When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear …

… but the cutest darn puppy we’ve seen this whole year.  Let’s do the C.O. Math™ on this one, people:  (Serene, kissable face) PLUS (Dangling "hey, baby" arm) PLUS (Redonk-u-licious stocking pose) MULTIPLIED BY …


… EXTREME SENDER-INNER SUPER CLOSE-UP!!! equals … Happy Holidays to one and all!

Oh, and I left you a little present too, sorry about that.

And a Happy New Year, Amanda B.



  1. Baby Blue Eyes!

  2. Someone must have been VERY good this year!

  3. I’ve asked Santa sooo many times for a puppy. Sigh.
    Is that a Shiba?

  4. Careful, the next one up is gonna have a bear in it! :O

  5. Just noticed he’s in the puppeh stocking! So apropos!

  6. ThreeCatNight says:

    Santa Baby,
    leave a little Shiba for me,
    you see,
    Because I’ve been a very good girl this year,
    and hurry down the chimney tonight!
    Santa Baby,
    the cats will just have to make do – it’s true,
    This pup’s so sweet and cuddly and new (love you!).
    So leave him there just waiting for me, you see.
    And hurry with my Shiba tonight!

  7. OMGSHIBAINU!!11!!!11 They’re everywhere!

  8. Oh and BRAVO ThreeCatNight. Bravo!

    Sucks to be one of the other two kids, though.

  10. *screams*
    *explodes into candy*

  11. Doggy looks like: Hi, how YOU doin’?

  12. Kristabelle says:

    Much as I am against puppies for presents, it WOULD be quite the exciting thing to find in your stocking!!!!!!

  13. scooterpants says:

    so if this is the dog stocking, is there a bear in the bedroom and a moose in the backyard? (since they obvy wont fit in theri respective stockings)

  14. Deck the halls with boughs of holly
    Fa la la la la,la la la la.
    Elk and bear and Shibu puppy
    Fa la la la la,la la la la.

  15. All I want for Christmas is a cute, cute puppy
    A cute, cute puppy
    A cute, cute puppy
    All I want for Christmas is cute, cute puppy
    And then I can wish you a Fuzzy Christmas!!!!

  16. So Santa left the dog another dog?

  17. Brandi7920 says:

    /sigh I want a puppy for Christmas. /pout

  18. Whoa, what’s John Travolta doing in that Christmas stocking??

  19. TracyFlick says:

    Yep. Much better than coal.

  20. He actually looks like a bear cub!

  21. warrior rabbit says:

    That expression! He’s all, Dude. What the hell. Enough with the pictures, already.

  22. momof2kitties says:

    Forget the pupster, I want that staircase!

    Oh, ok, the puppeh is qte, too. You can bring me him also.

  23. Ha ha @ Leenie

  24. aaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    tooo cuuuuute

  25. Oooh, I hope I find a puppy in my stocking!

  26. “Oh nothing, just hanging’ around.” [ba-da-bum]

  27. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Alice: You exploded into candy?! Either you’re a pinata or you’ve been indulging in the sweet stuff a LEETLE too much…

  28. Do the shifty eyes count for something? Perhaps another rule of cuteness?!?!

  29. Jenn in IL says:

    That is one unhappy looking pup pup.

    I need some candy – can I come to Alice’s house?? Apparently there’s been an explosion of it…

    Seriously though, I MISS my Shiba being that teensy.

    I also laughed at the commenter…”So Santa left the dog another dog?” My dog would be pissed if I did that. 🙂

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all (and especially to YOU, you fuzzy ball of proshness)!!

  30. momof2kitties – I’m with you ~

    Pup is cute and all, but I want that staircase!

  31. Totalee Puppy LOL 😉

  32. Hey CO-ers. In addition to it almost being Christmas, it’s my birthday. So I’d like to thank Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, and all the regulars for giving me something to smile and laugh about every single day. When the world gets stressed and crazy it’s nice to have one place to go where you can be assured that your mood will improve. Thanks everyone. You are like a little birthday gift every day.

  33. Dude is rocking some super-sized paw action.

    (Paw nommage sound)

  34. Happy Birthda Decca!!! Hugs and have some gliter pulls out gant pile and throws in air so it genty falls dodwn In sparklies everywhere

  35. Aww, Decca, how sweet.

    I want a puppy in my stocking since my over-100 lb. doggies won’t fit. But now I will put my guinea pigs in stockings and take pics!

  36. I want that sweetie in MY stocking!!!

  37. Wow! And he looks so comfurtabuls.

  38. berthaservant says:

    Cake for Decca!!! Ee-mee-jat-ly!!!

    Since everyone else is doing it, I’ll add my own…

    I saw puppeh leecking Santa Claus
    Hanging on the bannister last night
    They didn’t see me creep to the stairs to have a peek
    They thought that I was tucked up in my Bedroom fast asleep (honk-shu)

    Then I saw puppeh snorgle Santa Claus
    Nuzzling ‘neath his beard so snowy white
    What a laugh it would have been
    If the cats had only seen
    The puppeh leecking Santa Claus last night.

    (Fun fact: Jimmy Boyd, who originally sang this song, later married Yvonne Craig, later known as TV’s “Batgirl.”)

  39. Happy birthday, Decca, and ditto to everything you said! I’m going to lose my job if I keep snorking out loud at the stuff I read in here. 🙂

    And since we can’t comment in the quiz thread, I would just like to say that I’m glad we’re getting underwear, and not photocopies of you-know-who’s you-know-what.

  40. That was NOT ME on the photocopier. NOT.

  41. BTW, last two Shibas that are going to new homes (the puppy cam ones) are to leave tonight. Puppy cam ends tonight until Amaya returns alone with Mr. Hands and Mrs. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady. Puppy parents will drop them at the two at their respective new homes as they travel across the land to see family for Christmas. Get a quick last look ASAP!

    Here’s a direct link to the UStream site:


  42. Opps, I mean they will return with Ayumi!

  43. Egads, sorry, too late. I was just watching and he switched from live (as he was securing the house against break-ins) to recorded video. Wahhhh! Puppehs gone…

    I was watching him work but kept hearing the pups wrestling, but they were standing still, watching him. It didn’t make sense until i refreshed the page, and now I see the video I was hearing, no more live cam.

  44. vegas vickie says:

    Happy Birthday, Decca! I agree with you this is place to forget you woes THANK YOU to Cute Overload!

  45. No, Patty… the live puppycam is back! Maybe it was off temporarily, but I just looked and it said “on air”. Yeah, we have live pups for the moment.

    On another note, wouldn’t it have been fun to watch the video of them stuffing pup into stocking? Hehe.

  46. Gail (the first one) says:

    Happy Birthday, Decca!!!!!

  47. totalee puppy says:

    Hopping Birdies to Decca!
    Those were nice thoughts. I agree with you about CO.

  48. totalee puppy says:

    Berthaservant…Molto bene!
    “puppy snorgle Santa Claus”

  49. Elisha B.-A walloping WOW
    for “then I can wish you a
    Fuzzy Christmas”.

  50. hamster-on-rye says:

    ThreeCatNight…The greatness is overwarming…
    “This pup’s so sweet and
    cuddly and new (love you!).” If it were any greater, I would have to
    take off my shoes…

  51. totalee puppy says:

    Hon Glad…How super!! “Elk and bear and Shibu puppy.”

  52. Happy birthday Decca!
    Apparently it was just my heart that exploded into candy, I feel better now. 😉
    Thanks to all the folks at CO that have helped me get through the worst year of my life…glad to see 2008 go…this site is always a bright spot in the day.

  53. He looks a little shnockered, like he’s been at the eggnog.

  54. threeCatNight – that was excellent!

  55. @spb, I saw that it said “live” but since you could pause it, it wasn’t really live. I think the Shiba Owners were cleverly streaming video from their home to the site to make it seem they were home and “live”. If you can use the “pause” button and stop the action, it isn’t actually live.

    Right now, we are seeing puppehs “live” in a video in which they are like a month or more younger than they are now, still in the black plastic whelping bin, trying to jump out.

    Anyway, even old video is good video of these critters.

  56. What an adorable little ursine canine!

  57. Happy Decca Day!
    If you have a lavish party, it can be Deccadent, if you want. Best wishes and many happy returns of the day!K.

  58. oh my! i love the photo. it is so sweet. what a good little pup he was to pose like so. what kind of dog is he/she? happy holidays!

  59. Woah !
    That dog looks [almost freakishly] like John Travolta, don’t you think ?