[Lightening-fast paws shuffling through files]

Let’s see… Horse Hustles, Elephant Extortion, Pyramid Poodle Products, Snake Swindle—I’m SHREDDING THEM ALL!


Dang, that Madoff thing runs deep, Glenna L.!



  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh. My. GAHD!

    That extra long earhair sticking out is just so…

    TICKLABLE!!! 😀

    Come here, kitteh, so I can stick mah finger in your ear and tickle your extra long earhair and drive you NUTS!

  2. “Holy flim flam!” may be my new favourite exclamation. I’m breaking that bad boy out in every possible conversation scenario from now on.

  3. That kitty has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!!!

  4. I do believe this kitteh ees smarts enuf to pull off a “Pyramid Poodle Product” scheme of epic proportions. Yup…I certainly do.

  5. those beautiful eyes! that adorable nose smudge! the filing skills! i must have this kitteh!

  6. this cat looks almost exactly like mine, except mine has green eyes.

  7. Enron kitty activated.

  8. Those orange eyes! Has the color in the photo been enhanced?

  9. berthaservant says:

    I prefer to think that the kitteh is an investigator looking into wrongdoing and malfeasance by the wealthy.

    Either way, it’s cute.

  10. totalee puppy says:

    Put a kitteh in your office–you get filing skills and natural shredding–Yes, 2-in-1 Kitteh does it all…

  11. Skip – No, my Mom has a cat with that same eye color… it’s very striking, I love it.

  12. I’m n ur Files Shredding ur evidence

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    I could use someone to do some filing in my “office”, does this kitteh hire out for temp work? My own personal kitteh is too .. how shall I put this .. LAZY to help with any kind of work. (I have told her repeatedly to get a job but she won’t. She’s 18 now, she’s plenty old enough!)

  14. Oh sure, he’s in there, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing:

  15. I prefer to think of him/her as a natural papershredding device.
    Very green. Then the paper goes into the worm farm that his/her companion animals have out back. Then the companion animals grow his/her favorite catnip in the enriched soil, as well as lovely pot of grass just for the kitteh to munch, rather than the philodendron. Ah, the circle of life, in suburbia! No, not my ketubah, kitteh! That’s right, not the taxes form either- just the ones that smell of tuna, thankyouverymuch. Good job.

  16. Katrina, what a special story about the circle of
    life. This is inspiring,
    really. So glad you are
    feeling better. Totalee Puppy and I always look for your comments.

  17. “Holy flim flam!” nearly made me spit out my tea at work. I agree with CJ, best exclamation ever!

  18. Yep, that’s my little Ollie. He’s pretty good at filing, but his typing skills are terrible.

  19. I once worked at a company that presented a film during orientation about how to handle the FBI if they ever showed up at the office. I told my boss I wouldn’t take the fall for anybody–I’d do whatever it took to stay out of jail, including throwing him under the prison-bound bus. Kitteh, save yourself!

  20. Thank you, cachorro, you and totalee are always on my radar, too.
    vonvon, dear, where did you work? Was it a big five-pointy building in Washington, DC,by any chance? Hmm? I just finished the book “Havana Nocturn” by T.J. English-I highly recommend it. That’ll make you look over your shoulder a few times a day, but a very engaging writing style.

  21. Hi Katrina, glad you’re feeling better. No, nothing that grand. It was a small consulting firm here in Dallas that specialized in Disproportionate Share Hospital reimbursement…boring.

    I’ll have to look into your book recommendation, will let you know. Happiest of New Years to you and yours. Same sentiment goes out to all the lovely CO peeps.

  22. Amen, vonvon.