A Christmas dream…come true?

It’s Christmas morning 2008. Grandpa is mowing through coffee cake.

You and your sister patiently wait as Dad slides two boxes towards you. WHAT COULD IT BE!!!?!?

// pic removed by request //

Simultaneously, you flip open the box lids—OMG IT’S TWO KITTEHS!!!

// pic removed by request //

Wait, you wanted the white one.

// pic removed by request //


// pic removed by request //

Christmas Visitors (new kittens) 1, Christmas Visitors (new kittens) 2, Christmas Visitors (new kittens) 3, Christmas Visitors (new kittens) 4 [detail], by cseeman. The saga continues over at Flickr-roonie-poonie.



  1. Awww! Poor left-out kitteh looks so sad! You can come to my house for snuggles little kitteh!!

  2. Wait a minute… that was supposed to be Meg Frost and Sparky’s his n hers kitty gift set!

  3. Kitty in the last pic looks like “I was in that box for the last 6 hours!!”

    They are so freakin’ anerable. The white fluff ball doesn’t even look real!

  4. Christine H says:

    Little girl + white kitten = incredibly adorable.

  5. I genuinely feel bad for that brown kitten :c

  6. You know what strikes me about these pics? The woman in red and grandpa seem completely oblivious to the fact that there are TWO adorable kittehs in the room!!!
    *steals brown kitteh*

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:



    While this is REALLY sweet and all, I REALLY don’t like the idea of kittens as gifts. My sister-in-law had this discussion with the niecling because everybody on the block seemed to get a puppeh, and she wanted a kitteh, but niecling needed to learn it didn’t work out that way…

    But what I’m getting at is, I don’t mean to make a commentroversy (okay, yeah I do, because these kittehs look REALLY sad!) is I don’t know if these girls are up to the responsibility of a kitten. Maybe a goldfish, or a gerbil. Something caged or contained.

    Sorry. Off the soapbox nao.

  8. Stéphanie says:

    Sad, sad world… Living Being as gifts ! When will we realise Life is only a gift when freedom and choice have the leading role ?

  9. berthaservant says:

    Yes. No child should ever be given a pet. They should slave away in labor camps and earn money to purchase their own pet, or they should attempt to capture and tame a wild animal. In fact, under all circumstances, children should be prevented from loving and learning to care about animals.

    Meanwhile, Meg, the hovertext is to die for.

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No no no! That’s not what I mean and you know it, Berthaservant! It’s one thing if it’s a FAMILY pet, but it’s another thing if it’s a CHILD’s pet. The parents expect the child to take care of the pet when it’s given to him or her. When he or she doesn’t, the parent is either forced to take care of the animal, or give it away.

    Common sense.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^Ugh, I keep forgetting to mention that I have another niece who gave her sons kittens for presents and they ended up giving them away because SHE couldn’t afford to pay for the cat food! The boys were upset with mom because although THEY were pretty responsible with them, it wasn’t THEIR fault. They got royally screwed in that deal.

  12. While I understand your concern, Juniper Jupiter, and completely agree that too often, pets given as gifts end up in shelters, that doesn’t always have to be the case. If the parents are responsible, they’ll understand the level of responsibility necessary and make sure that it’s being met.

    If you look at the pictures on the Flickr photostream Meg linked to, the description is “My sister-in-law and her husband bought two kittens for the FAMILY for Christmas” not “for the children”. So chances are, the whole family will be helping to take care of these cuties.

  13. It’s an interesting strategy… Overdose the kittens on boxes early in life in the hopes that this will keep them from needing boxhab as adults?

  14. I also think that pets should NEVER be given as a present. This is totally the wrong sign to send to a child.
    The pet is a living creature and should be decided by and chosen with the whole family, after seriously considering that it will be with them for the next 10-15 years (depending on the pet). And not just until cute puppy-/kitty-hood is over.

    And certainly a child should not get a pet after seeing e.g. 1001 Dalmatians and then saying “I WANT SUCH A CUTE PUPPY NOOOWWW”

    I actually vote for taking these pics of the cute-overload website, as they are so wrong.

  15. I want to snuggle away the sad look in that kitty’s eyes!

  16. Enjoying the nuffage. Ha ha.

  17. one of my favorite childhood memories was of my dad coming home from work Christmas eve and telling us kids to look in his lunch box. It was a baby German Shephard. We named him Charlie. He was the best dog ever and taught us all about the responsibility of taking care of a living creature.

    Yes, Charlie edges out the Atari as the best family Christmas present ever.

  18. oops! Hit enter too fast!!

    I think both kittehs are adorable and from the extended stream it looks like they have found a family that is willing and capable of keeping them in boxes and good health!

    @ Windowshoppist- Excellent strategy!! 😀

  19. The Notorious TLB says:

    Wow. The nuffing… Yes, many pets end up in shelters; given as gifts, unwanted litters, elderly passing on, people moving away and not wanting to take the pet, people not being able to afford them any longer…

    My point: not ALL animals given to a child to care for are going to end up in wire cages. I was given a cat to care for at Xmas when I was eight. She was FROM a shelter and very much in need of a good, loving home. She was also ill with many chronic ailments non-threatening to her life, but requiring a dilligent human partner.

    She lived to a ripe ol’, happy age, still swatting leaves in the garden and climbing through my sweetpeas in the spring.

    I learned a lot, cared for my cat, made her my confident and best friend. And now I care for 3 more cats of varying ages, two from shelters and one simply about to be put on the street so I snatched her away. They’re healthy, well-cared for, and doted on nearly endlessly by my fiancee and I. And we both now work as volenteers at several shelters in my city, and I speak for both of us in saying we credit it muchly to being given something to love and care for as children.

    Many children given pets, providing they’re physically and cognitively able to care for and about a living being reap as many benefits as their furry childhood playmates.

    Just say y’all, if we’re gonna nuff, let’s nuff like champs and lay down all the scenarios.

  20. totalee puppy says:

    Can haz “Toasty”?
    It’s too early for me to be
    reading…I thought the caption said that Grandpa was “mowing through
    coffee table.”

  21. The Notorious TLB says:

    P(QR)S: The brown kitten looks like my middle “child” might’ve, had I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier in her life!

  22. I am concerned about pets as gifts to anyone, but especially such tiny kittens to such small children. Unless they are watched with them at all times…

    But the tabby is adorable.

  23. totalee puppy says:

    I watched a really nice slide show about this family and their life in Michigan. “Christmas Kittens” were photographed
    holidays 2007. Little brown kitty was still with them later on and really
    loved by all the kids. Yay,

  24. I loathe the nuffin’ but Juniper Jupiter did make a good point. Not that kids shouldn’t have pets, but that some people do it for the cute Christmas “photo op” and aren’t ready or able to care for a pet and don’t keep them.

    But more importantly, I really want some coffee cake! And that little brown kitteh on the side please.

  25. Brown-haired girl, pick up your cute tabby and snorgle! Don’t let the blondes have all the fun. “Toasty” will love your velvet dress.

  26. My concern lies in the question as to where they acquired those kittens. I hope they came from an animal shelter or rescue and not from a kitten mill. I don’t think we even need to be breeding purebred cats when there are soooo many various cats out there who need a loving forever-home.

  27. spikedcolor says:

    I wonder if white kitty is all “Put me back in my BOX!!!”

    Tabby is actually making a smug face, doncha’ know.

  28. I agree with the nuffers.
    Very much so.

    also, the kittens are cute.

  29. I haz home for CrispMouse!

  30. I agree with everyone agreeing that animals shouldn’t be gifts. 😦 I hope they weren’t in those boxes very long!

  31. No, no, no.

    Everybody knows pets for xmas=bad idea. Pets for KIDS for xmas? REALLY bad idea. Totally irresponsible.

    This kind of thing should not be encouraged, Cute Overload.

  32. ahhh blah


    NOT cute!@!!!

    Quite ugly actually.

    Now, on to the kittens: they are soooo cute and I liked looking at them on CO, which is many things cute and I think the picts are adorable! Also, I didn’t think too hard about their circumstances because I am not qualified to see into my crystal ball about this family and their cats.

    Cute kittens!!!! YAY!!!!!

  33. I got 2 kittens for Christmas 2 years ago. Of course, I was 23 at the time, owned a pet-friendly condo, and my mom knew I was planning on getting 2 kittens eventually anyways.

    2 years later they are my children that I love dearly and spoil outrageously. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

  34. I was a kid who got a kitten for Chistmas. Theres nothing wrong with it if you know your kid is responsible and that you, the parent, will also make sure that the pet is well taken-care of. The nuffers don’t address that some kids who get kittens are actually quite responsible, and anyways, more often then not the parents are the ones who do all the work. When I got my kitten, I had many responsibilities (cleaning the litterbox, playing, feeding) while my mom made sure the cat was brought to the vet, etc. The experience was invaluable in teaching me about pet owning. As long as everyone in the family cares for the pet’s wellbeing, its not a bad idea at all.

  35. oxymephorous says:

    While I partially agree with all the nuffers about critters being given as presents (i, on the other hand, was a pretty responsible guinea pig caretaker at age 8), my particular point of contention is giving critters-as-presents on christmas morning, or in the midst of any other hectic celebration. No matter how much you planned or whether or not the kiddoes knew in advance, it’s gotta be stressful on a new animal to be introduced into all that distraction and commotion with so many strangers around. Not to mention being stuck in a box….doesn’t seem like fun to me.

    My fiance and I decided we’d get ourselves a dog (my first dog!!!) for Christmas this year. Instead of doing the puppy-in-a-box dealie, I wrapped up a stuffed toy version with a promise we’d go pick one out together in a few weeks. It’s something nice to look forward to post-christmas, and we can choose a time that’s a little less hectic and also prepare for the arrival of our new family member. I think that would be a great example to set for kids, too.

  36. scooterpants says:

    the adults are all un-impressed cuz they TOLD the parents this as the most jackass idea they’d ever had and they all just had a huge adults-fight before the precious daughters got up.
    but ya, cute kitties.

  37. I’m inclined to agree with the “no kitties as gifts” people, but for a different reason. The rule I’ve always had for cats is that THEY choose YOU. When you go to view a litter of kittens, the one that gives you the most attention is the one you should always take home with you. It works out best that way.

  38. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wellll…at least no one is nuffing about the representation of Xmas without equal representation of other ethnic holidays! *phew*

    That being said, I think it’s funny how nuffed entries end up getting these whole made-up back stories with kitten mills, neglected pets, reckless children etc. and it’s like some people are looking at a whole different cute overload.

  39. and zoze kittehs nebber left dem boxes I bet!

  40. Yup let’s give babies as gifts too, why not?

  41. For the cuties! says:

    I agree with Juniper Jupiter. Instead of giving an animal as a Christmas present, wait until AFTER the holidays and choose one together. The majority of animals adopted during the holidays intended as a Christmas present are returned or abandoned…because the people realize “oh my gosh, this is a real thing we have to take care of!”

    Does this happen all the time? No, there are always exceptions to the rule. But when shelters see this happening a majority of the time, is it REALLY worth that risk? We need to be careful not to be so caught up in the “cute idea” of it that we’re neglecting to see the reality of situations like this. Many shelters halt adoptions during the month of December altogether. It’s the same with Easter time and rabbit adoptions…many shelters halt adoptions for them around that time too.

    Give a kid a toy for Christmas. Animals aren’t presents, they’re family companions that should be chosen as a family. I do hope for these cats’ sake that this is a forever home for them, and not just some cute Christmas photo op.

  42. For the cuties! says:

    “That being said, I think it’s funny how nuffed entries end up getting these whole made-up back stories with kitten mills, neglected pets, reckless children etc. and it’s like some people are looking at a whole different cute overload.”

    Made up stories? Now we may not know the backstory of THIS particular family, but when reality has shown the majority of “Christmas present animals” to be in those kind of situations, I think it warrants that kind of explanation. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same, but I’m grateful for those who are more concerned about the care for the animal rather than the Kodak picture moment.

  43. Wow, looks like a lot of people got omniscience for Christmas. Must be why mine’s on backorder all the time.

  44. Kittens are not just for adults…I think children should have pets (dogs and cats–not just hermit crabs) and learn to take care of them, handle them gently, and bond with them, train them etc.
    Also I think grandpa actually is eating an orange.

  45. AuntieMame says:

    Majority? Where do you get these statistics from. This is just a series of cute pictures. You can’t even tell from the pictures that these kittens were gifts. They might have just taken a group of silly pictures on Christmas with kittens they’ve already owned for a month.

    The point is, CuteOverload is just for fun, cute pictures. Not for moralizing over all the ills going on in the world.

  46. Anne Boleyn says:

    Yeah, I say turn those kittens loose in the woods and let them fend for themselves as nature intended and so they won’t have to suffer a loving family and that pesky canned cat food.

  47. Totalle Puppy and Lurkinsmirk HEhehehehehehe
    AuntieMame you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Both Kittens are cute and the picture is awesome if I was there I would be mowing through a piece of home made coffee cake too.
    while holding both kitties and playing with them with the ribbons. Hmm I may need a couple of extra hands!!!

  48. Sorry, I don’t really like to “nuff” BUT I do NOT beleive that the “majority” of animals given as gifts end up in shelters. I have had pets both given to me and chosen by me. I had to take the puppies we picked out to the shelter because my room mate broke out in a rash when ever he got near them. (I will NEVER do the again, they were never put out for adoption, and even thou I had said to call before they were put to sleep because I would have came back and got them, they were put down in less the 3 days. So much for the Anchorage, AK shelter) The kitten that was found under some ones porch with his dead siblings and given to me, in curled up under my feet as I type getting tummy rubs with my toes.

  49. I love the “shoot first, ask questions” later mentality of so many nuffers. If you check out the photo stream, you may have come across a photo of an adult kitty, who I assume is part of the family. This is very likely not the kids’ or family’s first pet or cats at all.

  50. Dear Nuffers,

    I begged for my first cat for a full year, was responsible with homework and my bike, and he finally appeared Christmas morning.

    He was a great companion for our prior cat, firmly believed me to be his mommy, and I fed and cared for him pretty well for a 9 year old. A decade later, I tube-fed him for over a month after a bout with a kidney infection left him feeling to crappy to eat. He was happy and healthy for another 2 years before his little heart just stopped.

    And my best Christmas memory of all time was finding out that I had been deemed responsible enough to care for my own little kitty. And hearing his “I’m shut in a boooooooooox” wail become a purr of ecstasy when I popped open the cardboard pet carrier– I’ll never forget that.

    So nuffers, maybe you could assume that this was a responsible family, planning on getting other pets, who deferred delivery to Christmas day as a joyful surprise.

    Sure, some people make a mistake when adopting, and you should never give a pet to a family without their consent, but with so many potential buddies in the shelters right now, why warn people off?

    Good tidings of comfort and joy!

  51. I hate to be a nuffer, but…I hate seeing the word “bought” before the word “kittens” or any animal for that matter. WHO BUYS A CAT??? There are so many in shelters, it seems completely unnecessary to purchase cats. Although, most shelters probably wouldn’t adopt out kittens to parents planning to surprise their children. But of course they (the kittens and children) are adorable and appear to get along fabulously.

  52. Oh my WORD, knock it off Nuffers!

    I begged for a dog for a year, and my mom and dad took me to a farm shortly after my 7th birthday. I hadn’t gotten the present I was expecting. They said I was getting a big responsibility. Then the door open and a tidal wave of fluffy Shetland Sheepdog puppies washed over me!

    I picked the chubbiest puppy, and he lived happily as my fur-brother for 14 years. He was MY dog, but when he got sick, my parents paid a small fortune in doggy chemo. When he had to be put down, the three of us held him until he died.

    Let’s give the parents a little credit! Plenty of parents raise good children who take care of pets.

    My dog was from a responsible breeder who remains devoted to the breed today. My dog also never spent a day in a kennel- when we went on vacation, my grandparents were happy to take in their ‘furry grandchild’.

  53. They don’t *always* make bad gifts, it depends on the person/people in question and how responsible they are. It doesn’t have to be a *surprise* gift, either. The pics say they were bought for the family, not just for the toddlers. CHILL OUT, peeps! You nuffers are so quick to judge you don’t even understand the whole story. Try click a link or two. Sheesh.

  54. Those are some fuzzy little kittens. I saw in the slide show that the little blonde girl played with the tabby as well as her white kitten. So maybe the little girl in the velvet dress just doesn’t like cats too much?

    Whatever the case may be, the cats are cute, and Gramps over there with his coffee cake had me laughing.

  55. berthaservant says:

    We don’t know where these cats came from. We don’t know the family story.

    The assumptions about why this scene MUST be bad are about as mature as assumptions that go like “OMG HOW COULD THEY WRAP THOSE CATS IN THE BOXES AND PUT THEM UNDER THE TREE!” Yes, in theory, that COULD have happened, and based on the photo evidence alone, an alien creature might interpret this scene as such. But we all know it didn’t. Parents probably had kitties in another room, well-fed, and walked into the other room, plopped them into the box for a few seconds, then went out to give it to the kids.

    Here’s what I have to say:

    When I was a child I was not aloud to have pets for no reason except that my father doesn’t like animals and didn’t have any growing up. He believed that the love and attention people shower on their animals is ridiculous (and he’s a very loving, generous, gentle person). We begged — BEGGED for pets but were only allowed to have goldfish — one or two at a time in a small bowl. We named those goldfish, buried them in the backyard when they inevitably passed away, and we would have hugged them if we could.

    When my brother was 8 (I was 12), he developed a severe and dangerous psychological condition that required him to be hospitalized for several months – locked up in a loony bin, to be honest. While he was in the hospital, our neighbor’s cat had kittens, and somehow, my mother convinced my father that DESPITE my brother’s psychological condition and my dad’s own non-interest in cats, we should adopt one of the kittens. You see how that worked, peeps? A kitten needed a home.

    When my brother came home the first time – simply for an overnight stay – my parents brought in this teeny, seven-week old tortie female that my wouldn’t stop vocalizing. My brother promptly named it “Meow.” Even though he was 8 years old and his life had been shattered by things he couldn’t understand, knowing that he had a kittie at home to take care of inspired my brother to work harder on his condition so he could return to the family and his new pet full-time.

    Meanwhile, I finally got a pet, too (it was “my brother’s cat” technically, but we all took care of it). Soon my brother as home, and several months later Meow gave birth to a litter of six kittens, two of which we kept (Spats and Harpo) and four of which we gave away to good homes (then we got Meow fixed). Harpo became my best friend and lived until the age of 9. Meow (who only loved our family and no other living creature) lived to be 19 years old despite blindness, deafness, cancer, kidney failure, and getting burned with hot oil (kitchen accident).

    I know my brother would have recovered, and I eventually would have grown up and gotten my own cat. But getting Meow as a present — a present to a troubled child — changed our family and our lives forever and was the PERFECT surprise. (No it didn’t happen on Xmas but I think it still stands).

    The warnings about kitten mills and irresponsible parents are heeded and well-taken.

    Pets and people “find” each other in all kinds of ways and there are no rules about the way it “should” happen. I have NEVER picked out a pet cat (except for Harpo). Rider was born in a friend’s dorm and handed to me in Washington Square Park; Bertha was the runt in a litter of a wild stray near my mom’s house, the only one slow enough to be captured by my stepdad when I decided I wanted another cat.

    I wish we would stop deciding what the facts are and p-ssing on some other family’s joyous holiday moment because we once heard a story about a boy who didn’t treat his Christmas puppy right. It’s just possible that instead of this being the worst possible scenario, it’s the best, or at least better than we might assume.

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

  56. berthaservant says:

    pls forgive “aloud” for “allowed.”

  57. “mowing through the coffeecake”
    hee hee hee

  58. berthaservant says:

    P.S. My brother is now a proud parent of three girls who are always begging him for a dog, and did again for Xmas. They don’t have a big enough house for a dog right now so he and his wife have decided it’s better to wait until they move. (And he’s fully recovered from his childhood condition).

  59. awww! poor little grey brown kitty!

    the coffee cake thing cracked me up. i love you cuteoverload! and i cannot wait until the new year starts so i can use my calendar!

  60. Alex Falcao says:

    Fell bad to see that kittens are still seen as objects and given as toys to children… I would love to see this family learning the deserved respect they should get instead putting cats in boxes as they were dolls. SAD… SAD… SAD…

  61. cuteoverload i love the site but dont make posts glorifying pets as gifts for christmas, its not acceptable

  62. kibblenibble says:

    Bserv, thank you for sharing your very personal and moving story. I think that it is very important to know the recipient and their circumstances very well before giving a pet as a surprise gift. That said, I have been the fortunate recipient on two different occasions. One Christmas when I was 14, I got a sweet pup who immediately followed me everywhere and brought me great joy. Then, just two years ago, my best friend rescued a very special kitty and gave her to me after my beloved parrot of 20 years died. This kitty is Isabella, and I never thought my heart would mend when I lost my birdy, but she has helped me heal. She is just so uniquely funny, sweet, and special. My friend has known me for over 30 years, and she took a chance, but she “just knew.” And she was right. Like you, bserv, my companion pets bring me great comfort and joy. We all hate to hear the tales of animals neglected and mistreated, but we come here to share in the cute and the joy they add to our lives. Happy New Year, All!!:-)

  63. warrior rabbit says:

    You nuffs live in sad, sad worlds.

    I also don’t understand the these-children-are-too-young comments. Pets and kids go together like PB&J. My first dog was there before I was. When I was in the playpen on the patio, she guarded me ferociously. The delivery guy was afraid to get out of his truck.

    She was the first of many great pets, all of whom I still miss dearly. A childhood without a beloved furry sibling… I can’t even imagine it.

  64. My god why are people so judgemental…these kittens are adorable and the family hardly look like the sort of ‘asbo’ people who will neglect an animal (grandpa seems to be well fed at least 😉 ) as for the boxes im guessing they were popped in for the surprise factor for the kiddies ! As for animals as presents the flickr says they are from the in laws so im guessing it was a pre discussed pet arrangement. Why are you people so negative and depressing jeeeez

  65. PS: as for ”too young” what do you think animal lovers who have babies do? my sisters cat loves her 6 month old daughter and allows her to pull and tug his fur non stop to endless purrs becuase he lofs her! 🐱

  66. The kitties are super duper cute.
    Hopefully these kitties have found a forever home with this family. Most humane societies advise against giving pets as gifts for Christmas. Not to say that these people are going to abandon the kitties but it does happen. A lot.

  67. Well this animal lover with a baby (now a toddler) watches them closely. Because my older cat was not so thrilled with her little “brother” and would randomly hiss at him. And give me looks of disgust as if to say “Is he still here?” But I’ve taught him to be gentle and she does now deign to let him pet her occasionally. 🙂

  68. hamster-on-rye says:

    Charlie–Enjoyed your comments. Please what is
    “asbo”? Your patience is

  69. I hope they came from a shelter.
    Rescue a kitteh today!

  70. Crap, some folks just live to lecture and play the bring down game.

    Nice to see the spirit of the season alive and well round here.

  71. temperance says:

    the one thing about giving children pets that bothers me is when some friends then complain about having to take care of that pet- like they never saw THAT coming!

    please, parents- assume that any animal coming into your home will become your full responsibility. and, if it doesn’t, you can then be pleasantly surprised- instead of crankily resentful of the poor thing.

    that said- with the rate of people turning their pets over to shelters, i do think- if the circumstances are right- a shelter pet can be the best gift of all- for everyone involved.

  72. Enuf Nuffers!
    Our Meg has kindly posted photo evidance of juvie-cat box-a-holism. As a previous comment noted, box addicts are made, not born! So lay off the parents for giving kittens as super-gifts, their only fault is boxing!

  73. Don’t be sad lil’ kitty. I’ll take you! ^^

  74. NotAnotherMilo says:

    My Milo has a face like the last kitty… Different coloring, but always that little sad and serious expression….

  75. Juniper Jupiter says:


    My plan worked perfectly!

    I got you all to TALK about this! But it still bothered me a bit. I did check the photostream, but pictures and captions can be deceiving sometimes, slightly of course! 😛

    Seriously tho, YES, I understand that there are responsible kids out there, but more often than no, it needs to be a family cat or dog, not a child’s cat or dog.

    Better safe than sorry is all I’m saying. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, you mushpots! 😀

  76. Kittylover says:

    How do we know that this family hasn’t discussed the plan of adding a few kitties to the family for a long time? How do we know that they didn’t just recently lose a beloved cat? Who cares. Let’s not over think this. If you jump over to Flikr, you can see that this is a family with older kids too, and from the looks of it, they have a lovely home and are likely well able to afford food and vet bills. The girls were probably pretty shocked and surprised by all the delish fluffulence at first, but they look like they came with beds and acessories to make them very comfortable indeed. Bravo!

  77. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Some kitties come to families as pathetic rescues just moments away from being euthanized, and some come as planned-out Christmas presents who were put into boxes for about 30 seconds to make a cute presentation. What’s the matter with everyone? Is a cat caretaker not worthy unless they go forth and seek out only the most rescue-worthy cat with the saddest story within a fifty-mile radius?

    The charges and accusations against the new cat owners in these photos, and especially the rush to judgment, is ludicrous. There is nothing in the photos that could possibly lead anyone to suppose anything at all about the cats or their owners.

    For the record, I am almost in my sixth decade of life and just got my first two pets ever, two little kitties with very distinguished pedigrees of having come from under two cars in my street, from whence I TNR’d them and eventually coaxed them into the house, where at this moment they are fast asleep, taking up maximum real estate on a king-size bed. So I’m certainly not a snob for pure breeds. But if this family wanted some kind of special kitty, I don’t have any problem with that either. Why not give this family the benefit of the doubt and assume that among all the nice-looking folks gathered in the photo, those two adorable little kitties have found a caring and doting family?

  78. Temperance says:

    I did this one yr, wrapped a present with a can of beans in it and then xmas morning swapped the beans for a kitten, the kids still think it is some sort of xmas miracle.

  79. There is NOTHING wrong with bringing a kitten home for Christmas. When I was about 10 years old I got a kitten for Christmas, she’s still with me today and I consider her to be my best friend. Being as young as I was it was obviously up to my mother to decide if SHE was willing to take on the cost and responsibility of a pet. The only mistake parents make is not thinking through their decisions and expecting too much of their children at such an early age. As long as the parents understand the decision they are making it’s not likely their pets will end up in a shelter.

  80. berthaservant says:

    Yeah…I’m just not sure why cats finding a home is a bad thing just because it’s Christmas or there are younger people involved.

  81. I recently adopted a small dog from a shelter and he’s as perfect as dogs come. It’s taken me years to be mentally ready for a dog but now I’m really glad I adopted my very funny dog. If you are ready for a new pet and can care for it, then go for it. These two kittens are prefectly adorable and I hope they grow up to be great family pets.

  82. Berthaservant said: “I’m just not sure why cats finding a home is a bad thing just because it’s Christmas or there are younger people involved.”

    There isn’t. This is a lovely scene and it does the heart good to see kitties and families being put together.

  83. Martha in Washington says:

    Yeah, I don’t think you have to worry about that white one–it’s definitely not real!

    My cat Gemma was a Christmas present from my sister last year. She came from a litter that the wild cat that lives at my sister’s had. I brought her all the way from Kentucky with me on an airplane. I can’t believe I’ve had her a whole year already! She was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got!

  84. If the little girl doesn’t want the tabby kitteh, I want it!
    I wonder what breed/mix it is.

  85. I received a snake for my 10th birthday. She’s been a wonderful pet for 17 years, and is still going strong. I did all the research beforehand and took responsibility for her care. My wonderfully evil cat was also a birthday gift.
    Pets end up in shelters because of irresponsible adults, not children. Perhaps if more of them had learned as kids the joy and responsibility of taking care of another life, they would think twice about dropping Fluffy off at the shelter when she claws at the sofa.

  86. Gail (the first one) says:

    Like everything in life, there are exceptions/nuances.

    I agree the “don’t give pets as presents” is *generally* a good recommendation….but like a lot of things, it’s really just a “shorthand” version of “think it through, make sure the parents are on board”, etc.

    Sometimes there has to be a little persuasion! I desperately wanted a dog when I was about 10. My mom was opposed. My dad had a drinking buddy who raised Brittany spaniels. Dad took Mom to dinner and got her “likkered up” enough to agree to a puppy. (I think there were also some vague assurances that the puppy would already be housebroken–ha ha!). We all, including my mom, loved Rusty and all her quirks until she died at age 14.

  87. Yes the humane societies are clearly making it up when they caution about giving pets at Christmas time. What would they know? It’s not like they collect statistics or anything like that.

    Most of the people who come to this site are responsible animal lovers, therefor everyone who is given a pet is a responsible pet owner. Where do the abandoned cats and dogs come from? Who knows? Who cares? We’re all good, and our pets are good. End of story.

    I find anti-nuffers way more tedious than nuffers. I really wish that some of you would do some research on the issue at hand. I googled “pets” and “christmas” and found plenty of sites explaining why they don’t make good gifts. Just because you still have the pet you were given at 12 doesn’t change the fact that there is a substantial increase in the number of abandoned animals at this time of year.

    It seems to me that giving an animal as a gift is a risk. Most gift giving is a risk. The person may not like the gift. In most cases this doesn’t matter so much as the gift is an inanimate object. If it’s an animal it is sentient. The gift of an animal has turned out well for many of you, but sadly it often doesn’t work out so well. So what should we do about this? I suggest we talk about it.

    What leads some people to accept a pet responsibly and others to abandon that animal once it’s out of it’s kitten/puppy phase?

  88. asbo is a british term ‘anti social behavior order’ it has become the slang term for referring to unsavoury low class families and people.

  89. Kimski, us anti-nuffers come here to look at cute pictures for crying out loud. NOT lectures on things many of us already know/understand.

    I get enough self righteous encounters in reality, I don’t exactly want to have them on a website dedicated to showing cute pictures of animals.

  90. Blah blah blah.

    Cute kitties! 🙂 Thank you Meg!

  91. awwww… this makes me remember when I got my cat sock-x… she was a birthday present to me when I was 11. Someone left her in my front yard.(just a few hours old, she had her umbilical cord still and no eyes open) I disagree that those kids aren’t ready for kittens. They look old enough, besides the have adults to help them along the way.

  92. ADORABLE kitties? Check

    Cute kids? Check.

    Happy Christmas? Check.

    People will nuff just about anything, won’t they?

  93. Such beautiful memories from our peeps,just beautiful.

    I was all ready to concoct a warm and fuzzy back story for everyone to read and believe in.

    Hannah and her sister look like lovely children, dressed to the nines, with lots of family looking (and and munching [and at least listening] I hope,) on.

    I have been agitating for another family animal companion. Killer Corgi is getting very bored during the day. We will have many go-arounds about it, and no, I will probably not get another doggett, but the conversation is important, too. Families all over need conversations and shared experiences and obtaining an animal companion has to be one of the most blessed time in a family’s life, as are the conversations about it. Share things with your loved ones, share experiences and make shareable experiences- that will help the entire world, seriously. When loved ones learn to speak with each other and negotiate with each other in love, it will translate to a better world for everybody. Pax vo biscum. Or packs of Nabiscoes, your call.

  94. i was going to leave a comment about giving animals as gifts, but i think there’s enough of that already and i’ll stick with ‘those are some kewt kittehs’.

  95. I imagine when the parents got the cats they knew they would have them as family pets. Stop thinking too much into this. You don’t know everything. It is just a cute picture.

  96. I’d take a brown kitten over a white one any day. Pure white animals are incredibly in-bred. The white color (outside of rabbits who camoflauge and polar bears who have acutally clear hairs) does not confer evolutionary advantages. White dogs have what are called (and I’m not making this up) “the white man’s shakes,: a severe neurological disorder. Brown eggs, brown bread, brown animals. Brown is the way to go!

  97. Pookie I’m of the mind that the colour of the animal matters about as much as the colour of a human. Not. At. All. You wanna convince yourself that a white cat or dog or whatever is inbred, go to town, but don’t spread the ignorance.

  98. TOYS come in BOXES.


    Sure it’s cute, but little kids are easily confused.

  99. Ummm…sorry, but I think the kids in these pictures are old enough to tell the difference between a live animal and a toy.

    Stop assuming the worst, it’s bloody depressing. To think that so many people jump to the worst case scenario and automatically assume that people (young and old) are too stupid to figure things out all by themselves without having their hands held is just bloody depressing.

  100. There we go, no more pictures to quibble about, *sheesh*.

    Do try to have a Happy New Year, peeps.

    Spring is right around the corner!

  101. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Why have the pictures been removed?
    That is so silly!

  102. You can go see the pics at the flikr link provided. They are all there, and more. Nice family, beautiful cats.

  103. Wow, congrats nuffers. Your whining got the pictures removed. Y’all will have a lot to blog about to each other on Selfrighteous.com. What a joyless existence you must have.

  104. Less nuffers! Less anti-nuffers nuffering nuffers. Enuff is enuff! Enuff of the nufferings!

    I wants kitties backs agains!

  105. maybe the picture owners asked for them to be removed?

  106. Wow, did anyone actually bother to read that the kittens were a gift for the family and not just for the kids before getting on their self-righteous high-horse soapboxes about it. Shut up and let the rest of us enjoy some cute kitty pics, not to mention the cute kids who will love the heck out of those cute kitties! Why does everyone have to stress out about what a family got for Christmas so freakin’ much? You are all just jealous that Santa didn’t bring you kitties, if he did, you’d be much happier and would be spending more time enjoying life and less time freaking out about the happy fun times of other people.

  107. Pics removed by request?!?

    Please remove thine pantaloons from thy crack.

  108. Pookie, you are wrong. If those kittens are from the same litter, as they appear to be, then they are exactly as inbred as each other… therefore picking the brown cat to avoid inbreeding would be pointless. Try picking non-pedigreed cats if you want to avoid inbreeding.

  109. Wow, a bunch of you guys are turds. Seriously, assume the worst and take the joy out of two new kittens finding a FAMILY (note: FAMILY, not children to soley take care of them). That and the jerky comment about the kids not being cute? Totally unnecessary. Way to go guys, you win.

  110. OverloadedByCute says:


    Food comes in boxes.
    Clothing comes in boxes.
    Home electronics come in boxes.

    Let’s hope those confused kids don’t try to eat, wear, or play Guitar Hero with teh kittehs.

    On second thought, a GH-playing kitteh would be epic win.

  111. You know, every time CO comes up on other weblogs/forums, its commenters are described as “a bunch of whiny know-it-alls.” I can see why.