And Our Winner Is…

Our latest quiz was a categorical success!  And our winners, randomly selected, are Wylie and Betty M.!  Congratulations, and we’ll be dropping your Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar down your chimney soon.

Now, the answers:

( G ) Where in California will you find Avalon?  Answer: Santa Catalina Island
( E ) Who doesn’t belong on this list (and why)?  Our preferred answer was Katharine Hepburn.  All the others played characters with "cat" in their names (Cat Ballou, Catwoman, Maggie the Cat).  However, many peeps found other equally accurate answers, which we accepted.

... not that Kate didn't know about cats ...

( H ) A ceramic cat with one raised paw is considered lucky in what country?  Answer: Japan
( AL ) What comic strip character has a cat named Hot Dog?  Answer: "Dennis the Menace" (AKA "Dennis" in the UK)


( SN ) In 2007, "Cinnamon" became the first cat to make what scientific contribution? Answer: Genome sequenced
( SL ) What board game features a boot, a bathtub, and a bowling ball? Answer: Mouse Trap

Sequence THIS, pal! (WHAP!)

More cute ceramics at the Magic Ketchup blog.



  1. I hear the “sequence this” hovertext in Bruce Willis’ voice, a la Die Hard (the first one). Welcome to the party, pal.

  2. luckycliff says:

    wow, Katherine Hepburn was quite a beauty!

  3. WickedWendy says:

    Congrats People! And I just love “Bringing up Baby”! Excellent movie (and Cary Grant is just gorgeous!)

  4. Gah, the only ones I got right were Japan and Mousetrap. And “Bringing Up Baby” on CO? Yaaaay!

  5. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL—I got Katherine Hepburn right….but only because I was thinking she’s the only one who’s dead??

  6. Your answer to (h) while also correct (and the maneki neko is Japanese in origin), it’s not unusual to find them in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. That question technically should’ve had multiple correct answers.

  7. Since I couldn’t say it when the contest was announced, I’ll say it here:

    Trivial Purrrsuit!

  8. LOL Nathan.
    And One of these days I am gonna win . ; )

  9. I concur with several of the above and/or “they made my comment for me, before I got here 🙂 … but also I add
    LOVED/ Second the kudos for the
    “Sequence this/ WHAP” Hovertext….has my vote, for “favorite CO hovertext ever”.

    Happy happy, people!!

  10. I thought Dennis the Menace’s dog’s name was “Ruff?” Maybe he had more than one dog?

  11. He had a dog and a cat and yes the dog was Ruff.

  12. chanpon is right. Japan is not the only Asian country to consider the ceramic cat with the paw raised lucky. I mean, look at that picture, it’s a Chinese character. You’ll find that cat in most Chinese restaurants. The cat is actually more of a Chinese tradition than a Japanese tradition.


  14. flowerfanatic says:

    WHOO HOO!! I got a Cuteoverload daily calendar for Christmas. And they didn’t even know I was on the CO list!! How’s that for coincidences?? Me is VERY happy with this present. 🙂 Family knows me pretty well, for sure.

  15. snoopysnake says:

    Sadly, Eartha Kitt, who was one of three actresses who played Catwoman on the Batman TV show (the others were Julie Newmar and Lee Meriweather) just passed away today. She also sang “Santa Baby.”

  16. Brooklyn Sue says:

    Jughead from the Archie comics has a dog named Hot Dog.

    And yes, Dennis The Menace has a dog named Ruff and a cat named Hot Dog.