Rule of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute

In a similar vein as Rule #2: “Look Helpless”, Rule #41 is all about exposing a VULNERABLE AREA!

If said area is SQUEEZABUHL and/or soft, then it’s all over.


Thank you for modeling, Ben the kitteh and alert Sender-Inner Erin L.



  1. I give up – you may reign on me your snorgling terror.

  2. Oh, the temptation to tickle, snorgle, or otherwise put my own soft and vulnerable parts in danger of meeting the extended pointy ends…

  3. Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap!

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Bleen! Sumbeams on a tummeh!!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Oooops! SUNbeams, not SUM beams. And lets not forget toe beams–er, beans!:-)

  6. “I control the sun!”

  7. I love this new rule! I always try to find these spots on my kitty, but he is very protective!

  8. Must control self…I cannot succumb to the lethal cuteness of the little pink toe beans and “take me, I’m yours” body posish…too late…*ded*

  9. binky-mama says:

    Lookit mah belleh!

  10. yes! toe beans!! sunbeams!! that come-hither–and-snorgle-if-you-dare look! squeeeee

  11. oh, and paws up!!

  12. This image is so ethereal.

  13. Cheryl-Lee says:

    Must… resist… paw pads! OOoo, so want to grab them paws and smoosh my face into the tummeh, may result in hospital attention but it would be worth it!!

  14. er..**blinks shyly** Conan the Grammarian moment I see a typo in the “this it’s all” part of the lead-in?
    If not, don’t mind me 🙂

  15. Yay, a new rule and a snorgable kitty!! XD

  16. the tummy is espeshully snorgable.

  17. This is such a smily kitteh 🐱 he is obviously sunworshipping to make his belly extra warm and snorgleable!

  18. And God said, “Let there be kitties.” And there were kitties; and it was cute.

  19. teh kitteh underpits shall rule teh WORLD!


  20. *sings*

    Sunbeams.. on my belleh.. make me HAPPYYYYYYYY

  21. Looks just like my cat, Sugar

  22. TOES! OhMyBob kitteh toes. I am dead.

  23. It might be a trap but I’m helpless to resist–like a mosquito flying toward the light on a bug zapper. Toooooo cuuuuttteee.

  24. lucy's mommeh says:

    I have to ask out kitty Molly, if I can pet her belly. sometimes she’s okay with it, other times she gets up & runs away.

    She’s a previously used model, she has boundaries that have to be respected.

  25. lucy's mommeh says:

    *OUR* Kitty ..not out kitty.

    She’s strictly an indoor cat.

  26. This is the pic they show in stage one of Snorgle addiction treatment. If you can resist it, you are well on your way to overcoming this terrible disease.

  27. Gail (the first one) says:

    Kitteh is getting a suntan ALL OVER! My personal favorite axis of snorling….the armpits!!!!!

  28. @Josh N: you mean… we’re supposed to [gasp] *resist* snorgles?!!? Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  29. totalee puppy says:

    No, wait…It’s too soon for Spring Break. Never mind…must *snorgle*…

  30. Shadyman-ROFL! “Sunbeams on my belleh…make me

  31. Aesthetica says:

    i wanna motorboat this kitteh.

    the end.

  32. totalee puppy says:

    my vulnerable area is shyness. Cute? Not sure, but snorgling sometimes happens. NOW I MUST SNORGLE COMFORTABLE KITTY…snorgle snorgle snorgle…snorg…ul…snor…vital signs de-beeping …urk…*ded*

  33. berthaservant says:

    Yoga kitteh duz salutation to sun.

  34. AuntieMame says:

    This looks like the revelation scene in an episode of Touched By an Angel.

  35. oh, delicious snorgle.

    that’s too cute for words. i can’t STAND it.

    wish my dad, Big D, wasn’t allergic. *sigh*

  36. Furburt target ahead.

  37. Love means showing your bellah.

  38. I done asked and asked and asked that a rule of cuteness be that if one has a white tummeh one must expose it at all times – I quess this is close enough so thanks!

  39. Doxylover79 says:

    Is this one of Ben’s tricks that as soon as you put your head there to snorgle he grabs you like my own Rocky does????

  40. “hallelujah!” beams of light…

  41. Ooooooh! Pinkie toe beans!

  42. OMG! Soft belly, pink paw pads, dreamy expression, AND SUNBEAMS!! Are you trying to kill us?!

  43. totalee puppy-Spring is right around the corner.

    This kitteh is playing the oldest ‘con’ in the book- “Why, yes, the come razzle my belleh and get week-long-lasting long, stripey souvenirs to show to all your friends and family!” I’m not falling for that one!

  44. She looks like she’s about to be beamed up by extraterrestrials.

  45. Ben and our Henry would make an awfully cute pair–Henry likes to sleep like that, too!

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    Kitteh armpits are one of my favoritest parts of a kitteh .. after whiskers.

  47. Mudd, the Grandmother says:

    Ben is my “Grandson”. He is a real cutie in person too!

  48. I just want him to wipe his paws all over my face! I will forever love this pic!!

  49. jessicabakescupcakes says:

    i had to go on a search for this, i was told to. my happiness has been restored.