The Shy Dater

Um.. I… I found a sunbeam for us…. and a place to sit….

[Snarfs nose under paws] uh.. OK?

[Ears gently beckon towards couch]


Pretty romantic, Jamil N.!



  1. biscuithead says:

    This slays me, the eyes, the nommable ears, paws… all of it.
    Thanks, I’m dead now.

  2. Bleen! I’ll date him!

  3. Aw… not bleen. 😦 Sad. I’ll still date him. 😀

  4. Heh, looks like there’s somebody who still thinks she knows what “bleen” means. D’awwwww.

  5. Shuh, right, like this pup would ever have to ask!

  6. Awww What a little Squeeeeeeety Pie. I will come snuggle with you in the sunbeam.

  7. That’s puppy for: please turn on the heat in this place.

  8. Soo romantic. How could I resist such an offer??

  9. awww…puppeh needs to scwatch his nose…I helps you…

  10. berthaservant says:

    I’m this shy. But not this cute. Bad combination.

  11. There’s, uh, something to be said for being, um, articulate, though.

  12. @ b-serv…
    Do you at least have a large deck like Teho?

    Saw the bebalustration efforts on your vox blog, T.

    [Yes, deck. mind out of the gutter, peeps.]

  13. WOW… SO CUTE!!!

    I love it when they wipe their noses with their paws… it’s adorable…


  14. My deck’s ten-by-twenty, Holligans, and I balustrate magnificently!

  15. Oh, it’s Wall-E in puppeh form! I’ll hold paws anytime…

  16. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Hold on, I’ll be right over.

  17. Okay I want it noted I behaved …… I did not make a joke about ….; )

  18. berthaservant says:

    If by “articulate” you mean “able to use words effectively,” then yes, I admit to being such. If by “articulate” you mean “mashing jaws in a chewing fashion,” then I’m just confused.

  19. Princess Di Eyes!

  20. I think that’s “masticate” berthas. That’s good for the dinner part of the date. 🙂

  21. It’s the loffliest sunbeam I’ve ever seen. HowEVER did you find it?

    *attempts to fluff up puppeh ego*

  22. Don’t worry, little puppeh — Jesus does want you for a sunbeam!

  23. Mary not the one that commented way earlier says:

    I would give up all my sunbeams for the puppeh .. except the one my kitteh is using.. come to thing of it, she probably wouldn’t let me give away any of them. I may have to elope with this puppeh!!

  24. Mary not the one that commented way earlier says:

    (I meant to say “think” of it. Why is it that the typos don’t manifest themselves until the second I click on “post” in spite of all proof-reading efforts? Is it some kind of twighlight-zoney thing to do with CO post boxes?)

  25. Mary not the one that commented way earlier says:

    LOL, “twilight”. There it is again! AUGH!!

  26. Mary (the first) and also not the one that commented way earlier says:

    not only that it pulled in some ancient “Name”. I am officially going home now.

  27. Beckoning earses! I no can resist!
    Wanton snorgling to follow.
    p.s. Meggington, your page-a-day calendar is simply parfait! Thank you for doing such a great job on it.

  28. I happen to have a lap empty at the moment. Perfect for puppitude. (Well, I’ll have to put the computer away, but this guy is much cuter than a MacBook.)

  29. Okay that’s the cutest caption ever.

  30. totalee puppy says:

    AAAWWW, Meg-Thanks for
    thinking of me…

  31. Puppy had me at, “[Snarfs nose under paws] uh.. OK?” but don’t overdo teh Qte or I’ll–
    [sees puppeh’s lopsided ears] *faints*

  32. *wakes up* Puppeh, please let me snorgle you for recovery.

  33. “I brung you some kibble, but I eated it”

  34. *Noms ears, noms paws, nibbles nose* 🙂

  35. totalee puppy- I thought of you when I saw this picture-hmmmmmmm, weird, huh? I’m sure a lot of people think of you! You helped get me well again!

    I also have a lap that isn’t being used right now and would be more than happy to offer it to this little morsel, please?

  36. snorgle snorgle snorgle

    oh, the snorgling!!!!

    i’m so not ever shy i can’t even fake it. it’s the running joke in my office how sweet, shy and unassuming i am. heh.


  37. Linda R--SF says:

    What kind of puppy? A bit o’ Sheppard? Some Shiba Inu action???

    Must know! Too prosh!