Look, Just Give Them The Figgy Pudding Already!

For they won’t go until they get some, and you just know they’re going to sit there caroling all night until your ears fal-al-al-al-al-all right off. (Extortion, that’s what it is, pure and simple …)

FA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA- (Aaugh! Make it stop!)

Originally submitted by the fabulous Nancy!  Yea, Nancy!



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Agh! Are those ears plastic?!? Interesting…

  2. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Fake ears!

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s a batch of BEFs.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    They’re kind of cute at this age. Especially if you don’t see the tail.

  5. Alexandria says:

    This is the first time since the jubilant, dancing mantis post that I jumped back from my computer as this page loaded.

    *tosses figgy pudding out the door and hides*

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Thanks, Not That Mike. This post just solved all of my holiday gift giving problems. I am now sending all of my relatives, business associates, and distant acquaintances a crate of singing possums wearing plastic ears. You can find them in the Harry and David catalog, on the same page as the fruit baskets.

  7. This group look like my friends from high school and I. Seriously. I can hear the loud bickering in my head.

  8. OMG! 8 hissing possums! I have one or two of these cutie pies on my front porch at night, but this many?

    What is the story behind this one I wonder?

    I made a video of the baby possums and outside kitty.

  9. You WILL be assimilated !
    Resistance is FUTILE !
    The Collective.

  10. Cute in a weird way. They remind me of that movie Beetlejuice, when that lady pulls her face forward into a long snout.

  11. Clank whirr grind, pudding pult fully loaded. “Come and get it”

  12. *shriek*

  13. We have Cute or Sad? and now I think it’s time for a new category: Cute or Scary?

    These lil’ guys are cute but I can’t look at them too long because they’re starting to freak me out.

  14. They’re cute, but something about them makes the base of my spine tingle.

  15. I wish I could hear the racket they must be making.

  16. I have the irresistible urge to yoink their plastic ears ever so gently…thanks for the idea Von Zeppelin…
    *thumbing through Harry and David catalog*

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    OMG! I wish I had 8 caroling Oppossums on my porch!! I’d scoop them all up in a giant snorgle pile then bring them all inside for nice cups of hot cocoa with as many marshmallows as they wanted.

    Wait…do I hear singing!?
    *jumps up and runs to door*

  18. berthaservant says:

    First of all, the words “figgy pudding” just INSTANTLY make me giggle. Could’ve been a tank full of baby octopi and I still would have squeed!

    But yeah, after looking at it a while, I’m wondering if maybe this isn’t more of a Halloween picture.

    Or, perhaps, a rejected Muppet Christmas with John Denver number!

  19. I second the “Cute or Scary” section.

  20. They look exactly like my church choir singing Christmas carols, ‘cept for the plastic ears, mebbeh.

    They ARE extreeeemely cute in a savage kind of way and this puts the possum-cute-or-not case to rest once and for all, IMHO.

  21. Scary! Our possums here in Aus are a bit cuter, but they have this horrible scream. *shudders and throws figgy pudding out the window*

  22. Espilonarge says:

    “I call the big one Bitey.” Sound familiar? 😉

  23. charoncakes says:

    aaah!! frightening!

  24. tabbycat917 says:

    Are’nt they 9 of these little kinda/sorta/maybe cuties here?
    and, those ears do look plastic.

  25. Yes there are at least 9 of them, and will somebody please answer the question of whether those are fake plastic ears or if their ears really look that way?

    I thirdize the instantiation of a “Cute or Scary” section!

  26. Cameleopard says:

    Real ears guys! Either that, or all the oppossums on the net have got hold of the same plastic ones….

  27. How can you guys say scary?? Just look at them! They are so happy to see you they are singing! I love the guy in the middle – the rest are off center but he’s all TA-DA! SURPRISE!!

  28. HA HA HA! NTMTOM, you slay me once again! I think there should be a section for “NTMTOM twists your knickers.” HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  29. Von Zeppelin says:

    After reviewing a number of pictures of Didelphis virginiana, the Virginia opossum, I concur with Cameleopard: real ears.

    By the way, you know what they’re singing, don’t you?

    “Deck us all with Boston Charlie, Walla Walla Wash. an’ Kalamazoo. . .”

  30. “gloooooooooooh

    in Excelsis Deo


    in Excelsis Deooooooooh”

    i think possums are adorable.
    i didn’t know they could sing though!

  31. Lordy, I actually gasped. Cute but terrifying. I count 10?

    They remind me of my cat.

  32. The night a possum came though the catflap is the night the catflap was permanently nailed shut.

    That night, my blood-curdling, kidney-chilling fear and loathing, the kind Hunter S. Thompson could only dream of, was born. I hate possums with the white-hot burning of a thousand suns.

    And yet I can’t help finding this box of plastic-eared buggers cute.


    (P.S. eight maids a-milking to NOMTOM for “fal-al-al-al-al-all.”)

  33. I LOVE THEM!!! Yes, they do look like my choir, except a little more “Wind-in-the-Willows”-ish.

  34. NTMTOM, that is by far the best holiday interpretation of a photo of baby possums that I have every experienced. “for they won’t go until they get some…” I could even hear the Muppets singing “Won’t GO!” in the background.

  35. hamster-on-rye says:

    Von Zeppelin…Bwaaahaha! plus
    “Nora’s freezing on the
    trolley…swaller dollar
    cauliflower ally ga roo.”

  36. totalee puppy says:

    Love the little teefs.

  37. “Frosty the Possum…
    had the funniest plastic ears…
    If he didn’t get figgy pudding…
    He would settle for a couple of beers…

    Frosty the Possum…
    practiced carols all year long…
    He would sing his best,
    but I wouldn’t request,
    it’s a $5 tip for a song.”

  38. “Close the door!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  39. They are scaring me…

  40. Ahahaha I just have this mental image of all of them going “waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” in chorus!

  41. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Look!! A box of kittens for Christmas. Can I hold them, MOM?! Can I?!

  42. totalee puppy says:

    mohawks are cute…

  43. The ears are real. I used to docent at a zoo and we had a ‘possum used for educational workshops. The ears really do look and feel like soft plastic. They’re fabulous to nom on as long as you watch out for those teethies!

  44. Awww, I vote cute! Look at all the fuzziness! Reminds me of those soft fuzzy scarves,……..but with leetle pink nosicles I want to tweek! hee hee

  45. bookmonstercats says:

    Heh! heh! heh!

  46. LunarHavok says:

    haha.. this pic is cute and creepy all in the same moment!!

  47. Dear God, that is terrifying.

  48. You should start a list of rules of uncute. Rule #1: large, waxy, bat-like ears.

  49. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    My office consensus is CUTE. I live in Arkansas and there’s never a shortage of ‘possums. When they’re babies they’re just downright cute 🙂

  50. I’m frightened

  51. Ya well, I guess they’re cure now, but when I submitted them to CO last summer, they were never posted. In my opinion, they are now just OWL FOOD.


  52. Lisa (one of several) says:

    “Here we come o’possuming among the leaves so green…here we come o’possuming so fair to be seen…love and joy come to you, and to you your possum too, and God bless you and send you a happy new year, and God send you a happy new year.”

  53. not cute not cute NOT CUTE!!!!!!! AT ALL!!!!!!! this is going to give me nightmares.

  54. Gina Medeiros says:

    They’re WICKED cute! I used to care for an educational opossum and they are also fascinating. They eat snails, snakes, roaches, worms, mice, so good pest control. They have immunity to rabies, parvo distemper due to a low body temperature. They have opposable thumbs on their hind paws. Very interesting reproductive systems. They groom themselves after eating. My ‘possum, Nelly, used to groom me by toothcombing my hair. Nice critters to have around, just watch out for those super-sharp teeth.

  55. Kristabelle says:

    This definitely looks like a box of muppets to me!!!


    Look at all those TEEFS!!!!

  56. lucy's mommeh says:

    it’s im-possumble
    to stick a caddilac up your nose
    it’s just im-possumble…

    (with a nod to Steve Martin)

  57. They are adorable!

    When i was a kid I’d feed the opposum that moved into my parents’ garage every winter. Got to be that opposum wouldn’t even hiss at me when I showed up with it’s can of cat food. I think that’s when my mother gave up hope on me of ever being normal.

  58. I’ve loved opossums ever since spending a summer playing mom (feeding, cleaning, smooching, etc.) to several sets of opossum babies at a wildlife center. Rather than finding this pack frightening, I think they’re pretty darned adorable, would love to know the story behind this pic, and think a little ear nibblin’ is in order. I actually “oooohed” in delight when I saw these little guys.

  59. Gail (the first one) says:

    @megan: Well then, you’re in the right place!!!

    This was a teeny bit startling. I would probably scream….loudly….if I encountered these little beasties!!!!!

  60. this picture is terrifying!

  61. The stuff of nightmares. If you do a close-up on the little pink noses, they aren’t so bad.

  62. Aesthetica says:

    to those who are freaked out it’s funnier and cuter with the lol caption from last year.


  63. @Nancy: Don’t be bitter. I think this photo just needed to wait until a writer came along who was mentally unbalanced enough to do it justice. 😉

    Anyhoo, I’ve updated the post to acknowledge that you got to this one first.

  64. @Von Zeppelin & Hamster-on-Rye: Pogo refs, FTW! I Go Pogo!

  65. Are there 9 ladies dancing in a box next to them?

  66. I have that towel! Mine is cleaner and not home to a million hissing possums…

    Eek. Eek. Eek. They give me the all overs. Sorry, possum aficionados.

  67. I hope this is waiting under Rod Blagojevich’s tree tomorrow!

  68. Good God, I laughed- thank you very much! Many more laughs for all of us!

  69. biscuithead says:

    @T.U.M. — glad you’ve been won over by these wee possums.

    They look so darn happy!
    Not scary at all.

  70. (fa la la AHH! – screams and throws figgy pudding out window) you guys are cracking me up today, jeepers!

    Just focus on their beepable pink noses!

  71. I posted this photo as a Christmas greeting on my blog!

    My consensus is “cute”. Being possessed of ridiculously oversized, artificial-looking ears immediately and automatically makes you cute.

    Also, I picture them singing “fa la la la la la la la laaaaa” super-loud and off-key like kindergartners at a Christmas pageant. That is all. 🙂

  72. Berthaservant….thanks so much for the John Denver and the Muppets nod. That’s my absoulte favorite Christmas album. And I agree this could easily have been a scene in that special, with MIss Piggy opening the door, screaming and running away and then Animal coming up and adopting and signing with the little guys.

  73. Sharon Wilson says:

    I didn’t know possums had those attractive two-tone ears!

  74. warrior rabbit says:

    You can tell who the ham in this choir is. He probably thinks he’s a great singer, but is actually totally off-key.

  75. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I thought that was PIGGY PUDDin’, Berthaservant and Noelle!

    It is made of bacon, ya know!

    And I LOVE John Denver and the Muppets! Have the CD! 😀 NO Christmas is complete without the 12 Days of Christmas with Bunsen and Beaker singing “On the ninth day of Christmas…” “MEE MEE MEE MEE MEE MEEEEE!!!!” XD!!!

  76. [sigh]

    We ALL want some figgy pudding….

    We all want some FIGGY pudding….

    We ALL want some figgy PUDDING….

    Some bring some right here.

  77. I didn’t see the hamster in the choir!

  78. teenygozer says:

    I get these wee guys on my porch a lot, going through our recyclables (no matter how much you wash ’em, cat food cans still tend to smell pretty yummy to those long snouts.) I wonder what kind of noise they are making! Are they hissing or peeping or what? My porch guys never say anything.

  79. Von Zeppelin, Hamster-on-Rye, mberkie0 –

    I’d completely forgotten Pogo is a possum! That comic strip was a huge favorite when I was younger, I haven’t thought about it in ages!!

    And I vote cute, definitely hilariously adorably cute.

  80. Those are TERRIFYING. Definitely need cute-or-scary category… yikes

  81. Nicole Stamper says:

    Oh my godddd I love possums, this made me squeak liberally. My mom would faint if she saw this, though.

    I love their shinyplastic ears, as noticed by so many already. I have an incredible urge to go into nom overtime.

  82. Jennie Mello says:

    Give them a pasickie and maybe they will leave.

  83. Scary scary scary 😦 It’s the nose and the little teeth 😦

  84. teenygozer-
    They’re hissing. I used to work with them and they’re actually pretty creepy as babies in bunches like this. Sadly, I vote not cute. I did meet a grown up once who was tame though, and she was kinda cute.

  85. 12 Honk-shu-ing Shibas
    11 Ducks a ducking
    10 Pandas posing
    9 Possums singing
    8 Otters swimming
    7 Hamsters eating
    6 Lemurs lounging
    4 Lemurs lounging
    3 Snorgling kitties
    2 Puppies playing
    And Cute Overload in a Pear Tree

  86. Gee, blush, tanks for the acknowledgement. And NTMTOM, your chrismas goose did not look like taxidermy. It looked delicious. Bob Cratchet’s mouth would water!

  87. Michelle S says:

    Those ears look delish. Some kind of “Gram’s black and white cookie” thing goin’ on.


  88. Possums are totally terrifying. Anyone remember the Night Gallery episode with the cute lil possum pin the jilted guy gave the jilter, and it grew and grew and grew into a humongous giant possum? And… anyone who goes in for a nice little snorgle will have a very sharp and probably painful surprise.

  89. Yup, now I’m thinking of the Muppets & John Denver Christmas album too, and Animal yelling “WON’T GO!”

    And Miss Piggy thinking they said “Piggy pudding”…

  90. Decca, great lyrics, but FIVE GOLDEN LABS would scan better. 🙂 Just sayin’.

  91. Sigh….you’re right Noelgy. Can I blame the vicodin?

  92. Space Cowgirl says:

    My father walked by the PC and went “You know they’re hissing and not singing, right?”

    No, Dad, I really thought there were Christmas caroling possums somewhere in existence. It is the Internets, after all.

    That said, I vote cute.

  93. Michelle S says:

    hahaha Space Cowgirl! Dads are weird and funny. ;D

  94. Bula bula Pensacoola
    hula baloooo!

  95. EAUGHHH! Thanks. I was wondering what to have nightmares about tonight.

  96. I must be the only one who does not find these sweeties scary. They aren’t hissing, possums have very sensitive ears. They are very easily startled, and something must have caught their attention. Their first instinct is to open their mouths, showing their fifty-bazillion tiny teeths.

  97. Hey, I think they’re awesome, Poof.
    Must feed and tickle them.

  98. I don’t find possums especially cute, although I have to admit these guys have adorable ears.

    Maybe my views are tainted from last summer, when a mama possum had her babies in the crawlspace under the bathroom. I had to take cold showers for months because I was scared I’d scald or drown the little devils!

    I recorded their squabbling, too. They sound like little movie monsters. Lots of hissing and lots of snarling – I guess it was crowded down there.

  99. BabyOpossum says:

    The widow’s peaks. The fingerless gloves. The delicate two-toned ears. The smoky eyeliner. The silky fur. The fierce expressions.

    *contented sigh*

  100. When these were on That Other Site last year with the lolcap, I laughed and laughed – if Bad Santa had a troupe of carolers this is what they would look like!

  101. Alternate Caption:


  102. I think opossums are cute! I just want to bonk noses with all of them!

  103. I think this is an appropriate time to share my own little possum video.

  104. this picture gives me the creeps. but i’m glad there are plenty of people who think they’re cute! i just happen not to be one of them…*shudders, runs away*

  105. Love the camera hog in the middle!

    Gary-great video-those little baby possum hands are darling!!

  106. The beebees can be pretty darn adorable. When they’re only just old enough to walk they stumble and fumble back and forth trying to get enough forward momentum to take a step without losing their balance. MUCH prehensile, pink, curly tail action.
    I have a very similar photo of 16 opo beebees that I was caring for at a wildlife rehab. They weren’t hissing when I opened the door, they were just opening their mouths to express that they were startled and a little afraid (I bottle fed the little buggers four times a day for three weeks and they were still startled every time I opened the door to their pen. They were cute, but not real bright.)
    Beebee opos are cute. Adult opos, not so much.
    The ears are WAY nommable.

  107. totalee puppy says:

    Nancy…I apologize–“shame” is my middle name–
    for using the T-word about
    NTMTOM’s Christmas duck…
    Happy Holidays!

    Katrina…Is the pneumonia
    any better? The new year is brighter when I think about your sharing it with us. Holly Jolly Holidays to
    a Charming Elf-ette!

  108. totalee puppy says:

    Dear Everyone,
    You are the go-to peeps for
    laughs when we need them,
    comfort and joy when we’re
    feeling down. It has been a
    redonkulous year!
    I wish you joyful holidays,
    health and peace and hope in 2009, and snorgle-OPS with the fuzzy pet(s) you love.

  109. Decca–12 Bravos!

  110. :D!! I love possums! Especially when they’re babies!

    This picture made me go :DDDD!

    Did you know they’re the only rodent that doesn’t carry rabies?

    🙂 Possum love~

  111. Also, am I the only one whose brain reads the acronym of NTMTOM as “Nom Tom”?

  112. Sophie's Mama says:

    @Amy–No, you are not. I was just thinking the same thing and wondering what that means about my subconscious.

    Also, I vote for CUTE on this one. VERY cute!

  113. @Von Zeppelin–I think you meant the “Hairy & Rabid” catalog–I’ll take a crate!

  114. Eeeek! Not cute!

  115. Yikes! I may have to re-think my earlier “possums are cute” stance.

    PS to Amy: I don’t know about the rabies thing, but opossums aren’t rodents. They are marsupials, though, which is much cooler, if you ask me.

  116. I know nothing of possums and rabies, but we did have two raccoons who decided they lived on our porch, whom we named “Ray” and “Bea.”

  117. For our Pogo collection…
    (Deck the Halls with Boston

    “Don’t we know Arcacian barrel…
    lullaby, lillaby, Louisville Lou…
    Trolley Molly don’t love
    (thanks to trin) Bula Bula Pensacoola hula baloooo!”

  118. Let the bebeh possums cheer in choruses of many- Theresa can direct them I’m better!

    I wish I understood more Pogo than I do. When I get it, it is so delightful!

    Thanks again Totalee Puppy, you are a true e-pal!

    Gary- your film is wonderful! Inspiring, evennnn… (think Snagglepus here). And you did exactly the right thing- take pictures and share them with us! (and not picking up the behbeh, what temptation that must have been…) Good on yer’!

  119. Joan B. Smylie says:

    This does not belong on cute overload. Do not want.

  120. Josh Colyer says:

    That is the scariest cute thing that i have ever seen….Id be horrified if i opened something up and saw it full of possums.

  121. It looks like they are all shouting “turn out that light!”. That, or they are freakishly happy to be in a basket.