Wait—sunbeam AND a box? HEAVEN!!! [singsong]

It just doesn’t get ANY better than BOTH a sunbeam and a box. Wait, if the dog was serving him Pounce treats on a tray, that might be better. Or milk droplets via hamster bottle, or scheduled ear scratchingks every 15 minutes? THAT might be better too.


James F. I won’t report you to boxhab authoritays this time.



  1. purrrrrrrrfection.

  2. Very cute and he’s definitely the star of the day. Enjoy the sunbeam and box!

  3. Read hovertext in “boss-from-‘Office Space'” voice–LOL! That and pretty-haughty-kitty…I don’t honestly know whether to go “awwwww” and skritch her or glare at her for her (obviously inherent!) feline arrogance…Decisions, decisions…

  4. That is one splendiferous fountain of feline!

  5. bbbbaaaahhhhhhh!!

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Actually, if that’s what I think it is, it’s more of a tub than a box… Tub-hab?

  7. Save a spot for me right next to you, kitty.

  8. Yes, dahlink, I am so very prosh.

  9. mmmm…freshly baked kitteh packed up and ready for delivery.

  10. Fish eye is right, that’s a pink hospital basin/tub (I know these well from work), so yes, tub-hab.

  11. oh! that’s just the sunbeamiest!

  12. Fabulous tail piece!

  13. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Fish eye, that is a tub. A hospital wash basin, to be exact. I adopt abandoned wash basins from work (well scrubbed and sanitized, TYVM!)

    And my kitties love them, too. Even when said tub is holding quilting fabrics or-egad!-stained glass scraps!!

  14. Nicolletta says:


  15. Wow! Kitteh is SO above us we don’t even rate a whole dismissive look, only a partial one veiled by a tail. We’ve been officially Dissed.

    PS: Kitteh Fuzz in teh sun = HEAVEN

  16. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    That’s serious floof!

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. I used some when I was in the hospital, then I managed to bring it home (in fact, I have two of them). I keep my meds in it, which is nowhere near as cute as keeping a kitteh in it…

  18. Looks like somebody needs to go to luxury boxhab ASAP. Purromises, maybe? To get away from the pupparazzi!

  19. Ooh, look at that feather-duster tail! I must be dusted right now!

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    Static cling!

  21. Looks like she’s doing a fan dance, coyly glancing through the fluff… Just call her Gypsy!

  22. Definitely a hospital basin! I’m a nurse at a hospital, and our himalayan loves to curl up in those also!!! It will be tub-hab here soon!


  24. berthservant says:

    This is just glorifying the use of box, the way the early scenes in “Easy Rider” glorify the sun-baked use of other substances. In fact, I’m surprised there’s not a Laszlo Kovacs lens flare and a Roger McGuinn song playing.

    Let’s face it. Box is good. There’s an upside to box.

    Say no, no, no, kitteh. Keep your box of sun and enjoy.

  25. that tail could be a prize-winning scarf! think of the hat you could make out kittenh!

  26. awwww I love when cats squeeze into boxes.

  27. momof2kitties says:

    I’m guessing kitteh wants my TPS reports, too. I’ll come in on Saturday.

  28. Jennie Mello says:


  29. snoopysnake says:

    I think Winston would like one of those for Christmas.

  30. Anne Boleyn says:


  31. totalee puppy says:

    For me, a hospital basin is a barf-bin. I know this is supposed to be a glamour picture, but…

  32. What? Cats and barf go together like Rod Blagojevich and… well, barf.

  33. totalee, think of it as a dish pan then! Like the Madge Dish pan Palmolive thingmajig.
    That help? 😀

    then if the kitteh is in a dishpan does that mean we’ve been Dished instead of Dissed?

  34. LOL@ Theo! good one!

  35. Bow before my floofitude.

  36. This kitteh comes with his/her own bow!

  37. Oh my goodness so prosh.
    What kind of kitteh is this?

  38. Look at that Floof. LOOK AT THAT FLOOF, MAN!

  39. Wow, a fiber-optic kitteh.

  40. totalee puppy says:

    kitteh” ROFL!!

    Metz…’preciate the idea.
    “Will not think of barf pan…
    (inhale)think of dishpan…dishpan…”
    (exhale, reaching up)

  41. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina…How are you doing today? Nice to hear you making us laugh.

  42. She is a blue-cream-torte point Himalayan. her name is cloud. Her sister is named Angel and is a blue point Himalayan. Cloud is 10 years old and still a kitten. She looks like she weighs 10-12 pounds but she is less than 8. And yes winter for her is nothing less than shocking (even with a humidifier running).