[Lightening-fast paws shuffling through files]

Let’s see… Horse Hustles, Elephant Extortion, Pyramid Poodle Products, Snake Swindle—I’m SHREDDING THEM ALL!


Dang, that Madoff thing runs deep, Glenna L.!


Christmas Coma


Translation: Yes.

Jennifer L. provided us with a much-needed Christmas nap…

Christmas Wrap-up


"Oh, uh … yeah, it’s really, ah, practical. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.  Thanks!"

Translation: You'll regret this when I pick out your nursing home.

Milo Raincoat by kitralysis. Thaaaaaaanks.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Jorden C.—merry Sender-Innering.

Snow Day!

"Awesome! It snowed last night, and Dad just said that he heard on the radio that we don’t have Zoo today, yippeee!  Hey, maybe we can go to the School and look at the baby humans."

La la la, I can’t hearrrr you!

No, literally. I have no ears.


Read more about this Bunneh Sans Ears over at The Telegraph. Thanks for listening, Sender-Inner Casey G.

And Our Winner Is…

Our latest quiz was a categorical success!  And our winners, randomly selected, are Wylie and Betty M.!  Congratulations, and we’ll be dropping your Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar down your chimney soon.

Now, the answers:

( G ) Where in California will you find Avalon?  Answer: Santa Catalina Island
( E ) Who doesn’t belong on this list (and why)?  Our preferred answer was Katharine Hepburn.  All the others played characters with "cat" in their names (Cat Ballou, Catwoman, Maggie the Cat).  However, many peeps found other equally accurate answers, which we accepted.

... not that Kate didn't know about cats ...

( H ) A ceramic cat with one raised paw is considered lucky in what country?  Answer: Japan
( AL ) What comic strip character has a cat named Hot Dog?  Answer: "Dennis the Menace" (AKA "Dennis" in the UK)


( SN ) In 2007, "Cinnamon" became the first cat to make what scientific contribution? Answer: Genome sequenced
( SL ) What board game features a boot, a bathtub, and a bowling ball? Answer: Mouse Trap

Sequence THIS, pal! (WHAP!)

More cute ceramics at the Magic Ketchup blog.

“The sleigh is almost ready, Sir.”

"We’ve just got a few more tweaks to the hamster wheel and it should be running perfectly by tonight."

[practices turning nose red to light the way]

a.k.a. Santa and Mrs. Claws by Malingering, spotted by Philip P. >^•^<

Look, Just Give Them The Figgy Pudding Already!

For they won’t go until they get some, and you just know they’re going to sit there caroling all night until your ears fal-al-al-al-al-all right off. (Extortion, that’s what it is, pure and simple …)

FA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA- (Aaugh! Make it stop!)

Originally submitted by the fabulous Nancy!  Yea, Nancy!

Always keep your ears at “10” and “2”

All kitteh instructors agree: keep your ears at "10" and "2" for safe kittening.

If you don’t keep your ears in that posishe, you may LOSE ALL CONTROL OMG


Puhlease, wipe your mouf, Karen R.!