Happy Gnu Year!

A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-nd 2009 is off and running!  NEEEEAAARRRMMMMM!

Oh boy oh boy lemmie attem hyup hyup!

Baby Gnu running away by ottojdamage


  1. Knobby knees! I loves ‘em!

  2. eikoleigh says:


  3. It’s 2009 already? Who gnu?

  4. What is a gnu? Besides effing cute.

  5. Oh deer. If you don’t mind, I do believe, it’s;

  6. Waaahh – Mawwmy…there’s a scary thing chasing me with box thingy in his face, making clicky sounds!!

  7. That’s a keeper. And a grand way to start off the new year. Happy new year, C.O.! :D

  8. toni resnick says:

    is someone new doing cuteoverload?

  9. Bryn – It’s also known as a wildebeest.

  10. just goes to show ya: no gnus is good gnus.

    happy gnu year, peeps.

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Shouldn’t that be “happy gnu rear”?

  12. Baby gnus is good gnus. A gnu is a wildebeest. The sound they make sounds like “ga-noo”. Most herds have the babies all at the same time, probably so the predators don’t have a steady supply. To accomplish this, the herds have a three-week orgy called a rut.
    Not so many gnus in southern Africa anymore. They put up “veterinary fences” in Botswana which blocked the migration routes and caused general carnage and a huge population crash.

  13. Sproing!

  14. PS: “Well may I ask what you expected to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain???”

  15. cellarmouse says:

    @ toni resnick

    No – Not That Mike The Other Mike (also known as NTMTOM or NOMTOM) fills in when meg occasionally takes a day off – y’know, like New Year’s Day?

    And there’s this other cat (i’m scared of him) named Theo aka Teho (but he calls himself Ed) who does stuff

    [BOO!!! AAAAHAAHAHAHAHahahahaa… ha… um yeah – Ed.]

  16. “What is a gnu? Besides effing cute.”

    Why, it’s the g-nicest work of g-nature in the zoo! (You really ought to k-now w-ho’s w-ho. Gnus are very touchy about these things.)

  17. Happy new year cutesketeers!

    the baby gnu does NOT need a new year diet he is already TOO knobbular.

  18. So my comment isn’t taken as g-nasty, here’s the song to w-hich I was referring:


  19. Gnip Gnop anyone?

  20. ysubassoon says:

    It’s so cold today in Ohio that I think I gneed a little gnip of something to stay warm.

  21. vegas vickie says:

    k. o’dee, this is a great song. g-now i g-know.

    btw Happy new year!

  22. My google gadget christmas countdown on my PC is saying 357 days to next Christmas – oh nooo… I’m not sure I can wait that long.

  23. It’s going to be one of those pun-filled years, isn’t it?

  24. @ AuntieMame “happy gnu rear” – lol, snork!!!

  25. Is anyone else hearing the voice of Peanut from Jeff Dunham in their head?

  26. Oh man, bad gnu puns ahoy!

    P.S. I’m loving my CO desk calender, it’s great to look over and see a cute animal! Though I already get that when my kitty’s nearby. Still, 2 cute animals!

  27. Gnarly!

  28. (the original) Mel says:

    I want a COXCU on the gnu tocks.

  29. scooterpants says:

    Run like the wind lttle Gnu!
    Dang, my COL desk calendar is at WORK!, I will have to catch up on monday. ooo! now I cant wait to go back to work! (gawd, did i just say that??)

  30. scooterpants says:

    dont know if anyone has mentioned it yet-
    But SFShiba (from the Shiba Inu puppehs webcam rememba them??) has completed the calendar and its for sale here-
    (its a WALL calendar, so it wont compete with your COL DESK calendar in any way)

    here’s the link!


    [Well, for 2010, we’re planning desk AND wall calendars, just FYI… – Ed.]

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Some of the puns make one want to gnash their teeth! :D

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    Gnash? I have a ’52 Gnash Rambler I’d like to sell. Runs like gnu.

  33. Looks like horse racing may have a competitor sport. This “Gnu” racing is going to be all the rage this coming year I have a feeling. I mean, just look at that publicity picture. Everyone’s going to want to watch such cute tocks dash to the finish line.

  34. platedlizard says:

    Knobbular knees… check.

    a tailito… check.

    ‘tocks…. check.

    Anerable babby… CHECK!

  35. AlbertaGirl says:

    @ Theresa: Fawlty Towers FTW!

  36. hamster-on-rye says:

    Too bad he’s running away…if you hadn’t been
    such a gnuisance…

  37. Hey, does anyone have a problem trying to get the CO calendar to stand upright properly? I was all eager to display the calendar on my table, but it keeps falling down! Sobz!

    Or maybe I’m just doing something wrongly…

  38. Jace — there’s an extendable tab in back; lemme look…

    Yeah, square tab; it clicks into place. Then it should support itself at just about a 45-degree angle on any flat surface.

  39. The smoking gnu!

  40. Dyslexic pundits UNTIE!!

  41. Thanks for replying Theo! Yeah, that’s what I did, but somehow the square tab couldn’t be clicked into place, so the calendar keeps falling over. It’s alright, I’ll just get something to prop it up!

    I think this must be the best calendar I have ever had the pleasure to own. Thanks CO, for brightening up my life every single day without fail!

  42. berthaservant says:

    LOL @ Theresa!

    I totally forgot about the CO calendar I bought for me-self! I can open it now!

    I have no gnu puns to offer.

  43. Gnu hope, Gnu Year.

    Happy New year to Meg Theo Nom Tom and all the peeps.

  44. Happy New Year, Cute Overload!!!

    That roar you hear is ten million people ripping off the first page of our C.O. calendars! Woo!

  45. ummm….I’m running so far behind…. (didja like that, for a segue from the back of the gnu? :).on coolspeak…..

    Please elucidate: “Gnip Gnop”??????

    Pa Russkie: “Ya ni panimayu”.

  46. Gnip Gnop (pronounced ga nip ga nop) was a toy from the 70s. It was gnifty.


  47. Gnumonia doesn’t stand a chance with this guy around!

    Happy Gnu Year, NOMTOM and all our wonderful peeps.
    Oh, lurkers, readers-only, cruisers, quiet peeps-come out and play with us!

    Let’s MAKE 2009 a great year. I got a fortune cookie with my Chinese food on Gnu Year’s Eve, I share it with you now:
    “Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea”.

    More youth orchestras, more animal companion matches!

  48. Jace, I had to apply a bit of elbow grease to snap the tab into place. Don’t be afraid to give it a good tug.

  49. Yeah, it’s not the subtlest piece of engineering. ;)

  50. Well thats a cute little thing, is it running from 2008?

  51. It is the baby gun year,in December, 2009 it will be a big, honkin’ bad, gnu!

  52. Must learn to type more accurately this year-
    “Baby Gnu Year” *slinks off in shame…again*

  53. A leetle bit of Baba Gnush!

  54. Gary Gnu, is that you?

  55. Kristabelle says:

    Happy Gnu Year!

  56. A g-another gnu?

    As a person formerly addicted to the Shiba Inu’s web cam, I see that they made it to the CNN site… a bit of a Dog Year in Review.

    I guess it’s just a little slip.


  57. Would baby gnu’s name be Gary, perchance?

  58. Here come the head lions and that’s the end of the gnus. Ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry.

  59. no, bearlet, that’s another g-nu.

  60. OMG, all youse guys are so funny! I have to get up around midnight here in the Bay Area if I want to be first in line to make a funny; yet I stand in awe of all of you and will keep lurking!

    Happy Gnu Year to all!


  61. oh yeah – Dean: “Here come the head lions and that’s the end of the gnus. Ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry.”

    so sick, but I love it!!

  62. Gary Gnu?

  63. scooterpants says:

    Well -ED
    Dyslexic Over-achievers Unite!
    Wall AND Desk celendars indeed! (I cant believe you’re trusting US with hammer and nail)
    Dont care ,I’ll still need no excuse to say “What day, (week, month, year) is this now???”

  64. Mary (the first) says:

    omg k.o’dee, THANK YOU for the Swann and Flanders (“obviously”) link, I have loved them for EVER and had no idea they are on YouTube. The internets never ceases to amaze me not to mention the CO peeps and the CO cuties! YAAY I am so happy!!

  65. k. o’dee! Kudos on the Flanders and Swann reference. I’ve had that song in my head since I saw the pic. And a thumb’s-up to Theresa on the Fawlty Towers quote.

  66. One morning I went to the zoo
    For I wanted to see the old gnu
    But the old gnu was dead
    And the new gnu they said
    Was too new a new gnu to view.
    ~ author unknown, rattling around in my head for eons

  67. Too many puns to e-gnumerate!

  68. RMS will love this. :-D
    As will all emacs fans.

  69. We should have a convention gnext Gnu Year, in Gnashville.

  70. Selina's Mommy says:

    knobbular gnu

  71. @Han– I almost forgot!!!


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