Wash, Dry, and Go!

It’s easy!

Step 1: Find kitteh under bed

Step 2: Fill sink with warm nip-scented bubble bath and smoosh kitteh around in it. Ignore mews.

Step 3: Plop kitteh in dryer on "Xtreme Fluff" setting for 20 minutes. Ignore mews.


You’re all set!


Martha Stewart would approve. Sender-Inner Jake Z. has many more pics of Winnie here.



  1. Peeps! Watch closely! And if you see the nuffer, be the 4th caller and YOU can win a pair of tickets for you and that special someone to see Triple Baroo and the Headless Penguin, performing live at the Japanese Zoo!

  2. don’t forget the static sheet :3

  3. Wait, you can tumble dry kitties?!? *eyes my Maine Coon hybrid*

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Mah fat girl Rizzo likes jumpin’ in the dryer after I get done pulling hot dry laundry out. I’m glad there’s a window on it and I don’t close it all the way, because I want some of that heat, too! She enjoys it because she’s our basement kitteh and Kansas weather in December is a bit chilly and we’re keeping the temp at aboot sixty this year. So far so good! She’s also VERY Maine Coonish, as in no matter how much you brush her she still sheds a full kitten every day.

  5. Gail (the first one) says:

    I’m sure there is some sort of mathematic equation to use the volume of wet fur and the level of feline embarassment (Figure 1) to predict the amount of time needed in the dryer to produce the ultimate Floofiness of dry kitteh (Figure 2).

    My best friend accidentally shut her kitteh in the dryer (kitteh was always jumping in there whenever the door was open). She wondered why the dryer was “thumping” so much! Kitteh was fine and undaunted by her adventure, still trying to get in the dryer afterwards.

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Does that include the famous penguin parade, pyrit? [Keeps eyes peeled for nuffers, sure that it won’t take long.]

  7. Aww, so cute!! Though does the first one remind anyone else of a swamp thing? 🙂

  8. That cat looks about as happy as I did when my brothers put ME in the dryer. But kitty has better hair 😉

  9. Aw, Meg, now you’re just baiting the nuffers.

    [Oh we wouldn’t DREAM… – Ed.]

  10. Oh, the sweet little puddy-tatt. Give her a hug for me, please.

  11. Chinchillazilla says:

    One of my friends puts her cat in the dryer when the cat does something dangerous. Obviously, she doesn’t turn the dryer on.

  12. “Winnie”??
    Do we need to introduce this calico kittums to Winston?

  13. What dangerous things does your friends cat do,Chinchillazilla?

  14. Don’t really put your cats in the dryer, folks. I am sad that the warning needs to be given, but some people are stupid.

  15. Aww, what a pretty kitty! I love the first pic, she looks like she just swam to shore for dear life. *cues Celine Dion* Jack, where are you Jack? I’m here Rose!

  16. lurkingsmirk says:

    *frantically dials*

    Did I win? Did I win? Aw drats, I never win these things =(

  17. I *must* have this kitteh!! Please?! i will send my address!

  18. wet kitties sometimes look like Gremlins…


  19. What a cutie! <3

  20. That’s not nuffing. Of course not all cats can go in the dryer. My Victoria (may she RIP) always preferred to be hand-washed, then shaped flat to dry while her sister Saatchi could be dried with a wringing and a quick snap to get rid of the wrinkles. Just make sure you read your labels, people.

  21. *snort* Far more of us have brains and use them than are so bloody stupid as to believe that one can put one’s cat in the dryer because it showed up as a joke on a animal picture website.

    in otherwords Kara, we’re smarter than you think we are.

  22. Step 4 Apply multiple band-aids to bath giving hooman’s bloody scritched up arms….

  23. Katharine Whitman says:

    I love your sense of humour!


  24. I had the same thought as Teho (scary, wot?).

    Winnie, Winston — smoosh face kittehs unhappy with baths, but so floofy otherwise.

  25. Teho – I was wondering if maybe she was named after Winston? What with her floofiness and flattened face, and all.

    That was the first thing that occurred to me when I saw that her name was Winnie.

  26. 😦

    My mom’s friend killed her cat in the drier. It was an accident, of course. The cat jumped in when she wasn’t looking. But it makes it so I can’t look at pictures like this without cringing. Is that a nuff? I sure hope not, cause that first picture is really hilarious.

  27. totally cute–but i do know a cat that died this way–awful awful for the kitty and the owner. not a matter of stupidity, just not realizing the cat was even in there.

  28. totalee puppy says:

    Getting ready for a party here…would a splash of
    “Freshly-Washed Kitty”
    cologne pour l’homme make me more attractive?
    And…for you serious stay-at-home snorglers…”Freshly-Washed Kitty” is also available as scented candles.

  29. charliewabba says:

    Wait – was it the fourth caller after the nuffer, or the caller after the 4th nuffer? ‘Cuz — if it’s the caller after the 4th nuffer, did I win? Did I?
    Happy New Year!
    ( I drape my kitties on a drying rack to dry, or hang them over the shower curtain rod.)

  30. michellemybelle says:

    I just checked out the photostream – Winny’s a beautiful ball of smooshy furs!

  31. “Xtreme Nuff”

  32. Oh man, I made a video for school once and in the middle of it, I put my dog in the dryer and shut the door, stopped the camera and took the dog out, subbed a pair of shoes and began shooting again. Everyone in my class thought I had actually turned on the cycle with the dog in there…priceless!

  33. I hope they really DID NOT put the kitty in the dryer. That’s just plain CRUEL!!!! Shame on you!!!

  34. Hi Everyone! Thanks for looking at Winny’s photos. I am Winny’s mom and we’re so proud of her for making her way to CuteOverload!!

    I figured I’d comment to say that YES — we did name her after Winston! We are huge fans of Winston and thought he would be a good role model for our super cute new friend.

    We enjoy every fun-filled day with her and all the little adventures she gets into. Unfortunately, she’s been a bit sick and has goopy eyes and goes into sneezing fits so it’s been a little bit of a difficult time for her this past month. Wish her well everyone and Happy New Year!

    Take care,
    Janey & Jake

  35. kibblenibble says:

    Janey: She’s a beauty; looks like my Isabella, except Bella’s all white. I hope she feels all bettah soons!

    On the topic of nuffers: What I’ve noticed is that entering into a debate with them only fires them up more, and encourages all their compatriots to join in. You know what they say: If you want a behavior to become extinct, you just ignore it. Anyway, I just don’t wanna use up all my energy arguing with someone who’s angry and negative. I come to CO for all the cute and the clever and creative quips from all the fun folks here. I’m not gonna throw any energy at all at the nuffers. It would just bring me down. Happy New Year to all…I love ya for brightening my life each day!

  36. kibblenibble says:

    BTW, Bella *loves* going for rides in the dryer, whether she needs it or not…tee hee 😀

  37. berthaservant says:

    OMG you guys! Don’t put a cat in the dryer! I saw a cartoon once where a mouse put a cat in the dryer and when the cat came out he had shrunken to wee size and then the mouse laughed at the small cat who had to ring himself out with and old fashion crank-handle-on-a-bucket-thing dryer and blow in his thumb to get back to regular size. OMG! Don’t do this!

  38. Kitteh is all like, that was NUTS!

    My kittehs are strictly drip dry. Just trying to save energy. Besides, the dryer makes them so dang static-y.

  39. I recommend the soap brand Smoosh-Face. It exfoliates non-smoosh-facedness and brings out the huge eyes.

  40. temperance says:

    ummmm….okay. i think i read on one of these threads that drying cats in a dryer is not a good thing- unless you make sure to use dryer sheets and the ‘fluff only’ setting- i swear it was something like that…..personally i prefer using nelly dryer balls.

  41. I have my cat dry cleaned, to prevent shrinkage.

  42. warrior rabbit says:

    First dryer balls, now shrinkage. Oh my.

  43. Ooooh my, the Nuffs will have a field day with this one!

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Berthaservant, you think that’s bad, you should see Rugged Bear, wiff Humphery the Bear and Donald Duck! Fast Foward to aboot…4:26!!

    TORTURE!!! 😀

  45. lol quit teasing!

    Winnie is beautiful! 😉 Wet and dry!

  46. Ok, look at the photostream! the closeup of her snoozing kinda looks like she has fur coming out of her nose!

    I don’t care, THAT is cute overload!

  47. Cuuuuuuute!

  48. Does Rich know this qte calico bebeh is named after his boy? Double cute!

  49. Michelle S says:


  50. Cheryl Kane says:

    Love your website, but please don’t even kid about putting a kitty in a dryer. Please!!!

  51. Poor Winnie. Why do people wash cats? They hate it and don’t need it. Sorry, but this just makes me sad.

  52. Awww, I love Persian kitties and their eternally smooshed grumpy faces! Kittens are even better.

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    pillbug, my Rizzo had to have a baff because of a bad case of diorama. She actually didn’t mind it because the temperature was just right. She has a busted tail and it drags behind her so when her diorama acted up she had a little trouble cleaning up.

  54. i REALLY HOPE no one DID this for reals 😦 😦

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    Isn’t all of 4th grade a bad case of diorama? I seem to recall more than a few bad diorama episodes.

  56. Michelle S says:

    Berthaservant… I know you get about 30 marriage proposals a week, but never hurts to ask again…

  57. MoonCatty says:

    I cannot believe that CO is condoning drying a cat this way!!!

    A long haired cat like that needs to be dried in one of those white nylon net bag thingies… sheesh!

    And set the dryer to “DELICAT” people!!!

  58. Please don’t post even jokes with animals in the dryer; it might give some the idea to actually put the animal in the machine and that would be terrible.

  59. D. Humanity isn’t as stupid as you think it is.

  60. I have discovered the wonders of the bathtub bathing of a Corgi.
    The wrinkles disappeared after one great shake-the kind that starts at the head and goes all the way back to the tail.
    I’m pretty sure that she hasn’t heard of ‘Snuggle’ or any of those chemically-enhanced wrinkle-removers- so I figured, just let her go ‘au natural’. Our Bath finished with no photography, either, I’m sorry to say.
    Now. When Farrah, my blonde Persian was a gastrointestinal problem she got a bath. Period. She actually seemed happier afterwards, too. She curled up on my bed, all cozy and wet and stayed there until she thoroughly soaked that spot, moved and repeated the process until she was dry. See? No problem.

  61. omg! i’m watching the Martha Stewart Show rite now! and I heard about your blog!! this is the MOST ADORABLE blog I have EVER seen! My friend who is also a counsolor at my camp went to Martha’s show! I couldn’t believe it!

    Well, please check out my blog??

  62. cute kitteh btw!
    it’s adorable!(:
    I think I’ll tell my aunt about this!

  63. AuntieMame says:

    D. Humanity isn’t as stupid as you think it is.
    Vampy | Jan 01, 2009 at 05:38 AM

    And those who are that stupid aren’t reading CuteOverload.

    *goes to find GuineaPigMatch.com to leave Cosmo a message, dahlink.*

  64. Aw another Winnie! I named my kitten Winnie (a ragdoll) after famous Winston too!

  65. *SNORK* @ Warrior & Juniper — and me all out of Panoramic Bismol, too.

    (sigh… best I could come up with)

  66. Speaking of pet names…A Winston & Theo story:
    About a year ago I went for a walk and met a lady with 2 pups, (a rat terrier and a floofy-face peke I think) and what were their names? Winston & Theo!
    I kick m’self to this day, that I did not inquire whether she was a CO fan!
    I was too busy stifling back my giggles?

    Happy New Year!
    (raises forkfull of eggnog French toast, mmmm.)

  67. Anew Mcgrumperson in the making.

  68. We lost one of our fuzzy buddies to the Drier . He crawled in and we never saw him till it was too late .
    I really can’t stand seeing cats play in driers , it’s a deadly habbit .

  69. OK y’all – Winnie’s not IN a dryer. She’s in the stainless steel drum of a very nice front-load washer that makes me exceptionally jealous of her owners.

    Me? I have a 25-year-old top load Maytag that simply WILL NOT DIE so that I can get me one of them thar newfangled warshers. That, my friends, has just RUINED CO for me forever. RUINED it. *sobs*

  70. CuteDorable… She is just Cutedorable and needs attention NOW!!! :::leans over and smooches kitty:::

    Happy new year Peeps!!!

  71. eggnog french toast?? Gimme some! I’ll share with his floofitude, even.

  72. Audrey Leigh says:

    My friend’s cat died in dryer

  73. Gail (the first one) says:

    Happy New Year to Meg, Teho, NTMTOM and all you Peeps who brighten my day every day!!!

  74. Akshually, hanging kittehs out to dry on the line is the way to go! When you bring em back in they smell so fresh and outdoorsy. You just have to find clips that are big enuff to hold them up.

  75. vegas vickie says:

    Gail (the first one) i agree 100%. and enuff with the nuffers If you don’t have anything nice to say,stop typing!

  76. haha, thanks for clarifying Bev, I didn’t have the heart to ruin the *story* that CO has created for the pictures so I didn’t bother correcting anyone saying that it was in fact a dryer. It IS our LG washer that she is in and I can assure you that we always check the washer/dryer before we run any kind of cycles! Not only this, but most of the time our washer/dryer is closed so we really have nothing to worry about.

    Also, I have no idea what a nuffer is for the life of me? I’ve frequented CO for quite some time but I guess I never paid too much attention to the lingo!

    P.S. Some people are angry about the idea of giving a cat/kitten a bath, we have not done this on a regular basis (in fact this is her first bath!!). The thing is, she is sick and HATES her medicine with a passion, to the point where she shakes her head furiously and most of the time flings the medicine on her coat which makes her coat a little sticky and her own cleaning hasn’t been enough (her supplement is a liquid that’s nearly as thick as syrup). We waited for her to get a bit better and decided to give her a bath for her own good. She is now very fluffy and I think happier that she’s clean!

    Thanks for everyone’s concern!

    Take care,
    Janey & Jake

  77. Beth (in NC) says:

    I was expecting a fabulous nuff fest and was rewarded with hilarity!!

    My cats ignore the dryer, but my bunny is obsessed with trying to get his teeny three pound self into it. He is trouble waiting to happen!!!

  78. scooterpants says:

    I find that my North American Shorthair Tuxedo prefers to be put through the wringer on my hand crank washer right here on the porch at home, then snap out, lay flat on a towel, then lightly steam ironed and fluff-brushed with a natural boar-hair brush.
    Ya gotta pay attention to the details people. Drying by tumble dry is rarely called for in yer natural furs. Lesson to yer mutha…

  79. scooterpants says:

    Janey- T can tell you a ’nuffer’ is someone who points out the PAINFULLY obvious (in one of the postinnks), in a most negative way, and is therefore a ridiculous kill-joy.
    BUT we all enjoy a silent, but deadly laugh at their expense. BWWAH!-HA!-HA!-HA!HA! 🙂

  80. http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Nuff

    and those people how get really really really angry about bathing animals and get really indignant about it and post that as if others should care about it, can generally be considered a teeny bit nuffy as well.

    But, for the most part, we all post our differing opinions and that should be that.

    I am SLOWLY learning to skip the holier than tho, omniscient types of posters.

  81. I love that I can come here for a daily dose of cheer AND an addition to my vocabulary! Nuffers, you all are taking things waaay too seriously here.You have to chill out. ‘Nuff said. (HA! See what I did there?)

    I wanted to just say
    thank you to Cute Overload to lightening 2008, which was a rollercoaster of a year for me. You’re the place I come to heal my heart.

    Happy New Year – best wishes for a wonderful 2009.

  82. “ignore mews” heh.

  83. “Ignore mews”??? More like, “ignore soul-wrenching cries of a pathetic tortured creature who wants the world to know what torment it is enduring at the hands of its human.”

  84. “Ignore mews”? If they were only “mews.”

  85. Yeah, I’m thinking it would be more like “yowls” and industrial size “skratches”, which will require industrial size “bandages”, and industrial strength “aspirin”.

  86. Concerned! says:

    Careful peeps!!

    Im a vet tech and we have had cases of people accidentally or purposely drying their kitties in the dryer. They dont survive!
    One woman accidentally did it to her daughters kitten and a week later (The kitten died horribly) she found a piece of the tail in her pocket.


  87. Welcome, Mandyy(: !

    Come on in other lurkers- the typing’s fine!

  88. Heh heh. First pic makes me think “January 1st.” A lot.

  89. Hold on, stop the presses- what do we do with a Scottish Fold? We certainly don’t “fold, bend or staple- how do we keep our Scottish Folds in tip-top condition? Hmm?

  90. Gramma Nature says:

    I’m sorry but this is promoting animal abuse. To even SUGGEST putting a living being in a dryer – which would surely KILL the poor thing … This is NOT CUTE !!!

  91. are you serious gramma? I’m sure that the owners turned it on too. Probably didn’t even bother to switch it to ‘delicat’ and forgoed the net bag as well. The dryer balls probably aren’t a good idea in this case, it’s probably akin to putting tennis balls in with the poor kitty. Tumble dry low and remove promptly after drying to avoid wrinkles. Iron with cool setting if necessary. I should have read the comments here first before warshing my cats, now they’ve both shrunk considerably.

  92. That is actually a very irresponsible image. Many kittens die each year from crawling into a nice warm dryer and then having it accidentally turned on. To even suggest it is cute, is horrible. I think it should be taken down.

  93. As super cute as these pictures are, be careful with kitties around dryers. I once had a kitten who jumped into the dryer when my brother wasn’t looking, right before a load, and when the load ended…well, you can guess what happened. True story. 😦

    [I know! I read it on the internet! – Ed.]

  94. lillianjane says:

    Vampy, you have far more faith in the intelligence of humanity than I have. I think most people are quite stupid indeed, and might actually need Kara’s warning not to put cats in the dryer. Haven’t you seen all those disclaimers on car commercials that tell you “do not attempt”? That’s because somebody attempted it before there were such warnings.

    In any case, you can always skip the warning if it doesn’t apply to you, secure in the knowledge that nobody is putting their cats in the dryer.

  95. “Vampy, you have far more faith in the intelligence of humanity than I have.”

    [stifled giggling] New here, Lillian? Welcome to Teh Qte™!

    Let’s not get into a who’s-more-cynical contest, though. ‘Cause I’d win. 😉

  96. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, I think you take Scottish Folds to the fluff ‘n fold laundromat.

  97. My daughter once started the dryer, and freaked out when she heard thumping, and loud meowing. My old kitty was in there, and she didn’t know it. She was only there for a few seconds, but she was verrry unhappy. She doesn’t go near the dryer anymore.
    Oh yeah, I got a CO calendar for Christmas! I didn’t even ask for it, but I love it!

  98. She’s precious! A dilute calico too 🙂

  99. D. Humanity isn’t as stupid as you think it is.

    Methinks Vampy does not watch the news.

    Arrrgh this thread! Why did I read it!

  100. Cute kitten!!!! However, an old friend of mine put her clothes in the dryer not realizing her cat was napping in there and unfortunately her cat died. She called me up in histerics, and while I know nobody is dumb enough to think a cat can actually go in the dryer, ALWAYS check both of them because the cat likes the heat and small space.

  101. Hmmm, you know, my cats like small, warm places. Think they’d like a tumble in the dryer?

  102. I dunno, what do you think?