Rottweiler puppeh with hiccuples




Mia K., you sure do know hoe to find ’em….



  1. a hug will help those chiccups

  2. I’m not a rotti fan, but he’s so sweet. Someone get him some water… STAT!

  3. Ah! His face! He looks like a little human!

  4. Woah…. he just stares… and hicups…. stares… and hicups…. stares….

  5. My 100-pound male dog STILL gets those….usually at night. On the bed. Which makes sleeping problematical. But we just pat him and let him work through ’em 🙂

  6. So sad. Children drinking alcoholic beverages! What is the world coming to? Tsk.

  7. Awwww, the poor pupster. I know just how the bebeh feels. I get the hiccups, too, sometimes.

  8. I love how he is all looking up like “Cain’t you do nuffin bout this? I sooooo patient.”

  9. *how… maybe??? 😀

  10. Poor little sweetie face!

  11. Aww, poor baby, so resigned, a bit tired, a bit drowsy… cuddles are clearly needed.

  12. The “serious” face, the winking eye… priceless! More big puppers, please!

  13. JustanotherHeather says:

    So cute. I’ve also always loved the little “buttons” above a rottie’s eyes.

  14. KittehMama x 3 says:

    Not that I’m an advocate of this type of thing, normally, but – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE SNEAK UP BEHIND HIM AND SCARE THE HICCUPS OUT OF HIM, ALREADY…..Poor thing…

  15. Oh my… I never knew how adorkable Rotti pups are! What a sweet face!

  16. “I really… *hic!* shouldn’t have.. *hic!* eaten… *hic!* that entire… *hic!* pizza… *hic!*”

  17. awwwww

  18. I think this one belongs in the “Cute or Sad?” category. Poor baby. He looks like he just wants to go to sleep. “Please make it stop, Mama. I so tie-tie…”

  19. Awwww! More rotties, please! Big, sweetie-pie pushovers . . . just love ’em!

  20. Somebody needs to rub his tummy to make the hiccies go away. I’ll volunteer.

  21. KittehMama x 3-I wonder if that would actually work?

    Hila- I think you may be right about that!

    Sweet little morsel who will be a biiig, doggett someday.

  22. Does anyone else think dogger has a human face?

  23. “I’m holding my bref, but it aint working.”

  24. OMG what a sweet, solemn little face. I love Rottis.

    I love how quietly reproachful he’s looking at the camera like “You enjoying this?”.


    Man, Rotti pups always get me right *there*.

  26. I agree Katie Kat, what a cutie!!

  27. just coming over from the boid and the kitteh in lurve.. escaped the nuffing…

    probably only gonna be a few minutes till they see this post and realize how DANGEROUS it must be for this puppeh to have hickup!!

  28. My pup used to do that when she was little. I figured out it meant she had to go potty!! After I took her out they would go away. Lol.

  29. Did no one see the bunneh-esqe look of disapproval at about 25 secs? Maybe someone needs to burp him!

    What could they poss be nuffing about in the bird/kitteh post???? I swear, I used to come here cuz the comments were just as funny as the posts and now I hardly read them anymore. Thanks a lot nuffingtons……

  30. I too used to disparage about the Nuffy McNuffingtons out there. But now, much like Pavlov’s dog, as soon as a comment gets to nuffin’ I have conditioned myself to stop reading. It’s done me a world of good. So nuffers nuff away if you have nuffin’ nice to say,nuff high nuff low, luf the nuff, nuffin’ says luf like nuffin’!

  31. First, the cute misspellings need to stop. They’re becoming more and more difficult to read. They also set a negative precedent.

    Second, there’s nothing funny filming a defenseless dog having the hiccups. That dog is in pain. Instead of filming his/her pain, do something to help the poor dog!

    Sometimes CuteOverload isn’t cute at all.

    I know I’ll get a bunch of heck about this, but when you do respond, please spell correctly so one can read it.

  32. Poor guy.

  33. Piss off, Dusty.

    Go post your ridiculous demands and hanky-wringings someplace like Maybe in time you’ll get so sick of *that* you’ll decide it’s worth your while to cultivate a little civility and graciousness on your own. Until then, though, you’re no guest of mine.

  34. GO THEO!

  35. Oh dusty26…have you never had the hiccups? Um…I wouldn’t really register them about a 1 on the doctors pain scale. They’re more annoying then painful. Do you see the puppy in pain? Do you know what a puppy in pain looks like? That puppy just looks tired.

    As for “spelling correctly”


    Come on – Loosen up, have a little fun.

  36. What a widdle Cutie … I wuv his… ackkkk ;;shakes head::; Sorry about that the cute just knocked me right over into baby talk.

    Poor Pupster.

    Regarding teh Nuffs I think people just have frustration building up in them and it starts a s a little leak and then the whole dam goes.

    When i see a post turning into a nuff fest I just leave and let them have at it. Plenty of clever comments on other posts and I think they hav to get it out of their suystem. It makes them feel better.

    Unlesss…. I am in the mood for some pudding flambe!

  37. PS — moving on. Happy New Year’s Eve Day! I think we’ll try Bellinis tonight. (thanks for the idea, Dora)

  38. OK, I’m eating the last (thank God) of my Jello. Now, think raspberry Jello, or something sweet and yummy. Peace, p e a c e, p e a c e, ok? All is calm, all is bright.
    Just leave the nuffers alone, they’ll go away…..Annie, you are so right on- just leave them beeeeeee. We have better things to say to each other.
    I wonder who long this sweetie rottie had the hicitty-upps? Not long, I hope. But it is just a spams in his/her diaphragm, nothing to worry about. He might be hungry, he is still a puppy.

    (Theo, you a real tiger)

  39. Looks like somebody might have eaten a little too much at dinner time. 😉

    I’ll hold the troll down, you kick him in the whatsit.

  40. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111 etc

  41. NotAnotherMilo says:

    ah, hiccups… the natural and inevitable result of snarfing an entire bowl of food in three seconds. babies and hiccups go together like… two things that go together often but in slightly annoying ways. My thought processes failed there at the end. No coffee yet this morning… sigh.

    cute puppy, hiccups and all. I am trying to convince my kitties that they really do want a puppy, but so far they’re not buying it….

  42. I want to bury my face in his fur and smell his puppehlishessness….oops, did I spell that wrong???

  43. We used to call these “hic-pups” in my family.

  44. Vons der vas da Vottveiller, lookink uppy,
    Had a terrible time with da hicuppy,
    Dats ven vee notice all da missink schnitzels, ya.
    Too bad he didn’t eat da hush puppy.

  45. I’m having Prosecco tonight, and am fully prepared for the possbility of hiccups.

  46. Gerberdaisy says:

    Teh negitivvies prisidents r so qyute! (I think the pup is adorbs. oh sorry Dusty- a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e—and that the hics are a mere inconvenience. Otherwise he’d be moving his sleepy little self around in torment.

    Love it for the cute.

    Happs Nu Ears
    I love you Theo

  47. Gerberdaisy says:

    And Pyrit? You made me snort. een a gut vay.

  48. @ Katrina Hugs I am so glad you are feeling better

    @ Pyrit.. LOL VE lof de turn ov a gud fraz

  49. AuntieMame says:

    I thought dusty was being sarcastic?

  50. PS, Theo, B-serv, Gail, Katrina, Pyrit, Jez, toujours le mot juste!

  51. Poor baby. How do dogs get the hiccups anyway? Did he just eat too fast? I’ve never seen that happen.
    *snuggles* I hope hes ok now.

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    Actually, I thought Dusty was joking, with his/her comment coming on the heels of all the ’nuffers suck’ comments. Still trollish, though.

    This poor baby looks so cute and sad. Like she’s had the hiccups for three days and just wants them to go away. Make ’em stop, mommy!

  53. And now vee make da empty keg of beer, ya.
    Sorry nuffs, vee couldn’t hear ya.
    For all da Peepzens, a Happy New Yeah!

  54. warrior rabbit says:

    Pyrit, put ze kendl beck.

  55. NotAnotherMilo says:

    To the owners, contributors, moderators, and clever commentors of cuteoverload:
    I want to say Thank You. I have been a CO viewer for years – only recently started occasionally commenting – and I want you to know that you are appreciated. You played a major role in my survival during my last semester of a very stressful graduate program (during which I almost lost my Milo.) You helped keep my smiling and sane. Props to you all for your very good (and cute) work/play. Happy New Year!

  56. (puts kendle beck)
    …vat de heck’s a kendle I don’t know but I do vat warrior rabbit tells me to.

  57. Pyrit, de Kendle ees de boyfrenschtupper ov de VindyVooshenKopf Barbëdle.

  58. Gerberdaisy says:

    Varrior Vabbit eez qvoting yahng Frahhhnkenschteen, metheenks!

  59. @Theresa–yay for the Prosecco! Ours is chillin in the fridge as I type. Hello, New Year and hiccuples!


  61. berthaservant says:

    bork bork bork!

    lol pyrit
    yay teho

    :: tiptoeing away quietly ::

    BOO DOGGEH!!!!!

    (did it work?)

  62. I am so glad to see a Rottie pups on here. They are precious!

    They get so much bad press…they are sweet sweet dogs. I have one and he loves to cuddle and lay by my feet. My big happy baby

  63. Pyrit-

    As long as yu are qvoting Frahhhnkenschteen. Now if yu start yakking about muuse bytes, it culd get realli nasti! No, realli!!

  64. I just have to point out…

    Misspellings have NO PLACE on the internet. Ever. I mean, seriously! It’s not like anyone everr makes a typo and doesnt notice then hitts send…

    Meanwhile, in reality land, ZOMG what a cutie pie!! He looks so confuzed…”what’s happening to meee???” 😀

  65. I love you all! You guys (you know who you are!) make cuteoverload even more enjoyable and fun than any other place on the web! Have a happy and safe New Year!

  66. warrior rabbit says:

    Yay for Gerberdaisy! Theo’s answer a close second.

    Sorry Pyrit, your accent just took me straight to YF.

  67. Mean Ol’ Dusty26 here:

    Ahh, I was right. But no matter. It’s only cyberspace. I can’t believe that no one has looked at CuteOverload photos and videos and been turned off by one or more and wondered why it was posted. We all have a constitutional right to respond negatively from time to time. I’ve read some of them. So, I know I am not alone.

    As far as the cute mis-spelllings go, I understand the need to be cutsie-wootsie around pets, but I would like to be able to comprehend the writing. What’s the point of cutsie-wootsie writing if it’s not understandable?

    What is comprehensive is Theo’s attack using name-calling profanity. Is that necessary? I have always been taught that ignorant people use profanity because they are not intelligent enough to use proper English, French, Italian, etc.

    So Theo, I’m intelligent enough to not stoop so low to respond in kind. You may though, want to use a dictionary once in a while.

    Have a pleasant New Year’s Eve having fun with all cute animals of the world. Even the ugly ones….

  68. warrior rabbit says:

    Minya, a møøse once bit my sister. No realli!

    And I gave Dusty too much credit. My last mistake of 2008, I hope. (Though there’s still 12 hours to go, so…)

  69. Yes, yes, vee know, vee know. Have some Schnapps and, Oh Look, a GERMAN Shepherd pup getting belleh rubs! Dat’s so ironicalzendensheinklienen.

  70. I want to kees right there between those eyes..
    mmmmmm velvety soft

  71. My resolution is to continue enjoying the CO, CP, and CK photos and videos and not read the comments or make any comments.

    I am sure many will be happy with my resolution.

    So, go ahead; make the nasty comments. Be as virulent as you wish. I won’t read them.

  72. berthaservant says:


    You said the misspellings “need to stop.”

    Then you refer to the website as CuteOverload. However, it is clearly called Cute Overload. There is a space between the two words. Unless you are referring to the website by it’s proper html designation, in which case it is, ( is also acceptable).

    Second, you claim without any evidence that the dog in this video is “in pain.”

    These are very judgmental and unpleasant reactions. You have a right to share them.

    But you could at least refer to the website properly. And perhaps check your spelling on the word “misspellings,” which is not hyphenated.

    You might want to use a dictionary every once in a while.

  73. berthaservant says:

    Awwww, Dusty’s not going to post anymore? Who will police us? Who will criticize us for expressing ourselves through written language?

    This is just to taunt Dusty: e.e. cummingz is da shite!

  74. “Oh my God, that’s the cutest puppy in the world!” -my sister.

  75. vegas vickie says:

    Hoppy New Ears to all, sorry i had to do it, besides there is not a spell check here. a blessed new year to all and keep the cuteness coming in all forms irt makes me hoppy

  76. I kint beleef tat no one has mentioned Frau Blucher!! *horse whiney*

    *snickers and runs away*

  77. vegas vickie says:

    StormCat say you didn’t oh but you did now i’m rofl can’t control it help i need air

  78. Oh Mah Gaaad!!! Lookit his cute little face, trying to be so attentive and sweet.

    On the news front, I am suing McDonald’s for pain and suffering, for giving me hiccups because I snarfed down my french fries too fast. I might even have to apply for disability with this one. Wonder if Dusty would be willing to attest to the pain and suffering of hiccups on my behalf.

  79. Theo may have used some gentle profanity, but I didn’t see a single instance of name-calling. Dusty, what name did he call you?

    The thing about hiccups is, I’ve had a lot of them, and never have they caused me pain. Also, for many of us out there (human and canine) there’s no cure, so no amount of putting the camera down is going to help.

  80. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you,
    At last I know the secret of it aaaaaaaaalllllll.”

  81. PS:Wi nøt trei a høliday in Køt Ovverlød? See the mäni interesting furry animals.

  82. PPS Such as 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas.

  83. You’re all on fiyah hea!
    L!O!L! @ ALL of yaz!

    Must be New Years Eve or something…!

  84. You rock, bserv, for throwing ee cummings at the duster! Heh Hehe! 😀

  85. Hmm, I’m being a little bit baaaad doing this, but the ONLY other comment here from dusty26’s IP address (before today) was posted two years ago, and it was PURELY cutesy-wootsy pookums language. I’d copy-and-paste, but then folks could just Google it.

    (Dusty, I’m the mod. I’m not lying.)

  86. Oh, Happy, Happy Healthy New Year Peeps! Let us all remember the seasonal love and peace that our traditions have taught us. Yes, even the nuffers.
    There are ways of saying things that don’t the feelings of others. I’m not too sure what they are, but I’m sure we can figure something out.(*snerk*)
    Peace and love and snorgles
    and Luurkenspringenen for all of us every day!
    I’m countin’ on a good year!

  87. lurkingsmirk says:

    If you post it, they will nuff.

    I get hiccups all the time, sometimes throughout the day, and so far not a single remedy has really worked for me. I think most of the time they “cure” my hiccups because enough time has passed. The worst is in lecture and a classroom of people turn to look at you =(

  88. Space Cowgirl says:

    Actually, we do not have a “constitutional right” to respond negatively. Cute Overload is not owned by the United States. Our comments are permitted purely by the good graces of Meg and her mods.

    Thank you, come again.

    [The analogy I like to use is of an open-house event. This is Meg’s dinner party, welcome one and all, do try the bleeni; troublemakers will be dealt with summarily by the doorman. And so on. – Ed.]

  89. *snort* @ commentroversy. aww poor pup.

    since i’m the “mia k.” who submitted this (yes, i will always lap up any chance to claim fame), may i take a moment on this thread to wish the happiest of new years and a cute 2009 to all of C.O. — from meg to sparkster to chief sister officer to theo and NTMTOM and regular commenters who often make me chuckle like berthaservant. may your kittehs be snorgleable and your puppehs have the softest of muzzlepowsches. i look forward to spending a whole new year full of teh qte.

    [YAY! – Ed.]

  90. berthaservant says:

    Teho: yesterday you were criticizing people for using “muzzlepowsches” with anything but chipmunks. (I’d copy and paste, but then folks would just google it). And today you say “Yay!” when Aesthetica uses it in reference to, and I quote, “puppehs.” Who’s the hypocrite now, Theo?

    Signed, Berthaservant, recently retained as lawyer for Dusty26.

    (P.S. I love Theo and Meg and NTMTOM and everyone else! Happy New Year!)

    [Happy New Year indeed. If teh bleen don’t fit, you must get lit. *clink* – Ed.]

  91. hamster-on-rye says:

    Excellent! Happy New Year,
    Katrina–So glad you sound
    like you’re feeling better each day. So…Jello? If it
    brings our Katrina back to
    good health…maybe I’ll eat Jello, to keep you company.

  92. Aesthetica says:

    mr. berthaservant, esq.

    cc: theo

    please note that the dog, hereafter referred to as puppeh, exhibits a clear pouchular area on the muzzle (exhibit a). a muzzlepuff would exhibit puffularity of jowlitude (exhibit b). in addition, we note no whiskertude (exhibit c) of the muzzularity. We can only conclude that puppeh displays a muzzlepousche of the jowlitude.

    madam aesthetica

    happy cute new years everyone!

  93. Aesthetica says:


    “Mia K., you sure do know hoe to find ’em….”

    who you callin a hoe?


  94. Are you kidding me? I can CLEARLY see some PUFFINESS there. Whuff!

  95. I object! Counsel is muzzling the witness’s powsches!

  96. Not my Real Name says:

    Oh no, I read down as far as Berthaservant’s answer to Dusty and now I have to point out that Bserv, you have a misspelling in your post too. Someone else may have mentioned this, I stopped readiing the posts. Anyway.. I have learned not to point out someone’s “misspelling” because sure as shootin’ next thing you know, I will do the same.
    So probably everyone should not worry about spelling too strongly and if you can’t make sense of someone’s post because of “cute” language, go ahead and skip it.
    Love to all peeps (honestly I am not trying to nuff anyone), moderators and regular posters on CO. The nuffs too actually provide some variety and (not to belabor the point) can always be ignored. HAPPY 2009 to ALL !!!

  97. Not my Real Name says:

    (I just realized, I meant “comment” not post. Please don’t hate me.)

  98. Awwww! Those little eyebrows! Eeeehn! 😀

  99. I believe it is a WELL-DOCUMENTED FACT that this breed of pup LOVES Chinese food, and that Chinese cuisine is equally WELL-KNOWN to produce hiccups in its canine aficionados.

    (And, really, I’m puzzled that this phenomenon comes as such a surprise to our C.O. regulars…)

  100. In other news… this puppeh [sic] is sooooooooooooo cute! Did anyone else notice how after each hiccup his cheeks/upper lip puff a bit? I just want to rubrubrub those wittle cheeks!

  101. hamster-on-rye says:

    KATRINA…May 2009 bring all the good health and stamina we humbly ask for you. The very special concert booking is one you
    Since we live in Texas and you live in Connecticut, the best we can do is “virtual shared Jello.”
    Thank you for encouraging us at CO to start 2009 with some positive thoughts. Uncle Hamry

  102. Gerberdaisy says:

    Yes, thank you for the reminder, Katrina. Happy 2009 at you too. Cold here in CT, eh??

  103. Can you burp a puppy?

    Happy New Year to you all – you make my every day soooo happy – even the nuffers!


  104. hamster-on-rye-OK, lime Jello, all around! I’m tooo sick of red of any flavor, sorry.

    Gerberdaisy-downright freezy-wheezy-in-the-breezy! Where are you N,S E or W?

    Yes, skeezer-I have burped several puppies and they are always appreciative! Up on the shoulder (burp clothed shoulder that is)-more rubbing from tail on up, with the occasional tap-tap-tap. Depending on how big the puppeh is. Sounds just like the people-version, only tinier. Good luck! Don’t be surpised if it poops on you at the same time, though!

  105. Aesthetica says:


    yeah i did once inadvertantly burp my cat. a really long drawn out “fwoooooooooooaaawwwwwwwp.” i’m really glad it came out that end and not the other.


    so it *is* a muzzle-puff and not a muzzle-powsche?

  106. HOW IS THERE NUFFING ON A POST OF A PUPPY HICCUPPING??!! Oh my LORD. It’s sunk to new lows.

    I have never squealed with such excitement as I did when I read Theo’s angry comment. Happiest day of my life. Also, I think we should actually make an ILiveToKvetch website. If people don’t like CO, then ZOMG, don’t look at this website. Jeesh.

  107. Umm… thanks?

  108. (and what if I’m actually starting to like the idea of making a kvetch blog? What does that say about me? And how the blazes would I moderate it? Ban people for being too nice? Insert swears into comments which don’t have any? Or… hmmm.)

    (I think I’ve spent WAY too much of my life on the internet.)

  109. Theo-you were born to do this blog. Should another come along in a planned, organic kind of way, you’ll know what to do with that, too.
    I have to say, I would frequent a kvetching place. 2009 will be a year of positivity, and there are some times I’d just like to ‘register’ a negative thought, throw it out into the big, boggy Universe and let it go, where it will harmlessly disintegrate with time.

    Puppies, kitties, marmosets, everything burps. It is almost always cute.

  110. Have you ever seen an x-ray of a hiccup??!?!?!?!

  111. is there a word for people who nuff on nuffs before the nuffs have even nuffed? because there should be.

  112. warrior rabbit says:

    We’ve indulged in preemptive nuff snuffing before, so… But there was nuffing here, earlier. Really.

  113. preemptive nuff snuffers … ok, was hoping for something cuter, but that works.

  114. >>Can you burp a puppy?< <

    Yes, but usually only after a large meal of Chinese food, and, it’s best if you do it into a REALLY big hanky.

  115. Actually, I have to agree about cute misspellings that are SO cutesy that you can’t understand the,m.

    Hence why I simply can NOT read the comments at ICHC and It ry, I really do, but it makes my head hurt.

    But very, very rarely are the CO comments so cutesy as to be unintelligible.

    And yes, I know I’m extremely late coming into this too late. 🙂

    This puppy is absolutely adorable!!! I just want to hug him and snuzzle him up tight!

  116. wow…I must be sleepy. Typos galore!

  117. Philo kitteh had to be burped after each bottle feeding. Kitteh burps are teeny tiny but definite.

    And my brother kittehs Oscar and Niko came to me as 3-month-old babies with colds. They would curl up on my chest for comfort, and occasionally sneeze. Each ‘splosion from the nose end was accompanied by a tiny “toot” from the other end.

  118. Almost forgot, what’s wrong with me….ZOMG! Hiccupping puppeh! I love the little simul-blink with each ‘ccup.

  119. Aesthetica says:

    @rachelva – yes, i believe preemptive nuffing would be called snuffing. or something.

  120. I was always araid of rotweilers, because my grandmother had a real mean one, but this is just too cute!

  121. soooo, can we get this stickied to the front page or what?

  122. <3 Rottie pups!! If you show them lots of love, they won't grow up to be mean <3

  123. Alex — heh, Cute Overload is a blog (more or less) as opposed to a forum… but hey, feel free to stick the “permalink” URL in your own browser favorites.

  124. i demand a “cute or sad” categorization!

  125. I shall not acquiesce to your demand! Ha HAA!!

    Unless of course you simply mean that you want a “Cute or Sad” category to EXIST, in which case, by golly it does.

  126. Hello. I say luck is when an opportunity comes along, and you’re prepared for it.
    I am from Japan and too bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Walt disney imagineering legends how about a nice firm handshake? Who lives in the echo lake apartments?”

    😦 Thanks in advance. Nevada.

  127. Man, I really *want* to understand that…

  128. Makes sense to me, Theo. 😀
    Ha! Must be paybacks for the XKCD post!

  129. Sarah Cooper says:

    I like to call them puppy ups that should be a rule of cuteness