Let’s check in on the Holidays Chez Snailio Iglesias

What up, Snailio yo!


Good thing you’re staying warm it’s cooooold out there, Man!

How are yer holidays goin’ my Snail Bruthuh!?


Right on. Slime you laaaater. [antenna bump]


Rachel H., how you found this, I will never know but forever admire. Check out Resurrection Fern for many more pics…



  1. But…How? : O

  2. Knitted by the woman with the world’s smallest fingers and smallest needles??

  3. renee in tx says:

    well I’ll be. Every time I think I’ve seen it all…

  4. i don’t even know where to begin. what a festive lil snail.

  5. Snails are cute but this guy just about takes the prize with his Christmasy little shell-warmer! That’s a well-loved snailio!!


  6. “Of course he exists. Who do you think left this trail of slime?”

  7. HOORAY! SO glad you liked. As always, the alt-tags are my favorite. Keep the cute up! 🙂


  8. fish eye no miko says:

    A snail. With a Christmas sweater.
    Dear God, I love the internet; for without it, I would have never beheld this wonderful sight!

  9. A Snail Cosy! Perfect for keeping his teapot warm inside his house.

  10. a snail shell warmer!! who would have thought?

  11. the bug man says:

    Theresa, that’s just brilliant.


  12. What gauge needles does one use to knit or crochet the snail sweater? Where does one get the pattern? I want to make sure the snailios in my garden are warm…

  13. Whose size 2 knitting needles made this teeny topper? Now I feel bad that I didn’t knit any of the snails in my garden something for the holidays.

  14. Hilarious and creative! I love it.

  15. On another note: this reminds me of a book about how a little grumpy gnome learns to love again by having to take care of a snail named Rosie. Rosie eventually dies but the gnome finally learns to love and be kind. Wish I could remember the name of the book. It’s a Christmas story even. 😦

  16. Steven Baranowski says:

    Isn’t Nicholas Snailcozy the president of France?

    A snail…makes sense I guess.

  17. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, you must go look at the blog. She made tiny crocheted Halloween costumes for the snailios!!! And her crochet covered rocks are fabulous. I love the Intarwebs!!

  18. Isn’t Nicholas Snailcozy the president of France?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can’t breathe I’m laughing so much.

    Just stay far away from people melting butter little snail and you will remain the cuest fashion icon evah.

  19. tracyFlick says:

    Aw snaily, I am glad so many people love you. I try but I do not think I will ever like snails. Or frogs.

  20. Who in the world would of thought to decorate the snailio? I’m going to show my kittehs this so they can quit complaining about the reindeer ears I made them wear!

  21. I think you may hafta start a new website –

  22. A snail cozy. I loff heem.

  23. MUY redonk!!

  24. I think I just officially forgot all my troubles looking at these pics.

  25. This is so cute that it hurts. Seriously.

  26. berthaservant says:

    Well, it’s only a matter of minutes before someone writes the lyrics to “Santa Slug-gy.”

    This is just…too…beyond…words…

  27. For some reason… and I don’t know WHY, but these pictures had me laughing in delight.

    You gotta admire the way she see’s things so differently, this crafter. I mean, who’d have thought to create something like this?? Not your everyday garden variety knitter, that’s for sure.

  28. Ahahahahahaha, cute!
    Also, coccyx or cochlea came to mind when I read “coctail”. Hm.

  29. As if this post could be improved on, someone goes and thinks up Nicolas Snailcozy. Breee-lliant !

    Thanks Meg! Your recent posts are greatly contributing to helping me get over the flu.

  30. Martha in Washington says:


  31. Amy Mayedo says:

    This has made my day. Completely.


  32. Michelle S says:

    I have now seen everything. Close the door and shut out the lights.

  33. Gail (the first one) says:

    @claudia: I agree—-how wonderfully creative!!!

  34. I hope it dosn’t dry the snail out. that cosy looks very absorbant. 😛

  35. Thanks for the visit from St. Nicholas (Snailcozy)! I am joyous!

  36. If that doesn’t make you happy to look at, well, I have no other words, you need to ‘see someone’ right now. Thank you to everyone who made this wonderful picture essay possible.

    Nicholas Snailcozy is indeed the President of France, yes,he is indeed.

    Michelle S., you are absolutely right, everything else will be just commentary.

  37. Katrina! How you be!?

  38. Dear person who knit a snail cozy,
    Thank you. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.
    XO Jezebel

  39. temperance says:

    God bless the woman who thought enough of a little ol’ snail to knit it a sweater…

  40. Theresa-I am so much better, thank you! The main Pneumonia is gone, just tiredness and the occasional cough remain, the Fibro is there and the Orchestra has been invited to play in the New Haven Symphony Youth Orchestra Festival in March in Yale’s Woolsey Hall!

    I wish us all a wonderful 2009, with love and music for all to share! Woohoo!

    How are my dear friends here?? I see some new names-welcome!

  41. there’s something slightly wrong with how cute i think this is.

  42. paskickies and snail cozies for all in 2009!

  43. Admire what?


  44. Who thinks of these things? Let alone knits them!!

  45. the bug man says:

    Alright bserv, you asked for it:

    Santa snaily, come along your glistening trail, don’t fail
    To leave your presents under the tree
    Santa snaily, hurry down the chimney to me

    Santa snaily, I’ve been so kind to molluscs all year, my dear
    I’ve knitted little hats for their shells
    Santa snaily, hurry down and see for yourself

    You can take your time; I’ll wait–
    I don’t mind if you’re a little late
    When your gifts come from Santa Snail
    You have to like to anticipate
    Boo doo bee doo

    Santa snaily, sometimes your delivery’s slow, ho ho
    I doubt you’ll make it here in a day
    Santa snaily, but could you bring my mittens by May?

    Santa snaily, Christmas Day has come and it’s gone (yawn yawn)
    I’m still guessing when you’ll arrive
    Santa snaily, maybe by July twenty-five?

    I left some snacks here by the fire
    All the Christmas goodies you could desire
    Little snail, I hope you get here soon
    ‘Cause even fruitcake has got to expire
    Boo doo bee doo

    Santa snaily, I promise that I won’t give up hope, nope nope
    I still believe that you’re on your way
    Santa snaily, hurry down the chimney today

    Hurry down the chimney today
    (repeat 47 times)

    Hurry down the chimney already!!…

  46. Silly Overload…!? 😀
    I love this lil lucky snail!
    *falls off chair laughing*

  47. (does the wave for Bug Man)

  48. Bug Man : just delightful, delightful.

  49. Haha lovin Santa Snaily! XD

    Sooooo cute and REDONK! 😛

  50. It’s cute and it’s random. Kinda like that tree sweater from a while back!

  51. OMG – bug man – LOL….!

  52. That is redonkulous. Wow. I want one. I’m going to buy a prosh snail just like that, and knit him a wardrobe (I bet I could), and name him bob. bob- no uppercases. I had a snail once….

  53. Peeps, what we have here is a snail snood.

    The Bug Man-you too stir my soul with your whimsy, thank you.

  54. As Snalio trudges along I’m sure he’s thinking, “Have I gained weight or something? I feel like I weigh a ton.”

  55. Gail (the first one) says:

    @the bug man: WONDERFUL!!!! I especially loved the line “even fruitcake has got to expire”!!!!!

    @Katrina: Glad to hear you are feeling better!!! Congrats on your New Haven booking!!!


  57. totalee puppy says:

    KATRINA…Knowing you are
    feeling better means so much! It sounds great that the Orchestra is going to New Haven. Mazel

    the bug man–Awesome!!

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Snails are hilarious anyway, but this just leaves me speechless. I was hoping for some snail scattin’ in the hovertexts, though…

  59. Tiny snail Christmas guest?
    With a mitten around his shell?
    With a pom-poms?!

    My world doesn’t make sense anymore!

  60. Snail Christmas Guest?
    With a mitten on his shell?
    With a pom-poms?

    My world doesn’t make sense anymore!

  61. Bug Man I salute you. Katrina Hugs welcome back and take it slow Pnemonia is nothing to COugh at.

  62. Snailio with a cherry on top.

  63. Meg, you KNOW you want a knitted category don’t you? Don’t you?

    Well, ok. I do anyway.

  64. the bug man – your poem was great!

  65. “Nicolas Snail-cozy” sounds like a member of the CarTalk staff, like Heywood Jabuzzoff, and Ariel Bummerman.

  66. hmm, a knitted snail hat. I’m sure I must have some scrap red and green yarn somewhere…

  67. Cherie Moore says:

    Too fun!!!

  68. For today, I have seen it all. This is the ultimate cute. Thank you!

  69. This is the best thing I have ever seen. EVER! Whimsical and just so delightful. Thank you to the merry artist who has such a vision to share.

  70. spikedcolor says:

    Knitting, and snails. My life is complete!

  71. is there a market for this?

  72. It’s the internet, there’s markets for EVERYTHING! In a decent economy.

  73. kath-I’m pretty sure that WE are the market for this.

    Annie- yuk,yuk,yuk, *snerk*.

    I am feeling almost OK now~! It is snowing like crazy now, Killer Corgi’s Dad is coming home early from work, Biger and Smaller-Bigger Brothers are coming home soon from errands and we’ll get some very yummy Chinese Food for our New Year’s Even dinner.

    Drive carefully everyone, I’m not sure how Meg and company can outdo themselves after senior snalio here, but I’m itching to watch and find out! (Get it sweater- itching- yeah, ummm.)
    The first snail I see in my garden this Summer gets a prize, just because…

  74. This is just great! What a cute idea!!

  75. Elizabeth P. says:

    Proof that knitters can do ANYTHING.

    I am exceptionally pleased with your work and am going back to work on my bookcase cozy now!