Always keep your ears at “10” and “2”

All kitteh instructors agree: keep your ears at "10" and "2" for safe kittening.

If you don’t keep your ears in that posishe, you may LOSE ALL CONTROL OMG


Puhlease, wipe your mouf, Karen R.!



  1. momof2kitties says:

    Sooo? Which is it?10 & 2 or 9 & 3? I must know!!

  2. Kitten, or eggnog ghost?

  3. that face looks like a mini-Winston…!

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Bleen!!!! Looks just like my Isabella, but in miniature! H’ray!

  5. That kittenette’s face is the absolute embodiment of, “Dude, wait…what?”

  6. I hope this kitty has a designated driver. I wouldn’t want him to drive anywhere in that condition.

  7. ….And keep those eyes at 3 and 9!

  8. crawl back under the bed where you belong, little one. or are you a different dustbunny?

  9. Transpogue: that term “kittenette” is perfect!

  10. Gail (the first one) says:

    Looks like a case of NipNog overindulgence!!

  11. Haha love it <33

  12. binky-mama says:

    Focus? I don’t need steenkin’ focus.

  13. Keep your ears at ten and two and drive defensivley little kitty. It is a scary world out there.

  14. totalee puppy says:

    This ghost is someone’s
    Christmas Present…

  15. Wow, someone forgot to tell
    kitty about
    “Biscuithead’s Egg Nog”
    8 shots of bourbon
    1 shot of nog
    seasoned with a dash of nutmeg
    add catnip

  16. You are so cute I want to snorggle your tummmy!

  17. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Fix yo mouf!

  18. The soft focus has a Renoir like quality.

  19. berthaservant says:

    mini-claws, folks….mini-claws….

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    *gets tissue, reaches through screen to gently wipe mouf*

  21. Is it just me or does this kitteh bear more than a passing resemblance to Truman Capote (but much cuter & floofier)? Is that kitteh drool I spy? & this bebeh is much too young to be driving! Leave that to Toonces!

  22. His milk moustache does enhance his Winston-ness by making him look like he has mini-fangs.

  23. Thank God I saw this right after those possums. THIS is cute. Can we not have anymore screaming possum pictures please?!?! Espesh not the night before Christmas. Santa won’t come till I fall asleep, and I just don’t know that that will happen now after seeing that caroling-possum photo!

  24. Transpogue–“kittenette” is the best word ever!

  25. I’m surely in the minority, but I don’t like the squished-face cats. It’s not that pretty, plus they often have nose/eye/drainage issues, and stains…

    But I will concede that this is somewhat cute.

  26. Though, yes, Winston overcomes by sheer force of his ornery charm.

  27. Eeep! Unfocused eyes! Peenk noisicle!!!! OMG!

  28. I think this belongs in the “sad or cute?” section..

  29. There’s something oddly embryonic about this petit chat.

  30. dis bebe could be a relative of memebon. proshness!!

  31. I have baby kitten pictures of my Persian Remy that look just like this! Sooooo cute!