Pierre Capades

[Hush comes over the crowd]

Will he accomplish the Triple Sow Cow Ice Monsche?

Let’s take a look.

Exsquisite execution, Bahar Y. The Russian judge gives you a "4" though.



  1. Damn those East German judges who value technical precision over artistry! My rolling and sliding are just as good as any footwork you’ll see on the ice these days, and way more beautiful.

  2. I zink eef ANNYONE shoold haf an OUTRAZHOUS FRONSCHE ACCENT, eet shoold bee a FRONSCHE BOOLLDOGUE! Allez, Pierre!

  3. [it’s “salchow”]

  4. yummy ice o.O

  5. He just wants get rid of the crummy Christmas theme sweater he got.

  6. I love how he doesn’t even bother to stand up. Just flips and slips. XD

  7. I was suddenly reminded of the excellent movie “Real Genius,” and of the moment that Val Kilmer’s character turns the hallway of the dorm into a skating rink.

    “But can you do THIS?”

  8. KittehMamax3 says:

    So, maybe I’m not alone in my “coming to middle age hot flashes”…. Maybe this is what I need to do to cool off. Damn, now if I only didn’t live in GA, the land of no ice/snow, it’d be the perfect solution..72 here today. That’s just not right. Go ahead, rub it in somemore, little doggeh…

  9. Bully for you Pierre!

  10. renee in tx says:

    extra points for the kronching sound!!!

  11. I was okay until he started snarfing the ice and then I just fell over.

  12. pierre! watch out for tonya har-dingo!!

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    Alexis: “This is ice. This is what happens to water hen it freezes. This is Kent. This is what happens to humans when they become to sexually frustrated.”

  14. Dang. I guess when you love ice, you just love ice. lol

  15. He’s gonna freeze his ‘tocks off! Brrrrrrrrr

  16. Would SOMEBODY pleeeze teach this chilly dog how to make snow angels the right way!!!

  17. If he was breakdancing, this would be for the WIN!

  18. um, it’s posted under farm animals, not pups? is that because of the ‘sow cow”? ha!

  19. um, it’s posted under farm animals, not pups? is that because of the ‘sow cow”? ha!

  20. (sorry, stupid computer hiccuped)

  21. Getthisdangitchysweateroffame!!!!!Oh, ice cubes!Getthisdangitchysweateroffame!!!!

  22. Don’t lick the Brown Ice. Sow Cow ice is NOT edible.

  23. hehe, almost looks like he’s having a problem staying upright!

    But I’m boggled at how anyone video taping this can stay so quiet? When I’m taping my kids doing crazy stuff, I try very hard to stay quiet, but there’s still so much camera shake from my stifled laughs. And a snort always works its way in there somehow!

  24. Technical Merit: 5.6
    Artistic Impression: 5.8

    And Pierre moves into second right behind Fabio the Italian Greyhound.

  25. Funny frolicking frozen Frenchie 🙂

  26. Hathor:
    Humans do salchows… Dogs (and other animals) do sowcows 🙂

  27. Maybe he’s trying to polish the ice… zam-boney, anyone?

  28. berthaservant says:

    Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow.

  29. The sounds at 0:46! <3

  30. squirm squirm squirm squirm squirm squirm wiggle wiggle.

  31. Leetle hinder legs scrambling in the air!

  32. Hey I could make you an awesome site about your pet!

  33. his little feets could freeze…he needs BOOOOOTEEEEEZ…

  34. This made me laugh out loud, and that’s tough to do.

  35. He’s going ice fishing!

  36. OMG Frenchies are such the cutest little turds! lol… I know our own would do the same thing if it snowed here heh.

  37. I Triple Dog Dare you to lick the ice… wait, you’re nomming the ice. Nevermind.

  38. hamster-on-rye says:

    Ice Aerobics–good for my
    aches and pains? Don’t listen to Uncle Hamry…
    Don’t try this at home!!

  39. Maybe the sweater’s just real itchy. I used to do a similiar dance when my mother would put a sweater or soemthing with lace on me.

  40. *sigh* Golly, I would have preferred this pup to my nephew this x/must.

  41. catloveschanel says:

    Mud Dog –

    Chilly Dog, hehe he he he! Love it.

    I think that someone should consider dubbing on James Brown, “I Feel Good” for a little soul action.

    Notice how he bites the ice that feeds him.

  42. This is what NOT to post–the sort of c**p you see on america’s not funny pet home videos where people are being cruel to their animals to get a laugh. Until the dog gets the piece of ice, you can tell the poor guy is just totally slipping and falling-CO I am really disappointed.

  43. opps–my hub says he thinks the pup is just scratching–oh well—

  44. harviexp, you’re not serious,right? Honestly, if you really think that doggie is just slipping on the ice, you need to get professional help. I hope you were kidding.

  45. harviexp, you should ban yourself from leaving comments for a few months

  46. Wow. Remember those photos from the 60’s when that Ohio river caught on fire? That was bad. That was some dirty water. But I’ve never seen water so stinky rotten that a dog would roll on it! What could possibly be putrifying so stinkily in there? Protozoa? Fishes? Mobsters?