Snow Day!

"Awesome! It snowed last night, and Dad just said that he heard on the radio that we don’t have Zoo today, yippeee!  Hey, maybe we can go to the School and look at the baby humans."



  1. merry christmas from biloxi y’all!!

  2. 2catsonmylap says:

    Dat makes me happee

  3. momof2kitties says:

    I love momma’s gentle nudge with her ginormous leg to get teh bebeh over teh log. So schweet!!!

    Merry Christmas to all my CO pals! You guys keep me going some days! Luv ya! Mwah!!!!

  4. Awwwww Elephant snow angels.
    Merry Christmas Everyone.

  5. renee in tx says:

    If I had snow, I’d be doing the same thing! LOL
    Merry Christmas to all my CO peeps!
    off to do newspapers now… I never get a day.

  6. renee in tx says:

    sigh… I never get a day OFF!

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    We have about a foot and a half of snow in my yard and I would like to invite all the elephants to come play!

    Merry Christmas Peeps!!

  8. I love baby elephants. They’re my favorite. <3

  9. platedlizard says:

    They don’t get cold, they get excited.

  10. Merry Christmas Peeps and Meg and Teho and NTMTOM. and everybody.

  11. ratsby in Portland says:

    Hooray Samudra! Eat that snow!

  12. Merry merry! Joy joy! Thanks for everything, CO Team and commenters!

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    Ho-Ho and Merry-Merry to all of you Peeps from me and all my “kids”!! (It’s midnight here in Chicagoland and they’re *still* awake…..trying to see Santa Claus and the reindeer—hee hee!)

  14. That is a jolly little heffalump!

  15. totalee puppy says:

    This is like a special gift
    for the holidays!
    Prosh little elephant in the snow…heart you.
    Season’s Greetings and Hugs
    to all of you!

  16. He totally deserved detention for disrupting the adult elephants’ class, but he was so darn cute, and in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll forgive him.

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Aww. Baby elephant is giddy and tres kyoot!

    Merry Christmas, CO buddies! Stay safe and warm.

  18. I love baby effalumps. They are the so sweet. This one seems to have had a fine time making really big snow angels.

  19. Oh!!! I though that elefonts were warm-weather peeps! They don’t seem to be cold, though.
    They must have a warm blankie and the elephant equivalent to hot cocoa, waiting for thems. 🙂
    Sho cutes!

  20. Here’s the official video:

  21. Really sweet.

    Happy Christmas from Ireland, where, alas, we don’t have snow. Or maybe that’s a good thing because my friends are travelling by car… Yes, no shnow is better cause it’s safer.

    Nollag Shona!

  22. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

  23. kibblenibble says:

    I <3 the part when he scooped up a teeny bit of snow with his trunk and tasted it. Ahh, youth!

  24. I just saw that baby elephant the other week! He is so cute. He was playing like a little kitten. Except he is gianter than a kitten.

  25. Von Zeppelin says:

    Those mammoths back in the Ice Age must have really had fun.

  26. scooterpants says:

    oh my gosh, this HAS to be our beloved new little babee boy at the oregon zoo here in portland, oregon! he’s SO sweet! and lookit how his mama is so careful to keep him semi upright in the most scary places! I LUFF him so much! more more more!!!

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes Scooterpants if you notice it says KATU film ..that’s little Sammy. SO CUTE. Love to all CO peeps from across the river from Portland.. 🙂

  28. Ooh, watch the video Emily posted peeps. There are some bee-u-tiful Tigers playing in the snow too!

  29. That is exactly what Killer Corgi does in the snow! But she has a nice fluffy double coat.

    Yay heffalumps! Yay snow days!