂 Adorable!

  63. I love the giant ratty feets!

  64. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Very few of them will put up with that. I have been rescuing them for over a decade and only ever had one boy like that.
    It is very rare. Just saying for those already half way out the door to get one after seen this sweet tyke.
    Rats always need ratty companions too.

  65. so cute!! i’ve had the privilege of having several rats in my life; i’ve had a few of my own, i’ve rescued a pair and found them a home, my boyfriend (at the time) had a pair of males, my roommate has had a few rescued girls, and a good friend of mine still has a pair. the only bad thing about them is that their lifespans can seem quite short! i always tell people they’re more like miniature dogs, always so happy to see their people! in my experience, though, the males are more likely than girls to be this calm. one of our males, itsy, would get so relaxed snuggling with his friend, gandalf, he would boggle his eyes! (kinda like this:

    all rats have quite distinct personalities, though. our girls were always on the move! my little hairless one, q-tip, was my favorite. she was sneaky and clever and never slowed down long enough to cuddle, but she always made me laugh! for anyone considering rats, please be sure to always have at least two, as they are crepuscular and very social, so we humans are unlikely to be able to fulfill all their socialization needs without help from other rats! another vote for more rats on CO (especially blues and/or dumbos!)!

  66. ps – that link above will work without the close parentheses at the end…

  67. Worst.Pedicure.Eva.

  68. I love you guys, really I do. Never have I seen not a single nuff (not one!) about a rat pic/video. Cheers to Cinemageek (I have seen your youtube page!) and Heatherama for the goosmoose.com reference!
    Pet Rats are awesome!! My current three rat boys concurr with this comment!

  69. Sorry, rats never equal cute. SHUDDER.

  70. Thanks for adding the nuff. You ruined a perfect non nuffer! Why say anything at all. You nuffer!! It isn’t all about YOU, nuffer. There’s some for everyone here. Go look at something else!

  71. noramaria says:

    It was agony watching this, while he was playing with the feets and tail. I was like “Rub the tummyyy…. RUB IT!”. And then he did, and it was worth the wait.

  72. Hooray for rats being featured. I have a hairless rat that does the same thing. It has a lot to do with if they are hand raised or not (IE: a rat you had since it was a baby with lots of attention is more likely to do that than a pet store rat).

  73. Shadowtiger says:

    Bleen! My wife and I collect and raise ratties–at one point we had 36 of the little boogers, all different colors and ear configurations and fur growth. Sadly we have viral pneumonia ripping through our population and have lost 11 in the last two months, including a few boys and girls at least as calm and sweet as this little girl is.

    Glad to see so many other rat enthusiasts coming out of the woodwork!

  74. Rodents are actually better at understanding emotions than cats and dogs. I have two gerbils called Holly and Hyacinth and they are the CUTEST!!!!!!!!

    I love rodents best of all, and I just can’t understand why everybody either hates them or only likes hamsters!

    TELL ME!!
    IS IT??????!!!!!!!!!

  75. OMG, the tummeh!!! Sooo cute. 😀

    Blazora – yeah, from my own experience it´s the *tail* that most people don´t like with rats. Don´t ask me why. Blame it on people´s own insecurities.

    Also, I think it´s the whole “rats are filthy” thing with people. Which of course does not apply to domesticated rats! They are GREAT PETS! 🙂

  76. totalee puppy says:

    Redbone…ROFL! “50cc of
    Chee-tos, STAT!”

  77. totalee puppy says:

    Another vote for MORE RATS!

  78. i love how towards the end of the video, the rat is like ‘ok, enough!’

    i used to have rats when i was younger and they’re great pets. really like teeny, tiny dogs .. they’re very smart and affectionate and VERY clean (a big plus). 🙂

  79. darkshines says:

    My boys were too fat for this, if they rolled over onto their backs, I would imagine they would get stuck, flapping their useless legs and doing the helicoptor tail….

  80. So I love how at about 1:08 the camera jerks and the look on the rat’s face suddenly changes from calm to ZOMG WHAT’S HAPPENING. You can kinda tell from the way its arms latch out to grab the hand it’s sitting in. cuuute. 😀

  81. Wow, if the rat hadn’t wiggled at the end, I would’ve been inclined to say [in my best Dr. McCoy voice]: “It’s dead, Jim.”

  82. He is not yet dead, he can dance and he can sing.
    He is not yet dead, he can chew through anything.

  83. ooooooh! ratties! We in this household love ’em and just “inherited” 2 from my daughter who has way too many pets (whoa! there is NO such thing!) and just moved where there’s no space, so we’re in rat heaven again!

    My hubby introduced them to me years ago and at first I was grossed out by their tails, but quickly overcame it when I found out how positively friendly and loving they are and actually love being with other ratties, unlike hamsters, we found out. And they’re so easily trainable.

    And yes, rabbits do go into a trance when you can get them on their backs – my daughter and her vet do it all the time – my daughter so she can at least hold him and give him lovies once in awhile. Too cool.

    Now I have to go get some snorgling in with my ratties, Lulu and Beatrix.

  84. ummmm, I mean my daughter holds her BUNNY…not her vet. 😉

  85. MoonCatty says:

    skeezer ~ Thanks for the pronoun clarification… heh…

    For folks who are put off by the look of a rat’s tail… squirrels’ tails are just as thin and long, but their tails grow all that extravagant, bushy hair, so the “rattiness” isn’t apparent. Reminds me of that old joke about park rats resenting squirrels, because all that stands between the rats getting the same treats and, “Aw, how cute!” is that frikken bushy tail.

    I’ve never personally had a pet rat, but I still think they’re fascinating!

  86. Heatherama in PA says:

    I don’t understand why people are “put off” by the tail. Their tails are actually quite soft. I find that 99.9% of people who say they don’t like rats have never even interacted with one. 😦

  87. nancycccslp says:

    I have one fatty male rat who loves having his tummy rubbed like this! Rats are the best; so affectionate, clean, loving; they seek you out and love to play. They also love each other and really enjoy their friends! Not big on the biting thing; that’s an old wives tale.

    Shoutout to the Goosemoose crowd!

  88. Heatherama-

    That seems to be the case. When i decided to get rats my mother, boyfriend, bother and sister all looked at me with this face of terror and disgust, and I tried to explain how sweet they are. When I got them, two girls, all of my family fell in love. My brother would come play with them even when I wasn’t around. Man, I feel like going to get two more again. This time I’ll try boys.

  89. Wow, that is one happy rat!! Loves it!!
    I used to own a big ole male rat. He was mean as heck though… wouldn’t even think of trying that on him lol.

  90. Cute? More like disturbing. That rat was totally drugged. We’re guessing after surgery?

  91. Cracking up at all the folks who think this is a boy rat.


    This is not a boy rat.

  92. I think that is a mouse…. and female to boot!

    and my hamsters are calm like that too – esp afternoon (seista time i guess) ^_^

    lol it look like it is enjoying a physio therapy session!

  93. Geez…I’m pretty much like that after every meal!!

  94. Elizabeth P. says:

    I have never seen a female rat sit STILL for that long, let alone lay on her back in the palm of a hand. That’s just weird. I’ve had five girlies before – everyone single one of them was a huge ol’ busybody. I could see this sort of lazy behavior for the BOYS though, for sure!

  95. Whoa, that’s amazing. My rattie boys trust me, but they only ever get that relaxed in their cage. If I could get that that relaxed while out of their cage, I’d be petting them all day long. As it is, they’re ok with me petting them, but they much prefer grooming me instead.