You will rub my belly and you will like it!

Don’t even attempt to rub my face.

You will fail.

Then, I will direct you to my belleh, and you will SUCCEED…


OK! OK! Smurf-a-smurf!!! Geeshe!!!



  1. Is that clever and adorable dog a … CORGI??

  2. Micromanaging corgi. 😉 Katrina, check this out!

  3. Oh, for bleen’s sake! Alright, already! I rubbed your belleh, just let me watch the tv, okay?

  4. cheesybird says:

    No no! Not there! There! Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. A little lower. Yeah, that’s it! Hey, what are you doing? Not there! There! That’s good. Harder. Wait, no! What are you doing? Not there…

  5. “You vill obey orders, der belly vill be rubbed.”

  6. Cute! Looks like a Swedish Vallhund to me….

  7. pushy pushy….

  8. Is a Swedish Vallhund like a German-Shepherd/Corgi cross?

  9. My Stinky-cat is like that: “Why is a perfectly good hand just lying there when it should be giving me scritches?”

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Kinda looks like the owner of the arm would like to just lay there and doze off in front of the TV, but the doggy says, “No! You *will* rub mah belleh!”

  11. Ah, my dear departed King used to do that.

  12. berthaservant says:

    What part of “RUB MY BELLEH?” don’t you understand, silly human?

  13. A Swedish Vallhund is a breed of dogs that *may* be related to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They were also used by the Vikings for herding cattle, like the Welsh Corgi.

    Here’s an Wiki overview:

  14. Course, all said and done, the little dog here could be a German Shepard & Corgi mix – LOL!

  15. OMG that is too funny! And adorable! My sister’s dog Buddy will do the nose thing…we call it “uprooting” hahaha 🙂

  16. What a bellehvolent dictator!

  17. There’s a dog who knows what he wants and knows how to get it!

  18. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    This dog and my boyfriend…two peas in a pod. huh.

  19. Kristabelle says:

    Bossy!!! That is very funny!!!

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    He looks like a German Shepherd/Weiner Dog mix…

    A BRATWURST!!! 😀

    Danke! Danke! Try der schnitzel!!

  21. hahaha cheeky!!

  22. Ha! so cute. My kitteh does this except he wants me to scritchy his face and NEVER his belleh. I do it anyways, tho.

  23. Michelle S says:

    So cute! My blue girl used to do that! 😀

  24. Helen-Anne Mertsching says:

    Our Cocker Spaniel, Pansie, does this. She has very definite opinions on where the rubbing/scritching should be happening, and she’ll insist on it until my hand gets tired.

  25. My dad used to have a Siberian Husky that would do that, but with his head. His thing was ear scratching.

  26. temperance says:

    my pup totally does this too. only, he directs my hand to scratch right between his front legs.

  27. My Shepherd girl does this, but what she likes is getting the base of her tail scratched. She’ll just come over and bump her head around and paw at you until you scratch it. Sometimes I think I adopted a giant cat.

  28. @Babs, you have a Stinky Cat? My beloved Stinky Cat left me for the RB this past fall. Stinky Cats are the best.

  29. aww my schnoodle does this ^-^ if i continually try to escape she starts gruffing. ‘grff! grff!’

  30. OMG! My Siamese cat, Mikey, does very much the same thing but the other way ’round! He’d rather have his head scratched, so any time I try to scratch his belleh, he shoves my hand away with his hind feet and ducks his head under my hand.

  31. I am in favor of the Shepherd/Corgi cross theory.
    Now THAT family gets herded, as you can plainly see. They don’t have a CHANCE of independent action! I bet he/she follows them EVERYWHERE. What a sweetie!

  32. Biscuitz4Bears, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!! Reminds me of a previous very insistant boyfriend… You know, it’s cute for a while but eventually gets old (at least with boyfriends)

  33. Dogs are funny.

  34. I love the look he gives him at one point, like he’s saying, “DON’T you GET it??!”

  35. fuzzysocks says:

    The snout-pushing is a kind of dominant behavior in dogs. That pup is definitely the boss in that family! (*hears Cesar Millan’s voice in head*)

  36. She who will not be ignored.

  37. That is so my bebeh Steed!

  38. ANNIEBIRD says:

    Wow, someone sure has THAT human TRAINED! Does the dog also use jelly beans as treats for training?

  39. LOL! You gotta train that human better, doggie. 😉

  40. That dog would make the most terrifically patient piano teacher, don’t you think? (Now place your hand like so and press down, yes! Again, just like so, yes …)
    You know, I got the dynamic after the first 10 seconds, and yet I *had* to watch it to the end. Because it made me laugh. Every. single. time.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  41. “I WANT what I WANT when I WANT it, until I DON’T want it anymore.

    “And I don’t believe I gave you permission to STOP, missy…”

  42. It’s great to start 2009 with laffter, laffter, more
    laffter. Happy New Year,
    Meg–you are amazing!

  43. Further examination reveals that this is a Swedish Vallhund. Here’s another one:

    VERY corgi-ish, aren’t they? Since they were bred for similar purposes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have similar personalities.

  44. What a sweet baby! My dog insists on belly rubs too. I try to pet him when he’s sitting up and the minute I approach, he’s on his back waiting for a rub. It’s impossible to pet him upright for very long!

  45. Heh, my kitty does the same thing. Belly scritches and thumps only please! Also, I think I’ve seen this doggie on The Dog Whisperer.

  46. My aunt and uncle have a clumber spaniel – they don’t look big, but they’re heavy. This one decided that I have a flavor and refused to relinquish my hand until she had discovered all of the flavor. It was… odd. One of our cats is like that, but she’s small, and I can get away if I want. Not so much with the dog.

  47. scooterpants says:

    hoomans are so dam stubburn… GAH.
    jus do eet! you must!

  48. ummmm, what’s a Stinky Cat?

  49. Kathleen-If Killer Corgi hadn’t come into our lives, then it would have been a Clumber Spaniel. I couldn’t find a rescue Clumber at the time, I hope that is a good sign!

  50. that is EXACTLY what my dog’s like. you try to pet his head or face and then it’s PAW move down here, please.

  51. My Penny does that. She has the most demanding nose around. Not to mention that she’s a serious barnacle baby.

  52. Doggy doing what a doggy dooz best! Sooooooooo cuuuuuute!

  53. muttluver says:

    Thank you, fuzzysocks! Seriously…. it was cute, but I was annoyed. The dog is saying that he is better than human. (Putting the paw over the hand is a dominant gesture.) He’s saying, you’re mine and I own you, not the other way around. Which is fine, I guess, as long as doggeh knows his place. This doggie, I would wager, doesn’t.

    Now that I’m done ranting….

    Awww…. my Bear will sometimes do the headbutt thing, and will sometimes moan/groan when I stop petting him. It’s funny to see how he uncurls from his ball of self when I start to scratch.

    Happy new year. y’all.

  54. OOh, OOhh, A Valhund is just adorable! Yes, very Corgi-esque, ‘cept they speak Swedish instead of Welsh. Probably herding/cattle dogs-short, so the when the cowsies kick, the doggetts are short enough to be able to dodge. Lovely dogget! Thanks Theresa.

  55. That is a very cute purebred Swedish Vallhund. Not a GSD X Corgi.

    Vallhunds are similar to Pembrokes in personality but bark a lot more hahaha.

    My Vallhund and Corgis have me this well trained too.

  56. @ Theresa: Yes, I knew you had a Stinky and you lost him recently. My condolences. I dunno about that “Stinky cats are the best” biznazz, tho – I’ve had stomach flu this week, and cat stink is not soothing to a roiling tummy. Blargh.

    @ skeezer: A Stinky Cat is a cat wot is, shall we say, fragrant in a not-too-pleasing way.

  57. Aww, my Stinky Cat was not literally stinky, or even figuratively stinky. He *was* stinky when he first came home, and was named by his big sister cat, who thought he was stinky– she made a stinky face every time he came near. Once he was cleaned up and settled in, Stinky was almost scentless, even when you stuck his nose right in his fur. He was the sweetest cat ever. Anyway, here are some pics of my Stinky:

  58. Theresa, he looks a lot like my Stinky, but grey stripeyish where yours was black. My Stinky IS stinky, plus he’s also a stinker.

  59. tabbycat917 says:

    that is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen, except for our puppy of course.

  60. Allow me to pimp my related belleh rubbin’ and slappin’ video again. I think this is the second time I’ve done this here, but it’s just…so…topical.

  61. I love how I’m sitting here reading the comments, and my husky comes over, shoves his head under my elbow, and starts adjusting his posishe so I MUST skritch his side.


  62. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww. Winston is an odd cat, Jim N, but a cutie.

  63. “Winston” is a popular name for cats, it seems. Even for cats without that Churchillian face.

    I blame Rich. 😉

  64. hola comesta?