Christmas Wrap-up


"Oh, uh … yeah, it’s really, ah, practical. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.  Thanks!"

Translation: You'll regret this when I pick out your nursing home.

Milo Raincoat by kitralysis. Thaaaaaaanks.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Obviously Santa Duck has been to visit.

  2. Yes I did. My graphing calculator for College algebra. Two scarves a sweater.
    A new chandelier for the dining room
    and to see both of my daughters Woo Hooo!!!!! Santa has been good to me this Christmas!!
    Obviously Santa duck did not visit my house but the REAL Santa.

  3. LOL @ Auntie Mame!

    I was going to chastise the wee pug; “When I wert child, I wot been happy to git ennathin’!”

    Merry, Merry to everypeep, great and small.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    I’m sure he likes his little raincoat if it means he gets to go out for walkies! 😀

  5. It’s o.k. little pup at least it’s not the red sequined ball cap I got from my M.I.L.! But my new C.O. calendar sure does make up for it !!!
    Happy Holidays everyone !

  6. vegas vickie says:

    merry christmas to all. thank you for the joy you’ve brought this last year. there were many days that i needed the CO. have a wonderful day

  7. Me husband busted out and got me a set of pots’n’pans.
    At least it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner.

  8. It says “Milo Raincoat”? Doesn’t everyone know that Milo was the orange Marmie and Otis was the pug? *scratches head*

    (I just watched “Milo and Otis” again a few days ago and didn’t remember before actor cat going off cliff into the ocean and was a squirming with mild upset at the film makers in this run through)

  9. calling totalee for holidays says:

    Hi Mud Bug,
    Here I am, wearing my heart
    on my sleeve for the holidays–
    Red sequined ball cap? Sounds posh! Puleeze ask
    Santa Duck for Next-Day RID
    (Rejected Item Delivery)–
    Ducky knows my address. Ask for his RID brochure-some cute stuff! FREE.
    Speaking of cute stuff (a little shy)–Totalee, what are you doing New Year’s Eve? I’ve been planning this party for weeks. Great food, including veggie dishes that are to
    FLIP for…I don’t take
    “blush” for an answer–you and Noodle bird, my goodness…

  10. Bunny owner says:

    I got a Cute Overload calendar!! And it is sooooooo nice….you did a great job on it, Meg!

  11. Jennie Mello says:

    aaaaaahhhh…C.O. is not closed on xmas day. Thank you for all the hard work you do!!!

  12. Jennie Mello says:

    I got a hand held vac from santa, nakey…was I bad??

  13. What that outfit needs is a a little red hat. So his adorable face doesn’t get wet. 🙂

  14. momof2kitties says:

    Santa Duck strikes again!!!!!

    Santa Duck left my kids super, cool, neat-o electric toothbrushes in their stockings. They were all “meh”. The candy, however, rated MUCH higher.

  15. I actually bought one of these ridiculous yellow raincoats for my dog, but she will NOT wear it, as she refuses to let me put any type of clothing over her head! She has another non-hooded coat that we use for rainy days, but man oh man, I wish I could see her in one of these yellow numbers!

  16. This puggles is adorable in his widdle raincoat.

    No Santa Duck at my house either. But my choc lab was sure that all the crumpled wrapping paper and bows were his gifts. He wasn’t too interested in his stocking (he must have known there was some doggy shampoo in there) 😉

  17. lol. I got what I wanted for Xmas! I got a co page-a-day calendar!!!!!! Yay! I’m so happy….

  18. AuntieMame says:

    I did, too, Ginger. I had to force myself not to look at all the pictures immediately.

  19. Am I the only one who knows what movie the “Milo raincoat” is referencing?

  20. I believe Milo is the name of this pug. That’s what it seems like in the photo set linked anyway.

    Cute little guy. I have one dog that loves to wear anything and will stand still for any old crazy picture. The others have to be bribed. 😉

  21. I bought one of these for my pup a while ago!

  22. Christmas was awesome. I gave to cute overload calendars as gifts and I got one from my mom. I am so thrilled.

  23. THIS IS MY DOG!! and i got the cuteoverload calendar for christmas!! this is the best day ever!!

  24. Guess what Santa brought me? A Cute Overload calendar!

  25. AlbertaGirl says:

    Santa Duck came to my in-laws. My MIL got… a shoehorn!

  26. binky-mama says:

    I got a CO calender from my momma! And since I turned my mom onto CO I got one for her too! We ended up opening them at the same time and laughing as we discovered our identical gifts…best part of X-mas this year.

    Why is this adorable puglet not wearing the matching rain boots? Mmmmmm?

  27. awww he looks so cute in his raincoat!

  28. Sorta got what I wanted… I don’t really celebrate, and my friends who do are in hard financial straits, so no prezzies this year. I spent yesterday driving various folks to and from the airport… Not exactly fun… BUT! I then get to pet-sit! Dogs and cats and kittens! All of whom are very cute EXCEPT when they decide that since family isn’t home, it’s time to knock stuff off the shelves. *sigh* Then they TRY to be extra-cute, but I rarely buy it.

  29. Reminds me of E.T.
    And I just love the little feets poking out from the bottom. Cute!!!

  30. puglets rule says:

    Erin – he is just adorable! One of my puglets HAS to go for walkies every evening but hates the rain or any thing resembling water – he so needs one of those 🙂

  31. mewwy day afta’ cwistmass!

  32. He reminds me of the killer in the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movies, except rather than using the scary fish hook, this little guy would probably make his victim’s heads ‘splode.

  33. Santa brought me a CO calendar, and a bunch of other useful items!

  34. Jennie Mello, it’s okay only if Santa looked all sheepish and offered to use it to clean up the chimney soot mess he tracked onto your carpet.

  35. jennie, what movie do you mean? i just named it that because he is milo and is wearing his raincoat. 😛

  36. scooterpants says:

    hmm well, he’ll appreciate the raincoat later.
    i’m sure he got a nice chewie bone or somethin as well…

  37. Poor baby.

  38. berthaservant says:

    Well…I got six winter shirts/sweaters, a new satellite radio…and I needed a winter jacket. So when I opened up the big box from my dad and found a WAY too expensive (and more ghastly, LEATHER) jacket…well, let’s say I probably had a look like this little dude. I don’t mind eating meat, but I don’t want to drape myself in animal skin (call me a hypocrite)….I just wanted something fuzzy!

    Dad was kind of understanding…even though he couldn’t imagine why I wouldn’t want a leather jacket.

  39. totalee puppy says:

    Thank you, Santa Duck, for the nicest date for New Year’s Eve…Now if I can get my curfew adjusted…
    Gotta go back and get a gift or two for the party-lady…think she would LOVE
    a CO calendar…think she’s been reading my calendar…

  40. totalee puppy says:

    To Puglet…you *rock* that
    yellow raincoat! We need a
    yellow mariner’s hat to go with it so you can look like the Gorton’s Fisherman.

  41. O, hubby is redeemed!!! A package arrived via UPS, a day late! And it had the Amazon smiley on the box! And I opened eet and GUESSWHATEETWAS!!! GUESS!!
    Yes. It was a cute overload calendar.
    I am so le satisfied.
    Christmas overload nappington time.

  42. The Notorious TLB says:

    Santa didn’t bring me a C.O. Calender… but he brought me a big smile on my Sister-In-Law’s face when she opened the one I brought her! ^_^

    Sant jus’ brought me a stinky ol’ laptop, ipod Nano, classic Jem doll (I’m lame) and an adorable new nephew… AGAIN!

    I kid, Santa was TOO kind. I’ll share with you, Little Pugling!

  43. Oh, really! Good. That’s a lot less sinister than what I was thinking 🙂

    Btw – MILO is a movie about a creepy little dead fetus who goes around in a raincoat seducing young girls … yeah, I’ll end it there. Very bad movie. But his coat looks just like that, which is why I was a bit surprised.