Out of control Triple Baroo-ing power

Is BarooOverload.com taken? (Yes, it must have the three o’s in a row)

I don’t KNOW why pugs are so good at this… they just ARE. Baroo-ing is like built-in or something.

Three Confused Pugs video was found at Yahoo! by Dora N.



  1. haha, the one on the left is a little slow…makes him even cuter!

  2. Is synchronized Baroo-ing an Olympic sport? They might win a metal for this.

  3. The best part is the end where the last one is like “What? What’s going on? What’d I miss?”

  4. THREE pugs!!?? OK, they must be addictive.

  5. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I’ve had this as a fav on my youtube account for awhile now lol

  6. I laughed so hard I’m in pain.

  7. Its like a kaleidoscope of PUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. totalee puppy says:

    OMG what great little pugs!
    What a dream oriental rug!
    No rug, no pugs–can’t even afford snalio this year…have to settle for a holiday slug…

  9. I first saw this on urbanpug.com, not yahoo.

  10. I’ve had a dog for too long… soon as the head tilting started I also began to head tilt. :O

  11. I want to walk for a ride in bed to the dog park too. I think.

  12. haha… I gotta show this to my pug-owning friends…


  13. The one that doesn’t move is waiting for another choice.

    [“Hey, treats? How about treats? That’s the Treats Voice you’re using, so where are the treats?” – Ed.]

  14. [tilts head too]

  15. HAHA! Yay! I’m glad y’all like this one.

    – dora

  16. Awww, I want to give poor pug at the end who just doesn’t know what happened a hug!

  17. I needed something to make me smile today. This did the trick. 🙂

  18. Their names are Mabel, Minnie and Max. Yay!

  19. lol awww i love the last one its like “wait what? can u repeat that?”
    tooo cuuuuttteeee <333

  20. Oops, I may have bought BarooOverload.com.
    Look what you made me do 🙂

    Now I only need some puppies…

  21. Aw, precious!!

  22. It is funnier if you watch it on mute.

  23. So cute, my rat terrier does this all the time and it consistently breaks my heart (in the best possible way).

  24. Lisa (one of several) says:

    okay, how many of you, just like me, were tilting your heads along with these sweeties????

  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    @HonG: That’s what I was thinking, too!!!

  26. Heh – somebody’s gone and registered barooOverload.com today!

    [Yeah, I see that. I also see that the registrant wasn’t Meg. F’n domain squatters, man; the faintest *whiff* of maybe-money and it’s time to strap on the drool bibs. Hey “Trond Helge Rolland” — good luck making money off THAT one, you’ll need it. Sucker… – Ed.]

  27. What?

  28. The last one thinks ‘whaaaat? i wanted to go on a riiiiiiiidee <:c '

  29. Kristabelle says:

    Too cute! 3 pugs would be too much snoring and snorting to handle though!! haha
    I think they were barooing because The Voice couldn’t make up his mind what they were going to do…

  30. Hey Ed:
    I bought the domain to prevent it from being taken by some domain squatter, I’m one of the nice ones 🙂

  31. Now showing, for one night only! The Voice & the Pugelettes!

  32. Pugs are addicting. It always starts with one, and before you know it you have a herd of pugs.

  33. Hmm, I sent in this video 2 weeks ago! Gender profiling! 🙂

  34. I swear the voice sounds just like my uncle. .

  35. This is one of the many reasons I want a Pug (or 2 or 3…..) Except I have my hands full with my current Lab/Terrier mix. I really couldn’t handle any more right now.

    But my Leela does this too, especially when I get the voice just right, and it’s just too cute. In fact I got one of these this morning when I told her we were going for a ride to the groomers to get her all prettied up for New Year’s.

  36. It’s like one of those blasted puzzles in Myst or Ico or Final Fantasy. Pull the levers to rotate the pugs. Only when all three are aligned the same will the door to the next level open.

    *throws controller down*

    I’m going to go play outside.

  37. Michelle S says:

    Way too cute. I’d listen to it with the sound off too, but the snorfles were almost the best part!

  38. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Theo said: I want to walk for a ride in bed to the dog park too. I think.

    Theo, you KEEL me, sometimes!! I am certainly as confused as the pugs. What ARE they doing?! I think the only thing the two who ran off could understand was “Let’s go!” The other was thinking something like what you said… He/She’s the smart one.

  39. oh great.

    would somebody tell the guy in the vid that he now has to take my dog for a waaaaaaalk? or a riiiiiide?

    cause that’s what my dog is expecting, now that he’s heard it.


  40. I laughed out loud! Puppers are all thinkingk, “Too many choices? What shall we do?”

  41. berthaservant says:

    My guess is that there’s a bit of operant conditioning at work here (even if unintentional on human’s part), as science has not yet found an innate “baroo” gene.

    That does not, however, lessen the cute.

    P.S. I am squatting at tehooverload.com.

  42. Meh, I submitted this video too. Now I am feeling ignored. 😦

  43. What they really hear:

    blah blah blah WALK? blah blah blah blah RIDE? blah blah BED? blah blah blah WALK? blah blah RIDE? blah blah RIDE? blah blah blah WALK?

  44. What they really hear:

    blah blah blah WALK? blah blah blah blah RIDE? blah blah BED? blah blah blah WALK? blah blah RIDE? blah blah RIDE? blah blah blah WALK?

  45. How darling! I wonder what they would’ve done if he’d suddenly yelled “BACON!!!”.

  46. I saw this on Fourfour a week or so ago. I larfed muchly. So cute.

  47. This is the definition of Baroo.

    awesome going, Dora!

    [Um, no. C’mon peeps. http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Baroo The *sound* is “Baroo?” and the *action* is the classic Canine Head Tilt… – Ed.]

  48. Pfffbbbthhhhh, Teho.

    Kindly read the headline and posting. You done been overruled by Meg. Nowhere do the words “Canine Head Tilt” appear. It’s all Baroo.

  49. Doesn’t mean it’s *right*, y’know. I don’t necessarily accept the, ahem, commonly-revised version of “Muzzlepuff” either. Except when it’s chipmunks.

  50. my dogs would had been at the door at the mention of walk. and treat the kitchen, ride the door, bed gets me a look, they do not baroo 😦

  51. berthaservant says:

    Sometimes a muzzlepuff DOES look like a muzzlepowsche, Theo.

    We should also acknowledge there is the other kind of baroo (the sad kind). Like many words, baroo has many meanings.

    However, Theo is absolutely right that we should acknowledge this is, specifically, a CHT, one that IMPLIES baroo but does not actually feature the sound baroo. It is of the baroo family, barooesque, barooish (funny, it doesn’t look barooish), and in-the-same-time-zone as baroo. But strictly speaking it’s a synchronized tritonic pug tilt — what we in the biz call a “Cerberus Wha?”

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, Theo. I think you are Wikipedia to Meg’s Encyclopedia Britannica in the ‘baroo’ citation war. 😉

    BS, I read your teho overload as te hooverload. Hmm. Guess my subconscious is telling me I need to vacuum.

  53. You mean I’ve got better popular support & statistically I’m right more often, even though I edit myself constantly, and sometimes have to contend with troublemakers? Perfect! Thanks, Warrior.

  54. (yeah, that’s revision #4 of my comment; I’m leaving it alone now)

  55. (PPS — “Cerberus Wha?” ftw.)

  56. After seeing the headless penguin, I half-expected to see their little heads start rolling off on to the rug.

    Ok, I’m disturbed – I admit it.

  57. Selina's Mommy says:

    its like a 3 way doggy clock!!!

  58. Cerberus! I have to teach the Greeks this fall and FINALLY I have a multimedia hook that will–albeit probably briefly–get the class’s attention!

    Anyone have any photos of women with cute snake hair or women being abducted by adorable bulls?

  59. Uhhhhmmm… I’m gonna hafta get back to you on those.

  60. Was somebody in a grumpy mood earlier?

    I might pop over and register TehoOverlord.com to cheer him up…

  61. coffeesnob says:

    I laughed so hard and loud in my quiet home that I scared both of my dogs.
    I’m going to watch this every day forever!

  62. Hibiscus — really, don’t bother. You’d be throwing money away.

  63. Too many options — just take the puggles to the dog park and be done with it.

  64. I now have to watch this about twenty times a day for pretty much the rest of my life. I swear, I don’t know what’s cracking me up more-the voice or the baroos. Well, maybe the specially marked slow on the uptake pug at the end has a slight edge.

  65. warrior rabbit says:

    No, Theo. Not at all.

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:



    That’s aboot the best laff I’ve had all week!!! Good one! 😀

  67. OMG. The Cute. I´m so ded and smiling for the rest of the day. :DDD

    Oh, and…. WANTZ!!!

  68. This has got to be personal reason #2,349,821 why Pugs are among the absolute cutest animals on earth. I don’t even have sound on this computer and I was laughing out loud!!

  69. totalee puppy says:

    Need to hug…a pug…

  70. totalee puppy-and a slug in a shrug?

  71. Snug as a bug in a rug!

  72. Poor confused little puggle-heads!

    “So, what the heck are we doing?”

    Those two at the end COMPLETELY understood “dog park!” They were off and running and ready to go.

    Perhaps the third is new and not yet acquainted with the glories of the dog park?

    And “The Voice” has to be from Minnesota or some such place.

  73. Kristabelle says:

    Cerberus ref for the TOTAL win!!!!

    In our house, it doesn’t matter what comes before or after the word “go”…and they don’t care where we are going to “go”, just that we are.

  74. Wendy — you think? Lemme listen to that again…

  75. Hmm, sounds a little further east to me. He says “fer” and “wahk” but not quite as nasally as they do in Baahhhstin. I’d guess he’s still upper-midwestern, but not Minnesnowtan.

  76. (OK, now that I’ve made my guess, it’s going to come out that he’s a New Yorker born & bred. Or Floridian. You watch.)

  77. Whoever he is, he has whimsy in his souls and that is all that counts with me! Thank you, Mr. Voice!

  78. This was totally cute, but did anyone watch any of the other videos displayed after this ran? There is one called ‘Cat Massages Dog’ that is hysterical. It’s not the video that is funny, but they added a voiceover that just cracked me up. Please watch – and listen – if you get a chance. Oh, and for you pug fans, there is one called ‘Pug and Blender Test’ that was really cute, too.

  79. Tell me the other two dogs are named Edith and Kate, and I will have to find that man and marry him.

  80. the olympic sport should be SYNCHRONIZED Baroo-ing, and this team still needs just a bit more practice!

  81. There’s another version of this video which is a bit longer and involves the words “cookie” and “nappies”, if I’m not mistaken! (It’s been on America’s Funniest Videos a few times.)

  82. Maybe not the same guy (not the same pugs, doesn’t look like), though his tone and delivery are very similar. Maybe it’s patented for Baroo? producing.


  83. Adorable Pugs of Very Little Brain…

  84. OOOOh, great Pooh reference, J. Bo!
    I didn’t used to appreciate pugs until one strutted across the Westminster carpet and won. THAT was a spirited and cute doggett. I have far more appreciation for them now. Three at a time- “It’s a Movement”! (Alice’s Restaurant)

  85. Pug means little devil in English (er, Brit speak) according to the Me or the Dog show which I just saw visiting my niece!




  89. LOL. Usually I clean up duplicate comments, but in this case…

  90. Good call Theo. Happy New Year!

  91. i’m going to buy six pugs and teach them that by either talking gibberish or tilt the treat

  92. lolcat-how many pugs come in a box-o-Pugs? Do they come in a six pack? How many in a litter of pugs? Pug people- please chime in! I’d like to now more about Pugs.

  93. Theo–NO WAY is he a New Yawka! I’d bet my life………….

    And he ain’t from Joisey either! And I should know………….

  94. guess the last little dude didn’t get it 😀

  95. I have a pug, too! Why do they do thaaaaat? <3