I Shall Pet You Now…


Cat and parrot found by Andrew Y. I haven’t laughed that hard since the Trapezoid haircut on that Bichon Frisé!



  1. Jenn in IL says:

    That. Is. So. Bizarre.

    The wide eyed stare of the bird made it all the better.

    “Yes…I’m petting you…just quietly…just…here. No…no…don’t chew my claw…”

    WEIRD and awesome.

  2. Ha ha ha ha brilliant! That kitteh is just dying to have a nom on those claws…

  3. I cannot stop watching. That is the BEST.

  4. WTF?!?!?!?!?!!11??


  5. The parrot seems to know where all kittehs like a scratch.

  6. fluffernugget says:

    This is amazing and so sweet! As a proud cockatoo and cat parent I cannot even imagine this happening. They must be buddies.

  7. the cat is all WTFBBQ

  8. I believe they are in Luz!

  9. Was anybody else thinking Edward Scissorhands?

  10. They are so gentle with each other! They must be good friends.

  11. kibblenibble says:

    Awwwwwwww! So harmonious! 🙂

  12. So sweeeeeeet !!!! Cockatoos are highly intelligent and affectionate. They should be kept in twos or given a lot of time and attention. This one has obviously bonded with his kitteh pal.

    Cockatoo, claw and then tongue blissfully outstretched : “Honk!” (= Hey, I like youuuu!!)
    Kitteh : “Mebbeh I shall try thees…” *most delicatest of nomses*

  13. Ker Thud from the adorableness of it all

  14. And there’s MUCH more where that came from: http://www.youtube.com/user/gaybird7

  15. Allow me to translate….
    Bird: you want ichies???
    Cat: ahh thats the spot.. wait.. thats my FACE!.. owwwwww… OWWWWW.. stop it.. ahh rubbies… owwie..
    Bird: Now I shall climb on your back and we will ride into the sunset!!! Wow you sure are slippery.. ehnnnnnn!!!!

  16. There is certainly some interspecies luuurvve going on!

  17. the interspecies snorgling is wonderful…unfortunately, one bite from kitty could make the bird very sick. 😦

  18. I’m not brave enough to let my love bird attempt to canoodle with our Maddy cat… so I shall giggle at other’s videos instead!

    That was CUTE!

  19. I love this- especially the part where the kitty is about to nibble the bird’s foot and the bird opens his beak and makes a little, “Don’t even think about it” noise. (around 00:48)

  20. I’ve seen so many cute and hilarious things on the interwebs that I rarely laugh out loud, but that did it. I love that the petting is so SNEAKY. It’s the little details…

  21. AwwwWWWwwwwWWWwwwwWWWWWwwwwww!

    Oh my gosh that’s adorable! I love when the boid looks at the cat he looks completely enraptured! <3 Love cat and boid pics!

  22. debg…actually I wasn’t, until you brought it up, but I totally see what you mean.

    I love the little adminishment from the bird when the kitty bites his foot. This is sooooo cute!

  23. Sorry for epic comment.... says:

    This really is very cute, and I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but this is VERY VERY dangerous!

    Cat saliva is toxic to birds. Birds use their feet to pick up they food with and they play with the toes often (don’t ask me why, birds are weird). It only takes ONE SCRATCH from a cat to kill a bird, even if the scratch is not very deep or bad, because of the bacteria cats have on their claws. Unless someone is physically holding the bird or cat, there is no way to move fast enough to stop it. Parrots bite as a form of play- after all, if a parrot bites another parrot, he just gets a mouthful of feathers, or they wrestle with their beaks. What if the parrot tried to play with the cat this way? You really think this cat (who looks more like a kitten, really) wouldn’t scratch or bite back?

    There is absolutely no way for a cat to safely play with a bird. This is very, very dangerous. Please do not try it if you have birds and cats.

  24. Whoops…that should be admonishment. I guess I hit the “i” instead of the “o”. That’s what I get for trying to type with a mild migraine.

    [Geez, that little bit took me, like, forever to write correctly. I need some aspirin and a lie down.]

  25. What the bleenen bleen was that??? Best parrot on kitteh lurve I have evah saw. 🙂

  26. oh god that is so funny and weird!!

  27. My Parrot (Jack) and my kittens (Misha and Sasha) “play” together all the time.. it’s more like sniff and run then physical contact. So I have to disagree with the previous comment that says that cats and birds shouldn’t socialize. If my cats and bird never went near each other and got a feel for each other then they would probably kill each other. Cats are way to curious, they’re not going to just let something live in their territory and not find out what it is. I would much rather them sniff around when I am able to stop it from going to far.

  28. Slurp, tastes like chicken

  29. Fancy's Mum says:

    While this is terribly cute I have to echo the cautionary comments (right on “sorry”). As “one owned by a cockatoo” and “one owned by cats” I’m extra vigilant about how close to each other they get. One exchange of feline saliva to bird and it’s OM*G I’ve (potentially) killed my bird! This is a HUGH No-No.

    Sorry for adding to the nuffing, but I’ve read many stories of the heartache owners have from not taking precautions during avian/feline interactions.

  30. BeckyMonster says:

    You have killed me, and right before New Year’s. Great.


  31. Kitteh : MUST sniff that scratcher!

    Birdie: MUST scratch that sniffer !

    Mud Bug: SPLODE!!!

  32. HEY NUFFERS says:

    I love how even CO is starting to get infested with all these wet blankets who can’t look at anything without whining about how bad it is, or how bad it could be.

    Don’t you idiots have an argument waiting for you over on Fark, Digg, Reddit or something like that? Nobody needs an armchair veterinarian in here telling us why everything in the world is actually crappy in your opinion.

    GTFO. Nobody wants you here.

  33. Forbirdden luerve…

    LOL @ debg! Edward Scissorhands!
    “And then she showed me the back room…”

  34. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Nasty mouth “HEY NUFFERS.” You sound just like the very people you’re criticizing. Read and let read.

  35. DEAR EDITOR: Please take a look at the comment at 10:49. It seems overly mean and aggressive. “GTFO” is basically telling someone to eff off.

  36. 99.999% of us don’t come to CO to be told how un-cute something could potentially be. To the Nuffy McNuffersons, start your own boring, un-fun blog. Whenever I read the posts and see a Nuffer start their rant, I just scroll on by. I just pray the Heavens above that I never grow up to be a Nuffer!!

  37. “Hey Nuffers” and “Right On”: It’s a good thing we have people like you to fight the true evil in the world. Because, y’know, there’s nothing worse than people who are concerned about animal welfare posting comments on a blog about cuteness. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

  38. Goodness Gracious says:

    You complain about being told to ‘Eff off’ and complain about Meg using the word ‘Bee-yotch’! This is Nuff-madness. Stop the madness! What happened to people who just like to look at cute stuff, huh?

  39. But the real question is how did these two get to this place of cat/bird luf? When, where and why did it start? I need to know! Pronto!

  40. Huffin’ nuffers!

  41. berthaservant says:

    I am ’nuffing the ’nuffers who are ’nuffing the other ’nuffers. ’nuff!

    P.S. Bird + cat = comedy.

  42. KittehMama x 3 says:

    All I want for the New Year is peace on earth. Or at least on CO. Come on everyone, watch the vid again and come out hugging….

  43. I love the “Oh … you like it … you like .. it … noooo …. no nomming … nooo nomming …. yeah … you like that … ” all very cas. 😀

  44. This is cute, but I’d be scared of that bird. I’m sure my cats wouldn’t come out from under the bed for days if that thing was in my house.

  45. …Salad Fingers anyone?

  46. salad fingers is scaaaaary!

  47. amaretto bunny says:

    Lol, it looks like the bird’s claw has a mind of its own.

  48. Wait!!! It gets even cuter (is that possible?)

    Bird: Must sit on head.
    Cat: Dohhh…okay!

  49. whoa!


  50. little *alien* feets

  51. That’s too bad if it is dangerous, I love how tender they are with each other. Is the parrot imitating people petting the cat? How well can he feel the fur under his foot when he pets her? Maybe he just likes the sensation.

  52. FROSTEDBUTTS says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the cat didn’t actually have a go at nibbling the bird, which it does in this video.

  53. FROSTEDBUTTS says:

    “That’s too bad if it is dangerous, I love how tender they are with each other.”


    “I don’t care if I’m putting them at risk, they are there purely for my entertainment, I am a selfish arse.”

  54. Um… no. I meant it’s an unfortunate contrast. No need for name-calling.

  55. i’m pretty sure that bird wants to mate with that cat!

  56. snorglepup says:

    Having both cats and parrots, I wouldn’t worry so much about this supervised pair.
    Birds establish the “pecking order” early in the relationship.
    That beak could crack a bone! They very much know their own strength.
    There two are being respectfully gentle.

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    RE: Nuffers and abuse of same

    I know next to nothing about boids. So, if several peeps take the time to point out that this is actually quite dangerous to the boid, I’m inclined to take their word for it.

    If this was a video showing a parrot feeding a dog grapes or dark chocolate or something else equally dangerous, I would certainly hope someone would NUFF (point it out) for the benefit of peeps who don’t know.

    (looks around, steps down off soapbox)

  58. Seven Paws says:

    In my absence, someone has taken the old CO and replaced it with a didactic, killjoy alternative universe CO.

    And I was having a fine old time being amused by the cat and the bird, imagining the kitteh thinking, “Hmmm,wonder how that leg would taste wif blue cheeze dressing and a celery stick?!”


  59. For some reason, I find this video extremely creepy.

  60. Luffin’ nuffers!

  61. That bird is DEFINITELY salad fingers! I knew that video reminded me of something. Adorable, weird, and creepy all at the same time.?!

  62. @skip, from what I’ve read about parrots and cockatoos, it’s entirely possible that the bird has seen people pet the cat, observed the cat’s enjoyment, and decided he would like to be nice to kitty too. they are incredibly smart. in other videos he seems to be grooming her with his beak as if she has feathers, which points toward affection for kitty.

  63. Okay, first: this was mildly erotic. Am I the only one that thinks so? … Okay, maybe. For serious though, this cracked me up, H-core. Adorable.

    Two: The nuffing on here is really getting out of control. Any little thing seems to set people off now. We need to start a separate nuff-boarg.

  64. BOOAAARRRGG. I meant board.

  65. And seriously, what is with the name-calling on here? I am really saddened. CuteOverload is my happy time of day where I’m not practicing law and hearing angry people.

    [Working on it. Behave, peeps. – Ed.]

  66. CJ let’s call it nuff-boarg! Hopefully they won’t try to assimilate anyone.

  67. For the record, human saliva is just as dangerous to birds…so don’t lick your parrot, okay?

    (And I gotta say, the funniest part of this vid is the way the two seemed to be testing out possible relationships. Hmmm…are you a petter or a snack? I would like to scritch you, or perhaps I shall just claw at your eyes?)

  68. I agree with Redzilla. These critters have a relationship, but they’re not quite sure what it is. Sibling rivalry, maybe?

  69. I’m much more worried about kitty, looking at how much bigger bird is, and with those talons and powerful beak. Bird is being very gentle, but one slip and kitty’s missing an eye or ear.

    Watch the other videos and see how bird treats kitten as a younger sibling!

  70. I couldn’t tear my eyes off this one…kept waiting for the parrot to be all like “and BAM! Gotcha! Muhahahha!”. I still can’t decide who’s braver out of the two. Brilliant fascinating video footage though!

  71. 😀 Something I submitted made it on CO!

    ^_^ w00t

  72. @Ray… My parrot does that to my kittens too.. Hes trying to put his feet around something.. it makes them comfortable.. they hang on to branches and stuff in the wild and it helps to keep their balance if they hold onto something.. FYI

  73. I love reading the “ZOMG I AM IN UNICORN LAND PLEAZ DO NOT TELLS ME THAT THINGS MIGHT BE DANGEROUS” comments. Maybe I’ll take a picture of some adorable wittle puppies playing the highway.

  74. I’m with Gail on this one. Making no assumptions about the recorder of this video (who knows what precautions they took?) I’d rather have a potentially dangerous situation for my much-loved pets diffused before I even got to think “Heeey, that’d be cute.” People do bad things with their pets simply because they don’t know any better; wouldn’t you rather know better? Particularly when they let you know as kindly and non-judgementally as “Sorry” did above?

  75. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I agree with “Boy.” I rather thought “Sorry” was being very kind and non-judgmental, given the potential severity of the situation. POTENTIAL. Yes, I know they were supervised. And, believe it or not, for those who read the backstory, the kittens for Christmas grew up to be well loved family pets. Too bad the nuffers in that situation resulted in the pictures being pulled. As a former parrot companion, I admit to wincing when I saw the kitty take a gentle nibble. Thank goodness it was gentle. I’d rather not revisit the video, however, and will exercise my choice in the matter and shut up, now.

  76. The problem, Boy and Boomer’s Babysitter, is that the nuffers can’t let it go when one or two (or five or thirty-seven or eleventy) people have already commented on the situation. They have to add their 2 cents, as well, until the thread is overwhelmed with criticism and complaint.

    If people would simply read the thread before commenting, and if a caution has already been made, there is no need to make it again and again and again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  77. “Trick or treat, smell my feet…”

  78. Parrot: Shall we make beautiful music together? *his talon strokes kitteh’s whiskers*

  79. Not the craw! The CRAW!

  80. Ooooooooh, I want that birdie to come here and pet my cats. I´ll have the kitty as well. Awwwwww, I love this site.

  81. At one point, the cat looked like he/she was saying, “Quit effin’ with my nose, man!”

  82. The cockatoo is PETTING the cat; the beak action is preening, also a social exercise. My senegal parrot will pet her own head and glare at me when she wants ME to pet her head. She demonstrates the behavior so her dim, dim mommy can understand.

    She also preens me, a favorite is to very carefully go through my eyebrows to make sure all hairs are parallel, and (lots of trust here)also preens my eyelashes. There is exquisite care there. The beak that can crack a baseball bat could also defuse a bomb…

    And I wouldn’t let a cat within a MILE of my birds.

  83. Hmmm… this is weirdly embarrassing to watch. Esp the additional videos in here. One of them is like watching a make-out session. I swear, the bird stuck his tongue in the cat’s year. The cat’s very patient… it’s like someone pawing someone else, and the other person not quite yet sure if he or she is into it… so it goes on…

  84. I have a neighbor cockatoo, known as The Chicken. In the absence of anyone to scratch Chicken’s head or back, he will take a stick, and do it himself. He’s a tactile fellow, who likes to preen his people’s heads.

  85. If any of you have actually had parrots, you would know that *if* your parrot and cat had a fight, the parrot would win EVERY time. However, all parrots are social creatures and unless they are abused when they are young (clearly this one is fine) and have trust issues, they will bond with anything that gives them attention- including cats (and TVs… Sesame Street!). Unless an external force is making the bird (or cat) uncomfortable, NO HARM will come from them being buddies! Having had a blue wing macaw, one of the largest parrots (and strongest) you can adopt without a license, a pitbull and two cats at the same time, it is clear that these two are bonded- there is NO danger evident in this video…

  86. coffeesnob says:

    I was nervous the whole time I was watching this, just waiting for something to go horribly wrong.

  87. Haha! The kitty is all….. “UR doing it wrong!

  88. David Harmon says:

    It’s certainly very sweet, but I also had that nervous worry, because cute as it was, that sweet little cat really could kill his playmate without even meaning to.

    The thing is, a parrot may seem strong, but (like most birds) they’re very fragile compared to a mammal of the same size. Because of their supercharged metabolism, they’re especially vulnerable to infections, and cat saliva carries a nasty one. (q.v. “cat scratch fever”) (This is probably what the above commenters were describing as “toxic”. AFAIK, there isn’t an actual poison involved.)

  89. warrior rabbit says:

    They pulled the Christmas kitty picture?! I didn’t revisit after all the nuffing started, but it does appear to be gone… Sad.

  90. That bird is so weird. I want it.

  91. I love that boid.

  92. The cat and parrot can be the best buddies in the whole world and the parrot could still end up dead. 😦

    If the parrot preens the cat after it licks its fur, that gesture of love can KILL the parrot because of the bacteria in the cat’s saliva.

    So cute, but so dangerous. 😦

  93. OMG, the parrot is bigger than the cat! That was really cute, but I was worried that huge beak was gonna bite the kitty´s head off any second…

  94. “Slurp, tastes like chicken” (Fransouah)

    Epic. Made me laugh even harder than that video.

  95. People, enough raining on the damn parade! The “danger” here is minimal. Potentially dangerous things happen every second of every day and always will. Its called LIFE. Why must some people come to CO and insist on finding these stupid little things? Is your ego in -that- much need of a boost? Whats next on the nuffing list? “OMG That kitteh is breathing, if he stopped he could die!!”

    Just enjoy the cute, dammit.

  96. rufus was a bird too says:

    Compliments to the trainer of the bird.

  97. That was so cute it almost made me throw up. You can tell someone has taught birdy how to pet a cat.

  98. That is the WEIRDEST think ever!!! I had no idea a birds claw moved like that! ha!

    I can’t tell, but I think the kitteh is being slowly tempted into INEVITABLE DEATH!

  99. I found this dear and moving. That’s all.
    Happy 2009 peeps!

  100. Hey, hey, HEY!! Didja know that HUMAN saliva has that same BACTERIA in it!!? Didja!! Human pet owners are cautioned not to give de leetle keeses to de leetle parrr-roooots(sing-song)

    Sorry. Just nuff-channeling some odd combination of Brad Pitt in “12 Monkeys” and Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight.”


  101. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    I’ve known people who have had their birds killed trying to get them to act all cute with cats.
    Bad news all round.

  102. Kristabelle says:

    As the owner of a not-as-cute but still awesome cockatiel who thinks she’s a dog, my bird can fly around and land on the dogs or on the floor and not be killed instantly by my terriers. The bird thinks she’s a dog, the dogs really couldn’t be bothered what she is.
    Cockatoos are REALLY cool and very affectionate. I am going to have to disagree with those who said that the cat would win in a fight. The bird could crack that kitty in two with that beak! They are a bit scary to me!

    All in all, this was very cool!!!

  103. I know it is weird, but I thought of the Israeli’s and the Palestinians doing a slow dance of potential friendship or carnage-I’m really putting too much into this picture-NEXT picture, please!

  104. Jenn in IL says:

    Why is everyone nuffing the “nuffers” so badly? There are far more positive posts than negative, and even most of the “negative” posts have been cautionary and nonjudgmental. I don’t get it. I had NO idea that there was actual danger here and I appreciate the few people who took the time to explain kindly WHY it was dangerous.

    If they hadn’t and I ever got a bird, I may very well have decided that my bird and cat should play together with no idea.

    Didn’t sound like they were nuffing, sounds like they were gently explaining. Thanks to those who did so. It is appreciated (at least by me). 🙂

  105. Jenn — there may have been [ahem] a little cleanup done.

  106. @bev

    i love that part of 12 monkeys.


    (All I have to say)

  108. That bird looks like an Italian mobster

  109. Just to be sure, I called my vet who treats only birds and exotics (I have 18 birds). She said cat saliva is not (by itself) poison to birds. However, if the cat IS carrying a certain bacteria, and bites a bird, the bird might catch a blood disease. While the bird will not drop dead instantly, you should put it (the bird) on a course of antibiotics if you suspect a cat has bitten or scratched it. Also, human saliva is not poison to birds, however there are some diseases that can be transmitted between them. My vet said the wisest thing is to not share food with your bird, but she can’t stop herself from kissing her own cockatoo… on the beak.

    Oh, and I LOVE the vid.

  110. And once again, the nuffers make mountains out of molehills. Yes, the bird could get sick, just like it could if you give him an enthusiastic kisseroo on the beakadoodle. It’s possible, just like your dog getting hit by a car is possible, but not a certainty. It’s just life. There’s some danger to doing pretty much anything.

    I’ve never seen a cockatoo be so delicate! They’re such lovely birds – and yes, they can be quite gentle when they want to be. However, I used to hang out with one who liked to give love-mouthings on my fingers, and the whole time I was thinking “if this puffball wanted to, he could just crack my finger right off and save it for later.” (He also would get pissed if I walked by his cage without immediately saying hello – he would have a tantrum if I said hello to anyone else first! – and his favorite way of getting my attention was to sit on the floor of his cage, which sat on the ground, and reach out with one claw to grab onto my pants leg and tug! He was a character.)

  111. Well, I’d say the truth is neither mountains nor molehills. I’ve looked it up, and it does appear that people and cats tend to carry bacteria in our saliva that birds don’t handle well. (Saliva *itself* is harmless to birds, but we’re not exactly spit distilleries, are we?)

    That said, though, camera-mom here was paying *close* attention to the interaction (just listen) and obviously everything stayed gentle and copacetic. It’s cool, peeps.

    Also: Cute Overload isn’t a vet-tech night course. This is all for fun & giggles, y’know.

  112. I know, no fun to point out danger to our pets, just don’t try this at home! I know someone who let their bird out for the first time and he pretty much shredded their kitteh, not cute!

  113. Oh right, so what if its dangerous. If someone posted a video of their baby playing in traffic trying to tell the big scary cars to stop then it should be okay because this is all about what’s cute right? WRONG!

    Someone who has both parrots and cats could see this and think it’ll be fine for their bird and cat and then whoops! The cat scratched the bird. Not bad, just a shallow wound but because cats carry pasturella in their saliva and on their claws that simple little break of the skin could potentially end up in DEATH for the bird in under 24 hours.

    But go ahead, and laugh and giggle and ooh and awww, because after all, cute is what is important when owning animals, not responsibility.

  114. Could we NOT get descriptive when sharing animal horror stories on a website dedicated to cute animal pictures?

  115. Seriously – I looked the whole thing up, too Teho and I learned something – which is what it’s all about. I looked it up because I thought maybe it was all related to toxoplasmosis, AKA The Pregnant Woman’s Excuse to Make Hubby Clean the Litter. It isn’t. It’s Pasteurella. So I had a good google run, too and I’m not even a bird owner nor will I ever be.

    What I find cool and funny and downright insane is how we all carry these THINGS around with us that can be dangerous, or beneficial, or, or…!!!

    You do believe in germs, don’t you?

  116. warrior rabbit says:

    “if you give him an enthusiastic kisseroo on the beakadoodle”

    That totally made me snort out loud (SOL?).

    Incidentally, the cat pasteurella thing (for all those interested in learning) is also a potential problem with cats and bunnies. And yet katzenbunnies peacefully coexist in thousands of households across the world. (Including mine.)

    Cats, apparently, are just plain dangerous even when they’re not doing anything. They are boneless germy floofpiles of doom.

  117. Oh that could end soooo ugly!

    And that bird could tear that kitty apart!

    But it was very cute!

  118. Jennie Mello says:

    wow :0 the sweetness of the bird has me dumbfounded.

  119. Warrior — re: “floofpiles of doom” — darn right.

  120. floofpile of doom is henceforth the new nickname for my boy kitteh. It works on so many levels.

    The girl remains Little Miss McFussypants.

  121. I finks that parrot has IDEAS. Kitteh too yung for yu, birdie! :-O

  122. Bird: “You THINK I’m petting you but I’m just standing here…looking elsewhere.”

    Cat: “Uh…”

    Bird: “again…you only THINK I’m petting you…I’m just standing here…oooh, are those whiskers detachable?”

  123. I’d be happy with a simple “don’t try this at home” when someone finds a problem- we can individually go to lengths to find out why with calls to pros or flipping through our latest Vet books or going to the Intertoobes.

    But, on the upside, people care and they usually convey that with a very worried comment. Unless a nuffer get personal or expletive, I read the comments as those of a concerned animal companion trying to keep things healthy, us and the critters involved. Nuffers are different from Trolls who only wish to hurt. Or am I being too charitable?
    Hippy-pappy New Year, Peeps!

  124. heh-heh “an enthusiastic
    kissaroo on the beakadoodle”–I am not worthy of all this cute–but please keep sending it!


  126. I wouldn’t worry about this birdy. The kitty obviously doesn’t see him as prey, but as an equal, and lucky for the kitty because the bird is bigger than he is!
    Lets hope the bird doesn’t decide to bite the kitty.

  127. I tawt I taw a puddy tat? Dunno-that birdy looks like he’s gonna bust a move on the kit-tee.

    AND, hey nuffers, please navigate to NUFFOVERLOAD.com and nuff the s%#t out of each other.

  128. That is the weirdest video I’ve ever seen on the entire internet. I love birds; I’ve wanted one forever. Never, however, have I seen one do that. That is INSANE and adorable and excellent!

  129. platedlizard says:

    Oh boy, not to be nuffing, but that’s a male cockatoo and I wouldn’t trust them for ANYTHING. You can tell he’s a boy because of the size of the beak and the width of the forehead–or you can if you’re me and have seen a lot of them. Male ‘toos can be very sweet, but they can also be very aggressive. Depends on the bird and how hormonal they are.

    True story, the male umbrella ‘too (just like this guy) BIT THROUGH THE EAR of one of our employees. She needed stitches. He jumped on her shoulder from a perch to do it, it wasn’t like he was sitting on her shoulder and got frightened. He was otherwise very sweet which only goes to show you can’t tell.

    And parrots don’t always win, my kitty thinks my birds are the bestest toys ever, and I have to watch them like a hawk when I have my birds out. Most of the time I lock my kitty in the next room. Mind, this is with my conure trying to groom her or bite her tail and ears.

  130. As a person who owns two parrots and dogs, I totally understand where the nuffers are coming from, which is a valid concern. The video to me is cute, and it’s obvious that there is close supervision when it comes to them together.

    -But couldn’t the nuffing also be applied to an owner blow-drying their bird after a much enjoyed shower? Then there’d be nuffing about teflon in the dryer, which a responsible owner would ask the maker about.

    And it could be applied to when I let my one eclectus run around on the floor. He loves to explore, and with two dogs? I watch them like hawks more so he doesn’t get stepped on. Our one dog keeps her space between them and the other could care less.

    So it’s good to say “we don’t encourage this” but there are some days exceptions to the rules, but as said all depends on their relationships/bonds.

  131. Jenn in IL says:

    Theo – there has been some cleanup??

    Darn it, I always miss all the good stuff!! 🙂

    [Nah, I leave the good stuff up. 😉 – Ed.]

  132. “I finks that parrot has IDEAS. Kitteh too yung for yu, birdie! :-O

    Nana | Dec 31, 2008 at 07:55 PM”

    I “finks” u r right Nana!
    Birdie was checking out kitteh’s “receptivity”

    I also think birdie is living life on the edge. Kitteh was lookin a little irritated!

    I was waiting for a paw to push the claw down and a big nom on the birdie neck.

  133. That is the cutest thing in the world!

  134. bird: what? I’m just minding my own bidness, just staring ahead, waiting for the bus… what is my claw up to? oh look! a cute kitty!!

  135. very dangerous!!!!!
    cats saliva contains pasturella and that can be fatal to a parrot,if it gets into a blood stream.Just a nick can do it.No matter,how “cute” it looks,please to do attempt this.
    And I am not talking possible worse scenario either.