La la la, I can’t hearrrr you!

No, literally. I have no ears.


Read more about this Bunneh Sans Ears over at The Telegraph. Thanks for listening, Sender-Inner Casey G.



  1. Woops..thought you were a chocolate bunny. Sorry ’bout that. *wipes mouf*

  2. ooooh almost something *scared of Teho*

    Bunneh come over ear. (that’s the best I could come up with).

  3. That’s it…ultimate proof that a bunny can be nommed without the perpetrator being disapproved to death.

    I wonder if Harry Potter went up against Bunnemort, would he’d still be as heroic..

  4. An appropriate cartoon for this situation; you’ve probably seen this before:

  5. he looks so sad…

    “For just 10 cents a day, you too can help bunnies just like this in the fight against ear nomming.”

  6. Bunny owner says:

    I’d snorgle it.

  7. lucy's mommeh says:

    *almost* looks like a guinea pig. Kinda cute, aktshooly

  8. Oh, the look in that little eye – he knows that you noticed…(big sigh)

  9. Er, uh, sorry er, I think I may be responsible for this. I tend to nom earses, espesch on bunnehs. Sorry wittle bun! *knits you another pair*

  10. Merry_dawdler says:

    It would make for a better fit with his snoopy-style flying cap and goggles, that’s for sure.
    *kisses wiggly nose and snorgles tiny cushy tummy*

  11. Elizabeth P. says:

    I shall call him Guibbit!


  12. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Can the little guy hear? If so, it’s sort of cute/interesting.

  13. Do you ear what I ear??

  14. luckycliff says:

    hmmm I think it looks, I dunno, streamlined? Like it could run way faster than even a floppy eared bunny.

  15. I also wonder if he can hear. If he has ear canals below his fluffitude.

  16. It’s just sad.

  17. It’s still cute, even if it doesn’t have any ears.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Maybe the figgy pudding guys have an extra pair of plastic ears he can borrow. Seriously, though, he’s still very cute. Happy Holidays to all!

  19. At least this disapproving bunny has a good reason for his objection!

  20. I disapprove of this entire discussion. (shhh…he can read lips)

  21. You know people, when we say we want to nom the ears off of little animals, we don’t want you to take it literally.

  22. It’s still cute even without ears.

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Nubby rabbit?

  24. The article posted by xyz says that he’s perfectly healthy otherwise.. and that the mother may have nipped off the baby’s ears!! What on earth? I’ve never heard of that! Why would she do that? Is there some survival instinct reason or.. crazy inbreeding?

  25. Amazing how much like a guinea piggle he looks

  26. A DUTCH bunneh with MISSING EARS named VINCENT? Heh, what does THEO have to say about that?

  27. I once had a guinea pig that had lived in severe overcrowding and his ears had been gradually chewed off by his fellow guinea pigs. By the time I got him they were nothing more than short shredded nubbins. He was pretty traumatized.

  28. he’s still retained the disapproval…albeit a bit wary of the reaction to his disapproval. and might i mention he’s pretty dang cute?!!! prosshhhhnesssssss

  29. I think he looks very regal and elegant. Like one spat.

  30. Is he actually missing the “hearing part” of his ears, or just the pinnae (outer cartilage part)? Shouldn’t be too difficult to test his hearing by trying to startle him with a loud noise from behind.

  31. Decca: “Like one spat.”
    I’ve been laughing about that all morning. Wee thing does look like one spat! And a mighty smart spat at that!

  32. Rabbits: Spats With Ears

  33. what most likely happened here was the mother (perhaps accidentally) bit the ears off at birth.

    i had a mother rabbit that bit an ear off of a baby during birth.

  34. hehe, his name is Vincent? as in Van Gogh?

  35. How sad . . .

  36. Momma rabbits (more common in 1st time moms) will sometimes get into over cleaning mode and will mistake the ears or part of the foot for part of the placenta. Sometimes it happens. But the good news is rabbits heal fast and the “Hearing” part of the ears are on the inside… He probably hears just fine. Though it also could be momma bun learned ear nomming habbits from her cute overload watching human companions!

  37. Dang it. I knew I shouldn’t have nomm’ed that last time.

    But they tasted so good!

  38. totalee puppy says:

    Really sad. Glad someone cares.

  39. Decca- you rule again, my friend. Niiiice.

  40. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the bunny. However, I feel that I must write this to complain that you delivered my bun -after- someone had gotten to his ears. As the ears are often my favorite part, I humbly request that you monitor bunny shipments more carefully in the future. For reference, I have attached a photo of the offended bunny, and hope to -hear- some resolution soon.

    Bunny lover,